March Parkrun #114 – Spring has finally Arrived!

This week's Run Report is from March parkrun regular - Lisa Forrest.  If you would like to write the Run Report, or perform another volunteer role, then get in touch via or our facebook Group - March parkrun volunteers


What a glorious way to start a Saturday morning - the weather was kind, warming up nicely but a little overcast, the birds were singing and we all seemed to have a little spring in our step at the surprising sight of a golden orb in the sky! The course is still drying out due to the heavy rains over the last week, so a couple of areas of the course were roped off to keep us away from the worst of the mud – I think this adds to the ‘charm’ of March parkrun.

Today we had parkrun tourists from Cambridge and Telford - The Telford team were racking up tourist destinations and March was their twentieth different course. We also saw our numbers swell a little due to the cancellation of Huntingdon parkrun again – welcome all.

Today we had 173 runners, joggers and walkers enjoy the four-lap route of West End Park.

First across the line for the gents was Simon Mead (Ramsey Runners) with a time of 18:11

First across the line for the ladies was Megan Ayling (March AC) with a time of 23:41

We had 9 PBs and 15 First Timers at March of which 7 it was their first ever parkrun.

We had 55 club runners representing 16 clubs. The first 10 runners across the line were all representing a club – well done everyone.

And finally, a round of applause for our awesome band of volunteers who make March parkrun such a friendly, well organised way to spend a Saturday morning. A special mention must go to Sam Wool who was volunteering for the 50th time today – thank you Sam!

Running quote of the week: “Runderful (adjective) – How you feel the minute after you finish your run”.


Lisa Forrest


March parkrun #113 – April in March

On a day when flooding has prevented the weekly parkrun at both Huntingdon and Peterborough a feeling of both excitement and trepidation was felt by volunteers anticipating the effect on today’s run at March. The highest attendance of 242 occurred on Event 1 and only on two other occasions has it been over 200. This year’s best currently stands at 197. Once the parkrun participants had all congregated ready for announcements it became clear that it looked like business as usual rather than a massive increase. It looks like it was Rutland that got the lion’s share of the additional runners as their record attendance jumped from 305 to 364 today. March attendance remained at a ‘normal’ level of 179
A recent initiative on the results page is the publication of those who have received the purple 25 volunteering milestone tee-shirt. It was interesting to see that of the 179 participants’ today 13 have achieved this. A breakdown of this shows 5 also have a 100 vest 3 also have a 50 vest but for 5 this is their first vest. Unfortunately this statistic does not show the full story as we are not aware how many of the volunteers manning tasks that don’t allow a run as well have also achieved this superb level of event support.
On today’s team of volunteer marshals we had two well-known faces with the return of Tick to ‘High Five’ duty after recent illness and Ed Morris on his way back after various setbacks. One of parkruns great principles is inclusion and it was great to see Samantha WOOL on VI duties which she did superbly leading to Nicola Hughes getting a new PB. We also like to celebrate milestones and birthdays and today although we had no new milestones achieved we did have Louise Unwin celebrating her birthday by getting a new PB
Today I was proud of young Dennis Willis who continued on to complete the parkrun despite not feeling 100%. It was also great to have his dad return after his run to help encourage Dennis on the final lap. On lap courses have known people to drop out after two or three laps but Dennis was determined to show true parkrun qualities of grit and determination to complete the course.
There were 16 first timers today at March but only Craig Fear was doing his first ever run. Well done Craig and hope to see you back again soon.
There were quite a few local clubs represented but we also had Tash Scott from UK Mud Queens, Peter Duthie from West Anglia Orienteering Club, Hilary Ranger from Solent Running Sisters and Luke Manning from oneALS.
22 people went home happy with a new PB on the modified course which was measured today using a surveyor’s wheel. I can vouch for the fact it was a very small fraction over 5k so these PBs were superb.
With regard to the run itself we had Andrew Brett from Ramsey Road Runners first over the line for the 4th time in 18.54. He was followed in by James Thew from Ely Runners in 19.26 and Justin Elvidge from March AC in 20.03. The ladies were led in by Rachel Crouch with a new PB of 21.10 in 8th position overall. She was followed home by Michelle Brett from Ramsey Road Runners in 13th position overall with 21.59 and Elaine Smith from Ely Runners in 14th place overall with 22.22 on her first time at March.
With regard to age grading today this was dominated by Ely Runners with the top 3 being Graham John Chapman with 75.98, Janet Smith with 75.67 and Elaine Smith being 74.96%
Unfortunately for whatever reason 7 appear as unknown which mean those who took part and completed the course have no official record. Always remember #DFYB.
If you too would like to help then please email, or check out the “March parkrun volunteers” Facebook page. If you’re not sure what positions are available then you can check the roster on for up to 6 weeks in advance. Let’s see if we can fill up some of those spaces nice and early.
On Event 5 at March I came over to test if I could ever run again and that represented my 125th parkrun and after success on that date have persevered and today marks my 240th and so will always have fond memories of this parkrun for giving back both my enthusiasm and self-belief.


March parkrun #112 – Easter Floods!

The 112th parkrun at March saw a continuation of the cold and wet weather we've been experiencing of late but that didn't deter 144 brave parkrunners and 24 hardy volunteers from turning up at a soggy West End park this morning.

Before the run itself, Run Director Dawn Veal (shadowed by trainee Trevor Wright) set off 3 waves of Egg 'n' Spoon runners aged from 5-60 as a pre-cursor to the main event.  The victors claiming a crème egg each.

Today we had parkrun tourists from as far as Scotland, followed by Surrey, Lincolnshire, Daventry (with Damian doing some voluntouring), Yorkshire and half a dozen or so from Ely Runners this week.

Despite our still newish bark path and safer re-routing, Graeme Dedman took a tumble coming off Harry's Hill but fortunately lived to tell the tale with only minor injuries.  We look forward to seeing you back running next week Graeme.  That's 2 falls - only a submission to go now!

Amongst the volunteers we had Maddie Gibson as backup timer this week, coached by the experienced old hand - Stephen Cowell.  Timekeeping is one of the more responsible roles and requires a cool head and concentration as well as fingerless gloves when the temperatures are low.  Injured Core Team member Andy Wool was handing out tokens this week with the ever present Gena Jackman and Core Team member Teilo Pearce was Marshalling at the 'gap'

There was also a run taking place ...

First home this week for the gents was...

First Time - Shane Sadler in a speedy time of 17.50

2nd and 3rd places went to Ely Runners - James Thew and Robert Pope both coming in under 19:30.

and for the ladies this week...

first in  was Celine Aubry - Ely Runners came in in 24:06
immediately followed by Lucy and Lauren Thomas to make it an Ely 1,2,3 this week

March parkrun Event number 112 31st March 2018

This week 144 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests (including James Thew, Tim Brammer, Lucy, Thomas, Nathan Brennan, Aaron Brewer, Jerry Thew, Sarah-Jane MacDonald, Amy Fox, Suzanne Munford, Steve Clarke, Ian Morton, Jane Barnes, Aisleen Parker, Vanessa Murray,   . Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:
Simon RENDER • Steve STARR • Rachel Suzanne RENDER • Justin ELVIDGE • Amy ELLIS • Damian BAKER • Stephen COWELL • Gaelle BRYANT • Dawn VEAL • Teilo PEARCE • Georgina JACKMAN • Andrew WOOL • Patricia NORRIS • Gary DAVIS • Andrew BRAND • Sue JEEVES • Carole DAVIS • Annabelle BRAND • Victor JEEVES • Mary BETTLES • Roger MONEY • Trevor WRIGHT • William SCOTT • Maddie GIBSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the March parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lisa MARRIOTT who recorded a time of 19:08 on 21st May 2016 (event number 18). The male record is held by Glen WATTS who recorded a time of 16:12 on 1st October 2016 (event number 36). The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine WRIGHT who recorded 87.35% (22:32) on 6th May 2017 (event number 67).

March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016. Since then 2,351 participants have completed 16,319 parkruns covering a total distance of 81,595 km, including 3,705 new Personal Bests.



March parkrun #111 – The return of the Summer

This week's Run Report comes from regular Volunteer and apprentice Core Team member - Justin Elvidge -

At the dawning of the spring equinox, the world emerges from its winter blankets and welcomes spring to the land. The return of daylight and rising temperatures and slightly less wind and snow, drew the valiant 157 to the gladiatorial amphitheatre of Westend park, where grass, bark, rubber and tarmac combine to create the new and improved March parkrun .2 with 50% less grass, but slightly more cones. The day began just as any other with a round of toast and porridge and a sense of anticipation in the air that tasted like candy floss, or was that maybe the fact that the fair was in town? Anyhow, that didn’t deter those that devote their Saturday morning to enjoy their running. Some run for glory, some run for PB’s, some run to give back and help others achieve PB’s and some have never even run a parkrun. Let’s encourage those who haven’t to do at least one parkrun and bring a friend as parkrun would like us too, and on your tenth visit, you get a free barcode scan.

David and I began with some unexpected litter picking duties around the bandstand before our guests arrived. The important and must be listened to parkrun briefing, was given by David with thanks to our sponsors , our pacers introduced and Roger Jones reached his 50th parkrun, congratulations Roger from the March parkrun team, and we also had an 83rd birthday celebration for occasional parkrunner, Darren Moat, only joking Darren, many happy returns and don’t eat too much cake. Today, we ran on an amended course as comments have been made to the length of March parkrun being too long. The new course with only 1 lap around Whibley’s Corner, now measures more inline, so the Core Team have listened and acted upon your concerns as runners. The core team are always open to comments and suggestions, so please don’t be shy and let us know if you have any ideas/concerns/or issues. parkrun would also like to extend its thanks to all our participants and to those willing and wonderful volunteers, who turn up week in, week out in all weathers. If you feel the need to join the volunteer team, please post on the march parkrun volunteers Facebook page or email

Thanks to this week's volunteers

Carole DAVIS • Clive MALTBY • Dave TUFFNAIL • Dawn VEAL • Emma UDEN • Gaelle BRYANT • Gayna O’ROURKE • Graeme DEDMAN • Hugh HARRIS • Justin ELVIDGE • Justin SMITH • Kay DEDMAN • Lin SUTTON • Maddie GIBSON • Michelle FOVARGUE • Niamh RENDER • Ray FUNNELL • Serge LAMBERT • Simon RENDER • Steve CLARKE • Teilo PEARCE • Tina LAMBERT • Victor JEEVES

For those of you who get their geek on over stats, here they are :-

1st Unknown Runner 2nd Peter Ward (Thorney RC) 19:21 3rd Justin Elvidge (March AC) 19:23 and PB!!! (Ed)
1st Lauren Thomas (Ely RC) 21:18. 2nd Melissa Haylock 24:45. 3rd Katie Leach (#teambrc)25:14.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Peter Ward (VM50-54) graded 78.12% for the time 19:21.
Graham Chapman (VM60-64) graded 77.80% the time 20:48
Justin Elvidge (VM45-49) was graded 74.29% for the time 19:23.

This week there were 157 runners, of whom 12 were first timers and 27 recorded new Personal Bests thanks to our pacers. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part. March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016, and since then 2338 different runners, including participants from 186 athletics clubs, have completed 16175 runs covering a total distance of 80875km, and there have been 3685 new Personal Bests.

See you all next weekend for Easter parkrun, where we will be holding Egg and Spoon races  year - BEFORE THE RUN, you may also dress up if you wish.

Peace out, one love.



March parkrun #110 – The Beast returns……

This week's Run Report comes from Andy Fovargue, regular parkrunner and Volunteer.

The last run of Winter. And didn’t it feel like Winter? Snow, biting winds, the Beast from the East back with a vengeance giving everyone a good excuse to stay at home in the warm, yet in spite of all that 102 hardy parkrun enthusiasts plus our dedicated team of volunteers made it out to West End Park for March’s 110th parkrun. Well done to everyone who braved the weather to walk / jog / run / volunteer this morning. A special mention goes to Roma O’Neil for turning up in her pyjama’s!! (we hope that you posted your picture Roma!) Also, Darren Moat for doing his 100th March parkrun, an achievement in its self as there have only been 110!!
The slippery ground necessitated some course changes today, the start and finish points were moved, and the first lap followed a slightly different course to the subsequent three. These changes were made clear in the pre-run brief, which I’ve been asked to remind participants of the importance of. Thanks to everyone who arrived in time for that, and for taking our advice on board. I have no idea who the mysterious first runner home was, he was presumably in too much of a hurry to pick up his barcode, but well done to whoever you were. He was followed home by Chris Leach and Graham Chapman, both of Ely Runners (in fact Ely Runners had 4 out of the first 5 this week). The first ladies home were Lauren Thomas, also of Ely Runners, Olivia  (NVH), and Melissa Haylock. Congratulations to Mary Bettles, whose determined effort saw her shave off over half a minute from her PB, and to the other fourteen runners who improved on their best times. A special mention for the seven first timers who took part for the first time today, and to Pat ‘5 laps’ Norris who went the extra mile today, quite literally!
Well done everybody. See you in Spring!


And the stats....

March parkrun
Event number 110
17th March 2018

This week 102 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Steve STARR • Amy ELLIS • Dave TUFFNAIL • Clive MALTBY • Gary NORMAN • Nicholas OKERIKA • Gaelle BRYANT • Samantha WOOL • Martin LITTLEMORE • Claire LILLEY • Georgina JACKMAN • Karen DANDO • Andrew WOOL • Patricia NORRIS • Jon LONG • David MUFFETT • Paul GIBSON • Dawn LONG • Toni ALCARAZ • Carole DAVIS • Susie HANDLEY • Andrew FOVARGUE • Michelle FOVARGUE • Victor JEEVES • Leo LYNES • Maddie GIBSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the March parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lisa MARRIOTT who recorded a time of 19:08 on 21st May 2016 (event number 18).
The male record is held by Glen WATTS who recorded a time of 16:12 on 1st October 2016 (event number 36).
The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine WRIGHT who recorded 87.35% (22:32) on 6th May 2017 (event number 67).

March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016. Since then 2,326 participants have completed 16,018 parkruns covering a total distance of 80,090 km, including 3,659 new Personal Bests.