It was good to be back!

The tide finally went out at Woodside and the terrain returned to just mud, with no mini-lakes or puddles. Mud or not, we were glad to be able to stage our first parkrun of 2018. 81 runners and walkers were there to share the experience, though wheezed complaints of “Too many mince pies!” were heard.
It was good to welcome a number of new parkrunners, congratulations to them for keeping to their New Year’s resolution, despite our two cancellations.
Alastair Pickburn made a successful return, crossing the line first for the 11th time, despite having to manage an injury to his Achilles. Our first lady home did not supply a barcode, so Debbie Lister claimed that honour in the official results table. If technical issues or an error by one of our volunteers result in a barcode not being registered, we’ll gladly insert the name of the runner in question, but simply forgetting to bring a barcode does not qualify for that treatment. Sorry, but it’s parkrun policy.
Human errors were not to blame for a few problems experienced by today’s run director when he began processing the results. (Well I would say that wouldn’t I!) Firstly, a Windows update took ages (next time, remember to fire up the laptop BEFORE the run, just in case!), then some anomalies in certain runners’ times appeared which defied all logic. There comes a time when the results just have to be submitted, warts and all, so please get in touch if you feel an injustice has been done and we’ll endeavour to put matters right.
Despite the mud and the minor technical issues, today’s run would have been a great start to 2018 but for the first occurrence at Woodside of what can only be called “run rage”. Sadly, one of our fastest and most experienced runners, maybe striving for a PB, felt compelled to shout at our Tail Walker before barging past her. I’ll leave you to list the reasons why such behaviour is totally unacceptable and goes against everything parkrun stands for.
However, let’s finish on a positive note. If all goes to plan, by next winter we could have a largely mud-free run route, as Lymington Town Council plans to lay a path around the far side of the field. Brilliant news, but in the meantime we may have to keep introducing minor changes to the course in order to avoid excessive wear in certain areas. Where will you be running next week?


Two out of three ain’t bad …

So sang Meat Loaf in a track from his album “Bat Out of Hell”, released before many of our parkrunners were born! Little did he realise that this sentiment would be used, 40 years later, to sum up our festive season parkruns.
Those of you who read these reports – is there anyone? – may recall that the plan was to write a bumper, 3 in 1 edition of our news to cover all our Christmas events.
However, to quote another musical icon, “"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. Substitute “weather” for “life” and you have the whole story.
The celebrations began with a very enjoyable pre-Christmas run on 23rd December, complete with mince pies, stollen, and some amazingly creative fancy dress, including a Christmas tree complete with flashing lights, and many young runners among the 77 finishers. Lots of photos on Facebook.
And so on to Christmas Day. How many runners would turn up? Would any turn up? Over to Steve Hull who, along with Prue Baker and Darren Price, was the driving force behind this new venture for Lymington Woodside. This is his report:
“I close my eyes, pull back the curtains’…. And all I see is drizzle !!
Not the best of starts to the day in preparation for Lymington Woodside parkrun’s first Christmas Day event.
Driving to the park was dark and nothing, just like “In The Mid Bleak Winter”
On arrival the 3 wise men gathered out of the gloom, to set up the course, whilst the Pavilion “Inn” was being arranged for the arrival of the weary travellers from afar, bearing their gifts of Mince pies, Stollen and Good Cheer.
Little did we know how far the message might have travelled for this special event that was happening at 9am. Or how many people might turn up.
Then, as the gloom lifted, people started to appear, “They’re behind you”, first the odd one or two, then groups, dressed in wonderous outfits, some singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to parkrun we go” And give each other the customary greetings of welcome for this time of year.
As 9 o’clock got closer, the atmosphere was electric, so much so that it caused some freak weather conditions and IT ACTUALLY SNOWED !
Darren, the event messenger for the Day, beckoned everyone together for some “Words of Wisdom” before setting everyone off on another circular journey to celebrate our first Christmas Day run.
160 hardy messengers of the faith of parkrun, made their way around, attracting some strange looks from other park users, but everyone was in the festive spirit,
Included within the 160, were 24 followers from New Forest Runners, who were also there to help Caroline Woodford celebrate her Birthday.
Celebrating his 100th parkrun was Phil Rudd. We hope we made it memorable.
As always we had numerous other local club runners from:
Hardley, Christchurch Runners, Lymington Tri, Hamworthy, 17th Port & Maritime, Lordshill, Eastleigh, Littledown, Winchester, Bournemouth & Southampton.
Some of the parkrun travellers, who travelled from afar were from:
Garden City Runners, Epsom Allsorts, Worcester AC, Glossopdale Harriers, Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Glasgow Tri Club, Great Bentley RC, Run Mummy Run, Fairlands Valley Spartans.
But still my favourite is the Curl Curl parkrun, based in New South Wales, Australia.
Like remembering to write Christmas cards, we hope we have remembered everyone!
We say this every week, but another big thank must go to the volunteers, especially Andy James from Bournemouth parkrun, who was going straight onto work once he had finished with us. Without volunteers parkrun would not happen.
Lastly, but not least, A “Big Big Thanks” to the Lymington Sports Association for allowing us to open the Pavilion to provide “Sanctuary” to all.
If you haven’t cottoned on yet, we have tried to Christmas Theme this report !!!!!!
Here’s looking forward to another Christmas Day run next year? And a great 2018.
Thanks Steve, what a triumph. This great success should have been followed by a third run on Saturday 30th, with the possibility of numerous visitors to the area joining our regulars, but the weather intervened. Frequent spells of heavy rain turned Woodside into a quagmire, with mini-lakes appearing in places, so we had no option but to cancel. All we had for consolation was a brilliant report on the Christmas Day run in the Lymington Times.
Not for the first time, things did not turn out as we expected. To mis-quote Harold Wilson (a prime minister, not a pop singer this time), “A week is a long time in parkrun”.
Let’s hope our first run in 2018 is sooner rather than later. A happy, healthy and successful New Year to you all.



With three parkruns in 8 days, we'll be publishing a report next week to cover the whole of the festive period, a bit like the Radio Times (other listings publications are available).
In the meantime, our Facebook page will bring you up to date with what happened/is happening/will be happening at Woodside, no doubt with photos.
So have a wonderful Christmas and see you next Saturday for our last run of 2017.
Tony Miles


Run Report #73 16th December 2017

That was a cold one! Only 1 degree on the car thermometer but still a great turnout of volunteers and 55 hardy runners.

Our furthest tourist today was Finlay McMurtry from Sidney Australia and he was spotted wearing a Walhampton School coat in the presence of another of our regular runners, David Hill, who was a teacher at the same school! Fin then produced a great run of 22:12 and finished in 6th overall running in the Junior 11-14 year old category.

As if that wasn't remarkable, all our juniors ran really well and our first female runner home in 13th place overall was Poppy Wardle in a time of 24:25 - again in the Junior 11-14 year old category.

We also celebrated a couple of birthday's - with 79 years young Mac McEndoo turning in a 32:07 - I hope I can do the same!

Lymington Woodside parkrun
Event number 73
16th December 2017

This week 55 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lymington Woodside parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Phil RADFORD who recorded a time of 16:44 on 23rd July 2016 (event number 3).
The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 18:47 on 19th August 2017 (event number 57).
The Age Grade course record is held by Michael USSHER who recorded 88.32% (17:07) on 8th October 2016 (event number 14).

Lymington Woodside parkrun started on 9th July 2016. Since then 2,316 participants have completed 7,418 parkruns covering a total distance of 37,090 km, including 1,432 new Personal Bests.


Twas the 16th Day before Christmas

In true festive spirit tradition 61 hardy souls were put through further torture with the RD's parkrun version of the 12 days of Christmas. CD's were on sale in the Pavillion, but surprise suprise there were no takers !!

On the 72nd running of our parkrun our true love gave to us.

12 Twisty corners (per lap)

Under 11’s must be accompanied

10 Junior runs for a T shirt

9 o’clock its start time

8 Core team members

7 Days till next parkrun

6 sub minutes per lap for the fastest

5 Kilometres of running

4 Course Marshals

3 Laps of Woodside

2 Timekeepers

1 Tail walker

And a chilly run here at Lymington!!


NOTE : - Up and coming December events at Lymington Woodside:

23rd Fancy Dress run.

25th Christmas Day run, same time 9am – 1st time we are trying it


Back to the results side -

Congratulations to Finn Hollowbread (Junior 11-14) for leading the field in with a time of 2016, just 9 seconds off his PB.

And to Lisa Grasham, 1st lady with 23.22, just pipping Catherine Smith by 5 seconds.

Special mention to Gabriella Wheeler and Cicely Carimbocas.


This week 61 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 11 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 8 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:

Steve HULL • Darren PRICE • Kay MITCHELL • Paul RUSSHARD • Tony MILES • Clive GREWCOCK • Delfina Maria SESTO COSBY • Nigel SMITH • Prue BAKER • Nigel MUSSETT • Janet ALLEN • Linda WALKER • Sarah BUNCE • Bette KEEPING • Liz SANDERS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lymington Woodside parkrun Results Page.


Thanks everyone including all the volunteers and Nigel for setting up the course before disappearing to run Brockenhurst/ Wilverley parkrun.

See you all soon

Steve (RD)


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