Event #215 – 4th Birthday Bash – Battle of the Bands – 12.01.2018

What a morning!!! Today we had the pleasure of celebrating our 4th birthday run. It's so hard to believe that 4 years have passed since that very first morning. It was a dreary January morning in 2015 - I had just finished a night shift and I rushed across town at 8am to set up a running event for the first time, genuinely not knowing if anyone would show up over the next hour. That morning 262 people blew me away and we knew right there that we were on to something.

That was 4 years ago. Since then, we have averaged 135 runners per week and have seen 4,337 different runners do an average of 7 runs each to cover an astonishing 146,125 km (the hill has been climbed almost 30,000 times!!!). However, in 214 events, we had not got close to that all elusive attendance record ---- until today!!!

This morning we had 2 sets of Spice Girls, Wham!, the Beach Boys, the better half of Abba, Kiss!, Bananarama, Adam Ant, Ozzy, Elvis and James Dean Bradfield (he's from the Manic Street Preachers - I know I'm the only one that knew that), as well as a plethora of fan shirts, headbands and guitars, and they all clubbed together to give us a new attendance record of 267! Also contributing to this number, we had representatives of 24 different running clubs, 30 first timers to the event (12 of whom were doing their first ever parkrun), while repeat visitors/regulars managed to put in a whopping 30 PBs among the mayhem.

Among our first timers we had Linda Albone who power walked her way around, crossed the line, waited in line to be told her finish position and have it written down (we had run out of tokens - schoolboy error!!!!), and was suddenly thrust into the ears of all BBC Radio Leicester listeners to report on her first experience. That doesn't happen every week so I hope she isn't too scared off by it. Radio Leicester have run a fantastic piece on Rupal Rajani's weekend show (Listen again here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06w24l8 at around 01.12 and 02.13) in which her reporter Rob interviewed quite a number of our regulars who were all more than fothcoming with stating how great our event is and why we put ourselves through it every Saturday morning.

Regarding the running out of tokens. We have got up to position 400, but didn't have the second batch with us. Massive congrats and thanks to Mark for keeping cool and manually processing around 40 extra results.

The massive cake was courtesy of the wonderful Sugar Shamrocks in Melton who have supported us from the start. A great local business that can make cakes that good is always worth supporting.

As ever, it is impossible to talk about a great morning at parkrun without discussing the volunteers that help to put it on. This week we were wonderfully hosted and handled by:
Conrad GRAY • Catherine BALL • Nina SNOWLING • Emma SHARKEY • Trevor WADE • Brian WALKLING • Nicola DRAGE • Mark ASHMORE • Rory MAPLETOFT • Christopher FOODE • Flynn WALSH • Val DRAGE • Carly HILLS • Leah SCALLON • Hannah NUTTER (and her dog, Sherlock) • and Ben SANDILANDS

Since we started the event 4 years ago, 403 volunteers have filled 3,076 volunteer slots and we should thank every one of them for what they have done in making our event what it is.

Over the event's history, I have seen numbers increase and waistlines decrease, friendships and relationships form, plans being made for holidays and tourism stints, fancy dress, cake, pregnancies start and finish (soon to be followed by "baby's first parkrun), achievements from PBs based on times and age-grades through to the first time someone has been able to run up that hill on the second lap. We've seen photos, photographers, and we've seen the whole community come together in memory (#thankyouray). I would like to sign off this epic run report by thanking you all for humbling me each and every week since that morning when I didn't know if anyone would show or not.



NYD 2018 – Event 213

Congratulations to all 220 of you who started the new year off in the right way - with a parkrun! Even more kudos to those who went on to complete a New Year’s Day double, the only day in the year when you can run and register two parkrun results.

Today was my 150th run and my 88th at Melton Mowbray, I started my parkrun life in January 2014, and other than when injured, I rarely miss a Saturday. Well done to Kelly, Lucy, Jane and Rachel who completed their very first parkrun today, hopefully you will be back in a few years for your 150th run.

Today’s run was a reverse of the normal course which meant we all got to run down ‘that hill’. We just won’t mention the long uphill drag before then!! Catherine Payne was first female finisher today, Cameron Harris first male and Luke Betts first junior. Best age grade performance went to Julie Braker - well done all.

Jessica Ward, Vincent Jones and Nicola Drage all completed their 100th parkrun, look forward to seeing you all in black very soon, Alan Thompson ran his 150th and Ivan Newman his 200th parkrun. Our highest ‘total runs’ today went to Ed Griffith who was running his 248th and first Melton parkrun (what took you so long to visit Ed??) and after completing his double at Rutland Water, will be running a big ‘green’ milestone next week. Well done everyone.

Today’s parkrun wouldn’t have taken place without our wonderful team of volunteers expertly led by Liz, a big thanks to all of you that gave your time so we could run.

Parkrun has become a major part of my life. I’ve met and continue to meet new friends, running and race buddies. When life gets a bit tough there is always Saturday to look forward too, whether you run, jog or walk, chase regionnaire status or the parkrun alphabet, whatever your goal, you know there will always be the constant of a parkrun somewhere close by. So a big thank you to Paul Sinton Hewitt for coming up with the idea in the first place, to Shane and the Melton team for putting on an amazing event every week, and to current and new friends - see you all again on Saturday.

Happy New Year!


Event #212 – 29.12.2018

It was a very mild morning for the last parkrun of 2018 with a fabulous turnout of 215 runners.

It was an extra special run for me this morning as I completed my 100th parkrun of which 97 have been done at Melton Mowbray. I also completed my 25th as a volunteer at parkrun, which meant that in the nick of time, I was able to achieve my New Years Resolution for 2018 to do both this year. Rachel Heggs also completed her 100th parkrun this morning and we celebrated with mugs of hot tea and coffee and feasted on pork pie and cake afterwards with parkrun friends.
Special mention to Sean Nichols and Rachel Ashmore who completes their 50th parkrun this morning and Rachel was also our Tailwalker.

There were 23 first timers and 23 PB’s this morning with a fabulous first position and PB of 19.08 for Kieran De’ath and also completing their 150th parkrun was Lesley McArdle with a PB of 22.34.

We also discovered, whilst eating cake, that we had a gentleman, by the name of Shaun Macken - sorry, who had completed his 50th tourist parkrun for his 50th birthday year. What a fabulous achievement - Congratulations.

All in all a great last run of 2018 that would not have been made possible without our 14 volunteers - Conrad GRAY • Calum WALKER • Paul JACOBS • Rachel ASHMORE • Helen BENZIE • Brian WALKLING • Nicola DRAGE • Rory MAPLETOFT • Flynn WALSH • Julie WALTON • David BROOK • Sharon MEE • Leah SCALLON • Ben SANDILANDS. Thank you.

All that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy New Year and don’t forget to join us if you can on New Years Day for a special nurkrap (parkrun in reverse) at 9am.

(written by Sharon Mee)


Melton Mowbray parkrun #206 – 24.11.18 #thankyouray

The parkrun this week was incredibly special. The people of the Melton running community extended their incredible support even further and came out in force to celebrate the life of our brilliant Dad, Ray Walker. The brief was to show up, bring money for post-race cake and wear purple to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer.

Dad, in his typical understated way would have even thought today was rather spectacular! A sea of purple rippled across the start line, and an emotional address to all of the runners from our brilliant Mum set the scene to one of the largest attendances Melton parkrun has ever seen!

A peloton of purple ascended the hill, and an marvellous bunch of runners ran in celebration of a great Husband, Dad and Grandad. This was followed by cake, refreshments and an overwhelming amount of donations and support in the café afterwards, and the preceding afternoon of drinks, cake, raffles and prizes at our house. Over the day we raised an incredible £880 for PCUK. Thank you all so much.

Jon Wilson had some big shoes to fill but his photographs really captured the fact that today was just something a little bit special. The images showed the energy of Melton parkrun, the enthusiasm towards the cause and how much people thought of our Dad.

All of us in the Walker family would like to wholeheartedly thank everybody within the Melton running community for your incredible support, generosity and love.


Event number 205 – 17.11.18

EVENT #205 – 17th November 2018:
It was a pretty nippy morning, hanging around waiting to run this morning, but once I got going that soon disappeared. It was my first time at Melton Mowbray parkrun. It’s one that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but never got around to it, due to working on Saturdays, but today I finally made it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I noticed straight away, that you were a decent bunch….I’m not used to complete strangers saying good morning to me as they arrived. The Run Director was friendly, along with his army of helpers, as they prepared for their designated roles. The whole event was very well organised. We cannot take the volunteers for granted, especially when these colder months arrive. Without these volunteers, this event would not be able to go ahead, so a massive shout out to all of them who make this happen every Saturday. Melton Mowbray parkrun will always welcome volunteers, so if you want to give it a try, see a member of the team next time you’re down. Don’t worry, they’ll show you what to do - It’s not difficult, if I can do it, anyone can. Get your name down on the roster: www.parkrun.org.uk/meltonmowbray/futureroster

I didn’t have the foggiest where I was supposed to be running today. I did look at the course route beforehand, but I forgot that by the time I came to run it. I must admit, I did laugh to myself as I reached the first wooden bridge. A poor dog walker coming from the other direction had timed it completely wrong, and was confronted by a sea of 200 odd runners. She got to one side, but her dog went to the other, and no matter how much she called him to come back, he thought it best to stay on the other side. So I guess they had to wait until the tail walker went passed to get reunited.

The incline on the way wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t feel great the second time around. Melton has a great course, with great encouragement from all the volunteers who congregated to offer support as we completed the first lap.
I got a decent time, but I’m a long way off my parkrun PB these days, but I’m not too worried about that anymore. parkrun isn’t a race. You can use it for whatever you need it for, be it, to begin/improve/recover, or to get or keep fit or even volunteer. It’s a place to meet people with similar interests, and make new friends.

Lets look at some run facts for Event #205
Today saw 176 of you either run, jog or walk around this very scenic course.
There were 27 First Timers, and 8 of those were joining the parkrun World for the first time ever……Do any of these people realise how addictive parkrun is???

21 runners also achieved a New PB today.
First Male Finisher was Toby HEAVER, with a time of 19:03 and First Female Finisher was Julie BASS, with a time of 23:08
Todays age graded Record Holder was Julie BRAKER with 84:24%

There are a few milestones to mention
Well done to Joe BARKER, a Junior parkrunner who has clocked up 10 parkruns. Congratulations to Trevor WADE on completing his 50th run, and well done to Julie WALTON and Andrew WRATH on competing their 100th run.
Well done to everyone else today. Don’t forget to do it all again next week.

Don’t forget that next week Melton Mowbray parkrun is getting behind Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, with a Parkrun being dedicated to Ray Walker #thankyouray

If you could all try to wear Purple next week, to support Seb and Calum on their quest to raise funds and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer UK, in memory of their dad Ray. Lets turn Melton parkrun Purple.

There will be a cake sale after parkrun in the Visitors Centre Café. If you’d like to donate a cake, or eat a load of it, bring some cash with you.
See you all next week for a memorable parkrun

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