Church runners ahoy! – Lloyd parkrun Report #407 by Debra Bourne

Sun, blue skies, just a little bit of breeze, firm ground underfoot - what a beautiful day for a parkrun! Some 309 runners agreed and lined up for the start this morning, several of them attached to a variety of sizes and shapes of dog.

Truthfully, the extra numbers were due to the mob match being held between several church running groups at Lloyd parkrun this morning. Welcome to all today’s visitors, whether you were taking part in that event or otherwise. And welcome also to today’s 13 first time parkrunners!

Arriving in the park this morning at about 0805, several of the others on the setup crew were already there and waiting for me, and we all pitched in to get the tables, flag, finish funnel etc. out of the storage cupboard, before Nadine Pryce, Eric Schrijnemaekers, Danyal Nawaz and Matthew Crossley set off to do most of the course marking while Jane Sparks helped me to get the finish funnel up and the first and last few signs set up. No sooner had we done that then it was time to start organising the rest of the volunteers: marshals Kerena Ivens, Hannah Luffman, Helene McCann, Peter Whiteley, Xihuai Guo and Yaning Zyu; timekeepers Robert Butlin and Jon Dean; Linda Ingram giving out the finish tokens; and Louise Lauder, Foong Cheek, Erik Schrijnemaekers and Nikki Javan on barcode scanning. Richard Corby took on number checking so I would be able to take the photos after making the announcements as today’s Run Director. Robert Butlin kindly carried out the First Timers’ briefing so I could concentrate on the volunteers.

Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon)had a great run this morning, and was first in to the finish, in 18:03, followed by Adam Hudson (Good Shepherd Runners) in 18:35 and Kevin Lewis (Sutton Runners) in 18:37. For the women, Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) finished first in 23:20, with Patroulla Lorke (Emmanuel Runners) second in 24:25 and Viv Mitchell (South London Harriers) third in 25:30.

Lloyd parkrun regular runner Jenny Little joined the parkrun 100 club this morning, while visitor Marie Gray (Chiltern Church Runners) joined the 50-club. I love seeing all the white (10 parkruns – under-18s only), red (50 parkruns), black (100) and green (250) shirts being worn on a Saturday morning – and indeed seeing them worn with pride by runners during the week.

A fantastic 63 runners ran PBs today: Adam Hudson, Ashley Pate, Dave Shaw, Léo Lawless, George Ogden, Steve Corfield, Darren Woods, Phil Docherty, David Colm O'Domhnaill, Deji Elerewe, Lukasz Farbaniec, Maximilian Lorke, Jon Bridges, Gary Harrison, Phil Richards, Ian Smith, Ian Yates, Christian Vietz, Wilfred Yung, Darren Millings, Jamie Taylor, Bob Dear, Amatare Oki, Steve Price, Monty F. P. Atkinson, Donal Deasy, Thomas Meadows, Sonja Shakespeare, Michael Ogunnaike, Stephen Heinemann, Kyle Cheatley, Derek Harding, Ian White, Tamsyn Down, Ray Royer, Jane Sparks, Jeremy Hopes, Yvonne Harrison, Tom Algar, Aneta K, Kirsty Cotton, Paul Lewis, Periasamy Selvaraj, Sophia Lunn, Andy Poole, Matthew Crossley, Shaun Smith, Martin Tyrrell, Kannan Sundararajan, Matthew Gray, Wendy Field, Timothy Lunn, Tamsin Bosch, Polly Albany-Ward, Carmel Spanswick, Andrew Ward, Daria Kaczmarek, Aga Naturalna, Sean Neighbour-Sinclair, Emma Brown, Alison Ward, Carol Payne and Elsa Zeelie – well done all.

Two runners – Mathew Stone and Dave Shaw – ran runs over 80% age-graded today, with Steve Corfield, Mark Constantinou, Lee Flanagan, Graham Hansen and Adam Hudson over 75% and Kevin Lewis, George Ogden, Geoff Pennells, Tim Rowe, Ashley Pate, Phil Richards, Ian Taylor, Viv Mitchell, Gary Harrison, Isaac Flanagan and Chris Light over 70% - great running all of you.

And thank you to all those associated with the mob match who brought the nice edibles that were happily consumed after the run.

Finally congratulations to Andy Crossley on his birthday yesterday and well done running while towing your birthday balloon.

See you all next week.


parkrunaway dog! – Lloyd parkrun Report #406, 12th May 2018 by Sophia Sachedina

It was near perfect running conditions for today’s parkrun – not too hot, not too cold, Goldilocks would have been happy! Anyone venturing over to Lloyd parkrun in search of its notorious muddy XC conditions will have been disappointed, as the ground was firm and easy underfoot. The bank holiday and a 4 day week may also have been what drew out a large number of runners, with over 250 parkrunners taking on the “undulating” 5k course this morning.

First through the funnel was Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) in 18:15, followed by an “Unknown” (if you’re going to run sub-20 on that course, get yourself a/bring your barcode!), with Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) coming in third in 18:40. Although official results show the first lady as Sophia Sachedina (Striders of Croydon) in 23:40, I know that there was a woman in front of me (another “Unknown”). Miriam de Souza (Croydon Harriers) came in second lady in 25:35, followed closely by Viv Mitchell (South London Harriers) in 25:49, who was also top of the female age-gradings, with 70.11%.

An impressive age-grading of 84.01% saw David Ogden top the age-grading runs (10 seconds off a PB in 18:46), with Steve Corfield at 78.35%, and Graham Hansen at 76.45%. Seems late 50s is a good age to be running, as the top 4 age-graders were all in the VM55-59 category.

Almost a quarter of runners achieved PBs today (59), with 22 first timers taking on Lloyd parkrun – well done all!! Nikki Javan was a Pacer superstar, bringing people round in 30:02 – couldn’t ask for much closer pacing than that, so stick with her when she next paces and you’ll be in good hands – while Ron West brought a happy Rebecca Thring in to finish in 34:58 – also great pacing. Big congratulations to Tim Fahey, Tracey Walters and Miriam de Souza who all ran their 50th Parkrun today! It was a huge milestone for Rachel Tanner who ran her 200th Parkrun today, well done! Ones to watch are Jennifer Little who is one parkrun away from reaching 100, and Andrew Crossley who is knocking on the 400 Club door!

Whilst all 258 parkrunners turning up at 9am on a Saturday morning is impressive, it was the “runaway” dog that stole the show! Dog gets on the tram at Addington (Everyone: “Ah, he’s probably with a parkrunner”), dog gets off the tram at Lloyd Park (Everyone: “Ah yes, he must be with a parkrunner”), dog lines up at the start line (Run Director: “Whoever’s dog that is, please can you put him on a lead”), dog runs parkrun with everyone (“Hmm, who’s dog is this??”). Thanks to Lee’s dog-catching skills and Debra’s spare lead, the runaway dog was detained, the dog warden called (thank you, Kevin), and I’m pleased to report that Sally has been returned to her owner. Just goes to show, even dogs can catch the parkrun bug!

And finally, a big shout out to all of today’s parkrun volunteers who made your morning run happen. I’ve only really dabbled in marshalling a couple of times (stood on the course, cheered people on, handed my bib in, and then headed home), but today I (and Martin Cross) helped Richard Corby with barcode scanning, and I got to glimpse just how much behind the scenes work goes into making your Lloyd parkrun experience. Long after the tail walker has finished and the crowds of happy runners dispersed, the volunteers are still hard at work, packing up, clearing away, sorting tokens, processing results, so that you can receive your “Congratulations” email. So thank you to all those who take the time to give back to running and volunteer at parkrun, with particular thanks today to Debra Bourne, Emma Budgen, Richard Corby, Martin Cross, Matthew Crossley, Martin Drake, Nick Fiander, Lee Flanagan, Ernie Hann, Andrew Harrison, Nikki Javan, Robert Kidd, Helene McCann, Robert McCann, Danyal Nawaz, Simon Powell, Nadine Pryce, Stephen Rhys-Davies, Sophia Sachedina, Jane Sparks, and Ron West. See that’s a lot of people just to make parkrun happen, so do sign up to volunteer occasionally – it really is fun!

Have a good weekend all, and see you at Lloyd parkrun again soon!


Merry month of May – Lloyd parkrun Report #405 by Debra Bourne

May at Lloyd parkrun got off to a very pleasant start with beautiful weather and firm, dry conditions underfoot, although some dew was still lingering on the longer areas of grass during the first lap. The general consensus when (while scanning barcodes after running) I asked people how the run had been for them was “hot”, with a sprinkling of answers of “hard” for variety – particularly from people who hadn’t run our challenging course before.

We had lots of those – our 226 finishers included 16 first-time parkrunners plus 11 visitors from as close as Roundshaw Downs, Riddlesdown and Crystal Palace and as far as Newcastle.

One of the marshals counted eight dogs and wondered whether that was a record. Speaking of which, I must remind all people running with dogs to keep their dog on a short lead and run off to the side where appropriate. I saw one occasion on the first lap where a dog veered across from one side of the stream of runners to the other and a runner had to check himself quite hard to avoid being tripped by the lead, and another parkrunner told me she had twisted a leg avoiding another parkrunning dog on a longish lead. Please be considerate to other parkrunners and keep your dog on a short lead – I really don’t want any accidents and I’m sure you don’t either.

Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) was first home today in 18:12, followed by David Ogden (South London Harriers) in 18:57, and Isaac Flanagan (Croydon Harriers) in a PB of 19:10. For the women, Striders of Croydon led again: Debra Bourne in 23:28, with Lauren Cotton next in 24:43 and Aisling O’Reilly, a first-timer, third in 24:50.

Top age-graded runs came from David Ogden (8320%), Lee Flanagan (77.29%) and Matthew Stone (77.11%); other runners passing the 70% mark were Anthony Harran, Graham Hansen, Geoff Pennells, Tim Rowe, Soul Hallums, Isaac Flanagan and Debra Bourne.

A fantastic 42 runners, from those completing their second parkrun to Claire Mitchell on her 194th parkrun, recorded personal best times, so well done Elizabeth Bradnam, Katie Weston, Lauren Barnett, Paula Delaney, Sarah Allport, Sally Leung, Frederic Demay, Cristiane Martini, Kate Keane, Taruna Iyer, Kannan Sundararajan, Paul Lewis, Ernest Onyebuchi Iloghalum, Chanka Perera, Isaac Esho, Jeremy Hopes, Venkat Kasireddy, Ian White, Leanne Graham, Claire Mitchell, Steven Marsh, Stuart Beech, Kevin Field, Andrew Bates, Dom Tooze, Steve Price, Alex Morrall, Adrian Ham, Fintan O'Reilly, Luke O'Reilly, Rotimi Oyegunle, Carl Linkson, Peter Whiteley, Tony Martin, Stefan Ciulu, Edward Hall, Marcelo Kern, Darren Woods, Soul Hallums and Isaac Flanagan.

Many thanks of course to this week’s volunteer crew. Particular thanks from me to Richard Corby who took over from me as Run Director once I’d done the announcements, and took on the Number Checker role, so that I could run. Thanks also to all the other volunteers: the set-up crew of Nadine Pryce, Graham Hansen, Colin Jackson and Bob Ewen, who set out all the course markers while Jane Sparks helped me to sort out the Finish Funnel and registration area; Jenny Booth and Matt Crossley on the stopwatches; Angelina Damonsing handing out the finish tokens – she has been volunteering for her Duke of Edinburgh Award and has done a great job – Heather Sinclair scanning barcodes, joined by me and by Sean Parry after we had run; marshals Andrew Honeyman, Cress Davidson, Jane Sparks and Robert Kidd; Photographer Wendy Spear and Tail Walker Jennifer Page. Jenny and I processed the results – with a few glitches but all sorted now, I think. Special thanks to today’s pacers, Jon Dean, Ron West and Bob Ewen – several of the runners mentioned how useful you had been.

Finally, congratulations to Nigel Davidson on his 200th parkrun and Matthew Stone on his 250th – and thanks for the edibles!

Lloyd parkrun will be back same time, same place next week – hope you can join us!


Running in the gloom – Lloyd parkrun Report #404 by Jenny Booth

179 runners, including 6 parkrun novices and 10 tourists, lined up with the usual complement of dogs of assorted sizes, on a murky start line, to be sent off on the course by Run Director Richard Corby. We watched them disappear and waited for their re-appearance. We didn't have to wait long as the front runner, a Lloyd Park regular, Matthew Stone of Selsdon Baptist Church runners came home in 19:13 with the very high age grade of 80.66%. 

There was a scramble for the next three places. Krzysztof Klidzia was overtaken in the last couple of yards, which should have pushed him into third place, but the gentleman who overtook him had come without his barcode so could not be included in the results and Krzysztof became the official second-placed finisher in 19:46. The third finisher Steve Corfield was only a second behind. Both Krzysztof and Steve achieved age grades in the high seventies. 

For the ladies, Gulcin Erten of Croydon Harriers led the field in 23:45, her second first place in her nineteen runs. She achieved a personal best time for the ninth time in those runs - a magnificent achievement. Selena Wong of Striders of Croydon finished second in 24:36 with Jodie Gray third in 24:43.

Although the weather was unkind, quite cold and drizzling, the terrain was not as awful as we had anticipated. It was a bit muddy and slippery and the tree roots were lurking to trip the runners up, but on the whole the course was reasonably firm. As a result there were a lot of personal best times. Congratulations to Gulcin Erten, Theo Flanagan, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Henry Mitchell, Gary Harrison, Jonathan Fenugaras, Carl Linkson, David Dixon, Becky Thomas, Joseph Cosgrave, Caroline McLellan, Christian Vietz, Bob Dear, Jeremy Monksfield, Tugce Erten, Jane Sparks, Ian White, Martha Gallagher, Emma Robinson, Kannan Sundararajun, Sophie Cook, Polly Albany- Ward, Joanne Barton, Megan Bradnam, Marie Holman and Morgan Bulled. And congratulations, too, to the first three finishers and Theo Flanagan, John Punt, Chris Morton and Geoff Pennells, who all recorded age grades of over 70%.

It was a milestone day for Christine Hewett who ran her hundredth parkrun today. She has run 94 of them with us at Lloyd Park and brought treats to share with everyone. In fact we were quite spoiled for treats as Krzysztof also brought cakes to celebrate his birthday.

As always parkrun was brought to you by a wonderful team of volunteers. Early morning saw the set-up team of Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Robert Ewen and Graham Hansen out on the course with the arrows to guide you round. Our marshals were Sheena Hammond, Alison McArthur, Robert Kidd and Nikki Javan. Nikki was accompanied by her little daughter, Libby, resplendent in a yellow high-viz jacket about ten times too big, who cheered and clapped all the runners. We let her run through the finish line at the end! Angelina Damonsing excelled on the stopwatch, which was just as well as mine went wrong with four runners still to finish, and Yvonne Harrison handed out the numbers. Barcode scanning was done by Lorraine Saunders, helped by Martin Drake and Erik Schrijnemaekers after they had completed their runs. Danyal Nawaz took the photographs, not an easy task with the drizzle, and Robert Ewen acted as pacer for 30 minutes. Michael Procter and Louise Lauder were the tail walkers seeing everyone safely home.


Hot! – Lloyd parkrun Report #403 by Debra Bourne

Returning after three weeks (unusually) away from Lloyd parkrun, it was very nice to be back. There was one major difference from four weeks ago, however: the weather! I was last at Lloyd parkrun in somewhat warmer “more spring-like conditions” after the previous week’s snow and strong winds – now we’ve been catapulted into high summer – temporarily, at least – with bright sunshine and temperatures over 25C – crazy for April. The ground has dried up rapidly with the last few days of hot sunshine, leaving the course on the hard side, and with baked ruts in some areas, such as the bottom of the hill.

The beautiful weather brought lots of people out and despite losing a number of people who are resting for the London Marathon or Mini-Marathon (juniors) tomorrow (best of luck, all of you!), we had 238 finishers plus a number of dogs. Thirteen people ran or walked their first ever parkrun with us today, and eight completed their second parkrun (and all got PBs). We also had 11 visitors to Lloyd parkrun for the first time, including David McCall, based at Nonsuch parkrun, who has been parkrunning so long his ID number is only in triple digits, with other visitors from Rugby, Harrow, Roundshaw Downs, Tooting Common, Banstead Woods and Riddlesdown.

Our first finisher today was Joe Elliott (Clapham Common Chasers) in 18:04 on his first run with us, hotly pursued by Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:13. David Ogden (South London Harriers) finished third today in 19:21. He did, however, lead the age grading, with an impressive 81.35%, and the fourth finisher, Steve Corfield, graded 78.35% (19:47), with Lee at 77.22% and Joe at 71.40%. Graham Hansen, Geoff Pennells, George Clare and Paul Cripps were also over 70%.

For the women, junior Valerie Parocki (Hercules Wimbledon AC) finished first in 23:42 (67.32% age graded) followed by Gulcin Erten (Croydon Harriers) in a PB of 23:47 (age grade 67.13%) and Amy-Rose Poole in 24:11. Highest age graded was Jo Quantrill of South London Harriers with 78.21%.

A fantastic 47 people ran PBs – so very well done to everyone who has stuck it out over the winter, battled through the mud and is now seeing positive results from that. These included Miriam De Souza finally going under 25 mins on her 48th parkrun, and David Alderson PBing on his 40th Llloyd parkrun and 392nd parkrun overall – it’s never too late to PB! Congrats to all 47 of you: Phil Docherty, David Alderson, Richard Taylor, Philip Coley, Ryan Moore, Edward Hall, Peter Whiteley, Gulcin Erten, Stephen Allport, Mark Watson, Carl Linkson, George Clare, Alex Morrall, Miriam De Souza, Ian Andrews, Adrian Ham, Luke Morrell, Michael Forteath, Steve Price, Tina Anderson, Kyle Cheatley, Jeremy Monksfield, Charles Allanson, Nick Moore, Zsofia Jones, Heiman Cheng, Jane Sparks, Carlos Rebelo, Amy Butler, Ian White, Kundiona Zata, Sophie Sinclair, Tracy Kirby, Chelsey Wilcher, Tamsin Bosch, Sophie Cook, Louise Richards, Nikki Riley, Jennifer Flippance, Sally Leung, Molly O'Shea, Megan Bradnam, Elizabeth Bradnam, Emma Jennings-Hester, Lydia Goromonzi, Emma Brown and Hortense Julienne.

Many thanks to today’s volunteers: Nadine Pryce, Bob Ewen, Danyal Nawaz and Pav Mootoosamy helped me with setup; Steve Tyler (the Ref) and Oliver Little clicked the stopwatches in perfect synchrony and Jenny Booth as Number Checker made sure they were okay, while Jenny Little handed out the finish tokens. Louise Lauder, Angelina Damonsing, Danyal Nawaz and Matthew Crossley scanned barcodes, I took the photos, Paula Bryan and Michael Procter were Tail Walkers and your marshals round the course were Ian Taylor, Andy Randall with Callum Randall and sibling, Margo Ewen, Tony Hunt, Robert Kidd and Jonathan Pontin.

And well done Neil Witherow for running his 150th parkrun! (And bringing goodies.)

Lloyd parkrun will be back same time, same place next week. Meanwhile, happy running!


Sunny, breezy and bright – Lloyd parkrun Report #402 by Joanna Scanlan

Having been working away from home for the last 20 odd Saturdays I was excited to be returning to Lloyd Park parkrun. Sadly, due to ongoing ankle injury (does 'unstable ankle syndrome' count as injury, folks?) I was unable to run myself but was delighted to volunteer, to be given the task of "Finishing Tokens" and even more delighted to find that, at last, Spring has truly sprung. What a lovely day! Sunny, breezy and bright. Many of the runners finished saying they had found it 'hot out there' - a seasonal readjustment to come for all, I expect. We will need to acclimatise pretty speedily: it's less than a month ago that we had snow on the course and next week promises to be 'Mediterranean' in temperature. The paths are drying up but there is still mud around the bends into the big hill and out of it. The banks of daffodils on the far border of the playing fields are enjoying the sun like the rest of us and giving a stunning April display.

Today we had a healthy field of 217 runners, plus several well-behaved dogs. Considerably up on last week's 169, with a similar hike on the number of volunteers from 14 to 19.  Cheers all round.  The first four finishers bunched together for the run and came in pretty much as a strong competitive pack.  David Ogden finished first in 19:07 with a whopping 82.48% age grade, followed by Jack Burton in 19:14 - both of South London Harriers - Adam Dustin in 19:21 and Striders of Croydon’s Thomas Lawson with his new PB of 19:28. First female was Amber Bloomfield, Croydon Harrier and a junior to boot in 25:07, well done Amber - Amy-Rose Poole followed her in 25.27 and Leanne Moore (another Croydon Harrier) in 26:58 completed the medal positions today.

Many congratulations are in order for 14 runners who achieved personal best times in the glorious weather: Jeremy Monksfield, Tina Anderson, Jeremy Hopes, Zeljko Popov, Chelsey Wilcher, Laurence Manuel Wesson, Sophie Cook, Beverley Malin-Smith, Nikki Riley, Cherise Veeraswamy, Megan Bradfield and Elizabeth Bradfield. Alongside these there were a number of runners age graded above 70%, including the aforementioned David Ogden over 80%,plus  Jack Burton, Matthew Stone, Dave Shaw, Steve Corfield, Robert Lines, Jon Dean and Graham Hansen.

Lesley Bassett ran her 150th parkrun today and Sharon Rhys-Davies ran her 200th. Huge congratulations to both. There were some very pretty (and tasty) cakes to celebrate, for which many thanks.

A warm Croydon welcome to the 20 first-timer Lloyd Park runners today. 12 of these runners were new to parkrun completely, so we do hope they enjoyed the encouragement they received from fellow runners and the satisfaction of their own 5km. They certainly had the weather for it and we hope they will be back soon. Visitors included several runners from Ealing Eagles Running Club.

Many thanks to this week's crack volunteering team: out in the field Danyal Nawaz for pacing 25 minutes, then back at base Jenny Booth Run Director, Debra coordinating volunteers in the week before the run (hope your Ultra went well today, Debra) The pre-event set-up gang Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Andrew Crossley, David Robinson and Danyal Nawaz. Thanks too to Steve Tyler for timekeeping with Angelina Damonsing in back up position, I very much enjoyed handing out Finish Tokens myself and luckily didn't drop them; Jenny Booth was number checking, Louise Lauder, Jamie Goodwin and Jon Dean, did sterling barcode scanning, Jennifer Page took photos (though she had some trouble with the batteries in the camera and resorted to using her phone for which we are hugely grateful [apologies for the batteries – Debra!]), and finally the race results were processed by Jenny Booth and Claire Mitchell. Thanks too to Madeline Little who stepped in to go the extra (fraction of a) mile to collect some more finish tokens when we unexpectedly went over the 200 runners mark.

Well done everyone. Let's see today as the unofficial start to what promises to be a great summer season for parkrunners of all abilities and age grades.

Happy parkrunning.


The boys are back in town – Lloyd parkrun Report #401 by Jenny Booth

Well, we were lucky with the weather. As I stepped off the tram it started to rain. A rapid consultation with the volunteers resulted in moving the registration table back to the storage shed to provide some cover for the barcode scanners. This move had the almost immediate effect of stopping the rain, but we left the table there anyway. There was no more rain and although the morning stayed a bit on the dull side the sun did threaten to appear a couple of times. The course had had time to improve from last week. The runners were not crossing the line covered in mud and apart from our usual bad spots the track was firmer than it has been for a couple of weeks.

The first finishers today included the three Lyne brothers who have not been running in Lloyd Park recently. They came home in 1st, 3rd and 7th place, and father Andrew was also in the field. James Lyne of South London Harriers was the first finisher in 17:49. Second man home was Alastair Falconer of Striders in 18:22, a new personal best time and Joe Lyne took third place in 19:17 to complete his 100th parkrun.

The ladies must remember to bring their barcodes. For the second consecutive week the first female finisher had no barcode so the honour of first position went to Anna Corby of Croydon Harriers who romped home in 22:36. The next lady, Maria Harron, was a visitor from Stainland Lions RC, who chalked up a time of 22:52 in her first run in Lloyd Park. Third place went to Gulcin Erten of Croydon Harriers in 24:46.

There were plenty of personal best times today, proof that the going had become a little easier. Congratulations to Alastair Falconer, Dave Shaw, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Nicholas Marshall, Peter Whiteley, Adam Loveday, Mark Watson, Alex Morrall, Paul Grace, Thomas Meadows, Michael Deacon, Tugce Erten, Jeremy Monksfield, Zsofia Jones, Isaac Esho, Neil Bicknell, Zeljko Popov, Cindy Lim, Sarah Allport, Olga Dubov, Jennifer Lloyd and Anirudh Kasireddy. Eight runners also recorded age grades of over 70%: Maria Harron, James Lyne, Alastair Falconer, David Ogden (over 80%), Dave Shaw, Chris Morton, Graham Hansen and Jon Dean. Great running!

There were 18 first time Lloyd Park runners. They listened intently while Robert Butlin gave a first time briefing. Four of them were absolute parkrun novices. The others had run before, some just a handful of runs while others were seasoned parkrunners. In particular the Wardle family of Karen, Steve and daughter Poppy were visiting from the New Forest and they have run over 400 parkruns between them.

As usual parkrun was brought to you by a great team of volunteers. Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Erik Schrijnemaekers and Danyal Nawaz were on the early shift, setting up the funnel and marking out the course with arrows. On the finish line we let Jenny Little loose with a stopwatch for the first time and she and Simon Powell synchronised perfectly. Danyal Nawaz took on a second job and handed out the numbers. The marshals were Steve Corfield, Peter Attewell and Nick Fiander. Barcode scanning was in the hands of experts, Angelina Damonsing, Erik Schrijnemaekers and Matthew Stone; Annie Cripps took the photographs and Robert Butlin was the tail runner. Robert had to sprint a bit when the last runner he was tailing dropped out after one lap and the next last runner was quite a long way ahead. Nadine came to help me with processing the results, which was really good, and everything was all done and dusted in record time.

Good luck to everyone running the Croydon Half Marathon tomorrow.


An Easter Feast – Lloyd parkrun report 400 (31.03.18) by Anna Corby

After the torrential rain we’ve had for the last few days, I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to helping with pre-event set up for this week’s parkrun. However, it was a pleasant surprise to arrive at Lloyd park to find it dry (if a little cold) and the sun attempting to shine from behind the clouds! Today was Lloyd parkrun’s 400th event, and we were lucky enough to be provided with some delicious cake from two regular parkrunners: Martin Drake, completing his 200th parkrun, and John Punt, who was completing his 200th Lloyd parkrun (out of 263 runs) – both amazing achievements! Robert Kidd also completed his 250th run today, of which 129 have been at Lloyd Park! We had some tasty macaroons made by Foong Cheek, as well as mini Easter eggs, nuts and raisins provided by Debra and hot cross buns provided by Selsdon Baptist Church. There was also a lovely homemade banana and walnut cake – I’m not sure who brought it but thank you as all the goodies meant we had a wonderful post-parkrun feast!

Today, the first parkrunners home were all from Striders of Croydon, with Simone Luciani finishing in 18.35, Alistair Falconer in 18.43 and Simon Ambrosi in 20.19. Meanwhile, the first three registered ladies, Jessica Moore, Kyra Sethna-McIntosh and Anna Corby (all from Croydon Harriers) finished in a sprint finish and all recorded a time of 24.02.

Doing very well in the very muddy conditions, Simone Luciani, Matthew Stone, John Punt and Steve Corfield all achieved age-gradings above 70%, whilst new personal bests were run by Jeremy Monksfield (28.27) and Nicholas Bull (30.27)! Hopefully we’ll have some real spring sunshine in the next few weeks to dry out the hill and make the course a bit less muddy!

As always, the event wouldn’t be able to be run without our wonderful volunteers, so thank you to Nadine Pryce, Hayden McLeod, Nick Fiander, John Punt and Erik Schrijnemaekers for setting out the course and registration tables; Jenny Booth and Annie Cripps for timekeeping with Matthew Crossley on the finish tokens; Richard Corby for being Run Director and Number Checker; John Punt, Ian Butler and Erik Schrijnemaekers for scanning everyone’s barcodes; Les Gonsalves, Juliet Stevenson, Foong Cheek and Robert Ewen for being your fabulous marshals and tail walker; Lesley Basset and Christine Hewett for taking photographs and Leanne Moore for helping clear the signposts up, whilst Jenny Booth and Martin Drake processed the results.

If anyone wants to volunteer, it’s great fun and the roster is looking a bit bare for the next few weeks so we’d love to have you! Just contact Debra ( if you’re interested – no experience necessary!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend and hope to see many of you back again next week – including the 19 first timers! It’s not always so bad, I promise!!

Happy parkrunning!


Daffodils nodding – Lloyd parkrun Report 399 by Debra Bourne

After last week’s snow and strong winds, it was good to see a return to more spring-like conditions this Saturday morning in Lloyd Park. The daffodils at the far side of the big sports field are well in bloom, the mud has dried out on much of the course – although still wet on the back section by the bushes and at the bottom of the hill, and sticking well to shoes, as some runners reported – and although not exactly warm, temperatures were much more pleasant for both runners and volunteers.

As well as several dogs we had 157 human runners, including 10 first-timer parkrunners and five visitors from Valentines, Wimbledon Common, Worthing, Whitley Bay and Preston parkruns enjoying their first Lloyd parkrun. Welcome all!

Prince Reid (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers) definitely found the course conditions more to his liking, finished first in a PB of 17:52, closely followed by Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) in 17:54, also a PB, then Jack Burton (South London Harriers) in 18:33. First woman was Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) in 22:50, pursued by teammate Anna Corby, who finished in 23:07, with Nikki Javan (Striders of Croydon) third home in 24:20.

Highest age grading came from David Ogden, with an impressive 80.72%., with Steve Corfield, Dave Shaw, Jack Burton, Matthew Stone and Prince Reid all topping 75%, and Lee Flanagan, Jonathan Pontin, Graham Hansen, Anthony Harran and John Punt all over 70% - good running.

No official milestones, but congrats to Robert McCann who ran his 150th Lloyd parkrun.

Many thanks as always to the volunteers: Jenny Booth was Run Director and Number Checker; Nick Fiander, John Punt, Nadine Pryce, Hayden McLeod and Debra Bourne set out the course markers; Stephen Tyler and Tony Flowers were the timekeepers while Joy Harris handed out the finish tokens; Angelina Damonsing and Trevor Stotton scanned in barcodes, joined after his run by John Punt; Ian Garton, Andrew Honeyman and Wendy Spear were your marshals encouraging you around the course; Jennifer Page was Tail Walker, Danyal Nawaz was 25-minute pacer and I was your photographer; Jenny and I processed the results.

Easter Saturday will see our 400th run – which I will unfortunately miss! Mini Easter Eggs will be provided (and nuts and raisins for anyone who cannot eat chocolate), but do bring other contributions if you want to.

Happy parkrunning!


Winter wonderland – Lloyd parkrun Report #398, by Jenny Booth

Yes, I know. Modern thinking says it is Spring because Spring starts on the first of March. When I went to school, a very long time ago, Spring started at the Equinox on 21st March so I still think it is winter now. And this morning's offering from the weather gods has convinced me that I am right.

There were light fluttery snowflakes outside my kitchen window at 7 o'clock. By the time we reached Lloyd Park snow was beginning to settle and the whole area looked like a white-out with a snow-clouded sky and a ghostly misty atmosphere. During the hour of the run the snow settled steadily leaving a white carpet on the ground. The course was slippery and the tree roots were concealed by snow and bits of the hill were still muddy. But that's Lloyd Park for you!

The weather doesn't stop the Lloyd parkrun, though. 119 runners ran, jogged, walked or dragged themselves around the course. Some complained that they couldn't see the markers as they got covered by snow on their second laps, but everyone seemed to find their way back all right. Many runners commented at the end how pretty the park looked with the tree branches decked with snow like icing on a cake, but most just looked thankful that they had finished and could get into the café for a warm drink.

Four of our athletes actually managed to record a personal best time. Admittedly none of them had run an awful lot of parkruns before but this was quite an achievement, so congratulations are due to Wale Obadare, Adrian Ham, Chelsey Wilcher and Frederic Demay. Another achiever today was Simon Gosney who chalked up his 150th parkrun. He has run more than half of them in Lloyd Park, 31 at Southwark and the rest at another 28 venues. He kept up the Lloyd Park tradition of bringing goodies for all to share, thank you Simon.

First home today was one of our regular runners Simon Ambrosi of Striders of Croydon in 20:28. Steve Corfield was next in 21:17, closely followed two seconds later by George Clark. Selena Wong of Striders of Croydon was our first lady to finish in 26: 25. She was startled by a dog just before she reached the funnel and finished with a squeal. Second lady was Linda Lloyd, a seasoned parkrunner who has split her 227 runs between Lloyd Park (80)and Riddlesdown (130). She was followed 4 seconds later by the third lady, Elisabeth Parham.

Despite the conditions two runners, Matthew Stone and Steve Corfield, achieved age grades of over 70%.

We welcomed six new runners to Lloyd Park this morning. Dan Donaldson, George Clare, Alice  Dungate and John Shenouda have run somewhere else but there were two absolutely  first timers, Lee Woodward and Dan Walker, who ran round together. Before the run I told them to enjoy it. "Oh we will," they said but I think they were being a little facetious!

The pinching cold and the icy winds made it quite uncomfortable for the stalwart group of volunteers. Set up was carried out by Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Louise Lauder and Colin Jackson. We left the registration table in the storeroom so our DoE award volunteers Angelina Damonsing and Matthew Crossley at least could keep dry. They were helped by Erik Schrijnemaekers after he had completed his run. I can tell you the finish line was cold. Debra our Run Director and number checker had five layers of clothing and still felt cold. I couldn't feel my fingers and my fellow timer, Stephen Tyler had a cup of tea with him to keep out the cold. We were joined by the ever cheerful Madeleine Little who was giving out the numbers. Marshals out on the windblown bits of the course all deserve a medal - Emily Dean, Nina Bennet and Louise Lauder. Robert and Marguerite Ewen tail walked the course, bringing home the last runner as well as the arrow signs, while Debra was everywhere - taking photographs, acting as number checker, sorting out enquiries – and Richard Corby took over number checking when Debra was called elsewhere.

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