Event 225 – Curses


Now, I don't know about you but running can be a superstitious pastime. You've maybe got your regular Saturday morning warm-up routine. Maybe a lucky pair of running socks. Perhaps you know you are going to have a good parkrun if you have a certain breakfast. That's all well and good, whatever gets you in the zone to zoom round the park. Luck plays a big part. You can be lucky with the weather, lucky with your choice of route, lucky in a number of running related decisions...

Except, it seems, if Tony is run directing, in which case, all bets are off.

You see, only once before has a serious incident that needs reporting happened at Markeaton parkrun when Tim has handed over the reins. Who was run-directing that time too? You got it.

Now, don't get me wrong, Tony is an awesome human being and a fine upstanding member of the community. I'm just here to report on the facts and bring you an unbiased fact-based run report on what went down in the park on Saturday. Unfortunately though, two runners went down in the park on Saturday. The Curse of Tony? You decide.

Before we go any further, both runners are ok and I'm not making light of their troubles at all. One runner was upended by a wayward child a few seconds into the run and another runner fainted a little later. Both are fine and we wish them well. Incidents like this are few and far between at parkrun ( not much consolation to them I know) but it does seem like bad luck struck both runners, or...The Curse of Tony?

In good news though, 464 parkrunners did make it round despite Tony's best efforts and that was very close to an attendance record. It would have been the second best finishing total ever, if not for the unfortunate incidents. Will we smash it for the official 5th birthday run next week?

An incredible 66 people were appearing at Markeaton for the first time and an amazing 45 were running their first ever parkrun anywhere. Had they known about The Curse of Tony then they maybe would have chosen next week, possibly? Who knows? It was great to see so many people congregate in the park for such a wonderful occasion. Runners gathered from all corners of the globe including Ashbourne...sorry, I mean Australia! Wow. Huge thanks for bringing the weather with you too.

Talking of which, we can't let this run report slip by without mentioning what a glorious morning it was for a change. No puddles, no mud, no ice, no problem! It was a real pleasure to run, jog or walk round the glorious surroundings with a few hundred like-minded people. Sun, sweat and stacks of smiles. Fantastic stuff!

Huge thanks to the volunteers who made the magic happen. Markeaton parkrun couldn't happen without you. The marshals responded brilliantly to the 2 incidents to ensure things went smoothly and the event continued with as little drama as possible. Good work everybody.

In more good news, laughing in the face of any curse this week, were many runners completing milestone runs. Huge congratulations to William and Edward who ran their 100th parkrun and Thomas who clocked up run number 50. Thomas (a different Thomas to the other Thomas) and Marvin were also running record-breaking runs too, racking up their 10th runs.

So, if you hear of a brilliant running event happening over the weekend that brings in amazing people of all ages and abilities from all over the world, an event that involves miraculous marshalls, runners, joggers and walkers, that involves triumph, tragedy, extreme effort and extreme joy, you can think, with a smile on your face.., yeah, I was there.

Dont forget that next week is a very special occasion. It's going to be 5 years since Markeaton parkrun crawled from the swamp of Darley Park and became the beautiful event it is today. Party time! Bring yourself! Bring a friend! Bring balloons with a 5 on them! But most importantly BRING CAKE!!!

(And if that doesn't convince you to come, dont forget that Tony wont be run-directing so you stand a better than average chance of finishing in one piece...)

(Love you really Tony xx)

Here come the stats....


Markeaton parkrun

Event number 225

21st April 2018

This week 464 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 66 were first timers and 94 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 36 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Tony EVANS • Gerry WHITE • Chris WHITE • Nicola WHITE • Natalie WHEAT • Martyn Lewis SMITH • Liz WILLIAMS • Helen SMITH • Marie STANDLEY • James COWIE • Tim BENTLEY • Sarah BENTLEY • Angela MONK • Jonathan HOWKINS • Tim STANDLEY • Alan WILLIAMS • Sarah HUSKINSON • Brian SILCOCK • Karen NEWTON • Jacqui HABGOOD • Viv MOXHAM • Ian CROMPTON • Mike SMITH • Nick POTTER • Rebecca PAYNE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Markeaton parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Harriet EMKES who recorded a time of 18:23 on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142). The male record is held by Alex PILCHER who recorded a time of 15:20 on 29th October 2016 (event number 164).

The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 95.64% (24:29) on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142).

Markeaton parkrun started on 27th April 2013. Since then 9,044 participants have completed 53,557 parkruns covering a total distance of 267,785 km, including 11,159 new Personal Bests




Event 224 – A Volunteer’s View…


Silence. Apart from a few birds chirping in the trees. Maybe the scuffling of an early morning furry creature. It's quiet. Very quiet.

Saturday morning around about 9am. Most of Derby and surrounding area are either still asleep, having breakfast, having a lie-in and looking forward to Derby County thrashing Burton later (ahem...)

It's actually not raining and the sun is threatening to do its thing (if it can remember what its thing is). It's a beautiful time to be in Markeaton Park. Alone in the woods, surrounded by trees. The A52 behind me hasn't woken up properly yet and for a while it feels like being the only person in the park, possibly Derby, maybe the world. Nobody else is around, no one to upset the peaceful illusion, nobody to shatter the...wait...what's that..?

A rumbling in the distance. Approaching thunder? A slightly overweight squirrel? The noise gets louder. More intense. It can't be can it..?


YES IT CAN! It's the sound of 373 runners storming up the hill like a herd of Lycra-clad cattle. The panting! The gasping! The thud of trainer on track. Is there a more amazing sight to behold on a Saturday morning than this? We have come from all around to join this sweaty throng. It's a blur of gaudy running tops, stupidly bright footwear, the odd Derby County shirt (ahem again) and even a Little Mix t-shirt. It's a feast for the eyes, ears and even the nose ( last night's perfume mixes with Deep Heat and perspiration) and it's absolutely amazing.

This is what a crowd of like-minded people from Kettering, Belper, Heanor, Derby, Stafford, Crystal Palace, Jersey and even Indianapolis look like. All parkrunners, all awesome. At the front there, that's Chris running his 50th run and destined to finish first. Look, there's, Martin, also running his 50th run and also bringing home a brand-spanking new PB. There's Andy too! His 50th run and his first at Markeaton. Then let's not forget Ian doing his 50th parkrun too. And wait! It's Alex on his 10th run, Ryan on his 10th run and mixed-in with this gaggle of greatness are 17 wonderful people having their first ever experience of this. Also, there are dogs. Phew!

Just as it all becomes a little overwhelming to take in, it's over. Everybody has sped down the hill and through the woods. All is quiet once more. Did that just really happen? Well, yes it did, and in a few minutes time it will happen again.. That was the first lap and there's one more to go.

There are more gaps between runners now. Chris is cranking up the speed along with a few people bravely attempting to catch him. There's Danielle and Megan leading the charge for the ladies. The second time up the hill proves to redden the faces and toughen the resolve of everybody, but it only widens the smiles as one by one people  reach the peak and begin to beam with a mixture of happiness and relief. There are whoops, thumbs up and punches in the air as the final thrash to the finish begins. It's fantastic to see. So much joy in the faces of people who are running, jogging, walking, but most of all participating. Everyone from front runner to tail walker is being part of an event like no other. Some people even declare that this will kick-start what will surely be the best day EVER, as they head to Burton later (ahem once more...)

And then, it's over again. 373 parkrunners disappear towards the finish funnel and possibly a well-deserved cup of coffee in the cafe.  It's just me and the trees again ( it's all been too much for the slightly-over weight squirrel. Rest in Peace, Nibbles.)

You can run parkrun and it's brilliant, but you never get the point of view that you do when you volunteer. It's a completely different experience and one everybody should try as often as possible. If it's marshalling and getting to see every parkrunner whizz by whilst enjoying the odd yell of 'Cheers Marshall!', giving out finish tokens and witnessing the delight of people completing their run or scanning barcodes and being there as somebody realises they've run 1 second quicker than last week, you are contributing to putting on this remarkable event every week. Get involved and you too, like the 26 volunteers this week, can sample parkrun from a different point of view.

From my vantage point, at the top of the hill this week, I can assure you that it's a view worth seeing.

Congratulations to everybody who came out to parkrun and huge thanks to all who gave up their time to make it happen. There are Brian's amazing photos to look over if you want to relive the drama again, just click on 'photos' on the website. The pictures should tide us all over until we can do it all again next week...


Here come the stats...

Markeaton parkrun

Event number 224

14th April 2018

This week 373 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 61 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Paula Jane HUBBER • Samantha JAMES • Tim SPATE • Chris WHITE • Tony SMITH • Martin BARRADELL • Kathleen GRUNDY • Rachel FARROW • David BENTLEY • Ian GRUNDY • Gemma SAUNDERS • Richard TISSINGTON • Alan MARTIN • Matthew WEST • Tim BENTLEY • Sarah BENTLEY • Pascale HOLDEN • Peter EMERY • Kim SLADEN • Jonathan HOWKINS • Helen BROCKLEHURST • Alan WILLIAMS • Kevin STOBBS • Brian SILCOCK • Jacqui HABGOOD • Raphael COWAP

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Markeaton parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Harriet EMKES who recorded a time of 18:23 on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142).

The male record is held by Alex PILCHER who recorded a time of 15:20 on 29th October 2016 (event number 164).

The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 95.64% (24:29) on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142).

Markeaton parkrun started on 27th April 2013. Since then 8,978 participants have completed 53,093 parkruns covering a total distance of 265,465 km, including 11,065 new Personal Bests.








Event 223 – Spring has (kind of, nearly, sort of) Sprung


After last week's parkswim it was nice to get back to a parkrun as, for the first time for a long time, the weather held off (mostly) and Markeaton Park didn't look like it was twinned with Atlantis for a change. No massive puddles, no water to negotiate at the start line, just a beautiful park to gallop round. The sun was (sort of) out, the daffodils were out and over 400 parkrunners were out too. Could this be Spring showing her face at long last..?


Yep, 457 fine folks made the trip to Markeaton parkrun including tourists from Brighton, Bolton, Tunbridge Wells and Ireland. Forget the Commonwealth Games, this was where the real coming together of supreme athletes happened.

Eloise did an outstanding job as Run Director, warmly welcoming us all to the park and belting out the run briefing with supreme confidence. Eloise has now completed her Duke of Edinburgh volunteering stint and what an amazing job she did. I'm sure Tim is nervously looking over his shoulder at his regular Run Directing role (I bet Eloise would never forget the finish tokens...)

There were some memorable milestone runs this week as Chris Booth clocked up his 50th run and  Liam Kemp and Richard Ward completed their 100th. Huge congratulations to you. An incredible  74 parkrunners were visiting Markeaton for the first time and out of those, 21 people were making their parkrun debut. Great stuff. Welcome along everybody.

As we headed round to the start line ready for Eloise to set us off you would be forgiven for thinking that there were more dogs than humans, such was the extreme woofing happening. Were the dogs excited? Did they know something we didn't? Were they just relieved there wasnt a huge puddle to contend with at the start? How long until the dogs form their own breakaway parkrun where humans are kept on a short leash? Who knows? There were other things to think about as we thundered off through the park for 2 laps of loveliness.

Along the lake, past the tennis courts, up the hill, down through the trees, back round to the start and then do it all again. Seems easy when you write it! But whether you sprinted, ran, jogged, walked or got round using a combination of all 4, you were pretty spectacular and part of a beautiful thing. Spring was finally in the air and 88 people certainly had a spring in their step as they notched up a PB.

None of this could have happened without the glorious volunteers. Huge thanks to everybody who gave up their time to help out. Time was kept, barcodes were scanned and runners were clapped and cheered from start to finish. If you would like to pitch in and help to make this wonderful event happen then please pop your name down and get involved.

Brian was there to take some fantastic photos of us all. You can see those on the 'Photos' section of the website.

So there we go, another wonderful Markeaton parkrun, there was sweat, there were smiles, there was sunshine, there were Aprill showers. What a mighty fine way to spend a Saturday morning and the good news is that we get to do it all again next week!

Until then, happy running and love and peace to all...


Here come the stats...

Markeaton parkrun

Event number 223

7th April 2018

This week 457 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 74 were first timers and 88 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 48 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Dominic John SEALES • Jacquie WILLIAMS • Samantha JAMES • Patrick MUNRO • Chris WHITE • Emma ELLIS • Simon ELLIS • Richard HOWE • David KEEGAN • Herbie KAUR • Marie STANDLEY • Matthew WEST • Tim BENTLEY • Sarah BENTLEY • Pascale HOLDEN • Angela MONK • John WINTER • Helen BROCKLEHURST • Tim STANDLEY • Brian SILCOCK • Timothy AWBERY • Jacqui HABGOOD • Gillian RICHARDSON • Mike SMITH • Nick POTTER • Eloise FLEMING • Lucy ELSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Markeaton parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Harriet EMKES who recorded a time of 18:23 on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142).

The male record is held by Alex PILCHER who recorded a time of 15:20 on 29th October 2016 (event number 164).

The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 95.64% (24:29) on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142).

Markeaton parkrun started on 27th April 2013. Since then 8,939 participants have completed 52,720 parkruns covering a total distance of 263,600 km, including 11,004 new Personal Bests.




Event 222 – Splish, Splash, Splosh!


Happy Easter everybody! Something a bit different for the Run Report this week...a special guest reporter. I'll let Daniel introduce himself and why he is doing this. I'll just be over there this week, sat next to the radiator drying out, eating chocolate eggs and drinking tea.

All yours Daniel...

Markeaton #222– 31th March 2018 Splish, Splash, Splosh!
On the 1st January I set myself the challenge at Gelding parkrun that I would write the run report for every different venue I visited – on New Year’s Day this meant a two part effort – possibly an epic for anyone daft enough to try and read them both! - Probably the equivalent of War and Peace combined with A Brief History of Time!

Normally, I look at the roster in advance and e-mail the office to request the slot. Even going as far to alter my parkrun tourism plans if a run has that position filled.

After 12 successful weeks, I finally hit a snag at Markeaton parkrun – Chris WHITE a regular report writer for Markeaton had the spot filled on the roster. I checked out other events but with a need to visit Derby Runners to collect my running clubs Ashby 20 Hoodies and apart from Markeaton my next nearest event that I haven’t run being Graves – 38 mile away from the store, I decide that week 13 would be when I break my run!

However this week again has shown me what a wonderful thing parkrun is - more than just a run (walk or jog) in a park it is a real community event whether local or more wider. I have been on parkrun tour since the 1st January 2017, in all that time I haven’t run my local parkrun. Each week at a different venue I have stood and chatted to so many wonderful runners and volunteers – my idea of doing a proper warm up ditched as soon as I start chatting and sharing a passion for parkrun with a fellow convert. It was just the case this morning at Markeaton, that once I had found where to park and the prerun briefing area I stood around chatting about parkrun and my tourism craze or should that be craziness!

Even though I wasn’t going to be writing the report I still managed to capture some (I have never managed all) of this week’s #HiVizHeroes in my homemade parkrun picture frame. To post and share my thanks on social media later.


Soon enough it was time for Alan WILLIAMS to do the busy first timers briefing as this week 32 other first time tourist visited Markeaton and 15 first time barcode users joined the parkrun family. So a huge WELCOME to - Ruth JOHNSON, George IZZARD, William LOCKIE, Amelia LOCKIE, Tom JOHNSTON, Hannah WADE, Ian CARTWRIGHT, Raymond EVANS, Janice JOHNSTON, Laura BURTON, Sophie JEFFERY, Dan HALSTEAD, Danny HOUGHTON, Richard BARNETT & Stephen LOCKIE.

After the two lap course was explained and the matching of parkrun barcodes to athlete ones it was soon Tim BENTLEY, this week’s Run Director, turn to do the run briefing – or should it have been paddling briefing?! - and started the run.

Moving around the Orangery the run started in what felt like a river! Cascades of water poured downhill towards the drains – and by 9am it wasn’t even raining. If anyone is interested I believe that was caused by SOF (Saturation Overland Flow) a term I never thought I would ever need outside of my Geography GCSE over 20 years ago!


As with parkruns around the world the start was echoed by a cacophony of bleeps from various GPS watch devices – reaching for my wrist I realised I had left mine at home. And yes even if it isn’t on STRAVA a parkrun counts, although you do miss all the lovely stats and graphs postrun.

After paddling through the lake (OK rather large puddle) by the carpark and having wet feet from the off – I decided on taking the running line no matter what the standing water was like and there was lots of great puddles to splash through!

For me today was meant to be a gentle recovery run after a LSR on Friday and with the course described as flat with a little undulation I was planning a steady paced run. However without my watch pacing is always tricky. However I decided to go by feel and if I could bellow a large thank you to every marshal on route I would be about right!

I was doing really well until the large puddle by the carpark, as I splashed my way through soaking anyone within water displacement distance – at my size about 10m radius – I realised I was enjoying this run far too much and had started to speed up as I struggled to gasp my then humorous comment that the marshal needed a life raft! Rather than adjust my pace I kept on running!

Now I am not sure who would describe the slope by the golf course as an undulation! It is most definitely a hill! And by lap two a very steep hill at that! However the cheery marshal at the top and a turn downhill into the wood soon made it all worthwhile. After crossing the bridge and returning to splashing in the puddles the finish was soon in sight – although I had to run it all again!

Apart from keeping a record of all my parkrun tourism venues my run report writing started as a way of offering thanks to the volunteers who make these events possible. As just like today no matter how much I try to run parkrun ‘gently’ or at a conversational pace – I enjoy myself too much and I do get rather carried away so just like today my thanks get replaced with gasps and a thumbs up or a signed thank you. So by writing the report I get to express my thanks and the thanks of all the runners who turned out to the volunteer team that make the run possible. So a huge THANK YOU to:- Lenny BENNETT, Tim BENTLEY, Tony EVANS, Rachel FARROW, Alex HALL, Jonathan HOWKINS, Paula Jane HUBBER, Samantha JAMES, Kimberley JOWITT, Kenneth MALTON, Caroline MURPHY, Rebecca PAYNE, Nick POTTER, Chris REDDING, Sarah SENIOR, Tony SMITH, Tim SPATE, Marie STANDLEY, Tim STANDLEY, Lindsay SUMNER, Richard TISSINGTON, Matthew WEST, Nicola WHITE, Chris WHITE, Alan WILLIAMS, John WINTER, Richard WINTER; for enabling all us 284 runners to have a great run. As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please send an e-mail - markeatonhelpers@parkrun.com It also helps you work towards the new icon to hit the results page this week… a V25 icon! That is proudly displayed next to your name (Check the end column with the parkrun run shirts!)

As I was splashing through the carpark lake a second time, Shelton Striders’, Kenneth MALTON (SM30-34) was racing in at 17:39 to be this week’s first finisher. This week the first lady position was settled by one second as Susan BURNS (VW55-59) finished in 29th position, just pipped Team Derby Runners’, Sarah HUSKINSON (VW35-39) in 21:29. Super running.

As I gasped and then took a strategic walking break up the golf course mountain the second time I did ponder if anyone would manage a PB in the damp conditions underfoot. And checking the results 26 people will have seen the Congratulations on your new PB on your Text and E-mail. So well done to :- Alan MARTIN, John SIMPSON, Daniel COLLINS, Jimmy WATT, John PILTZ, James FEENEY, Aidan MURTAGH, Daniel CHALK, Dawn BLATHERWICK, Alfie KELLY, Justin JONES, Phil MANN, Will WHITTELL, Rebecca BURTON, Charlotte JOHNSTON, Chris SMITH, Lily KEOGH, Katie SHORROCK, Oliver TISSINGTON, Denise RYAN, Andrej BOBAK, Jane HANNAH, Laura TUNNICLIFF, Harriet POTTER, Sarah HUSKINSON & Simon PIPES.

Crossing the finish line I reached for my watch to press the stop and check my time, which has become a near automatic sight from me and many others but sadly I had forgotten my watch so I would have to wait for my text alert later.

As I regained my breath I was introduced to Chris WHITE, who had been informed of my goal / resolution and kindly agreed that he would edit and incorporate some of my report into his. That really shows the community spirit parkrun builds.

Before my eagerly awaited trip to the café – I had met some of the staff whilst trying to find where to park at 8am! I went to get my barcode scanned, two people in front on me had forgotten their barcodes! Thankfully they returned the position tokens – they aren’t a souvenir – but as it is a barcode only event unfortunately they won’t get an official time. However there is always next week. Then it was my turn to be scanned. But NO after 32 washes my laminated barcode that lives in my running shorts finally wouldn’t scan… Luckily – for the scanners – I had a spare barcode in my mobile phone case.

Why lucky you may ask… Well in every pair of running shoes I own, I carry an emergency emergency back-up bar code under the left inner sole. Well I do take #dfyb very seriously!

The post parkrun café visit has become as much part of parkrun as the run itself as chat to runners as I enjoy a coffee and cake (or as I did today full English breakfast - well I had run a parkrun!) Today I sat with some fellow tourist from Arrow Valley parkrun, I never got their names as I shared their table but I am guessing Paul and Linda ELVY, thank you for the chat and enjoy your break.

Thank you to everyone at Markeaton parkrun for being so welcoming and especially to Chris WHITE for allowing me to share some of the report – I am already checking for next parkrunday venues to visit – without the Report Writer spot filled!

Happy parkrunning.

Daniel Connolly

Cheers Daniel. Epic reporting. Good luck with your run report journey across the country. I'd just like to add a special mention for some parkrunners this morning, who, for different reasons, were absolutely awesome and summed up that beautiful parkrun spirit.

Tom and Janice Johnson actually came in 14 minutes after the tailwalker! Search parties were sent out to find them, but Tom and Janice were absolutely fine. They strolled round the course (stopping for a comfort break after the first lap) then calmly produced their barcodes to officially clock up a time. Brilliant. 

Then there was Raymond Evans' absolutely incredible effort. Not letting a shattered ankle stop him from parkrunning, he finished the course and was just awe-inspiring. Puddles? Pah! One working leg? No problem! Incredible stuff and an inspiration to everybody who was there on Saturday morning.

See you next week folks. When the weather will be bright and sunn... Oh who am I kidding? See you for another wet and freezing Markeaton parkrun. Bring your wellies...





Event 221- Markeaton parkrun: The Director’s Cut


As you all probably know, Tim Bentley has been our Run Director for a while now. Manfully calling the shots. Making difficult decisions during the recent bad weather on whether to call the run off or not, setting up the course, arranging volunteers each week, processing results, belting out the run briefing, organising each event and, perhaps most impressively, forgetting the finishing tokens last week (ahem!) So, when a new promising Run Director stepped forward this week to ease the burden, it could only be a good thing...

Cometh the hour, Cometh Tony Smith. Picture the scene. Tony, nervously keen to get his first attempt at run directing underway, clears his throat, takes a deep breath and strides confidently forward towards the top of the steps to address the 411 parkrunners gathered together to listen to his every word...

...except at least 405 of them had already jogged round to the start line! Oh...

Were we all keen to get going on Saturday morning? Had somebody dropped a pound coin near the start line? Who knows, but despite the wailing of the loud speaker and yells of "WE'VE NOT DONE THE RUN BRIEFING YET!!!", the crowd had assembled at the start. If Tony was disappointed he hid it well.

So, for the first time in Markeaton parkrun history, an impromptu run briefing was given by our new trainee Run Director at the start line whilst perched on the railings. Tony wasn't fazed at all though and brilliantly said what needed to be said before the run could begin. Well played Tony. Nothing like being thrown into the deep end. As you can see though, both Master and Apprentice didn't seem too bothered...


Onto the run itself and the better weather (could Spring gave finally sprung?) coaxed out 411 parkrunners including 54 people who were making their Markeaton debut. Amongst those 54 runners were 9 people running their first EVER parkrun. Welcome along everybody. Great to see you!

We had tourists from Mansfield, Reading and Leicester (amongst others) who joined the regulars on a blissfully dry Markeaton Park. It felt strange running round without any puddles. Long may it continue...

It was a glorious sight to see. All ages and abilities ran, jogged or walked around the course encouraged all the way by the fantastic volunteers. The magic couldn't happen without them and we salute each and every one of their smiling faces. If you would like to get your name in lights and your body in hi-viz then please sign up to volunteer in the coming weeks. All help gratefully received.


Huge congratulations to Mark and Simon who ran their 100th runs this week.

So there we go, after last week's dramas, a text-book parkrun. Well, apart from the improvised run briefing. We all came, we all ran, we all smiled, laughed, sweated and had the most fun you can have on a Saturday morning with your running kit on. Spring was in the air. A fantastic turnout. The Puddle of Doom was no more. The only slight blight was the disappearance of another 5 Finish Tokens. Please don't take them home! If you did, then can we have them back please because we miss them?!

Brian was popping up over the course too taking amazing photos. Click on 'Photos' on the top of the website to see how fantastic you looked whilst being overtaken by a double-buggy and a three-legged dog.


Event 221. 2 laps of the park, 2 Run Directors, 1 parkrun. Beautiful.

Let's do this all again next week. Good Friday, parkrun Saturday, Easter Sunday.



Markeaton parkrun

Event number 221

24th March 2018


This week 411 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 54 were first timers and 74 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 40 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Samantha JAMES • Tim SPATE • Kenneth MALTON • Chris WHITE • Tony SMITH • Kathleen GRUNDY • Simon FIELD • Rachel FARROW • Jean SILCOCK • Amy BIRD • Ian GRUNDY • Jerry EVANS • Matthew WEST • Tim BENTLEY • Hilary BURTON • John WINTER • Jonathan HOWKINS • Tim STANDLEY • Kevin STOBBS • Brian SILCOCK • Chris REDDING • Viv MOXHAM • Neil MOSLEY • Tim STOKES • Nick POTTER • Eloise FLEMING • Rebecca PAYNE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Markeaton parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Harriet EMKES who recorded a time of 18:23 on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142). The male record is held by Alex PILCHER who recorded a time of 15:20 on 29th October 2016 (event number 164).

The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 95.64% (24:29) on 2nd April 2016 (event number 142).

Markeaton parkrun started on 27th April 2013. Since then 8,817 participants have completed 51,979 parkruns covering a total distance of 259,895 km, including 10,890 new Personal Bests.

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