Runners and community – Lloyd parkrun Report #412 by Debra Bourne

After two weeks away, running Comrades in South Africa and having a holiday (including running North Beach and Thousand Hills parkruns), it was great to be back in my own Lloyd parkrun community for this parkrunday.
For a Saturday without any special occasion or group visit, we had a very high turnout this morning, with 331 finishers, including 29 people enjoying their first Lloyd parkrun – 14 of whom were doing their first ever parkrun. I do hope you enjoyed it. We also had several dogs, of course. Visitors came from local parkruns such as Banstead Woods, Dulwich and Nonsuch, elsewhere in London, such as Hampstead Heath and Barking, and further afield – for example Guildford, Wolverhampton, Cardiff and Newport, Reigate Priory and Worcester.

Conditions were very good, with firm/hard ground underfoot. It was warm, but not TOO hot, and on the upper sections of the course there was a pleasantly cooling breeze. The grass really has got long recently. Joy Harris noted that normally as she goes up the hill Sandra Harris is running back down and they encourage each other: today they couldn’t do that because they couldn’t see each other over the tall grass!

Today’s set-up crew all got to the park before me, so many thanks to Nick Fiander, Nadine Pryce, Pauline James, Eric Schrijnemaekers, John Punt and Jane Sparks. Your marshals were Abid Rehman and daughter, Roberta Gilkinson, Paula Bryan, Yaning Lyu, Marshall Guo and Nikki Javan and daughter. Tail walkers were Jennifer Page and Louise Lauder; timekeepers were Alan Dolton and Colin Jackson, while Ian Flinders took lots of photos! Foong Cheek started off the barcode scanning and was joined by Grahn Hansen, John Punt and Eric Schrijnemaekers. Richard Corby made sure the water didn’t run out and led post-event take-down. I would also like to thank whoever took the cups away to wash them, but didn’t see who that was: if you read this, please email so I can add you to the list of volunteers.

First home today was Andy Bond (Dulwich Runners) in a PB of 17:12, followed by Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) in 18:14 and Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:19. For the women, Amy Miller (Blackheath & Bromley) finished first in 20:14, followed by Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) in 23:30 and Stephanie Niven (Saltaire Striders) in 24:13.

On an age-grade basis, David Ogden ran 83.61%, Andy Bond 81.78%, Steve Corfield 79.83%, Graham Hansen 78.76%, Krzysztof Klidzia 78.66%, Lee Flanagan 76.80%, Amy Miller 76.61%; the other runners over 70% were Jon Dean, Chris Light, Jeff Thwaites, Ian Taylor, Roger Stevens, Phil Richards, Jonathan Pontin, John Punt and George Ogden – great running, all.

An amazing 67 people ran a PB today: Andy Bond, Damian Scannell, Steve Corfield, Andrew Manion, Dominic Goodliffe, Steven Collins, Chris Light, Vamshi Rallabandi, Adrian Ham, Billy Gee, Carl Linkson, Jonathan Fengaras, Michael Stanley, Kevin Clark, Jas Dhoat, Stephen Wrack, Ian Andrews, George Richard Luther Smith, Andrew Bates, Ian Garton, Ian White, Barry Culling, Kerry James Clark, James Porter, Nick Payne, Lee Atkins, Daniel Priddle, Michelle Carr, Natxo Bueno, Zsofia Jones, Dmitry Tarasov, Carlos Rebelo, Joshua Edwards, Martin Crabbe, Edmund Fallon, Isaac Esho, Natalie Collister, Sitong Zhu, Kathryn Robson, Clifford Punter, Joe Heard, Stephen Siu, Katy Kirkby, Carrie Day, Huesan Chan, Suresh Vellore, Susan Jane Haynes, David Kane, Catherine Kane, Sumathi Kumar, Celani Sithole, Mina Pourashrafi, Liane Ward, Louisa James, Tracey Walters, Rosemarie Stevens, Ljerka Martinovic-Vavra, Sophie Da Costa, Toks Olusamokun, Johnny Kendrick, Susan Wray, Senthil Kumar, Pippa Goldie, Alison Fallon, Umesh Ranjani Vellore Suresh, Tréjean Gicquel and Elsa Zeelie – well done all of you.

Several people ran milestone runs this morning, so well done to Neil Bicknell and Stefan Ciulu for reaching the 50-parkruns club, Carmel Spanswick for reaching the 100-club, and to Ian Taylor for his 100th run at Lloyd parkrun.

I like to include an appropriate quote from a parkrunner when I can, and this week would love to share this one with you: “That’s the great thing about running – it’s such a community.”

Lloyd parkrun will be back same time, same place next week. NOTE: Jo Wheeler has agreed to be Run Director for the first time so I can go and run a race elsewhere. I want to make sure she is well sorted for VOLUNTEERS, so please do volunteer if you can. If anyone can take on Volunteer Coordinator on the day to lend her a hand that would be fantastic – email if you can help in any role.


Results update -16th June

The majority of issues from 16th June should now be sorted. There may still be some slight time errors - I may or may not be able to adjust those - and a couple of people still not in the results.

If you are sure you ran and were scanned but do not appear, please email with your name, parkrun ID and any information you can give about your probable position, finish time or who you were before or after, and I will try to slot you in.

Debra Bourne, Event Director, Lloyd parkrun



Results processing problem 16 June

There was evidently a problem with results processing today. I will look into it but this will be delayed as I'm presently in South Africa and unlikely to be able to do anything about this until I'm back in the UK.

Please be patient - we don't have problems like this very often.

Debra Bourne, Event Director


Following Event Director Debra running Comrades

Since several people have asked, if you want to follow Lloyd parkrun Event Director Debra Bourne's progress during the 57 miles/90 km of Comrades Marathon this Sunday (10th June 2018):

The runner number to follow is 11206.

Apparently it is possible to track runners using an app downloaded here:….

OR go to… then click on the "Search" button and put in 11026, then click on the "Tracker" button and it will show how far she still has to go (Comrades counts down not up, and in km not miles. Total distance this year is).


How to opt-in to volunteer emails (Run Report for 12th May is below this)

1) From your results email:
a) click on the "volunteer opt in" button or where it says "click here to opt in"
b) then click "Yes subscribe me" on the page that opens.


2) From your parkrun profile (accessible from the "manage my profile" button on your results email):
a) click on "e-mail options"
b) click on the down arrow next to "select event"
c) click on 'Lloyd parkrun (if we're your home parkrun it's listed at the top, otherwise scroll down)
d) click where it says "opt in" next to that
e) click on the "save opt in events list



Photos available – see link

There’s a great set of photos by Michael George available at and at


Runner IDs missing

A few runner IDs didn't scan properly due to the bright sunlight. If your name is missing from the results please email us (  with your full name, parkrun ID and your approximate (or exact!) time/position or who was just before or after you and we will do our best to slot you into the correct place!

Be patient - this may not happen until tomorrow (Sunday).


Pacers wanted!

Anyone want to be a pacer for Saturday 5th December? Email and indicate what time you would like to pace. Great new pacer vests to wear (lightweight mesh).

Or if you have a target time, put in a request and we'll try to find a pacer.


Sweatshop prize September 2015

The September 2015 winner of the Lloyd parkrun Monthly Sweatshop Prize is Lynn Seymour. This prize is awarded to athletes who have shown persistence, commitment and improvement at the event.

Lynn first ran with us in October 2013 and has run 80 of her 84 parkruns here. In that time she has improved her time by 14 minutes and increased her age grading percentage by more than 20%. She has also shown her commitment to parkrun by volunteering, and while running she has encouraged many other runners around the course

We look forward to seeing Lynn continue running here at Lloyd parkrun, and running more PBs.

We’d like to thank Hugh Brasher of Sweatshop for his generosity and to congratulate Lynn on her achievement. Lynn's prize is a new pair of running shoes, courtesy of Sweatshop.


Donations to St Christopher’s Hospice – Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who donated to St Christopher's Hospice on the event of Graham Golsalves's run on Saturday. This raised £57.69 for the hospice [total amended to include a late donation].

Lez said:

All the Runners & Volunteers at Lloyds Parkrun,
You have been generous with your contribution for Graham's Charity Run on Saturday.
Gratitude & Regards,
Lez Gonsalves
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