Run Report #180 – 13th October 2018 by Wiki Solly

Don’t worry parkrunners and volunteers, this week’s report won’t be littered with stats (I’ll leave that to the pros - Roger and Stuart).


A few weeks ago we were asked to submit an adjective that describes the first time we stood on the start line ready to start our parkrun journeys.  Mine was “liberated” and I thought it would be interesting to write A parkrun in the Life of a VI Runner.


08:15 - time to head down to the park for today’s run.

08:30 - 08:40 - meet up with our fabulous Guide Runners (Martin with me, Steve with Vanessa and Roger with Jan, one of today’s 43 First Timers).  All VI Runners and Guides wear hi-viz tops for our safety and yours.

08:55 - Safety Briefing by Kenny.  “Liberated” because without the amazing Guides I wouldn’t have started my own parkrun journey.

09:00 - 338 of us walked, jogged and ran a warm but windy parkrun. Thanks to everyone who gave support as we trundled around and giving us space when overtaking.  When one of your senses goes or is impaired, you rely on your others and for me I rely heavily on my hearing and I really appreciate it when faster runners tell me they’re coming past me on my right.  I would recommend some of our speedier runners to run the course blindfolded and led by one of the growing numbers of Guides to understand how nerve-wracking it can be, especially down by the river. Can’t guarantee you’ll stay dry though :)

Post-run:  We are one big happy parkrun family and it’s good to catch up in The Cafe (highly recommend the pancakes).


parkrun has helped me become confident in my running ability and has enabled me to try other running ventures.


See you all next week.



Wiki Solly


Run report #179 – 6th October 2018 by Lynette Lewington

Well unfortunately for once the weather forecast was correct - it really was wet and cold.  Still we don’t shrink or rust in the rain and the big puddles around Welland Park gave it a cross country vibe (my favourite type of running) so it beat staying in bed with a cup of tea and the papers :)  The 272 other people (plus volunteers although they probably had less choice) who turned up this morning obviously agreed with me.

Earlier this week I was walking through Canary Wharf at lunchtime, it was like walking into a very disorganised parkrun as people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and shades of Lycra were running at me from different directions. These people were giving up their lunch break to run just as we give up a Saturday morning for parkrun and it made me think about why we choose to do this.

Thankfully, parkruns are very well organised and managed by the fab Core Team and awesome volunteers, so at least we are all running in the same direction.  Although parkruns are viewed as *not a race*, I think they are in many ways; like all runs we do, they are a race towards meeting our personal challenges.  Someone’s  parkrun challenge could be to finish in first place, to get a PB, to get a milestone tee shirt, to improve fitness levels, to lose weight, to run round the course without stopping, to walk round the course and finish or to prove that you can get up early on a Saturday and exercise.  It may be one, many or all of the above and they are likely to change over time.  The lovely thing is, that at a parkrun you will get fantastic support from the volunteers and other runners along the way which makes the *race* less lonely.  You also get your name on the ‘board of glory’ (results page), a plethora of stats to play around with, a chance for a post run debrief with fellow runners and coffee and cake at the cafe (important to refuel after a run and you’ve earned it so it tastes better).  It makes the *race* more fun.

My main challenge today was to get a sub25 finish time, sadly I didn’t achieve it but I did get a PB.  Furthermore, I also completed my Parkrun #5, took another step towards staying fit and proved to myself that I can get up and “just do it” even when I really don’t want to.  Despite the weather, I really enjoyed myself this morning and am now feeling smug that I did it.

So the #notarace should, in my view, be #notapublicraceitspersonal

Keep parkrunning people, your race runs on.  Good luck and best wishes.


Lynette Lewington


Christmas Day parkrun

We're pleased to announce we will be organising a Christmas Day special parkrun!  This will be in addition to our normal Saturday events, so please make a note in your diaries for Tuesday 25th December 2018 at the usual start time of 9:00 a.m..

A few volunteers are required for the event, but we will be operating a 'parkrun lite' event to keep the volunteers to a minimum.

Please note the café in the park will not be open.

We will not be organising a parkrun on New Year’s Day, but there are other parkruns announcing New Years Day special parkruns - look out for separate parkrun announcements.

See you there!  Ho ho ho!


Run Report #178 – 29th September 2018 by Amy Atkinson

Saturday’s parkrun had all the usual ingredients for our typical Saturday Market Harborough parkrun:

Runners - check

PBs - check

First timers - check

Volunteers - check

Austin - check

Bake Off inspired goodies at the café - check

All of which are guaranteed to make your Saturday morning, however, today had an extra ingredient and it wasn’t just the first feel of a cold morning we’ve had for months.  It was pressure - I had to do a parkrun worthy of a run report!  I had been roped in by a very enthusiastic volunteer co-ordinator (my soon to be sister-in-law!) to try a role I hadn’t done before.  At that point I decided I had to get a sub 30 parkrun so I could write about it!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny autumn morning.  I cycled down, and as my hands were freezing off I started thinking about what I was going to talk about in my report.  The changing of the seasons made me feel quite reflective.  I did my first parkrun in May 2015, but then didn’t parkrun again till March 2017 when my brother and sister-in-law (yes, the same one!) started telling me how brilliant parkrun was.   They were right! I’ve since done another 40 runs and am hoping to be at 50 by December.  When I first started running I remember thinking how I wanted to get ‘the running bug’ but was still waiting.  I have now been well and truly bitten by the parkrunning bug!  I think its because of the perfect parkrun combination of getting outside, personal achievement and being part of a community.  I am so glad I came back that second time.

parkrun has been a “game changer” for me in so many ways.

- I have now done 42 parkruns, run parkrun the last 2 Christmas Days, run around Central Park and liked running enough to do 2 10ks and 2 half marathons!
- I have volunteered at 41 parkrun / junior parkruns.
- I’m the co-event director at Market Harborough junior parkrun.  I love being part of a fantastic team who are able to share the brilliantness of parkrun to the young runners / walkers / skippers in Harborough.

All of the above means every Saturday and Sunday I’m in Welland Park at 9am and when I’m not there I’m telling people about how great parkrun is!

I did run a sub 30 min parkrun (only my 3rd in 42 parkruns!) and was delighted.  I ran with a friend who is also trying to get under 30 mins at parkrun.  We were able to spur each other on - if she wasn’t stopping then neither was I!  There’s also nothing like the pressure of having said a month ago - I’ll run a sub 30 parkrun and then I can write about it!  Also running with us was a runner who got her 2nd sub 30 parkrun and a PB.  She is very worthy of a special mention as she earned herself an age grading of a whopping 77.32%!

Congratulations to all of the 351 parkrunners for being part of the amazing community that is Market Harborough parkrun.  Thank you to all of the volunteers that make the parkrun magic happen!

Amy Atkinson


Run Report #177 – 22nd September 2018 by Stuart Beard

Central Park in London, Hyde Park in London, The Englischer Garten in Munich. A list of some of the great urban parks, oases of green to counter the concrete and brick of the surrounding metropolis. Famous and grand in scale these parks may be (The Munich park being the largest of the three!), none of these parks can match our very own Welland Park since none of them accommodate a parkun! And congratulations to the park for winning an award for horticultural excellence from the judges at East Midlands in Bloom. This week we had 319 runners with 22 first timers, an amazing 72 runners recorded a PB. As of this week, over the 177 events we have had 43,873 runners, racking up a distance 219,365km.  It is generally accepted that a running shoe should last 500 miles, this means 272 pairs of trainers have been worn out by Market Harborough parkrun. Last weekend (16th Sept) Eliud Kipchoge set the marathon world record at the Berlin Marathon, his time was 2hrs, 1 minute and 39 seconds. A few facts put this time into perspective: Had he run at this pace around Welland Park, his time would have been 14:24, almost a full minute faster than the course record of 15:23. In fact, only 21 parkruns have ever been completed at a pace faster than his marathon pace, the fastest, and only sub 14 minute parkrun is 13:48. Almost as surprising is that he ran the second half quicker than the first, and his fastest ‘parkrun’ was the between 30 and 35km, 14:16. These statistics may demoralise even the quickest runner, but it does show the almost limitless bounds of human endeavour, in 100 years the marathon world record has had 55 minutes lopped off it. A final dispiriting statistic, since not everyone runs that parkrun, and walking is positively welcomed; the world record for a 5km walk is 18:21, fast enough for second place in this weeks run!!!


Stuart Beard

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