some minor problems with results today……

There seems to have been a gliche on one of the scanners today with a few results missing between 40th in and about position 56? If it's you, drop us an e-mail and we'll try to fix it!


Christmas Day parkrun #no201


Thanks to everyone for today and our 200th parkrun at Llyn Llech Owain and a fantastic turnout with 118 runners!

So, now onto to tomorrow, which could also be a big turn out as well as we seem to be the only one running in West Wales (and bit further East than that!)

We are trying out something new as we have a new course just for Christmas! We'll be starting from near the car park and running the first lap backwards (just the course, you don't have to run facing backwards looking over your shoulder). You'll all then turn around a cone and run what is the normal second lap the right way round and finish as you have done 200 times previously! Sounds simple doesn't it? So we have the normal marshalling points and the same finish. The only difference is you have to keep LEFT especially on the narrow parts of the course. Full instructions (again) tomorrow.

The cafe is closed as the park itself is officially closed but the Council have kindly allowed us to use the park. This means no teas and coffees, sorry. (On a plus point the car park may be free!)

See you in the morning dress code is Christmas hats or similar silly hats!


Christmas ‘News’

Don't forget that Christmas Eve is our 200th parkrun at Llyn Llech Owain! this could be a busy one so please lift share where possible to avoid parking problems in the car park ......and......

our 201st parkrun will be on Christmas day ay 9:00am! (café not open so this will short and sharp so you can get back to check on the Turkey!)


Christmas Day

Our plan is to hold a parkrun on Christmas Day, we are just waiting for permissions to be granted by the Council. Please watch this space for confirmation!


Defib Update

Thanks to Cathie, Gwyneth and Naomi for all the fundraising they have done so far through Just Giving and also to Caffi Ar Y Llyn and the Volunteers at Llyn Llech Owain who have pulled all this together to look to get such a good piece of equipment for all the users of the park!

Rob has arranged for Cariad Defibrillators to be at the park on the parkrunday (i.e tomorrow!) to give a demonstration or two. So pop along and see what we have been raising the money for and watch this space when we know we'll have one installed.

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