Milton Keynes parkrun #420 April 7 2018

When I signed up to volunteer at Milton Keynes parkrun as part of my Duke of Edinburgh (DofE), I was really excited to meet new people, help the community and get outside. This enthusiasm lasted right up until I had to stagger downstairs at the ungodly hour of 7:30am, and then go stand outside in the freezing cold, trying to muster up some cheerfulness even as my toes felt like they were about to drop off. In the following weeks the weather didn’t get any nicer, the time didn’t get any later, but I was surprised to catch myself (sort of) enjoying it! It turns out that parkrun is highly infectious, too, because in just a few months both my mum and I have volunteered multiple times, and everyone (apart from my brother) has run it several times!

Milton Keynes parkrun has been a brilliant thing to choose for my DofE, partly because of all the new experiences and skills that it is possible to gain and also partly because it’s such a great community. I have learnt how to be enthusiastic - even at 8:30 in the morning, (no mean feat for a teenager!) - and it has given me a good reason to be outdoors and active, rather than be tempted to lounge around inside all day. I still wouldn’t say that I am sociable, but I came uncomfortably close to being so a couple of times whilst waiting alongside other volunteers for the first runners to arrive. It has got me out meeting new people, increased my confidence and wrenched me away from my phone for a couple of hours, which is a miracle in itself. Thanks parkrun! The guidance and encouragement from the parkrun team, and the community in general, has been amazing and it’s been a privilege to watch people of all ages, all levels of fitness and from all walks of life taking part enthusiastically in this brilliant event every week. Even though I’ve now completed the volunteering section of my DofE, I will definitely still be back both as a runner and a volunteer.

This week was especially pleasant for everyone involved, as it was above freezing for once. The nice weather obviously sparked a lot of enthusiasm in the community, as an astounding 581 people turned up and ran, jogged or walked the course, all under an hour, and 77 PB’s were broken. There were 51 new-comers, and also a few notable milestones including:
Ollie Badger
Nathan Rutherford

Tom Crussell
Cathy Chettle

The event was made possible by 39 volunteers:

Simon BAKER • Gareth SNELSON • Julie ORMSTON • Steve CLARKE • Jean-Paul SRIVALSAN • Darren Michael O'LEARY • Sophie Jade O'LEARY • Geoff BROAD • Fiona SIEQUIEN • Pippa DOWNTON • Teigan HINCKS • Annabel CACCHIOLI • Pet HEDGES • Ros JAMES • Stuart WRIGHT • Jan HOWARD • India HILLMAN-BROWN • Hayley BAYER • Beth DEVENISH • Mary MCKINNELL • Jude SRIVALSAN • Elise MARRAY • Brian HIRD • Jane DRAKE • Serena HENCHY • Diane MOLE • Svetlana BLACKBURN • Louise PAGE • Samantha EVANS • Lucy WRIGHT • Alice ROBERTSON-GLASGOW • Rachel MARRAY • Joanne KERINS • Kayleigh HAWKINS • Ceri MOORE • Keiran MILNE • Leisa MILNE • Sophia BUDDRIGE • Gabrielle HUMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Milton Keynes parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily TALLEN who recorded a time of 17:04 on 29th October 2011 (event number 94).
The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:01 on 27th July 2013 (event number 182).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela COPSON who recorded 95.57% (22:33) on 6th February 2016 (event number 311).

Milton Keynes parkrun started on 16th January 2010. Since then 16,191 participants have completed 144,554 parkruns covering a total distance of 722,770 km, including 25,528 new Personal Bests.

Congratulations to all who ran, and of course the tireless volunteers who make this entire event possible. I will see you all next week!



Milton Keynes parkrun # 412 – 03/02/2018

On a cold, drizzly day, a record 57 volunteers including 54 members of Ampthill and Flitwick Flyers cheered on 445 park runners tackling the 412th MK run. This was the second time the Flyers have come over in large numbers to support the event and they had as much fun doing so as the runners who ran. Run Director Richard Jones meticulously planned where to station the support on course, by following the plan of the prior 411 runs (albeit the previous course change did flummox him for a while). The pressure on him in the week leading up to the run, meant he lost over two minutes sleep the night before. He need not have worried, as the enthusiastic Flyers were there to loudly support, cheer on and applaud every last runner and walker on the route.
There were some notable anniversaries this week with Erin Nichols running her 10th parkrun, Dominic Cross his 50th, fifteen year old Alfie Blaber his 100th, Helen Hindley her 150th and Jim Marray his 250th. Mike Boast turned 80 in the week and showed how to do it with style on the day. A special mention has to be reserved for Lithuanian Glendrius Daugmaudis who learnt about parkrun while visiting the UK to see family, promptly joined the community and then ran. His exuberance post run suggested that a new ambassador might well be in the pipeline.
As always with parkrun, it's about taking part and not worrying too much where you finish. Sure, there can be an element of clock watching which is inevitable when you get a bunch of runners together, but the sense of satisfaction of all the runner's post run really said it all no matter where they finished. The knowledge that they were among a group of like minded individuals and the miraculous dissipation of the tiredness in their limbs with a well deserved skinny cappuccino post run, will ensure another bumper turnout next week. The only downside is that MK parkrun will have to wait a year for another AFF takeover.

This weeks event was made possible by 57 volunteers:

Gareth SNELSON • Rebecca FLECKNEY • George ARBUCKLE • Patricia Barbara Anne GODFREY • Mike PETTY • Brendan O'MAHONEY • Katie RUDITIS • Mark BILLINGTON • Keith MORGAN • Martin GODIN • Paul OWEN • Terry James STANLEY • Tracy NICHOLS • Caroline GILBY • Laura Carol JOHNSTON • Mark ROUSE • Sally Ann SAWKINS • Richard A JONES • Kevin CUTLER • Pippa DOWNTON • Colin WOODS • Teigan HINCKS • Fraser GEDDES • Claire JONES • Caroline O'MAHONEY • John CROSS • Pet HEDGES • Richard GALE • Sophie WINDMILL • Steve GIBBONS • Wendy KENT • Robert HARDWICK • Louise WILKINS • Charlene HALPIN • Ben STONEMAN • Helen SATTERTHWAITE • Jodie KELLY • Paul DE DENIS LA SOIE • Nichole NEATE • Emma WHITE • Martin BEARE • Lisa WELLS • Samantha EVANS • Emma CLARE • Kimberley YARDLEY • Deborah SALMON • Mandy WEEKS • Claire WILSON • Toni ELSTON • Sarah WHEELER • Christine SHARMAN • Gemma BEAR • Laura USHER • Emily MEAD • Daniel KARAISKOU • Jacqui MORLAND • Mark WHEELER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Milton Keynes parkrun Results Page.


Milton Keynes parkrun event number 405 – Christmas Day 2017

I only started parkrunning (and running in general) in May of 2017 so I'm fairly new to it all still. My local has been Luton Wardown although the new Houghton Hall might take its place. I've become a little obsessed with parkrun so a Christmas Day run (and New Years' Day) has always been on the cards. This was my first Christmas Day parkrun so I wasn't sure what to expect. I received many weird looks when I told friends and family about my Christmas Day morning plans. I guess the only other people that truly understand why you'd want to do a parkrun on Christmas Day are other parkrunners!j

I was surprised to see on the results that 421 people ran, jogged and walked the course! Huge turnout! Myself and 41 others were first timers to the course. 17 people were brand new to parkrun. 29 people recorded Personal Bests; what a great start to the day! Representatives from 29 different clubs took part and it was great to see everyone in their club tops... and it was equally great to see people in amazing costumes! I loved them all, especially the three overall favourites; the blue cracker, the turkey and the Christmas tree with lights! It's always entertaining getting overtaken by some of these comical costumes.


This Christmas Day run was my 31st run so I have a good understanding of what parkruns are all about and the amazing community feeling that comes with them. However, I was so pleased to see people go the extra mile on this special day of the year. This really was a day where people weren't so concerned with PBs and were more concerned with each other. For example, I saw many people just stop and take photos of the amazing costumes and runners. I also saw quite a few people go back and support friends. There was also an overwhelming amount of gratitude towards all of the marshals and volunteers as runners passed them on the course. Lots of parkruns don't go ahead on Christmas and this really was only possible because of all 32 of the Christmas Day volunteers!

Well done to first male finisher Genci PEPAJ (17:25) from Redway Runners and first female Samantha LUDLOW TAYLOR (18:55) from Serpentine RC.

Also big congratulations to the following milestones;
50 - Phil CUFF - Redway Runners
50 - Kevin SHEPHERD - Redway Runners
50 - Michael NEYLAND
100 - Danny BARTHAUD - Vegan Runners
100 - Debbie DICKINSON - Redway Runners
100 - Susan JUDGE-TALBOT - Redway Runners

Debbie DICKINSON finishing her 100th parkrun

Well done and a big thank you to the volunteers:


Some of this weeks volunteers

Thank you for having me. I didn't enjoy your zig zag hill but I'm sure I'll be back again in the future!


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