March parkrun #103 – Emma’s Story

This week's Run Report is from regular parkrunner Emma, often to be found running with husband Phil.....

Hello everyone & welcome to the Run Report from March's 103rd parkrun.

Yesterday morning at 8.40am, when I left my home bound for West End park, the weather was grotty & raining, certainly not what "Alexa" had told me to expect 20 minutes earlier. I started to run a little (really was a little) & every ounce of mojo emptied from my body, so I decided to walk up there & secretly hoped I would miss the start ! Somehow I managed to get there on time & as I turned the corner into the park, I could already see a marvellous gathering of bright coloured tops & heads bobbing around trying to keep warm. Instantly my mood started to change, smiling at how mad we all was to be there in that weather on a Saturday morning. That's what parkrun does to you, it lures you in with its feel good factor, team spirit & gives you the passion to scream encouragement to complete strangers! parkrun had instantly turned me from a sloped shouldered middle aged woman, walking fairy steps down the road to miss the start into Mo Farrah, an athlete & ready to compete with the parkrun team.

And at the start "as if by magic" an angel appeared on my shoulder, the lovely Faye - we ran together, talked, giggled & she hauled me around the park steadily. Faye got me round. That's what happens at the parkrun, you all help each other - it doesn't matter if you walk, sprint or a little like Faye & I yesterday skidded a lot !!

12 months ago, I couldn't run to my corner shop - 200metres away. My husband introduced me to the fabulous sport of running, its addictive & people actually WANT to see you do well - they encourage, give up hours helping you & they all happily share their knowledge. Now I am still slow, but last week I ran 9.1 miles - I wont be competing in the Olympics, but as you all say "I am going faster than someone sitting on the sofa".

This week we had an amazing 138 competitors, 16 new PB's which is just amazing in the conditions yesterday, a magnificent 14 first timers. First person home was Richard Pavey from Higham Harriers in a time of 19.31, followed by Peter Ward of Thorney in a time of 20.00, Andy Cole of March coming in 3rd place with a time of 20.38. First lady home was Ceri Ellingham in a time of 22.34, Melissa Haylock in 2nd with 26.24 & Abigail Jeeves was 3rd lady home in 26.28. First junior home was Lily in a time of 26.00 followed by Hannah in 27.37. You guys are all amazing. Me, I was happy with my place of 106 time wasn't important today, its was just about getting around.

The biggest mention from me has to be for the volunteers - you may be a "shouter", "a clapper", "a jumper holder" , but you are all amazing, particularly yesterday giving up your Saturday morning, standing in the rain & mud to help other people. A big big thank you, you are all magnificent & March truly has the best supporters & marshalls. Boy can we put on a parkrun !!!

My summary of the race today might only be understood by people of a certain age - if you are old enough to remember running "The Rangles" at Hereward school, then this was just that. Cold, wet, hard work, made you swear a lot & gave you purple thighs - but somehow satisfying !!

For people who want to better themselves, lose weight or in my case want to extend their life I say "Come down to the parkun family, you will receive a warm welcome, people will help you. Stick with it & you will see the results"

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