New RD for Marple parkrun

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new Run Director joining the team at Marple parkrun.
Many of you may know John Bailey as a parkrunner, a parkrun volunteer, a Marple Runner / Membership Secretary and for his delicious work as “King of Cakes”.
Please join us in wishing John well in his new role, we are confident he’ll make a great Run Director.


The one where Brian completed another run………………

History made, where were you when the Legend, Brian Platt, became the latest member of the parkrun 500 club?
After starting running at the age of 70 Brian found parkrun at Bramhall in 2008. This sparked a desire to complete all UK parkruns – when there were 123!! Since then parkrun has grown rapidly and, with almost 550 events in the UK, completing all might take a while, so Brian has settled on runs closer to home. Today Brian Platt completed his 500th parkrun at Marple and becomes only the 24th person to join the exalted 500 club.
It’s an amazing and phenomenal achievement, but Brian’s contribution goes well beyond the running statistics (28 different parkruns, highest finish in position 12 at Oldham, fastest time 28 min and 13 seconds) to his volunteering activity.
Brian, who is also a regular contributor to the fantastic work of the Friends of Brabyns Park, has volunteered on 325 different occasions and has set out our Marple parkrun course 300 times – of 327 events over 6 years - and is a regular Tail walker.
Basically, without him we’d all be lost – quite literally.
Brian, you are a parkrun junkie, a parkrun advocate, a hero and a legend.
Here’s looking forward to your 1000th run


#307 Mini Beast from the East

This week's report comes from Eve Taylor, who is a parkrun Ambassador helping the new Macclesfield parkrun team start in a few weeks and was here with the team for some hands on training.


Well what a difference from last week when, for the first time in about five months I was running in shorts and t shirt at parkrun; but not today!

The forecast didn’t look great, indeed the Met Office was saying that with the wind chill, the temperature would be around -9 and they weren’t wrong. I last ran at Marple parkrun in June 2013 in significantly warmer temperatures and with less mud but I loved my return visit and must come back soon.

In spite of the weather, 100 hardy souls came down to run at Marple today including 6 newbies to parkrun – Annabelle Parry, Rebecca Wolfenden, Jonathan Crosby, Paul Healy Robert Scrutton and Sam Astley – welcome to the parkrun family and we hope that the weather improves for your run #2.

With the wind behind them, the runners set off down the field, negotiating the mud in the bottom field before eventually finding some shelter in the woods. Apart from being blasted by occasional gusts and snow flurries, once you got going the conditions weren’t too bad. At least it wasn’t raining!

Amazingly, 6 of you managed a PB – hats off to you and well done. Huge congratulations must also go to Sue Thorpe who completed her 50th parkrun.

Even more hardy were the fabulous volunteers this morning, the majority of whom were from the forthcoming Macclesfield parkrun core team. (When we launch, do visit but please wait a few weeks before doing so!) They did a brilliant job in such cold conditions, particularly Annie and Kathryn who were time keeping – goodness knows how you both managed not to make mistakes.

Thank you to you all for being such a great group, for giving of your time and for making today’s run possible. We hope that it didn’t take too long to thaw out.

Massive thanks to the Marple parkrun team for allowing the Macc team to do some training today under the guidance of James Kemp – thanks James.

Happy parkrunning everyone.
Eve Taylor A37284


Final Course check at 8:15 tomorrow!

Good news, it is looking very positive for tomorrow. Gina and I (and Sarah!) have had a walk around the full course and there is no ice, just patches of hard packed snow and drifted snow. The hard packed snow does have some grip depending on your shoes. The drifted snow has a crispy coating.

The car park has not been cleared so please use public transport or walk. If you are driving please take extreme caution and do remember there is a run every week and missing out on this week is not a life or death situation.

The only hazard is a fallen tree blocking the path down from the canal over the railway but is easily passable. But it is not any where near the course.

Again we must reiterate that you need to dress appropriately for during and after and wear shoes that you are confident running in snow. Please be mindful that young and older people suffer more in these conditions and above all we all want to have fun, but not get injured or ill.

We will confirm the situation by 8:15 am tomorrow

Our parkrun ambassador (Adrian Sell) has asked us to remind everyone to take note of any police or local authority warnings about essential travel only.


PS the mud is frozen and DFYB!!!


The one where Felix ran the show

Following a fantastic finale to his volunteering at Marple parkrun as part of his bronze DofE I'd like to thank Felix for also writing this week's run report. We're looking forward to congratulating him on completing the full award after his expedition in the summer. So well done Felix.....Thank you.

I am Felix and this week was the last week of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh course which includes volunteering for a least an hour a week for three months.

To finish it off I got to run direct. Throughout the past thirteen weeks I have done every role on the volunteer roster. This consists of: marshalling, timekeeping, barcode scanning, funnel managing, giving out the tokens, tail walking and finally run directing.

For those of you who don’t know, run directing includes preparing the volunteer roster, prepping the team for the run, delivering the run briefing and processing the results.

I thoroughly enjoyed it all but standing in front of all of those people and delivering the briefing was very nerve-racking.

On the day the weather was pretty miserable, with cold, sleety rain, which led to a very muddy and slippery course but it looked like a lot of fun. Still, the first finisher completed the gruelling course in an impressive 20:33 out of a field of 106 determined runners.

As always I would like to thank all of the volunteers who make the event possible: thanks to Gina for helping me and thank you to James Ignotus and Brian Platt for setting out the course. Also thanks to the marshals: Sam Lavender, Marion Lester, Pandora Lougheed, Charlotte Rose and Robert Turnbull. The funnel duties were completed by Ian Bowker and Chris Carre on timekeeping, James Ignotus and Patricia Rainsburry on the scanners and Simon Rushton giving out the tokens.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me this week and everyone who congratulated me afterwards.

Just a reminder, please keep to the left of the path in the meadow because it has really become an issue. If you would like to volunteer in the future contact us at and inform us as what role you would like to do.
Felix Kemp

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