March parkrun #103 – Emma’s Story

This week's Run Report is from regular parkrunner Emma, often to be found running with husband Phil.....

Hello everyone & welcome to the Run Report from March's 103rd parkrun.

Yesterday morning at 8.40am, when I left my home bound for West End park, the weather was grotty & raining, certainly not what "Alexa" had told me to expect 20 minutes earlier. I started to run a little (really was a little) & every ounce of mojo emptied from my body, so I decided to walk up there & secretly hoped I would miss the start ! Somehow I managed to get there on time & as I turned the corner into the park, I could already see a marvellous gathering of bright coloured tops & heads bobbing around trying to keep warm. Instantly my mood started to change, smiling at how mad we all was to be there in that weather on a Saturday morning. That's what parkrun does to you, it lures you in with its feel good factor, team spirit & gives you the passion to scream encouragement to complete strangers! parkrun had instantly turned me from a sloped shouldered middle aged woman, walking fairy steps down the road to miss the start into Mo Farrah, an athlete & ready to compete with the parkrun team.

And at the start "as if by magic" an angel appeared on my shoulder, the lovely Faye - we ran together, talked, giggled & she hauled me around the park steadily. Faye got me round. That's what happens at the parkrun, you all help each other - it doesn't matter if you walk, sprint or a little like Faye & I yesterday skidded a lot !!

12 months ago, I couldn't run to my corner shop - 200metres away. My husband introduced me to the fabulous sport of running, its addictive & people actually WANT to see you do well - they encourage, give up hours helping you & they all happily share their knowledge. Now I am still slow, but last week I ran 9.1 miles - I wont be competing in the Olympics, but as you all say "I am going faster than someone sitting on the sofa".

This week we had an amazing 138 competitors, 16 new PB's which is just amazing in the conditions yesterday, a magnificent 14 first timers. First person home was Richard Pavey from Higham Harriers in a time of 19.31, followed by Peter Ward of Thorney in a time of 20.00, Andy Cole of March coming in 3rd place with a time of 20.38. First lady home was Ceri Ellingham in a time of 22.34, Melissa Haylock in 2nd with 26.24 & Abigail Jeeves was 3rd lady home in 26.28. First junior home was Lily in a time of 26.00 followed by Hannah in 27.37. You guys are all amazing. Me, I was happy with my place of 106 time wasn't important today, its was just about getting around.

The biggest mention from me has to be for the volunteers - you may be a "shouter", "a clapper", "a jumper holder" , but you are all amazing, particularly yesterday giving up your Saturday morning, standing in the rain & mud to help other people. A big big thank you, you are all magnificent & March truly has the best supporters & marshalls. Boy can we put on a parkrun !!!

My summary of the race today might only be understood by people of a certain age - if you are old enough to remember running "The Rangles" at Hereward school, then this was just that. Cold, wet, hard work, made you swear a lot & gave you purple thighs - but somehow satisfying !!

For people who want to better themselves, lose weight or in my case want to extend their life I say "Come down to the parkun family, you will receive a warm welcome, people will help you. Stick with it & you will see the results"

We are always looking for people to write the Run Report,  if you'd like to have a go, please get in touch!!!

Emma has now signed up to write once a month!!!



March parkrun Run Report – 13th Jan 2018. 102. Going good to soft.


This week's Run Report is form parkrun regular - Andy Fovargue.....

An incredible 177 runners braved the dreary January weather to take part in March's parkrun this morning. This included 20 first timers, and tourists from Peterborough, Milton, Huntingdon, and Porthcawl. It's great to see the popularity of this friendly and inclusive event build ahead of its second anniversary, and it's clearly a sign that some have caught the running bug, and others are better at keeping their New Year resolutions than me. Long may it continue!

Today's run passed without incident. There are no slips or injuries to report, nor any stray frogs on the course, or errant dogs to hunt for. It's a testament not only to the pre-run preparation carried out by today's RD, David Tuffnail, and his team, but also the considerate way the participants ran their run. Thank you.

Regular runners in March may have missed their high five as they passed the skate park. We're told that Ray 'Tick' Few has successfully undergone his procedure, and is recuperating on ward. We wish him all the best with his recovery, and look forward to his return as soon as he is fit to do so.

The first gent home today was Marco Wasserleben (BRJ Run & Tri), in 20:04. He was followed home by March AC's two Justins, Elvidge and Showell. Sarah Starr (Ely Runners) was the first lady home in 24:36, just ahead of Arabella Gingell (Royston Runners), and Melissa Haylock. 18 runners achieved personal best times this morning, no mean feat given the slippery conditions.

Three runners ran their milestone 50th parkruns today, they were Todd Robertson, Leanne Haynes, and Colin Wright. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing you showing off your hard-earned t-shirts in due course.

As a marshal today, I observed that there's every bit as much grit and determination right through the field as there is at the front. There's more if anything, the natural gazelle types whip round in twenty minutes whereas others sustain their effort for much longer. Ultimately everybody covers 5km and achieves the same thing. Well done to absolutely everybody who took part and notched up another parkrun finish.

I have to pay the obligatory thanks to the volunteers whose efforts made this event possible. The Run Director told me he was out at 7am determining the safest route for the conditions, then put out cones, stakes, and signs accordingly. Today's participants ran over 500 miles between them, and that simply can't happen week-in week-out without a dedicated core team and the support of volunteers. If you'd like to marshal, time-keep, pace, tail walk, or maybe have a stab at writing a better run report than this, please look for the volunteer page on Facebook, or email Please consider it if you've not volunteered before. A variety of roles are available, and any support you can give to March parkrun will be hugely valued by its organisers and your fellow runners.

Finally, a reminder that Saturday 27th January is March parkrun's second birthday. Those wishing to dress up are invited to adopt a pirate theme. It's going to be fun, let your friends know and see if you can persuade them to help us achieve a great turn out. There'll likely be cake!




March parkrun #101- Emily’s view…

This parkrun must surely have been the chilliest of the year! In all, 175 keen and enthusiastic runners made their way around the damp and muddy park today, with a slight diversion of route whereby the weather had made it too unsafe in places. Whether that was sprinting, running, jogging, buggy pushing, pacing or walking), 13 people made their way round for the first time at March parkrun. Hopefully, some great New Year resolutions that will see you gain some great successes, earn New PB's again and again, meet new people and feel part of a great community of people throughout the year.  A total of 15 people achieved a new personal best time, including Richard PAVEY (Higham Harriers AC), who finished in 1st position, Andrew Brett (Ramsey RRC) was 2nd and Carl James (who had already run 7 miles to March) was 3rd. Lisa MARRIOTT (Ramsey RRC) was again the first female finisher  – well done! With Megan Ayling coming in 2nd for the ladies and Melissa Haylock in 3rd.  Core Team member Teilo PEARCE (March AC) volunteered by pacing his 50th parkrun combining a run with his 50th time volunteering! What an incredible way to get your 50 T-shirt. Megan STACEY ran her 25th, young Serge ran his 51st parkrun this week, as did Kay Dedman (husband Graeme is now on 49!)  Congratulations to all of you. What an exciting and eventful way to start the New Year!!

March parkrun would not be able to happen every week for almost 2 years now (it's our 2nd Birthday on 27 Jan 2018 - join us for 'Pirates in the Park') without the wonderful work of all the (24 today) volunteers. Our Run Director this week was Gaelle BRYANT who is so supportive and has so much energy each week it is incredible! Today I completed my 1st volunteer session (although my husband got to see his name in all his glory on the website) writing the run report but there are many more varied volunteering jobs up for grabs each week. Those jobs include scanning barcodes, handing out finish tokens, marshaling and processing results.

When I first started running (thank you Kathryn BRAND for encouraging me) I believed it would be a case of going and getting it over and done with, but as the weeks passed I started to enjoy it more and more and it even became the highlight of my week on some occasions! It may be a bit clichéd but running has genuinely given me the confidence I was lacking, especially to meet new people and to give me a healthy can do attitude and mindset. Having to get up early on a Saturday morning really is no big deal when you can look forward to spending time with your friends (maybe even family - my husband can be found every week pushing the double running buggy with my two children) whilst also helping the community, even if it does mean standing in the freezing cold park at 8:30 on a Saturday morning! If I have learnt anything from this experience it is to be confident and go for it – and that's exactly the advice I would give to anyone thinking of signing up, whether to run or to volunteer! Happy New Year!

Emily PB

March parkrun
Event number 101
6th January 2018

This week 175 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Simon RENDER • Joice BANDOQUILLO SHOWELL • Justin ELVIDGE • Amy ELLIS • Stephen COWELL • Lee CAREY • Dave TUFFNAIL • Mike HOLMES • Maura BROWN • Nicholas OKERIKA • Gaelle BRYANT • Teilo PEARCE • Raymond FEW • Patricia NORRIS • Wendy HART • Anthony WHIBLEY • Tracey DICKERSON • Paul GIBSON • Gemma SOMMERSBY • Carole DAVIS • Sean SEARLE • Victor JEEVES • Diana LETTICE • Lee PATRICK-BROWN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the March parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lisa MARRIOTT who recorded a time of 19:08 on 21st May 2016 (event number 18).
The male record is held by Glen WATTS who recorded a time of 16:12 on 1st October 2016 (event number 36).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine WRIGHT who recorded 87.35% (22:32) on 6th May 2017 (event number 67).

March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016. Since then 2,212 participants have completed 14,607 parkruns covering a total distance of 73,035 km, including 3,478 new Personal Bests.


March parkrun #100 – Happy New Year!!!


After having to take the disappointing decision to cancel the last parkrun of the year on 30th December because of the snow and rain, we were very pleased to be able to announce that today's parkrun would go ahead, albeit with a slightly revised course.  We were delighted to welcome 172 parkrunners to March, with a number of you doing the 'double' Huntingdon/King's Lynn/Peterborough and March today.  We welcomed parkrunners from Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterbrough,King's Lynn, Lowestoft and Ross-On-Wye today, including a host of new parkrunners.  We also welcomed back the parkrun Ambassador for Cambs - Paul Beastall and some of the Core Team from Cambridge and Cambridge Junior parkrun, Stephen Ferguson from St Neots and Suzie Hall (Event Director from Huntingdon parkrun) and March parkrun mentor.

The course change also meant that today's 'Fun Director' - Billy Bremner had to return to his youth and do a bit of tree climbing to trim one or two dangling branches.  We also had to deploy some extra Marshals with Jevan Robertson completing his 25th Volunteering stint today.  Also amongst our Volunteers today, were a number of new Volunteers, who were trying out March parkrun from a volunteering perspective before running.  An excellent idea to see things 'from the other side of the tracks'.

As for the actual running, Dan Watts (Shaftesbury and Barnet Harriers) made his March parkrun debut and followed in his brother Glen's footsteps finishing first in 16.46.  Dan was probably slowed by the course change as there was a bit of a bottleneck after the first 200m or so and it would be a delight to see both Watts twins run together one week (Mum and Dad - Deb and Dave run or volunteer most weeks).  Neil Tween (Cambridge and Coleridge) followed Dan and Marco Wassersleben (BRJ) was 3rd in after running at Huntingdon (in 10th place and a minute slower) at 9am.  Also well done to Darren Moat on doing the double (after a little late start at Huntingdon) and great to see young Louis back and firing on all four!

Fast improving March AC lady - Emma Tuck was first in for the ladies this week with a new PB. Rachel Wheeler came in 2nd with Cecilia Martinez Nunez (Shaftesbury and Barnet Harriers) coming in 3rd place.

Today the field was a typical March one, with many of our regulars running - the Jeeves' (Abbie doing the double after a 10km PB at Ely yesterday), the Brands (Kathryn and two of her 4 girls), Gary and Carole Davis, Teilo Pearce (straight off night shift)  Gaelle Bryant (pacing 30 minutes after running at Huntingdon first), Adele and Peter O'Connor. the Fovargues (doubling up after Peterborough), Petra Otto and Irene Lane, the Starrs, the Boxhalls, the Lamberts and the Wools and Tail Walker - Gillian Holmes and husband Mike.  March parkrun is definitely a family affair!

All that remains is for me to thank you all for your support last year, especially our wonderful volunteers who turn out week in, weekout and make March parkrun possible.  And to wish you all the very best for 2018.



And the stats.....

March parkrun
Event number 100
1st January 2018
This week 172 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Simon RENDER • Gillian HOLMES • Jevan ROBERTSON • Lee CAREY • Billy BREMNER • Nicholas OKERIKA • Gaelle BRYANT • Paul BRYANT • Samantha WOOL • Claire LILLEY • Emma UDEN • Raymond FEW • Karen DANDO • Grace WOOL • Laura WEBB • Patricia NORRIS • Steven SPARROW • James ARRAN • Anthony WHIBLEY • Chris UDEN • Toni ALCARAZ • Jackie NOSWORTHY • Ela LYNES • James CONROY • Leia WATSON • Claire WATSON • Vanessa MURRAY • Laura YARNELL • Jim REEVES • Cameron SPARROW
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the March parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Lisa MARRIOTT who recorded a time of 19:08 on 21st May 2016 (event number 18).
The male record is held by Glen WATTS who recorded a time of 16:12 on 1st October 2016 (event number 36).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine WRIGHT who recorded 87.35% (22:32) on 6th May 2017 (event number 67).
March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016. Since then 2,199 participants have completed 14,432 parkruns covering a total distance of 72,160 km, including 3,463 new Personal Bests.


March parkrun #99 – It’s Christmas!!!!

It was a damp warm,forthe time of year,morning and setting up with Stephen Cowell in the near dark was interesting. We needed to make some adjustments to the course to avoid muddy areas and readjust for the obstructions built by mountain bikers during the week.

A total of 143 parkrunners (and a massive 31 volunteers!) turned out to take part and it was pleasing to see around 90% joined in the festive fancy dress and T shirts and Xmas jumpers it was a great sight.

Glen Watts returned to March parkrun and was first home in 17.26 a bit short of his course record of 16.12. Lisa Marriot from Ramsey was first lady home in 20.12 also a bit short of her PB for the course of 19.08.

Amongst the finishers were 9 first timers and 9 new PB's and sad to say 12 unknown runners with no barcodes. please get registered and bring along your barcode each week for scanning and get a recorded time.

We had visitors this week from Ramsey/Barnet/Solent/Huntingdon/Ealing and Peterborough all of whom were very welcome and made so by our team.

Following the run there was mulled wine served up by Sue Jeeves and many, many, many mince pies provided by many of you.

The parkrun was a good prequel to Christmas.

Future events parkrun normal 30/12/17 9am and New Year's day run at 10.30am` which could be well attended.

Happy New Year

Vic Jeeves RD

and the stats...

March parkrun
Event number 99
23rd December 2017
This week 143 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Simon RENDER • Joice BANDOQUILLO SHOWELL • Mark DARLOW • Justin ELVIDGE • Amy ELLIS • Stephen COWELL • Gaelle BRYANT • Michelle HOSKING • Samantha WOOL • Dawn VEAL • Emma UDEN • Abigail JEEVES • Georgina JACKMAN • Raymond FEW • Karen DANDO • Grace WOOL • Maisie WHITTLESEY • Louise PEARCE • Sally MILLS • Lin SUTTON • Joanne ANDERSON • Andrew BRAND • Sue JEEVES • Lily BRAND • Cerys PEARCE • Carole DAVIS • Willow MILLS • Annabelle BRAND • Victor JEEVES • Kirsty BOND • Rowan WHITTLESEY
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the March parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Lisa MARRIOTT who recorded a time of 19:08 on 21st May 2016 (event number 18).
The male record is held by Glen WATTS who recorded a time of 16:12 on 1st October 2016 (event number 36).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine WRIGHT who recorded 87.35% (22:32) on 6th May 2017 (event number 67).
March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016. Since then 2,150 participants have completed 14,260 parkruns covering a total distance of 71,300 km, including 3,454 new Personal Bests.

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