Event #235 Wet Wet Wet!

When one of our regular parkrunners declares it's the soggiest ever Maldon Prom parkrun (Thanks Kate P) you know it was a wet one. So it's the volunteers who deserve first mention this week, many of whom stood there for close to an hour to ensure that the run was safe and timed. Thank you! And thank you for all the thanks the volunteers get, it really is appreciated.

Our heroes; Thank you:
John BUCHANAN • Alison HUGHES • Michael Richard HAWKINS • Teigue Michael HAWKINS • Emily MACH • Brigid LAGER • Aaron GRAVES • Yvonne MCAULAY • Carol NOBES • Jade HAWES • Michelle LAMARRE • Gabrielle BOLAND • Alan PEAREY • Nicola MARTIN • Olivia WALTERS • Julie FURSE • Elise BECKWITH • Freya COULTON

And next mention must go to the first timers. 21 were first timers to Maldon Prom, and there were 12 amazing people who did their first ever parkrun on Saturday. Well done! Welcome to the parkrun family. We hope to see you again soon.

As well as the first timers we had 39 PBs despite the wet weather-incredible. It was great to see it did not dampen anyone's enthusiasm. 284 finishers on a wet and cold Saturday...it's quite thought provoking.

I am RD this week again, so if you feel you would like a week off running, please join our keen volunteer team! Have a great week and see you Saturday parkrun.

Run Director
Maldon Prom parkrun - Facebook - Twitter

Your Core Team:-
Sue Smith - Bob Gear - Belinda Amner - Elaine Vaughan - Alison Hughes

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New Years Day

This weeks run report comes courtesy of John Buchanan. Many thanks John, if any of you would like to have a go at writing a run report, please let us know.

What a great way to start the year! After all the recent unsettled weather it was a pleasant surprise to find the morning calm, bright and almost warm- a due reward for us dragging ourselves out of bed the morning after the night before! So often parkrun seems to get the best weather of the day and good to see the café's opening for post run coffee. The wooded area was muddy but despite mentioning that wellies may be needed, I don't think anyone changed.

Well done and thanks to all the volunteers who got up extra early to make sure the event could happen. In all 180 runners and assorted buggies and dogs gathered at the start. At the welcome briefing it was nice to see some first timers as well as a few 'tourists' from other parkrun clubs. Visitors were from elsewhere in Essex and also from clubs somewhat further afield including Bromley and Edinburgh. The furthest travelled award this time goes to a tourist from Singapore.

New Year's Day is an optional day in the parkrun calendar and the only day when clubs can adjust their start times. With Chelmsford & Colchester both having start times at 10.30 it made it possible to 'do the double' in one day by running at Maldon first- some of our visitors (and some Maldon regulars) were planning to do this. If this was you I hoped it worked out!

Despite the impact of New Year festivities, twenty runners achieved a PB. Congratulations also to Paola Peroni who ran her 50th parkrun today. Sadly 13 runners weren't able to be recorded as they hadn't registered or had forgotten their bar code. If you are encouraging friends to join in please remind them- No Bar Code No Result...

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how many run on Saturday- there has traditionally always been a jump in numbers once people after the post-Christmas/ New Year weigh-in 

Happy New Year everyone!



Christmas Day Event 230

This weeks run report is brought to us by Michelle Lamarre

A few years ago, had anyone tried to tell me that I would be looking forward to starting my Christmas day on a run at the local park wearing a Christmas themed outfit my reply, at best, would likely have been to laugh.

But that was then and this is now. Apologies if you like a short report. My dinner is now in the oven, my partner is watching some non festive tv, I have a bucks fizz in hand and a few minutes to spare to waffle on and I probably shall. I am not a runner. If you are hoping for a 'proper, grown up runner report' I'd recommend that you stop reading now before you are too disappointed. I am a parkrunner. My first parkrun was on 25 December 2016 and to my surprise it was OK. I am goal orientated and before the year was out and as it was OK I decided that my 2017 goal would be 3 runs a week and at least 1 parkrun each month. Soon afterwards I read the book that describes how parkrun begun and I learned that the event is entirely reliant on volunteers and that us parkrunners are encouraged to volunteer at least once for every 10 runs we complete. Learning that I could volunteer in some roles and still take part made me quickly add a volunteer goal to my initial 2017 list and I decided to volunteer once a month too.

Having already said that I am not a runner it might not surprise you to learn that I soon discovered that I enjoyed volunteering as much as I did 'running'.

I wrote a race report back in September. I already knew that I was ahead of my target for the year so I upped it. Could I try out all the rostered roles before the end of the year and could I aim to do 25 runs and 25 volunteer stints on the 25th. So here we are. A year of parkrunning.

My favourite volunteer jobs are, today at least, tailwalker, timekeeper and photographer.

Tail walking means that I don't have to run so that's a 'no-brainer' really.

Timekeeping means I get to see the front of people, especially the faster finishers.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I enjoy capturing pictures of the parkrun dogs.

I might enjoy some of the more fiddly jobs more I tried them in the warmer months. I suffer from Raynaud's syndrome and my fingers really suffered with the tokens and scanning support during November. Scanning is relatively painless when the equipment is working. I'm always impressed when one of the faster finishers does scanning after their run too. That goes back to me not being a runner; a sub 30 time for me is unlikely (never say never on that one) but a sub 20, hell no.

Set up is no problem for me. It means that I can take part and help out. I'm an early riser anyway and like being in the park before there are too many people about. It's a bonus when the tide is coming in or the sun is coming up.

Helping to pack up isn't really a problem either. I know how useful it is during set up to make sure all the signs up put away in order and I've mastered how to get the pesky banner back in its bag.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you haven't had a go at volunteering try and make it your resolution for 2018. There is really something to suit everyone, the events can't happen without us volunteers and it is, above all, very rewarding.

So. Here we are. The Christmas day event is managed on a volunteer 'shoestring'. There are a couple of mandatory roles, including the event director and tailwalker. Without these there is no event. High fives to the core team.

I was down for tail walking and arrived at the park at around 8:40. Our run director Sue and a few other people were already busy setting up our finish funnel. The weather was unusually mild but there was a bit of drizzle around. As the minutes ticked over more and more people began to arrive. There were lots of festive outfits on show; santa's and elves as well as people with hats, antlers, Christmas puddings and even a turkey or two on their heads. Plenty of Christmas t's and jumpers as well as more conventional running attire, including some apricot and milestone shirts.

I chatted to some of the people I have met at previous events and to a first timer and his dog then grabbed a few photos ahead of the start. A special mention to my 'dog of the day', the french bulldog (sorry I forgot your name) with his santa jockey.

The briefing was well spirited. I was sharing my volunteer milestone with a few other running milestones and us and some tourists from further afield than normal were applauded before we set off.

I walked the first part of the course with Nell (and her human, Barbara) who has become one of my favourite four legged parkrunners over the year. They were going a bit slower than usual so it was great to have a chance to chat. We were passed by the faster runners in the woodland area and many of them shouted hello, merry Christmas or thankyou tailwalker/volunteer as they passed. I saw the first time runner I'd spoken to around here and both looked like they were enjoying it (hurrah for another convert)

I lost Nell and Barbara/Nell at around the amphitheatre as they picked up the pace and went off ahead. It was around about here that I was passed by one of the smartest dressed parkrunners of the day in his holly covered suit. He was going at a pretty good pace too considering that he was in a suit and pushing a buggy (blasting Christmas music) Love it!

I paused and took a few more pictures, taking care to not lose sight of the two ladies (Julie and Jenny) that were now at the back of the field. Setting off again, I caught up with them at our little 'hill' by the kiosks and 'paper clip' (it's not) sculpture. One lap to go.

We headed through the wooded area chatting about a whole variety of thing from apps, best ways to cook red cabbage and Star Wars. How else would you want to spend the day?

A couple more people stopped to chat with me on route including Simon Baker who told me that his wife was working today, reminding me to spare and a thought for all those people that are.

I saw lots of other people who I have come to know or at least recognise through my regular parkrun visits including Bob Gear in his own blue and white take on father Christmas AND the other 'blue and white' man whose name I don't know but I'm sure I will one day.

I even managed to pause and greet/ kiss/hug some non parkrunning dog walkers I see each week.

There wasn't the usual number of people cheering us on as we finished but that wasn't surprising as Christmas is a time to be with friends and family but as we crossed the finish line (54.24) to a santa high five I was happy to have spent the last hour and a half with my parkrun family.

I hope that I've given you a feeling of what parkrun feels like for me (the non runner) and I hope to see you all again very soon. For now Seasons greetings to you all and pass me another glass of fizz.


Event #228 – Saturday 16th December 2017

Well that was chilly! As far as I know, we have only cancelled the event twice before because of the weather, once because of high winds and the other because of ice so when I arrived on the prom to set up, I was surprised just how cold it had been the previous night and just a little concerned about the ice. Fortunately the forecast was for a sunny start to the day and right on cue, the sun appeared over the horizon and started sorting things out. So thank you for turning up on such a cold morning and hopefully the icy patches that remained were not too much of a problem.

This was my last time as Run Director. I was almost a complete novice runner when I started running about four years ago at parkrun. I ran and walked it for the first few weeks and was struggling to understand how I would ever run it all the way round. On one of these occasions I overheard someone say to another fellow struggler that they should run to their breathing and as soon as I heard that it all made sense. My first complete run was slower that when I ran and walked it but it felt good and my times soon improved. Sue was looking for volunteers and I said I would volunteer when I clocked under 30 minutes. This happened sooner than I thought as I had a few weeks where I knocked off more than a minute per run (if only that had lasted!). I found parkrun to be such a positive experience that when Sue was looking for an additional Run Director, I had to say yes. Three years on and I have made many new friends and acquaintances through parkrun, joined a running club and taken part in many competitive races as well as other parkruns around the country but now the right time for me to step down and concentrate more on my running and my other hobby brewing beer. Being a Run Director is not difficult and only takes up a few Saturday mornings per year. My greatest fear was being the first Maldon RD not to publish any times but now that milestone has been passed what is there to worry about. My favourite bit is talking to the first timers and you lot before the start - five minutes of power! So why not follow me and give it a go, and if you do, I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

Thank you to all those that brought along food for the Christmas collection. I am sure the recipients of this will be very grateful.

And now to the results......

Well done to all those who took part or who volunteered. This week 206 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 11 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Elaine VAUGHAN • Simon BAKER • Lorraine BAKER • Kevin BUNTON • Michael Richard HAWKINS • Teigue Michael HAWKINS • Diane WHITE • Gordon MCAULAY • Yvonne MCAULAY • Jill MCKINNELL • Jade HAWES • Mark MCKINNELL • Jenny SHAW • Gabrielle BOLAND • Julie BENNETT • Elise BECKWITH

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Maldon Prom parkrun Results Page.

See you on the run!

Simon Baker
Run Director
Maldon Prom parkrun - Facebook - Twitter

Your Core Team:-
Sue Smith - Bob Gear - Belinda Amner - Elaine Vaughan - Simon Baker - Alison Hughes

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Festive food collection – Sat 16th Dec 2017

You may remember, back in October, to celebrate parkrun's 13th anniversary back in October, we organised a collection of food for our local food pantry, co-ordinated by the Elim Church in Maldon. Those of you who braved yesterday's frosty run will know that we're going to do it again for the festive season.

So next Saturday, 16th December, we'd really like lots of you to bring in something from the list below to go towards some special festive hampers for our local community. The items are:-

Instant puddings
Ready made custard
Tinned hams
Tins/boxes sweets/chocolates

...or see their official webpage.

Please bring along your items at the start of the event and we'll fill our kit trolley for a photo opportunity before delivering to the food pantry.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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