Santa hats ahoy – Lloyd parkrun Report #436 by Debra Bourne

After last week’s rain, runners and volunteers alike were relieved to face a dry morning, mild for the time of year. There was a bit of a breeze, which smaller runners found more difficult than larger ones (my husband, at 6ft 5, barely noticed it). We’re well into mud season, of course, and it was getting pretty bad in all the usual spots, such as the initial section through the trees, and at the bottom of the hill both on the way up and on the way down. That’s unlikely to change until the spring now – unless of course we get some hard frosts to make it rutted instead.

This morning we were joined by the annual influx of students from Royal Russell School - sporting, as usual, Santa hats. They also provided some welcome donations for our collection of food for the Croydon Food bank: the total reached 174 items, which is great: many thanks to everyone who brought something. We had nine first-time parkrunners and four tourists visiting Lloyd for the first time, including a couple all the way from Blickling parkrun in north Norfolk. Madeleine Little meanwhile was running her 150th parkrun (not an official parkrun milestone, but we feel it’s well worth a mention!).

More than 200 people lined up at the start, although the total number of finishers today was 180, as many of the Royal Russell students took the one lap option – which is fine. A runner coming back from injury also, and very sensibly, took that option when she began to feel her ankle not comfortable – we should all be so sensible!

Today’s volunteer heroes were Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Paul Elliott, Jane Sparks, Lucas Kemperman and Colin Jackson on set-up, with Stephen Tyler, Michal Procter and Foong Cheek as Timekeepers, Robert McCann handing out the finish tokens, Jenny Booth, Simon Powell, Eleanor Hunt and Noah Tolfrey scanning barcodes, while Fiona Hunt sorted out the finish tokens after they had been scanned. Jenny Little was marshal/photographer, accompanied by Alice Hunt; the other marshals were Wendy Spear, Jane Sparks and several students from Royal Russell, including Marshall Guo, Ovid Chen, Laning Lyu, Dmitry Torasor and Aleff Soora (? – apologies if I’ve misread anyone’s handwriting). Paula Bryan and Chris John Smith were our tail walkers, and Stephen Tyler, Jane Sparks and Aidan Dixon did the bulk of the post-event close down, with assistance from Robert McCann and others.

The prize for “above and beyond” goes to Jane Spark: before the run she cleaned up dog poop so runners wouldn’t step in it. Additionally, while marshalling, she noticed a Jack Russell terrier cocking his leg on one of our course marker arrows, so she cleaned the arrow with tissues and hand disinfectant – what a star!

Robert Lines (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners) led the field home in19:09, followed by Krzysztof Klidzia (Striders of Croydon) in 19:47 and George Ogden (South London Harriers) in 19:52.

First woman home was Jennie Butler (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers) in 21:26 – 10th overall – with Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) second in 22:10 and Abigail Robertshaw third in 23:43.

Highest age-graded runs came from Krzysytof Klidzia (76.41%), Matthew Stone (75.98%), Robert Lines (74.59%), Jennie Butler (74.11%), Steve Corfield (73.69%) and George Ogden (70.05%).

As is common at this time of the year, the number of people managing PBs has dropped considerably, but well done to Philip Stoycheff, Bhaskar Jana and Jennie Butler.

We’ll be back same time, same place next week and throughout the winter Saturday mornings – plus of course the Christmas Day and New Year’s Day runs, with the usual goodies on offer. NOTE: we need volunteers for those runs and if would be great to get the volunteers sorted early, so if you can help, please email

Have a great week!


Notes from the swamp – Lloyd parkrun Report 435 by Madeleine Little.

(Disclaimer: parkrun does not own Shrek or any donkeys, although that last part is debatable.)

Donkey: "Good morning, good morning, good morning Shrek... Oh! It's raining cats, dogs and water, water everywhere. Yeuch! I'm soaking wet."

Shrek: "Aye Donkey. It really is a good morning when you live in a swamp like I do. All this lovely rain certainly freshens up the mud. I love it!"

Donkey: "Well OK then. If you like it then I guess it's all right with me." He pranced about cheerfully.

Shrek grabbed a back scratcher. "Time for my daily mud scrub. I'll be down at the usual place."

Five minutes later he was sitting in the mud when a loud squelching sound arose. It got nearer and nearer then around the corner appeared 132 runners that ran through the mud, splashing in all directions.

"Hm" said Shrek. "There go those park runners again. There's Vanessa Wheeler on her 250th parkrun, and George Ogden on his 100th. And in a tongue-twisting coincidence there are Marcia Mullen and Matthew Morton, both on their 50th run."

Donkey: "Great to see these milestones coming through Shrek. And look, there are lots of people from Far Away or at least from Beccles, Cambridge and the Mudway, I mean Medway."

Shrek: "I'm seeing strangers in my swamp. We have 9 first timers and I wonder if they plan to come here again – I do hope so. There are 31 people from Striders of Croydon doing an age-graded race. Looks like Matthew Stone is going to win that one on an age grade of 78%. Pretty good on this soft ground."

Donkey: "Hey look at that! We got 5 people with Personal Bests, and three of them are the Osmonds.... Sam, Ellie and Oliver. The others are Mick Turner and junior runner Maisie Gibbins from SLH. And I used to think that PB meant peanut butter."

Shrek: "Lots of age gradings over 70% this week including the top 5 of Matthew Stone (78.09%), Alan Burn (75.27%), Steve Corfield (74.81%), Ellie Osmond (74.51%) and Robert Lines (74.46%)."

Donkey: "First three ladies were Ellie Osmond (8th overall!), Jessica Moore and Maisie Gibbins. And the first three men were Robert Lines, George Ogden and Jonathan Vintner. Well done to all of them."

Shrek: "It's very entertaining to see them all rushing past but the most enjoyable moment was when Father Christmas fell into the mud. He wasn't the only one either. I bet the photographer got a few good pictures at the foot of the hill."

Donkey: "Hey Shrek. Don't forget to thank all the volunteers. I think a special shout out goes to the people who set up the course every week and who provide us with all this entertainment."



No damp spirits – Lloyd parkrun Report #434 by Jenny Booth

On a damp (at times actually quite wet! ) morning with a misty outlook and battleship grey sky, 164 brave runners turned up to start the weekend with a bracing run. Among their number we welcomed three absolute parkrun novices, Nicole Seymour, Tansy Knowlton and Andrew Orphanou, and four more experienced parkrun tourists including Keith Saunders from Tonbridge, Malachi Messette and James Saunders from Riddlesdown and Michael Dutton, who has run at 39 venues, mostly in the London area.

In his opening remarks today's Run Director, Richard Corby alerted all runners to the soggy conditions and greasy surface, and gave warning of the treacherous fox holes and tree roots which were lurking to trip people up. Fortunately there were no accidents today but several athletes crossed the finish line smeared with the famous Lloyd Park mud. The heavy course meant there were very few personal best times recorded so a great big "well done!" is due to Nicholas Marshall, Jamie Taylor, Ani Alia, Christopher Jackson, Thinesh Thayabaran, and Irene and Richard Francis. Only three of our runners achieved age grades over 70%: congratulations to George Ogden, Colin Dear and Nicholas Marshall.

First home today was George Ogden of South London Harriers in 19.21. Next came Jake Moir from the University of Surrey AC in 19.37 followed by Colin Dear five seconds later. First female finisher was Jessica Moore of Croydon Harriers in 21.39, with Abigail Robertshaw in 23.26 and Jenny Rowe in 23.48 not far behind.

Three runners reached personal milestones today. Emily Dean was escorted round the course by her Dad, Jon, on her fiftieth parkrun. He even let her precede him through the funnel. Two other runners, Karen Macenhill and Ryan North, clocked up their two hundredth runs: only another 50 till you get the lovely dark green tee-shirt, guys.

We have to be especially grateful to today's team of volunteers as it was a beastly day to be standing around in the cold for an hour. Our bar code scanners, Eleanor Hunt, Paul Elliott, Zsofia Jones and Erik Schrijnemaekers got the best of the deal as we set up the table inside the shed to keep the scanners dry (the electronics work better that way). The set up team of early risers consisted of (as usual) Nadine Pryce, Jane Sparks, Nick Fiander, Paul Elliott and Erik Schrijnemaekers, and the marshals were Jane Sparks, Richard Spear and Sandra Harris. Stephen Tyler joined me with a stopwatch (Ref, did you leave your umbrella behind? We put it with the lost property) while Alice Hunt handed out the numbers. Ian Taylor took photographs, Graham Hanson acted as a guide runner, Sue Redgrave and Chis Smith shepherded everyone home as tail walkers and Aidan Dixon and Jane Sparks put everything away at the end. The more astute among you will quickly spot that several names in that list have been duplicated as volunteers have taken on more than one job. Today's heroine has to be Jane who did three jobs, one before the run, one during the run and one after the run! She also took the cups home to wash ready for next week. All this means that we do need more volunteers. Today, on a course that was slippery where we could have had accidents, there were not really enough marshals. Please consider if you could help one week. Your parkrun needs you! [- and it’s fun! – Debra]


Thank you, parkrun – Lloyd parkrun Report #433 by Joanna Scanlan

As I passed one of the marshals this morning he called out ‘thank you for supporting parkrun’ which sat uneasily with me. When I questioned myself I realised this was because I felt it was the wrong way round – I should be thanking parkrun for supporting ME. Let me add that this moment came on the downhill home straight, when the euphoria is rising and the….let’s call it CHALLENGE was behind me. Thank you parkrun for being an idea, organisation and a body of people who offer simple joy amongst many other things on a weekly timed basis, forever. And thank you, marshal for reminding me to keep up my end of the bargain, volunteering, turning up and doing what I can to maintain the friendly parkrun atmosphere. [Editor’s note that Joanna was wearing the new Contra kit, which is probably why the marshal was thanking her for supporting parkrun!]

The Co-Op, who are supporters of parkrun, set up a gazebo and handed out cloth bags for life with plastic water bottles and little tubs of fruit this morning. There is a new branch opening in South End we are told and this was to draw attention to it. No need for the rain cover, however, for the 213 runners keeping up the winter numbers this sunny, chilly morning. By the time the valiant volunteers were packing up, the temperature had risen several degrees, but at the start very few runners in skimpy shorts and T-shirts hit the dirt. It’s definitively time to layer up.

It’s also trail shoes time. A couple of runners, including last week’s report writer Aiden Dixon remarked on a huge boost from wearing the grippier footwear, while a runner tackling the course in spikes for the first time reported she found they made a real difference, particularly on the hill where she didn’t feel worn out fighting the mud.  We are particularly lucky to have a cross-country course at Lloyd Park. Debra Bourne tells me (having discovered this when she wrote the book “parkrun: much more than just a run in the park”) that many, even a majority, of courses in the UK and around the world are on tarmac or other hard paths. A lot of us at Lloyd value our seasonal changes, the undulations and uneven ground which help to strengthen and stabilise the lower leg muscles as well as give us changes of pace to help improve cardiovascular capacity, even if it means our times are hard to keep up on the slippy ground.

That said, there were 31 runners bucking the trend this week with fabulous PB’s. Congratulations to Zack Fallon, Tom Parker, Tom Britton, Simon Hobson, Sabela Micallef, Robin Faulkener, Robert Lake, Richard Francis, Richard Fallon, Neil Bicknell, Martin Donnelly, Mark Parker, Lauren Barnett, Lamie Kendrick, Jennifer Gutteridge, Jeeshu Ganguly, Jasper Chong, Jamie Taylor, James Randall, Irene Francis, Hortense Julienne, Grace Lake, Emma Moir, Emily Dean, David Drury, Daniel Lee, Christine Price, Cax Heath, Azra Mathias, Agnitmitra Ghosh and Adam Lucas.

The stats can tell a fascinating story from the often unremarked upon middle of the pack; taking Emma Moir for example, in the 50-54 age group she has run 6 parkruns in total starting this September and improved her time by nearly 6 minutes and her age grade by nearly 6%. Well done, Emma, very good going.

Welcome to Tim Hou, Ani Alia, Stephen Hall, Adil Bawa, Emma Sturdy, Thinesh Thayabran and Chloe Mayall all first timers to parkrun 5km. We hope you found a warm welcome and look forward to seeing you again soon. We also welcomed to Lloyd for the first time London tourists Kevin Shao and John Birch, Dan Hurley from Bristol and Rebecca Cavill all the way from Lincoln. We trust you enjoyed the day and will be back.

Congratulations to the front runners; Daniel Gillet of South London Harriers claimed this week’s laurels with 18:35, two seconds off his average on only his third Lloyd outing. Daniel is also the proud wearer of a purple 25 volunteer tee shirt for which many thanks. Daniel runs at Roundshaw, Riddlesdown and Banstead Woods more regularly. Following up in second place was our local Strider, Simone Luciani with 18:43 and regular Robert Lines of Selsdon Baptist Church Runners with 18:44. All three reached age grades over 70%. Massive respect.

Junior Abigail Robertshaw achieved 22:37 leading the women, followed by Jenny Rowe with 23:02 and in third position an even younger junior, Gulcin Erten of Croydon Harriers with 24:00 flat. Well done all.

Congratulations are also in order to the two runners achieving over a terrific 80% age grading this morning, David Ogden (83.03%) of South London Harriers and Matthew Stone (80.03%) of Selsdon Baptist Chruch Runners. This is an achievement to be savoured. Daniel Gillett (78.12%) Steve Corfield (77.05%) Robert Lines (76.25%) junior George Ogden (72.29%) Geoffrey Rowan Pennells (70.63%) Simone Luciani (70.44%) and Colin Dear (70.3%) also have a great deal to be proud of in age graded runs today.

James Porter arrived at his 50 milestone today and Antony Long arrived at the 100 marker. Huge congratulations to you both. Don’t forget to claim your T-shirts (they are free – you only need to pay postage!)

Of course none of this athletic prowess would be possible without our bunch of heroic volunteers today: Nina Bennet, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, Anna Corby, Aidan Dixon, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Alice Hunt, Fiona Hunt, Eleanor Hunt, Colin Jackson, Julie Jordan, Robert Kidd, Ruby Little, Mike Procter, Nadine Pryce, Joanna Scanlan, Lynn Seymour, Chris John Smith, Jane Sparks, Lucas Tan and Stephen Tyler.

Our event director and volunteer co-ordinator Debra Bourne will not be with us for a couple of weeks as she is undertaking an ultra 10-in-10 challenge: this constitutes ten runs of 50km for ten consecutive days. My mind and body simply cannot conceive of this level of distance and endurance. Anyone wishing to support the ten charities that Debra has chosen can look to her JustGiving page, details to follow. We wish her the very best of luck and good weather.


Studies in hydrogeology – Lloyd parkrun Report 432 by Aidan Dixon

I was going to call this run report "Winter is coming!", but I see that's already been done.  It seemed apt for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I saw a robin this morning for the first time this year, and secondly, that stalwart of the the set-up crew, Pauline James, will, by the time you read this, have (very sensibly IMO) flown these shores for warmer climes.  Bon voyage, Pauline!  (Even if you did pip me at the post!)

Still, winter isn't here yet.  This morning wasn't that cold and I'm sure I wasn't the only runner to have shed a top layer for the second lap.  The sun even came out for a while as we headed for the start line.  It didn't hang around though, which is a pity as the course could have done with a bit of drying out after last night's rain.

I know (from having been told about it by those who've done many more Lloyd parkruns than my paltry fifteen) that the mud gets a lot worse than this, but for me, today was the first day that road shoes really didn't feel up to the job.  It wasn't a surprise to find that that there were several parts of the course where it was drier and less slippery underfoot either side of the path, but it was interesting to discover that there were other places where, despite 187 runners and an assortment of other park users churning it up, the path was still firmer underfoot than the ground beside it.  And the only puddle was at the top of the hill.  Can anyone explain that to me?  They taught me in school that water runs downhill!  Oh well...

Along with the aforementioned 187 runners (to say nothing of the dogs), we had twenty official volunteers and the usual helping hands before and after.  Thanks to Modesty Forbids, Alice Hunt, Andrew Honeyman, Chao Gibbs, Debra Bourne, Eleanor Hunt, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Fiona Hunt, Jane Sparks, Jennifer Booth, Lynn Seymour, Michael Procter, Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Pauline James, Simon Powell, Stephen Tyler (the Ref), Tony Hunt, Vivienne Little and Wendy Spear.  You too can be numbered amongst this band of brothers and sisters: sign up online, ask the bod in the blue bib, or just scribble your name on next week's roster on the clipboard at the table.

We had four first time runners today and five visitors.  Welcome all to Lloyd parkrun: we hope you enjoyed it, and for the first timers, we hope to see you again next week.

First home was Ben Howe (London City Athletics Club) in 18:22, followed by Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) in 19:19, then visitor Mike Lane in 20:10.  For the ladies, it was Abigail Robertshaw leading them in at 22:59, with Jodie Gray next at 24:23 and Gulcin Erten (Croydon Harriers) third in 24:40.

High age-graded runs were a little lighter on the ground today, perhaps due to the worsening footing, but Andy Evans (70.98%), Ben Howe (70.42%) and Geoffrey Pennells (70.37%) all cleared 70%.  Richard Corby, Mike Lane, Tim Rowe, Pauline James, Jonathan Pontin, Paul Cripps, Abigail Robertshaw and Martin Drake just missed that magic 70%, but all topped 65%.

Milestones?  We had a few.  Junior George Heath joins the 10-club, while Matt Miller and Simon Ricca reached 150 and 200 parkruns, respectively.

Despite the onset of the mud, nine PBs were run today, by Jamie Taylor, Sandra Mensah, Isabelle Solley, Daniel Lee, Emma Moir, Libby Lawrey, Lynnette Francis, Matt Forman and Lucy Garton.  Well done all.


View from the Ref – by Stephen Tyler

[Three posts for the anniversary - so keep reading - Debra. :-)]

The dearth of fixtures due to the FA Vase (which won’t mean a lot to most of you) ergo more games than referees, led to an unexpected active appearance for me at Lloyd on its eighth birthday. Even arriving a few minutes later than normal meant that parking was impossible and like many, restricted street parking was the only option.

And this was the day that the course was run in reverse, hence moving back to opposite Melville Avenue to reduce the inevitable bottleneck by the bowling green. Despite the route being marked out with cones and a stake, a number of runners insisted on cutting the corner, saving themselves a few yards and seconds. It’s not cricket.

Those who run at Worcester are used to changing direction on a fortnightly basis, our is an annual rarity and the first occasion that I have done it, so it was like a new event. Having done the length of Lloyd Park Avenue, the long ascent through the copse and along the northern tree line began. Up the slightly rutted hill hill as it steepened to the furthest point and the sharp right which took us back down into the valley.

A sharp left to the hedge separating my old school playing fields and up to the back of the cottages hidden behind the dense vegetation and then a gradual downward slope – hopefully avoiding tree roots and the little hillock as we emerged into the open to do it once again.

Condition underfoot were a lot firmer all over than I had anticipated and I could easily have got away with road shoes and the queue to get the time recorded was the longest I have seen for some time. And as the day was closest to Halloween, Debra dressed up (at least I think she did) and there was a fair quantity of grub provided.

With football hopefully back to normal next weekend, I will have to brush up on some historical dates as you complete the first lap - and bear in mind that poetic licence means that 11 mins and 6 secs equals 1066 hence the Battle of Stamford Bridge. If you don’t believe me, look it up.


Now we are eight! – Lloyd parkrun Report #431 by Debra Bourne

[Headphones found - please ask us for them]

It’s hard to believe, but Lloyd parkrun has now been up and running (pun intended!) for eight years – amazing! I first ran here early in 2011 –in a field of 24 runners – and was hooked immediately. I started volunteering shortly afterwards when injured (it was a LOT more fun than sitting at home feeling fed up that I couldn’t run) and I’ve been running and volunteering here ever since. Looking back, it’s interesting to see what has changed and what hasn’t. The most obvious difference of course is the number of people taking part each week: we first passed 50 runners in May 2011, 100 in June 2011 and 200 in June 2014, but since early 2017 having 200+ runners has been more the norm than the exception. Sponsors have come and gone; parkrun club T-shirts have changed brand and now are posted direct to runners (for the cost of postage only) rather than being sent out in a big parcel to be distributed at the event – I have to say I rather miss handing out the T-shirts! Core volunteers have changed, new people have stepped into various roles, while other regular runners and volunteers have left the area (for anyone who remembers them, Richard and Rachel Tanner are very happy down Eastbourne way – I saw them while running Beachy Head trail marathon last Saturday).

I’m pleased to say that through all the changes, the friendly atmosphere that I noticed on my first run has remained – and grown stronger as our community has grown.

This morning saw 276 humans and a variety of dogs crossing the finish line, with 22 people volunteering before or during the event – plus various people helping pack everything away again. Without volunteers no parkrun could happen, so thank you for today’s Lloyd parkrun heroes: Jenny Booth, Aidan Dixon, Pauline James, Nadine Pryce, Eric Schrijnemaekers, Andrew Smith, Louise Lauder, Ashleigh Stevens, Eleanor Hunt, Alice Hunt, Ruby Little, Bobby Hunt, Tony Hunt, Paul Baille, Alex Lourke, Chris Smith, Stephen Rhys-Davies and visiting tail walker Paul Cook. Paul comes from Richmond parkrun – which was one of the first 10 to be set up – but is unable to run at the moment due to convalescing from an injury, so is visiting other parkruns and tail walking each of them – thank you Paul!

Besides Paul, today we had a further eight parkrunners visiting us for their first run at Lloyd parkrun (welcome!) and six first-time parkrunners (also welcome!).

The first runner to return to the finish chute this morning was Craig Purle in 18:38, followed by Jake Moir (university of Surrey AC) in 19:00 and William Cole (Runhead AC) in19:09. The first woman was Kyra Sethna-McIntosh (Croydon Harriers) in 22:32, with Abigail Robertshaw second in 23:08 and Jodie Gray third in a PB of 23:39.

The highest age-graded runs today came from Steve Corfield (76.86%), Robert Lines (71.96%), Craig Purle (71.20%), George Ogden (70.94%) and Simon Ambrosi (70.91%). Pauline James, Kyra Sethna-McIntosh and Wendy Spear were all just under the70% mark.

While we had fewer fancy costumes than for some of our anniversary runs, I was impressed with the two people in face masks – very well done running in those!

A few people reached parkrun milestones today: junior Callum Paterson reached the 10-club, Andrew Smith the 50-club, while Chris Taylor ran his 150th parkrun and Joy Harris her 200th!

PBs were run by Molly Paterson, Sandra Mensah, Rebecca Brown, Tanya Grant, Azra Mathias, Kirean Paterson, Angeli Petrides, Nicola Kidd, Adrian Rhodes, Taruna Iyer, Tim Stephens, Robert Dugdale, Wendy Field, Debbie Clarke-Irons, Mark Johnson, Sophie Dixon, Steven Laing, Amali Lokuge, Sean Hayes, Andrew Burrell, Terence Ng, Ashley Wilton, Jodie Gray, James Stremes, Patrick Eastabrook and Jake Moir.

Today was the first time I’d consciously seen someone wearing kit from the new Contra range. For those who haven’t heard of this, it’s been developed by Paul Sinton-Hewitt (who founded parkrun) with the aim of making sure people of all shapes and sizes have decent running kit they can buy – and profits go to parkrun. Joanna Scanlan was wearing some of the new kit today, and in case anyone has been wondering whether to buy this, I asked her how she was finding it, and below is her review.

Happy parkrunning, everyone!


Winter is coming – Lloyd parkrun Report 430 by Andrew Smith

The upcoming winter gave us a potential glimpse of what was to come on a chilly morning at Lloyd parkrun. Temperatures were around 3°C during the course set up, however the rain that fell on Friday did not make conditions too boggy on the wooded sections. Next week is Lloyd parkrun’s 8th birthday celebration, so make sure you come along to run the course in the reverse direction! Fancy dress is encouraged, as are cakes! (Tea/coffee will be provided)


237 runners, joggers and walkers completed the 5km route at Lloyd parkrun #430. We welcomed visitors from Dublin and Bristol to the event, as well as Wonky Bear, the Junior parkrun mascot as he prepares to celebrate the second anniversary of Lloyd Junior parkrun on 28th October. As well as the eight parkrun regulars who ran at Lloyd Park for the first time today, nine people started their overall parkrun journey here today. We look forward to seeing you again next week.


In the field, Stuart Morrison celebrated his 50th parkrun, Ash Jacobs and Stuart MacDowall their 100th, and Stuart Honeyman his 150th.


Tony MacDowall (Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC) led the field home in 18:50, followed by visitor William Cole (Runheads AC) in 18:54 and Ashley Pate (Chiltern Church Runners) in 19:04. Abigail Robertshaw led the women back in another PB, of 22:24, followed by Jenny Rowe in 22:47and Antara Singh (Croydon Harriers) in a PB of 24:54.


David Ogden ran in an amazing age grading of 83.10%. Runners over 70% included Roger Stevens, Andy Evans, Jacqueline Bradford, Tony MacDowall, Ashley Pate, Ted Bridges, Wendy Spear and George Ogden.


The cooler weather also brought in a bucketful of PB's, with 37 runners recording their fastest ever Lloyd parkrun.


As always, this event is not possible without volunteers, so many thanks to the following for helping to provide this event: Jon Dean, Debra Bourne, Nadine Pryce, Nick Fiander, Azre Mathias, Lame Kendrick, Ben Kendrick, Andrew Smith, Paul Elliot, Ian Butler, Jennifer Little, Michael Proctor, Sharon Rhys-Davies, Yvonne Harrison, Lesley Bassett, Trevor Stotten, Ruby Little, Madeleine Little, Emily Dean And Claire Mitchell.


See you all next week for the birthday celebrations!



Cake in the Sunshine – Lloyd parkrun Report #429 by Jenny Little

Fabulous morning for a run in the park! Dazzling sunshine as we queued for barcode scanning (at first mistaken as pure brilliance of the volunteers behind the desk), while dewy grass reminding us of harsher times to come, but most of us still in T-shirts, of which the best colour is purple – more on that later...

There were 29 first timers, including 7 first-time parkrunners – how great is it that parkrun spreads almost entirely by word of mouth – and 22 visitors from other parkruns, including visitors from South Africa – and how great is it that people can parkrun in other countries, simply needing the same parkrun ID barcode that they use at home.

Out of 225 runners we had 40 PBs today including 4 people who have racked up over 100 parkruns each – PBs are easier at the beginning...

Milestones: we had junior Abigail Robertshaw joining the 10-parkruns club (juniors only!), Ashleigh Stevens and Jim Meadows both at 50 parkruns and Vivienne Little running her 100th today – thanks for the cakes!

Onto the first finishers and for the ladies we had Abigail Robertshaw coming in at 22.26 with a PB, Gulcin Erten (Croydon Harriers) 2nd at 23.38 with a PB also and 3rd was Amy-Rose Poole crossing the line at 24.04 – which is exactly her PB – so close!

Leading the men was Simon Ambrosi (Striders of Croydon) at 18.49, Isaac Flanagan (Croydon Harriers) at 18.51 and Ashley Pate (Chiltern Church Runners) at 19.22 – but no PBs for these lads.

Well done to the runners who scored high in the age grades. I count a good week when I achieve over 50% (which I haven't for a long time!) so achieving over 70% is fantastic; well done Graham Hansen, Isaac Flanagan, Pauline James, Simon Ambrosi, Geoff Pennells, Daniel Finch & Wendy Spear.

Congrats also to everyone who ran a PB today: Richard Francis, Irene Francis, Yetunde Oshati, Simon Gicquel, Amy Moir, Vilma Boyles, Azra Mathias, Adrian Rhodes, Carmel Spanswick, Louise Rockall, Steve Dixon, Raj Kumar, Surabhi Singh, Lissa Cardel, Tim Stephens, Fay Farstad, Felicia Flinders, Michael George, Sarah Bruce, Zeljko Popov, Ankit Rai, Martin Donnelly, Adam Lucas, Wendy Spear, Harishwar Rajkumar, Joshua Edwards, Sean Bradnam, Edmund Fallon, Sonja Shakespeare, Soheil Khalili, Bruce Maguire, Gulcin Erten, Michael Stanley, Lucien Gillion, Abigail Robertshaw, Daniel Finch, James Gooding, Jonathan Falshaw, Luke White and Phil Docherty.

It's the Croydon 10k tomorrow [was today when this is going online – apologies: Debra] and if you've never run much more than a parkrun the friendly, well run Croydon 10k is a great place to start. See you on the start line. Maybe next year!

And to finish, a mention to our lovely volunteers! Without whom none of this would be possible: Debra Bourne, Anna Corby, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Chao Gibbs, David Graves, Gemma Halliday, Jenny Hansen, Joy Harris, Yvonne Harrison, Pauline James, Zsofia Jones, Jennifer Little, Joe Lyne, Vincent Milne, James Porter, Nadine Pryce, Jane Sparks, Trevor Stotten, Ian Taylor and Stephen Tyler

All things being equal, if everyone volunteered two or three times a year we'd always be covered – but aim for the magic 25 times and you can acquire the coveted purple T-shirt! So, to paraphrase a famous ad line:

The future's bright; the future's purple.


400 parkruns for Alan! – Lloyd parkrun Report #428 by Debra Bourne

This Saturday was unseasonably warm as well as sunny (unlike Sunday!) and the ground at Lloyd Park was still quite dry and firm. The slight breeze was enough to provide a bit of welcome cooling while running, and to encourage donning of extra clothing after finishing. Note we’re now entering the months when we gain the most clothing in the lost property bag – please try to remember to take your sweatshirts and jackets home with you.

We had 24 people running at Lloyd parkrun for the first time, including 11 people running their first ever parkrun and visitors from local runs such as Bromley, Dulwich, Tooting Common, Riddlesdown and Nonsuch as well as a bit further away – Ellenbrook Fields.

Alan Dolton, who started at Roundshaw parkrun and ran there 47 times, has run a further 343 parkruns at Lloyd, to reach 400 parkruns – and he brought some goodies for everyone to share to celebrate this feat, which were much enjoyed. Meanwhile Reynold Floode reached the 50 parkruns club. Do follow the link and claim your free parkrun technical T-shirt once you reach one of the milestones (50, 100, 250 and 500 runs; 25 volunteering days – you only pay for postage).

Ben Howe (London City Athletics Club) led the field, finishing in 17:45, followed by Jake Moir (University of Surrey AC) in a PB of 19:05 and Leo Lawless in 19:41. For the women, Abigail Robertshaw led the way in 22:56, with Sophia Sachedina (Striders of Croydon) next in 25:33 and Zsofia Jones third in 26:17.

Steve Corfield was clear leader in age graded percentages, at 78.02%, with Graham Hansen 74.14%, Ben Howe 72.86%, and Gareth Ambler, Daniel Jewell and Andrew Laidlaw also over 70%. Pauline James once again headed the age grades for the women, with 71.74%, while Wendy Spear ran 67.16% and junior Abigail Robertshaw 65.92%.

Congratulations also to everyone who ran a PB: Jake Moir, Michael Davis, Eugene Bevilacqua, Ryan Moore, Luke White, Edward Hall, Patrick Eastabrook, David Peach, James Gooding, Kamran Abbasi, Kerim Suruliz, Stuart Nunn, Oli Lewis-Jones, Christian Xavier, Joe Hague, Martin Donnelly, Wendy Field, Eliette Daly-Gourdialsing, Cheryl Campion, Steve Dixon, Robin Faulkner, Rosemarie Stevens, Victoria Campion, Inez Lane, Ruth Rickards, Emma Moir and Louise Lauder.

Last but definitely not least, many thanks to all the volunteers: Robert Corby as Run Director and Number Checker, Robert McCann who helped as Volunteer Coordinator while I was away in Prague; Nadine Pryce, Pauline James, Erik Schrinjemaekers and Chao Gibbs for setup (and picking up litter!), Stephen Tyler and Paul Elliot for timekeeping; Erik, Zsofia Jones, Peter Whitely and Tony Hunt for barcode scanning; Dave Linkson who took the photos; your marshals Linda Daniel, Simon Ricca and Lez Gonsalves; Aidan Dixon who processed the results; and finally, of course, Lesley Bassett and Louise Lauder as this week’s Tail Walkers..

See you Saturday!

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