Event #177 – The quiet one

After the startlingly high turnouts of the last few weeks, it felt positively quiet at parkrun this week; with 373 runners taking to the hallowed paths of West Park. I’m sure quite a few of you enjoyed the space, especially on the first few corners.

I first came to Long Eaton parkrun as a volunteer in September of 2015, when we averaged 220 runners. It’s testament to the parkrun ethos and the lovely people of Long Eaton that we are now averaging a whopping 405 runners! We do of course get quite a few parkrun tourists; all of whom, I am sure, are here to see the fantastic sights of our lovely town. There are those that also seek us out due to our (almost) ruler flat course, though. At the first timers’ briefing it usually raises a small titter when we mention our version of “cardiac hill”; the shallow rise just past the first bend. Perhaps it’s the very long downward slope from its lofty crest that means ours is the only UK parkrun to record sub-17 minute finish times at all of the events this year. I’d love to get the stats on the number of PBs achieved at Long Eaton and whether we get proportionally more than other, less-flat, parkruns but, alas, that data escapes me for the present.  Fear not, though; I may get to bore you with that another week.

This week we welcomed couch to 5k graduates from the University of Nottingham, who had all gone through the eight-week programme and chose to follow in their athletics club’s footsteps by taking to West Park. Well done to you; we hope to see you on a regular basis.

This week we even hosted regular volunteer Steph on her third parkrun.  Steph has volunteered 63 times here at Long Eaton, so it was extra special to see her stretching those legs with us!

First finishers this week were Aston Perrin in 16:26 and Tam Calder in 20:23; and there were 41 new personal bests set. Well done to you all!

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers this week; they do a great job in giving the runners the opportunity to improve themselves. If you would like to join the merry band, just drop us an email at longeatonhelpers@parkrun.com. All the roles can be completed by a novice and it's a highly rewarding activity.

This coming Saturday is Christmas jumper day, so dig out those lurid sweaters and bring them for a spin!

See you Saturday!



Event number 176- 1st December 2018- the one with the fallen tree

We started December off with another great parkrun day, with 386 runners completing the course. The weather left a bit to be desired with a permanent drizzle all morning, but it didn't dampen our spirits.


We were joined by tourists from Newcastle and Helsinki this week. I'm afraid you didn't see our park at it's finest- come back again in the summer!



We also had several first timers who we hope felt very welcome. Here is a picture of brand new parkrunners Sarah and Hannah celebrating making it around the course.


Another celebration came in the form of Amanda Larkin's 100th run AND her birthday! She kindly brought cake for us all which was very much appreciated. Gary Nassau and Susan Allan both ran their 50th runs this week and Alistair Harris completed his 100th run too. Congratulations to you all.


Our first finisher this week was Frank Baddick in a time of 15 mins 48 secs and our first female finisher was Hannah Knights in a time of 20 mins 11secs.

There was a small diversion to the course today to avoid a fallen tree- hopefully this will be gone by next week and we'll be back to our strictly tarmac course. We're not used to getting our trainers muddy at Long Eaton parkrun!

Thank you to this weeks volunteer team who were fantastic. The role of honour this week is as follows:  Alison HENSHAW  •  Ben STAPLEY  •  Catherine STRAY  •  Charlie PEARCE  •  Chris JEFFERSON  •  Corey ROSE  •  Darren BRADLEY  •  Deborah FAULKNER  •  Denise COX  •  Eamonn HUGHES  •  Emma CLARKE  •  Esther FAULKNER  •  Gavin WILKINSON  •  Isabelle BRIGDEN  •  Ken SMEDLEY  •  Lydia PRICE  •  Michelle SHAW  •  Mike WIDDOWSON  •  Paul DEAN  •  Paul WADE  •  Phil ORMEROD  •  Rob OGELSBY  •  Sacha HAMPSON  •  Shannon ELLIS  •  Sharon STREET  •  Steve STICKLEY  •  Stuart FAULKNER  •  Sue COX  •  Wade FODDEN


We're so grateful for your help, especially on rainy days when running would be much more fun that standing in the wet. Your sacrifices ensure that the parkrun happens and it is such a gift to the local community. The list above includes our fantastic pacers who covered the times of 20,22,25,28,30,32,35,38 and 40 minutes, helping people to achieve those much sought after PBs.


If the number on your finish token was different to the number on the official results, this is due to a small hiccup at the finish line. It was sorted out in the results processing and your time should have remained the same. I wouldn't like to name the volunteer who was responsible for this error, but it goes to show that even the most experienced of volunteers can slip up now and then ;-)

See you again next week- drop us a line if you fancy volunteering especially over the festive period. Resting for another event at the weekend why not come cheer and volunteer! Email us @ longeatonhelpers.parkrun.com

Thanks all.


Event No 175 – Deborah’s Double Celebration

I remember volunteering for the very first Long Eaton parkrun alongside Deborah and now a further 174 events later, consisting of a mix of junior parkrun and Saturday parkruns, I was present to celebrate Deborah's 150th volunteering event and also her 50th running event, as she tailed walked around the course today. That is a very impressive achievement and demonstrates huge commitment not only to the 5k event but our Junior parkrun also. Well done Debs!
We also had further celebrations with Charlie, aged just 12 doing his 100th, the same number as Dave Thomas who has run most of them in Long Eaton and a few in the USA.
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor
We welcomed 439 parkrunners to West Park which included tourists from Tamworth, Cleethorpes, London and a group of fast ladies from Loughborough University.
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We had another brilliant team of volunteers, who once again gave up their spare time to help put the event on. Thank you to this weeks volunteer heroes:
Charlie SARELL  •  Clare WHITMORE  •  Deborah FAULKNER  •  Denise COX  •  Edward STACK  •  Ian CHANT  •  Ian HANDLEY  •  Iona FAULKNER  •  Joanne ISON  •  Louise MCQUADE  •  Michaela HYETT  •  Neil WHITMORE  •  Nicola HOWELL  •  Peter EDMONDS  •  Rob OGELSBY  •  Roland HYETT  •  Sacha HAMPSON  •  Steph HART  •  Sue COX  •  Tim HODGES.
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature
With pretty good running conditions the times were pretty quick with the first male being Adam Alexander Young in 15.37 and first female being Justine Anthony in 17.40.
We hope to see you on Saturday. Next week is pacer week with your chance to chase the pace, where we will put out plenty of pacers for you to aim at.
If you want to join in the volunteering fun, Finding out about Long Eaton parkrun volunteering opportunities couldn't be easier. Simply open a recent parkrun newsletter, results email or volunteer email, click on 'manage my profile', then 'email options', then select the events you'd like to hear from and click 'save opt-in events list'. You will then receive regular emails from those events letting you know all about their volunteering opportunities.
A note that the cyclists lane has swapped over on the park so pedestrians to the left and cyclists to the right! We will continue to remind you at the run briefings!!
See you at 9am on the park.

Events 173 & 174 – Don’t you know you’re a record-breaker?!

Due to the run director's general tardiness, we have a double run report this week.

And what a pair weeks they were!  We welcomed numerous Couch-to-5k programmes, from Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Draycott and Borrowash, for their graduations; tourists from as far afield as Cambridge, Bedworth, Leeds, Oxford, Folkestone, Dewsbury, Lincoln and Peterborough, came to run in our beautiful, flat park; there were lots of milestones; and, not only did we top 500 runner for the first time in run 173, we saw 555 of you taking to the course at run 174!  Quite astounding.

This, of course, leads me on to the absolutely fabulous support our volunteers give the runners and the run director each week.  These last two weeks have really shown just what an asset they are to parkrun, and just goes to display what a sense of achievement volunteering can bring.

So; welcome to the running and parkrun community, C25k graduates!  Many of you will have never run before.  A significant number stood at week one of the programme thinking, "I really can't do this".  When it got to subsequent weeks, and the run time started to build, the same utterances will have been heard; BUT, you have done it!

You may well be thanking the volunteers that helped you to get around each week but the biggest motivation to you completing the programme and going on to graduate with us, is you!  You are the one that made the first step to actually turn up at week one; you have persevered when the weather's not been great; you have made the effort to get out and do your homework; and you are the only one that really knows how it felt to cross the line at your first parkrun.  YOU ARE AWESOME!!

If anymore super couch 2 5k groups are coming to see us for a graduation, we'd love to hear about it in advance so we can give you an extra cheer!

Each and everyone of the parkrunners, and the running community in general, will welcome you.  It doesn't matter whether they run a kilometre in 3 minutes or 10 minutes; they know that you put in exactly the same effort as they do, and for that, you have their utmost respect.  Be very proud of yourselves.

Our milestones over the two events were:

  • 50 parkruns - Paula Reason; Lizzy Arnold; Jason Ward; Nate Lewis
  • 25 volunteering - Helen Newton

First finishers were:

  • Ladies - Lauren McNeil (18:39); Jenny Laing (18:52 pb)
  • Men - Stuart Spencer (15:30); Aston Perrin (15:37 pb)

Cluck, cluck: Week 174 also saw us welcome Sarah Halford and her noisy hen party!  Congratulations to you, Sarah; we hope you have a splendid day!!

Lost property:  We have a large bin full of clothing that has been left behind.  We will be taking this to a charity shop in the new year, so please check out the bin and claim your items before they disappear for good.

Position tokens - Several of these little plastic items are going missing each week.  You might be surprised to find out that they're not a souvenir of your visit to us and they actually cost quite a bit to replace.  So; if you don't intend on registering your time with us, please drop the token in the bucket with the scanners.  And if you have any at home in a frame or hanging with your medals, please return them to us on your next visit.

We'll see you next week for more fun on the park, when Ian and his merry team will be looking after you!

And with that, I am now going for a lie down.





Event number 172 – Spooky Run

Saturday morning saw a whole load of you come along in your fabulous costumes. You looked great! We saw lots of costumes, decorations and sweets. It all makes for a great day.

We had 418 of you run, jog or walk this week, which was great to see. We had 49 first timers at Long Eaton parkrun this week, and 67 personal bests, which is just amazing.

Congratulations to Laura Hatswell who completed her 50th milestone this week. 46 of her parkruns have been at Long Eaton and it was amazing to see that she got a PB, too. Well done, Laura.

It was  a very cold morning on Saturday and the volunteers needed de-icing by the time we finished. So a massive shout out and thank you to the volunteers this week.

Rachel ARGENT • Valerie LINDSEY • Vaughan MORRIS • Andrew ALLEN • Jennifer ALLEN • Mark ISON • Isabelle BRIGDEN • Lisa MACHIN • David LINDSEY • Marcus SMITH • Linda-Claire SMITH • Tim HODGES • Sue COX • Matt PEEL • Lilly DALLARD • Denise COX • Steph HART • Edwina HUBBARD • Nick SANDERSON • Ben STAPLEY • Jill MACHIN • Sacha HAMPSON

One thing to mention. A couple of incidents were reported to the team where it looked as if children were being made to run against their will. We don't know the circumstances behind these incidents, however, just a reminder that if your child really does not want to take part in the event, please do not make them. We'd like them to come to parkrun for a positive experience and take part willingly. 

We are not running next Saturday (3 November), but will be back in full force on 10 November. It is our pacer event, so if you would like to volunteer, please get in touch (longeatonhelpers@parkrun.com). If you want to run, see you just before 9am for the briefing. I'll be handing over to Peter who will be Run Directing the next couple of weeks.

Until then, have a great week!



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