How to opt-in to volunteer emails (Run Report for 12th May is below this)

1) From your results email:
a) click on the "volunteer opt in" button or where it says "click here to opt in"
b) then click "Yes subscribe me" on the page that opens.


2) From your parkrun profile (accessible from the "manage my profile" button on your results email):
a) click on "e-mail options"
b) click on the down arrow next to "select event"
c) click on 'Lloyd parkrun (if we're your home parkrun it's listed at the top, otherwise scroll down)
d) click where it says "opt in" next to that
e) click on the "save opt in events list



Photos available – see link

There’s a great set of photos by Michael George available at and at


Runner IDs missing

A few runner IDs didn't scan properly due to the bright sunlight. If your name is missing from the results please email us (  with your full name, parkrun ID and your approximate (or exact!) time/position or who was just before or after you and we will do our best to slot you into the correct place!

Be patient - this may not happen until tomorrow (Sunday).


Pacers wanted!

Anyone want to be a pacer for Saturday 5th December? Email and indicate what time you would like to pace. Great new pacer vests to wear (lightweight mesh).

Or if you have a target time, put in a request and we'll try to find a pacer.


Sweatshop prize September 2015

The September 2015 winner of the Lloyd parkrun Monthly Sweatshop Prize is Lynn Seymour. This prize is awarded to athletes who have shown persistence, commitment and improvement at the event.

Lynn first ran with us in October 2013 and has run 80 of her 84 parkruns here. In that time she has improved her time by 14 minutes and increased her age grading percentage by more than 20%. She has also shown her commitment to parkrun by volunteering, and while running she has encouraged many other runners around the course

We look forward to seeing Lynn continue running here at Lloyd parkrun, and running more PBs.

We’d like to thank Hugh Brasher of Sweatshop for his generosity and to congratulate Lynn on her achievement. Lynn's prize is a new pair of running shoes, courtesy of Sweatshop.


Donations to St Christopher’s Hospice – Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who donated to St Christopher's Hospice on the event of Graham Golsalves's run on Saturday. This raised £57.69 for the hospice [total amended to include a late donation].

Lez said:

All the Runners & Volunteers at Lloyds Parkrun,
You have been generous with your contribution for Graham's Charity Run on Saturday.
Gratitude & Regards,
Lez Gonsalves

Visitors – Lloyd parkrun Report #261 by Debra Bourne

This morning dawned bright and cheerful decidedly drizzly, but by the time we reached Lloyd Park at 8 am the light rain had stopped and it looked set to become a nice day. The recent rain has not yet made the course muddy, but has softened the ground just a little bit.

The first non-volunteering runner to arrive at Lloyd Park today was a parkrun tourist, Kem Solomon, whose home parkrun is Gladstone parkrun in north-west London. He has done 77 runs there, but has now decided to run all the different parkruns within the M25 (there are 51 at present). Having enjoyed today’s run he has said he’ll be back, as he finished in 20.01 and wants to get under 20 minutes.

We were also visited by a trio of runners from the original parkrun location, Bushy parkrun, a couple of runners from Horsham, and two or three Riddlesdown parkrunners. Several runners were from Genius Joggers, an online running support group, with one of their members running Lloyd regularly, while the others were enjoying it for the first time; they variously commented that it was “lovely!”, “great!” “different not being on a path” and “tough”.

As today’s Run Director, I had the pleasure of announcing our “parkrnner of the month” for August, Christine Imbert. This prize is given for persistence, commitment and improvement. Christine started running with us in July 2014 and has run 40 of her 42 parkruns here. In that time she has improved her time by more than seven minutes and increased her age grading percentage by more than 12%. She has also shown her commitment to parkrun by volunteering, particularly putting out the course markers before the run (and after the run she completes a British Military Fitness session at 10am!) She has also been providing a laminating service for paper barcodes, and is still offering that – there’s a red envelope where you can put a barcode or sheet of barcodes and every few weeks Christine collects these and brings them back laminated.

Our first finisher, Jack-Louis Bourne (no relation to your Event Director) was also visiting. He was particularly happy to finish first today because it was his birthday! Originally a Banstead Woods parkrunner from back in 2008, more recently he’s been running Plymvalley parkrun. His finish time was 17:54. Next home was Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:51, followed by Craig Purle in 19:10.

For the women, Tina Shortland, running her first ever parkrun, was first back in 22:32, with Sandra Harris next in 26:41, and Selena Wong (Striders of Croydon) third in 27:52.
We had 160 finishers today, plus at least two runners who took the one-lap option. Of these, an amazing 25 were first-timers (great to see you all). Jack-Louis Bourne, David Morley, Sam Pond, Joe Butler, Mark Brookbank, Tim Fahey, Jason Hughes, Ben Mack, Sheena Hammond, Caroline Corfield, Michelle Klein, Kat Petersen, Sheila Eade, Ricky Thompson, Andre Thomas, Samantha Springer, Karen Florence, Ndidi Ihezue (possibly helped by her finishing-straight race with Claire Browse) and Emma Jane Booth.

Today’s top age-graded runs came from Kemuel Solomon (76.10%), Tina Shortland (73.52%), Lee Flanagan (72.94%), Robert Lines (72.24%), Jack-Louis Bourne (72.07%), Jon Dean (71.60%) and Matthew Stone (70.26%).

With just over a month to go in our annual Point competition, for the women, Sandra Harris leads with 4,515 points from Susannah Oliver with 4,068 and Emma Gilgrass with 3,406. For the men, John Punt leads with 4026 points from Jon Dean with 3,257 and Matthew Stone with 3063.

For those of you wondering what this points competition is… Each week, the first man and first woman to finish each get 100 points, the next finisher gets 99 points and so on, with everyone getting at least one point. Additionally, the first three times each Lloyd parkrun year (starting the fourth week in October) that you volunteer, you get 100 points (but you don’t get any points for running that day). This competition particularly rewards people who run with us pretty much every week, all year round – and volunteer at least three times!

Speaking of volunteers, my task as Number Checker was made very easy by two excellent volunteers on the timers, Jenny Booth and James Moore, with Leanne Moore handing out the finish tokens and Jessica Moore and Tracey Stone scanning in barcodes. The Moores were all saving their legs for a local relay race in the afternoon. Your Marshals were Linda Ingram, Tony Flowers, Natalie Seymour, Margaret Hann and Anna Corby (Anna was also running in the relays), while Kevin Hann took the photos (and Anna took some as well), and Ron West paced 30 minutes. Thank you also to my husband Aidan for making sure the water and cups didn’t run out, Lez Gonsalves for offering water to people waiting in line for registration, Jenny Booth and Sheila Eade for processing the results, and everyone who helped to clear everything away after the run.

See you same time, same place next week!


Guide runner wanted for Christmas Day

If anyone could be a guide for a blind runner for Christmas Day, to run in about 29 minutes, please let us know - email - no previous guiding experience needed.


Normal mode has now been resumed – a Lloyd parkrunners extra by Michael Bassett

[The main Run Report is in the next news item below this one]

"It's time we sorted out some holiday plans and we did say we'd visit Steve and Sarah in Dumfries some time in June."


"And you did say you've always wanted to visit the Western Isles, we could do that too."

"Good idea, let's sort it out."

So went the conversation and within no time it was all booked.  But hang on it would be good to fit in at least 1 or 2 parkruns and be a proper tourist. So onto the website to find the nearest ones to our bases. That's difficult in Scotland and the Isles and with midweek travelling booked there's nothing we can do to fit one in on route. Then I realise I've committed to another Saturday away and that means it's 3 in a row.  Well, OK  it's only a little run around a park for half an hour or so on a Saturday morning and I console myself that I won't miss it.

But I do.

Awake early on that first Saturday morning I can't help but think about the usual routine, the arrival at Lloyd ; saying hi, wondering how my co-runners are feeling, doing a few stretches and always thinking I'm not in good shape today and will be lucky to get round. Bet I have to walk the hill.

Sarah, a runner herself, seeing my dilemma says we can do a run together. We head up the farm track and at the top, the beautiful hills roll away into the distance. This is biking country she tells me, the first cycles were made just a mile or so from here. We see a few modern ones but no other runners. The weather's good but something's missing, maybe it's being part of about 120 others enjoying what we are doing. Later I realise there's no need to worry about intermittent email access. I didn't run and my name won't be on the results page.

The Isle of Mull is beautiful with one lane roads, stony tracks, cyclists, Eagles and Eiders but if they have runners, let alone Park runners they must all have gone somewhere else. No fix available this week but I can get the internet and spot that Ron has beaten his PB. Well deserved.

When next Saturday comes it's around 29 degs at 9.00 am. O for a refreshing breeze at Lloyd with a temperature in the low teens and a bit of dampness in the grass. My solo run at 7.00am. hasn't scratched the itch in the way I hoped and despite running on my own for years I'm missing the crew that make my Saturday morning a bit special; the banter; the friendly rivalry; the support and chat with the marshals,  the proof that despite its age my body still works and my brain won't let me be other than competitive when it comes to running.

So eventually back home this week I've counted down the days; checked the weather reports; made sure there were no other events to cancel the run at Lloyd and woke at 6.30 excited like a kid on Christmas morning.  Saw Alan on the start line itching to get going, heard Jenny calling out the names of those who have earned shirts and thought how good it was to be part of it.

And for those of you who saw me, yes that was a smile on my face all the way round even up the hill on lap 2, that broadened when the results came in and I saw that Lesley whose had to put up with my withdrawal symptoms for 3 consecutive weeks had earned a PB.

Normal mode has now be resumed.


Results plus 13 seconds…

While sorting out all the little things this morning and coping with a dodgy internet connection, we managed NOT to check with ths backup stopwatch and everyone seems to be a bit fast. I've just added 13 seconds to all the times the revised results are now on the website.

Apologies if you seems to have got a PB and are now disappointed!

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