Run Report #176 – 15th September 2018 by Katie Carnell

After reading Rogers lovely poem last week, I decided to give him (and the rest of us) a break and write the run report this week.

Instead of a poem or lots of stats, I'd like to focus on the amazing community that we have here at Market Harborough parkrun. Every week I moan when I wake up at 7:00am and stand at the start line at 8:55, by the end, I am always smiling and always happy. There are a few reasons for this:

1.       Running releases endorphins in the brain which are a natural 'drug' that makes you more energetic, more awake and happier.

2.       We get to eat cake at the end (which, lets be honest, is basically the best part!)

3.       The community. I have seen many examples of people going out of their way to help and support other runners. I have seen amazing friendships develop and flourish because of parkrun. I have seen people, who wouldn't otherwise cross paths, become good friends and have even seen relationships form between people because of meeting at parkrun.

I have decided that the third reason is the real reason that I leave parkrun every week happier. The first and second reasons are both good, but even when I don't run and don't eat cake, I am still happy, and every other face that I see is a happy face. Regardless of whether or not people got a PB, had a good run or a bad run, or didn't run at all, just being in the parkrun atmosphere puts a smile on everyone's faces which is an amazing thing to be a part of.

I have been at parkrun for almost a year now and I am still constantly overwhelmed by the love and support that everyone gives to each other. This week, I was one of the tail walkers, which I love to do, and I had the joy of supporting a lady who was a first timer, she was absolutely incredible and so was everyone else! Every single person that went past us was so supportive, encouraging this lady, who they didn't even know, to keep going and to finish!

I have learnt over the past year that parkrun isn't about finish times, PB's or stats (sorry Roger!), it is about every single person who gives up their time and effort to help, support and encourage everyone else in the community. The community at Market Harborough is incredible and I am so proud to be part of it!

Katie Carnell


Run Report #175 – 8th September 2018 by Roger Pangbourne


In Harborough something’s begun,

Every weekend it’s always done,

Wake up and feel fine?

Then turn up by nine,

And join in our lovely parkrun!


There was an RD name of Kenny,

Reputation for saving a penny,

Pants lined with gilt?

Right under his kilt?

No - He wasn’t wearing any!


Welcome number one seven five!

(The late parkrunners arrive),

The briefing is loud,

Booming out to the crowd,

You listening Leanne Shrive?!


Big claps for each volunteer,

Certainly not insincere,

Then 3-2-1-go!

Some fast and some slow,

But soon they all disappear.


The Marshals we are sure to thank,

By the river, along the bank,

Feel like singing the blues,

As last night, on the booze,

Now wish it was water I drank.


To the left and then to the right,

(My face feels incredibly white!)

Lap two and lap three,

No time for a wee!

The finish at last is in sight!


Side by side – I will not be beat!

As we fly down the last few feet,

I dip for the line,

“What was my time?”

A PB would be such a treat!


A PB! – or, am I fibbing?

No PB (who am I kidding?!)

Whilst it’s a pain,

I must go and train,

And end some of this good living!


Now every last woman and man,

Is happy they woke up and ran,

Doesn’t matter the pace,

They’ve smiles on their face,

As we queue for barcodes to scan.


At the café:  Coffees and teas,

And discussions of missed PBs,

What’s Roy’s latest bake?

It’s black forest cake!

Just one slice, oh go on - two please!


Then Kenny lets out a big shriek,

As results are looking quite bleak,

With frown and a pout,

He sorts them all out,

Then it’s over, until next week.


Would you like to be a good sport?

And give us some welcome support?

Just pick up a pen,

Some paper and then,

Help us write this damn Run Report! :)



Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #174 – 1st September 2018 by Roger Pangbourne

Another super sunny day; another super-dooper parkrun!  (Should I end this Run Report here?!!) :)


Well in case you weren’t there, what else happened?


Another 25 wonderful volunteers brought their magic to Welland Park to help 360 parkrunners complete parkrun number 174 – That’s our 14thhighest attendance and knowing that only one parkrun in 2017 had a higher attendance (11thMarch) gives you an idea of how Market Harborough parkrun has, year on year, continued to grow in strength.


As (despite the weather), we move into Autumn, it’s a chance to look back on our Summer, where every single attendance through the season was higher than the same week’s parkrun last year, with an overall Summer average of 335, compared to last Summer’s 299.


We had an average 9:00 a.m. temperature of 16.4 degrees C, compared to 15.7, 15.6 and 15.5 in 2017, 2016 and 2015 respectively – perhaps a small reason for the increase? - But I’m sure it’s down to the numbers of both loyal MH parkrunner supporters and First Timers / tourists who continue to be attracted to the general parkrun ethos and of course our little parkrun at Welland Park.


So what happened this week?

  • Michael was in Run Director blue after a week of celebrating his 100thparkrun and it fell to Mr Brown to present Claire’s choice of parkrunner of the month to Jordan Smith – congrats again Jordan and for your medal-inspired PB this week, knocking off another 6 seconds.  Michael soon had us on our way, so what happened next?
  • Well Bruce RAESIDE was in town for the following day’s triathlon (where he won the ‘Bridge’ event).  In the last leg of his triathlon he ran 7.5k in 23:45 – that’s 7.5k, so a pro-rata parkrun time of 15:50!  Clearly he was only warming up at parkrun with a steady 16:24 for First Finisher.
  • Matt DRIVER missed out on a PB by 2 seconds with an impressive 16:31 and he remains second on the list of all time Market Harborough First Finishers with a total of 40 (plenty more to come methinks).
  • Elsewhere in the top 10 young Adam BARBER had a super tussle with ‘not so young’ Brian CORCORAN, who returned to the parkrun he set up and despite being pipped by Adam (18:06), Brian still smashed his MH PB by 33 seconds and his ‘all parkrun’ PB by 23 seconds for an excellent 18:10.
  • Sarah WARD was the First Female Finisher in a terrific 19:34, gaining her a 25 second PB in the process.
  • Personally, I was aiming for my ‘Groundhog Day’ badge (running the same time, on the same course, in consecutive weeks!) – just missed out by 5 seconds, but at least knocked off another bingo number! :)
  • 50-up for Laura DICKINSON – Well done Laura – just missing out on a PB by 12 seconds – maybe you should run with a balloon every week?!
  • 100-up for Dean CREESE – Well done Dean – look forward to seeing you proudly wearing your new black 100 T-shirt in the near future.
  • We welcomed 15 tourists running their first Market Harborough parkrun and 23 complete First Timers to parkrun – a few of whom laid down some highly impressive first parkrun times – Joe HORSPOOL, Tim CHAMBERS and John STEPTOE, I’m looking at you – all of whom ran under 22 minutes – looking forward to what you can do when you have the hang of this parkrun thing!
  • Elsewhere a ma-hoo-sive PB for young Euan ANDERSON, knocking off 1 min 45 seconds off his PB on his 25thMH parkrun.
  • Great PBs of some 5 to 10 minutes by several parkrunners returning for ‘that difficult’ 2nd parkrun – well done Nicola LANGFORD, Heather HUGHES, Catherine HUGHES, Hanna FENWICK and Alison BOSTON – great improvements!
  • 58 PBs in all across the field – great efforts – looking forward to the slightly cooler months when PBs are often even more frequent.


The sun continued to shine on those outside the Café in the Park and as ‘Bake Off’ has started, the first offering from Roy was for sale – shortbread rolled in chocolate and hazelnuts!  I’m looking forward to this coming weekend as it’s ‘cake week’!


Until next weekend fellow parkrunners – keep running, jogging, walking and volunteering.



Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #173 – 25th August 2018 by Michael “100″ Brown

Hip, hip hooray, it’s my 100th parkrun Birthday!!!!  I’ve completed my 100th parkrun

So how did that happen, and more importantly where did it all start?

Well it all started one morning when I was trying to centre myself for a very important business meeting that day – I was completely in the zone playing out some of the possible scenarios in my head and thinking about my win/win moves and adding a little bit of strategic sparkle into the mix too, when all of a sudden I heard the word “parkrun”.

It was my lovely wife Beverley and so I thought I better break off from my reverie and listen to her – always a wise move!!  So I shouted down pardon (well I think that’s what I would have said) and she said “what do you know about parkrun – you’re a runner and it has run in the title”. “And have you ever heard of Brian Corcoran?”

I could honestly say a big NO to both questions, but boy was my Saturday morning routine about to change and definitely no more lie-ins for me on a Saturday!!

So in April 2015 our lovely town held its first ever Saturday morning parkrun - initially I ran – I knew how to run and I loved it because I was with similar minded people who ran.   But then there were people there who didn’t run, who wore yellow and seemed to be having fun too.  So I decided quite quickly I needed to try that out too and give something back to this thing called parkrun, especially when I had a race the following day or when injured.

How addictive is this thing called parkrun…..?

So not only were people having fun wearing yellow jackets, there was clearly a “special” blue/white jacket for someone called a “Run Director” – Mrs B had worn it several times already and I thought yes I need to have a go at that too.  And then the parkrun bug really started to bite - I remember the first time I climbed up that ladder – I’m not the tallest person in the world but I felt like the King of Welland Park up there, and it gave me so much satisfaction seeing all you keen runners, joggers and walkers with a smile on your face (well at least at the start!!)

It’s a run not a race, it’s good to don that hi-viz every once in a while but especially it’s good for the soul to be part of this thing called parkrun on a Saturday morning at 9am.  I love the friendly banter/camaraderie with my fellow parkrunners and volunteers and it’s great to see people progressing with their parkrun journey.  The support from my fellow RDs, and my two favourite EDs (Bev & Roger) is amazing and when I throw all this into the mix it definitely ‘spurs’ me on to try even harder!

And who knew apricot was even a colour….?

And so the day of my 100th parkrun dawned – great intro from Roger the duty RD who reminded me that of the 85 Market Harborough parkruns completed I had only managed 5PB’s and shaved 2 min+ off my first event time. This did not compare well with the 5 runners completing their 50th parkruns as they had a total of 53 PB’s between them and knocked a staggering 33 minutes off their times. Thank you Harriet, Beth, Jo, Leanne and Chris for making me feel inadequate!!

In a moment of weakness I agreed to run with a balloon and apologies to all those fellow runners attacked by it either on the course or on the Start Line. And that’s the reason I didn’t PB – well that’s my excuse this week – just need to “run a bit quicker” then and need Kenny “Ironman” Anderson to pace me!! That said it was great to hear all the shouts of encouragement for my 100th.  Thank you – I have made some great running buddies and friends along this journey – you are my parkrun family.

Looking forward to wearing the ‘100 club’ shirt as it could be a while before I reach the next shirt milestone!

Michael (100 and definitely not out) Brown #loveparkrun








Run Report #172 – 18th August 2018 by Harry Short

Welcome to #teamparkrun!

This week saw the launch of the #teamparkrun initiative which saw local National Lottery funded athletes support and take part in parkruns across the country.  A first big thanks of this report goes to Andrew Stamp for supporting Market Harborough’s parkrun!

However, one of the many special aspects of parkrun is that it isn’t necessarily about being elite or the fastest – it’s about enjoying 5km on your terms with a team of strangers, friends and family.  Whether you manage to complete your run in less than 20 minutes or spend a bit longer walking around with others, everyone is equally part of #teamparkrun.  The role of writing this report fell to me today by chance – I am a parkrun tourist and rarely repeat an event.  When I heard the RD appeal for a report writer I thought it would be a good chance to be part of a parkrun team beyond my usual turn up with daughter / chat to other tourists or volunteers / run / coffee / go.

In the past this has involved leaving home in pitch black to drive to Glossop or other faraway places to further extend mine and my daughter’s parkrun adventures.  We have changed and interrupted family breaks because there was a parkrun beginning with a particular letter just 15 miles away and found ourselves checking the parkrun website every week for our next possible journey.  Today, however we had the luxury of leaving home at after 8 and not needing to check maps or make sure the car was full of diesel.  What we have found though is that whether we have been in France, Scotland, one of 36 in Gainsborough or a thousand in Coventry, the parkrun welcome and experience is always friendly and inclusive.   This universal welcome means thousands of people have gained the confidence to go running in a public event and parkrun HQ take pride that the average finishing time is going up each year as this shows more people are using parkrun to kickstart a more active lifestyle.

Today saw 383 people travel from far and wide to take part in the 172nd MH parkrun - all deserve thanks for being part of #teamparkrun.  Whatever your role in this, it helps make parkrun a unique event.  Across the country (and indeed the world) there were thousands of other like-minded people taking part in their parkrun.

Some milestones from this week:  Paul Oldershaw and Adele Wright (100), Katharine Mackinnon (10).  Well done and enjoy your T-Shirts!

So whether you are back at MH next week, or parkrunning* somewhere else, well done and thank you for continuing to be part of #teamparkrun!  Me?  I’ll get the elusive I in the parkrun alphabet challenge at Ipswich (the other I being at Inverness)!

*Yes, ‘to parkrun’ is a real verb.


Event stats:

Market Harborough parkrun Event number 172 18th August 2018: This week 352 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 61 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 wonderful volunteers.

Market Harborough parkrun started on 25th April 2015. Since then 5,504 participants have completed 42,150 parkruns covering a total distance of 210,750 km, including 9,173 new Personal Bests.


Harry Short