Run Report #164 – 16th June 2018 by Paul Milligan

Saturday 16th June... 01:45 I manage to stagger home after putting in some hard work prepping to try and prove my theory that beer does make you run faster!  05:45... I am awake! I get up, get breakfast, brush my teeth........just kidding, I stopped in bed until 07:00 :)

Once I finally got up I start the process of looking for all my running gear.  After a good half hour of looking I am reunited with all my kit and even manage to find both shoes!  I have a small warm up run and then get to the park for about 08:45.

It’s a great atmosphere as usual and is one of my favourite things about parkrun alongside the weekly catch up with the friends.  I think I can be classed as a regular and have made so many friends here, they are all from different walks of life, during the week some don suits, some protective work gear and some just their casual clothes, but come Saturday all are there clad in lycra & showing off our achievements in a brightly coloured t-shirt,  Apricot, 50, 100 runs, 25 volunteers, Harborough Half marathon, Wolf race and many more.

As I was feeling rather tired I kept towards the back and listened intently to the RD and his briefing.  I was definitely not chatting away & I definitely didn’t clap when the rest of the crowd did without knowing what it was for because I was talking!  A few short moments later and I find that I have made my way between the 30min & the 26min pacers and am going to start mid pack. 3,2,1... parkrun!!!

Off we go, I must make sure Strava* is on as we all know that a run never truly counts unless it’s recorded there! (*other apps are available) Lap 1 & I see Catherine & Simon Poynton running their 50th & 100th parkruns donned with some great helium balloons, I stay with them for a little chat and then find a bit of energy to speed up.  26 pacers are ahead... I catch up with Richard Awdry & have a little natter about last week etc and then find a bit more energy so off I trot.  I get to the river and catch up with Lisa Campbell & yes you guessed it... stopped for a bit of a natter :)  She was running a nice pace so I kept with her for the rest of the race run.  What I didn’t realise is that Allen Bagnall was also running along with us creating a mini pack.

Laps 1&2 went rather well and I’m thinking my theory of beer = speed really does work!  Last lap & at the turn around trees... I felt every pint I drank last night hit me and slow me right down, Lisa & Allen edge past me but for some reason this gave me a boost.  I remembered my theory that beer does make you run faster and dug deep to stay with our mini pack, it was a hard last half a lap but somehow I managed to fluke it and get ahead of both of them!  (See, the theory does work :) )

Last straight and I can feel Lisa is very close, I’m not sure if she went ahead at one point, but I came home just ahead of her, but with the same finish time Allen cane in just 3 seconds after.  Smiles all round & congratulations between the three of us, for some reason Lisa was on the floor and making some very strange noises... She only went and brought home a PB!  Well done Lisa!

I went off to get my barcode scanned and also for a bit more of a natter with other park runners to see how their run went for them today.  My thanks go out to each and every one of the hi-viz heroes whom I try to thank as many times as possible whilst running, also thanks to the RD team who bring a fantastic lead to the run every week, rain or shine.  This week 378 runners donned their bright tops and lycra, 68 gained a PB, 36 people ran for the 1st time at Market Harborough, 2 people hit 50 & 100 milestones and all overseen by 36 hi-viz heroes!

See you all next week for a catch up!