millom parkrun 90

With autumn on the horizon and the grass growing rapidly on the Millom parkrun circuit, numbers continue to be substantially better than this time last year as 48 keen and eager participants listened to race director Dawn Attwood’s briefing. Dawn thanked all the volunteers; Jonathan Bailey. Julia Barwell, Colin Benn, Andy Burn, Stephen Hancock, Maya and Karen Hughes, Peter Jackson, Penny Moreton, Shelley Myers, Rob Overton, Pauline Preston, Andrew Rigg and John Roberts who had made the day possible. Visitors this week had come from Horsham and Huddersfield plus it was great to see James Hyde begin his park run experience today.

For the first time there were a couple of pace runners to help those who wished to fine tune their runs; Rob Overton leading the 25-minute finishers and Jonathan Bailey leading the 28-minute brigade. This proved very successful as many personal bests were achieved by winner Scott Mossop, Michael Spegelaere, Colin Benn, Hannah Wright, Suzy Overton, Holly Singleton, Colin Southward, Lee Brabbs, Ellen Longhorn, Kelly Lancaster, Heather Singleton, Wendy Craik, Sarah Pinney, Elle Peck White, Keaton Keen and Susan Southward. Tremendous achievements by all.

The age span continues to inspire, ranging from a six-year-oldright through to 74 years, so many family members chasing each other around the course and once finished going back out to cheer their parents or siblings to the finish. Tail walker Julia Barwell takes her daughter and the toddler was singing across the line with the widest of smiles.

The café was buzzing afterwards, thanks extended to Colin Benn who after achieving his personal best, sped to man the tea urn and cut up the wonderful apple flapjack baked earlier.

Results; Men: Scott Mossop 20.46, 2nd John Rodgers 21.32, 3rd Lee Thompsett 22.06
Women’s: Hannah Wright 25.50, 2nd Rachael Read 26.26, 3rdSuzy Overton 26.44


millom parkrun 91

The rains returned to Millom parkrun, but it was great to see runners Dave Bridges and Andrew Rigg returning from frustrating injury, also Jonathan Bailey and John Rodgers fresh from smashing their personal bests for 5k at last Wednesday’s Hoad Hill Harriers road race.
Race Director Shelley Myers thanked volunteers; Dawn Attwood, Jonathan Bailey, Gemma Bosanko, Ruby Bremer, Lesley Grieve, Stephen Hancock, Maya and Karen Hughes, Penny Moreton, Pauline Preston, Andrew Rigg, John Roberts and Rob Sanders. It was a special occasion today as John Roberts a veteran from the 1986 London Marathon, was celebrating his 80th timekeeping duty.
Welcome was extended to Paul Bliss, from Welwyn Garden City, but had driven up especially from Manchester to complete in his 110th different parkrun. The conditions underfoot were sticky as the freshly cut turf clung to the participants shoes, as a result the times were slightly slower from the 34 runners. Two personal bests were well earned by Kelly Lancaster and Susan Southward. It was great to watch the sprint to the line between Colin Benn and Holly Singleton despite over 55 years between them there was only a second between them as they hurtled to the finish; Benn not quite having the speed to catch the 6-year-old.
Results: John Rodgers 21.39, 2nd Dave Bridges 21.59, 3rd LeeThompsett 22.46
Womens: Louise Roberts 28.33, 2nd Holly Singleton 28.46, 3rdMargaret Woods 31.40


parkrun 92

This week’s parkrun was to be even more exciting than our previous 91 weeks, the course had been redesigned by our course designer Jonathan Bailey. The usual 5 lap course had some interesting tweaks for the park runners to negotiate, including a wheelie hair pin bend; that Lewis Hamilton would have relished.
Race Director Shelley Myers gave a vote of thanks to Jonathan along with the volunteers; Dawn Attwood, Gemma Bosanko, Andy Burn, Yvonne Davies, Stephen Hancock, Sarah Lupton, Penny Moreton, Rachel Read, Andrew Rigg and John Roberts. She welcomed our visitors Mick Conway and Teresa Raynor from Far Cotton and Gary Davies fromRochdale who were visiting our course for the first time, also first timing Carolyn Burn, Roy Jones and Gillian Steffert.
Congratulations were extended to Rachel Read, Jane McFie, Dawn Attwood, Carolyn Burn, Tim Miles and Katy Leece who successfully completed the Great North Run in the wake of Mo Farah, most of these runners had begun their first steps through parkrun participation, so to complete 13.1 miles is a terrific achievement.
The runners relished the new course as plenty of smiles greeted the timekeepers as they commenced each lap of the new course. Mick Conway led the pack of Dave Bridges, John Rodgers and Lee Thompsett. Calvin Singleton was determined and succeeded in beating Jonathan Bailey, whilst there was a new lady winner this week; Carolyn Burn swiftly followed by Holly Singleton. Our mid run beginners are improving with every stride. Milly Wilson a recent beginner even took her new-found fitness on holiday as she completed a continuous 5km along the promenade in Benidorm to maintain her Saturday morning streak. Personal bests were achieved by Sarah Pinney, Shara Elias and Emma Gandy, Susan Southward.
General consensus felt that the new course was interesting and would hopefully be repeated.
Results Mick Conway 21.11, 2nd Dave Bridges 21.19 3rd John Rodgers 21.52
Women’s Carolyn Burn 28.52, 2nd Holly Singleton 29.28, 3rdKaren Moore 32.22


Millom parkrun 93

Millom parkrun #93
Our parkrun was back to its normal route this week and we welcomed 40 runners including one tourist and 2 first timers, and although we were somewhat reduced in numbers (both volunteers and runners) due to several regulars participating in the Coniston 10k and 15k, we still managed an excellent turnout.
Many of our newer runners (including this chronicler) were somewhat apprehensive after the heavy rains this week with the headline of “Hardest Park Run in the country” conjuring visions of Vicar of Dibley style puddles ready to envelop the unwary as they struggled round the muddy course; we needn’t have worried as the going was “good to soft” to borrow a term from our 4-legged racing brethren, the rain stayed away and we fortunately didn’t need to call on the services of our local HM Coastguard Mud Rescue Team.
Well done to our sole visitor, Andrew Dunning from Liverpool, who was first across the finish line for the Gentlemen and Rachel Read who won the Ladies section.
Despite using hair bands on the wrist to count laps, this reporter still managed to miscount and started the final run in one lap short! Fortunately, one of her fellow runners called her back and she was able to complete the full course.
As always, huge thanks to our volunteers on the course, to Freya and Sarah for the lovely cakes and to all who participated...see you all again next week.

Milly Wilson


Millom parkrun #94

Millom parkrun #94
As we hurtle onwards towards our 100th parkrun which will see great rejoicing and (hopefully) many celebratory cakes, there was still much to shout out about this week!

We welcomed 37 runners, including first timers Katy Bosanko, Myrthe Coenen and Olivia Marshall. Hannah Brabbs was participating in her 10th run and Milly Wilson, Nathan Lampitt and Colin Benn all achieved new Personal Bests.
Congratulations to our first over the finish liners Hannah Wright for the Ladies and John Rodgers for the Gents.

The weather Gods had smiled on us yet again (I was reminded of that old saying that the sun always shines on the righteous) and the conditions were perfect for running (so say the experienced runners, this chronicler still being a relative newcomer).

As always, parkrun would not be able to happen without our awesome volunteers so a huge thank you to Jonathan Bailey, Colin Benn, Gemma Bosanko, Andy Burn, Malcolm Howitt, Karen Hughes, Maya Hughes, Karen Lomas, Freya Lipton, Sarah Lipton, Shelley Myers, Luke Pinney, Pauline Preston, Michael Spegelaere and Helena Tyson.
Thanks also to Andrew and John for making lovely brews for the weary runners afterwards.

To anyone thinking they couldn’t possibly go out “running” - walkers are welcome to join us, but it’s possible that you may end up having a bit of a jog and perhaps (like this reporter), you’ll carry on with the encouragement of the “real” runners and, next thing you know, you’ll be a runner too! Remember, a 60 minute 5K is the exact same distance as a 20 minute 5K. Happy running!

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