Event No. 114 – 6th January 2018

Moors Valley – A small moment of ‘busyness’

I have never been a morning person however for parkrun (despite still pressing the snooze button) I am always keen to get up. As a frequent runner, I am usually on the ‘other side’ but today I donned the high vis and took on a marshalling role.

The weather on Saturday morning was lovely – it was cold and crisp and I really think that these sorts of conditions show the true natural beauty of Moors Valley. Both Ginny (my ‘foster’ Cockerpoo) and I were greeted by the core team in the usual spot and provided with our kit for the morning!

We headed off down the beaten track to Marshal point 5, checked the mud situation and waited. Apart from the dim rattling of golfer’s clubs behind us, there was nothing. Absolute silence. It was so calm however within minutes we were greeted by our first runner (who also happened to own a dog… much to Ginny’s delight!). Then came more noise; the sounds of people chatting, laughing, encouraging, thanking and supporting one another. There were people (430 to be precise) of different ages and backgrounds all there for that same reason… to walk or to run 5K and it was just brilliant! Then within half an hour, it was just Ginny and I again, surrounded by silence, as if nothing had happened. I think that’s the best thing about park run… a small moment of ‘busyness’ where all park runners unite together to go out and run/walk 5K and then everything returns back to normal.


So, park runners, thank you for providing me with that small moment of ‘busyness’ that brightened up my Saturday morning


In total 34 volunteers made Saturday’s event happen, so a massive thank you to them:

Gary TYLER • Jan UNDERDOWN • Lee BAXTER • Katie WALDING • Tim CHALLIS • Scott SMALLMAN (who sported a cone on his head about 5 minutes before the event started) • Glenys WATERS • Clifford WATERS • Heidi SNOOK • Kay MILLS • Robert SPENCER • Jason BEECH • Ellie PIPER • Alex BLACKMORE • Andy BASKETT • Simon POPE • Lindsay CASS • Rachel CASS • Simon WALDING • Helena SHAW • Tina MCGOWAN • Benjamin HARWOOD • Toby DEDRICK • Carole BLACKMORE • Alex THURSTON • Anne ADAMS • Anna PARNUM • Harry SIMS • Jort HILLE RIS LAMBERS • Fred UNDERDOWN • Phillip MILLS • Sue PULMAN • Ella UNDERDOWN-GRAY • Moira UNDERDOWN

As previously mentioned 430 people ran, jogged or walked the course today. 47 of those were first timers (hurrah to you) and 57 of you achieved new PB’s (more hurrahs to you).

Well done to everyone!


Event #111 – Back to my home parkrun – by Becky Jay

Having recently moved to the area I feel very blessed to have Moors Valley and Ringwood forest on my doorstep.

My husband and I frequently travel around the country to watch and support Bournemouth football club and more often than not stay overnight on the Friday so we can do parkrun tourism on the Saturday morning before the match. Having recently run Hanley parkrun, Swansea Bay parkrun and Lloyd parkrun it was nice to come back home to my favourite run at Moors Valley. One thing I always come away with, being a parkrun tourist, is thinking about how they are all so efficiently managed and how fortunate we all are to have such a great concept available to us, free of charge, every Saturday morning, whether we run, jog, walk, it really is a great event for every community.

Having run so many different parkruns recently I was looking forward to getting back to Moors Valley. The weather looked promising and I decided to cycle in to warm up. Not sure warm up was the right choice of words as I could hardly feel my fingers or toes upon arriving. I'm still brave or silly enough not to be wrapped up in layers of running attire unlike everybody else around me who were fully equipped with hats, gloves and jackets and looking raring to go.

The best thing about Moors Valley is the one lap course with a few undulating sections to surprise you along the way. With a mixture of terrain, gravel forest tracks and tarmac what's not to love.

Along the way around the course you are frequently greeted with happy, supporting, encouraging marshals. I'm always delighted to see the final on course Marshal on the bridge, just after the 4km marker, at the point you are starting to really tire and then it's the final stretch around the beautiful Moors Lake. The last 200 metres you can see through the break in the trees at the finishing funnel and it's the final push to try and get that elusive PB, if you can find that last bit of energy and dig deep!

Today's run was extra special, I didn't achieve a PB today, but I had my husband back running after months out with an injury. My good friend John Scott got a course PB running with his faithful 4 legged friend Maddie, who had bags of energy left still at the end!

Today at Moors Valley we saw 279 runners, which included 23 first timers and 45 PBs. Just goes to show some of us thrive in this cold weather!
We also saw Heidi Ghinn run her 50th today. Nice to see junior runners out there achieving their 10 milestone runs, including Katy Jack, Jamie Anderson and Jasper Clark.

25437517_10156832390764908_1232384932_n              25437344_10156832391124908_1199892128_n


Nick Solomon of Wimborne AC was the runner who has achieved the most parkruns out of everyone here today with an impressive 254 runs.

We were very lucky to have been able to run today, after seeing on Facebook earlier in the morning the amount of other parkruns I had run recently having to cancel due to ice on the course. Of course, these events can only ever go ahead because of our volunteers kindly giving up their time each Saturday morning so that we can all get our running fix in. Let's remember to give them a thank you next time we run past them to show them how grateful we are to them.

Fingers crossed and weather permitting for next Saturday, that we can get our final parkrun in before Christmas and to give us all an excuse to have that extra mince pie, cause after all we've all earned it right?!

This week 279 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 24 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 36 volunteers:

Michael KING • Nick SOLOMON • Becky JAY • Jane BLACKMORE • Jan UNDERDOWN • Katie WALDING • Glenys WATERS • Clifford WATERS • Sara WILSON • Samuel BOGGUST • Jason BEECH • Darren PARNUM • Ellie PIPER • Chris SINKINSON • Sean BLACKMORE • Alex BLACKMORE • Simon POPE • Jamie ANDERSON • Lindsay CASS • Rachel CASS • Simon WALDING • Anna LEE • Angie HARPER • Sue KENDRICK • Greta LEE • Celia HODGSON • Steve GOODWIN • Anna JONES • Anna PARNUM • Harry SIMS • Martine DUCHESNE • Jort HILLE RIS LAMBERS • Mark GIBSON • Bryannie GIBSON • Fred UNDERDOWN • Sue PULMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Moors Valley parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Ruth MCKEAN who recorded a time of 18:35 on 15th July 2017 (event number 89).
The male record is held by Max COSTLEY who recorded a time of 15:53 on 16th September 2017 (event number 98).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline HORDER who recorded 91.48% (22:30) on 20th February 2016 (event number 15).

Moors Valley parkrun started on 7th November 2015. Since then 6,929 participants have completed 34,143 parkruns covering a total distance of 170,715 km, including 7,593 new Personal Bests.


Moors Valley parkrun Report for run #107. A bit of Tourism?? – by Howard Lewis.

Moors Valley parkrun Report for run #107.
A bit of Tourism?? – by Howard Lewis.
A lovely still, quiet and peaceful morning greeted us for our run this weekend. It was my turn to marshal with the Wimborne 10 road race to come on Sunday, so I offered to write this report. I was asking myself “what shall I write about?” Well then, (please get on with it, I hear you say!) I was marshalling at the end of the bridleway halfway along the back of the lake, about 400m from the end. To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a bridleway here at all. Even though I’ve run past the marshal here many times, it didn’t occur to me that this was anything other than a twisty part of the course! Sorry, the idea for this report… Well, I thought that this bit of the course was a ‘hidden gem’ for me and I thought about other hidden gems. (Sorry, a bit of a tenuous link to follow…) Maybe some of these will be known to you, but they could also be a good excuse to get in a 5k if you’re away from MVp on holiday.


parkrun Tourism, for those who may not know, is travelling anywhere away from your home parkrun for a run with our friends at their local run. Kate and I have done a fair bit of this and really love meeting new people and trying out their course. The brilliant thing is that once you have your barcode (DFYB – don’t forget your barcode) you can run at any parkrun in the world! The 5k distance is the same everywhere, as are the tokens, volunteers and warm welcome you’ll surely receive. From a brief look at the results, we had visitors from Southampton, Swindon, Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Manchester. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone. Welcome and we hope you had a lovely run.


So, a few notes about some of the parkruns Kate and I have done. I’ll put them into categories to help…

Beach runs – Porthcawl, Southsea and Lee-on-the-Solent.
Runs around lakes – Poole, Tamar Lakes, Bryn Bach and Congleton.
Runs by rivers / canals – Exeter Riverside, Shrewsbury, Fareham, Abingdon and Banbury.
Hilly runs – Lanhydrock (hilliest in UK), Ganavan Sands, Queen Elizabeth and Brockenhurst (Winter course.)
Most beautiful – Ganavan Sands and (obviously!!) Moors Valley.

So, what is your favourite parkrun course, apart from the obvious? Do you prefer one lap, out and back or multiple laps? Do you want hilly or flat? What about the surface beneath your feet; hard tarmac, gravel, sand, grass or mud? Kate and I have had the pleasure of all of the above and have loved each parkrun course for differing reasons. The hills of Lanhydrock were exhausting, but the views at Bath Skyline and Ganavan Sands were breath-taking. The sea at Porthcawl was mesmerizingly rough and the canals at Exeter Riverside and Banbury beautifully peaceful.
Whatever your preferred choice of parkrun, I’m sure you’ll agree that we love the chance to get each weekend off to a great start with 5k of fun with friends. However, none of these parkruns could take place without our volunteers. So, please don’t forget to thank them and also have a go yourself from time to time. It really is great fun giving a little back!


Event 105 – Happy 2nd Birthday Moors Valley parkrun!

Written by Daniel Webster

In this report, we celebrate the 2nd birthday of Moors Valley parkrun and reflect on how much we have grown in the last two years. It provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the growth of other local parkruns. Also, as an avid buggy runner I am going to discuss buggy running at parkrun.

Moors Valley parkrun 4 Nov 2017

Happy birthday! 2 years and counting. There was a wonderful atmosphere this morning despite the rain. The rain abated for the run brief and was certainly much calmer than that of Storm Brian two weeks ago. Thanks again to the volunteers who helped out in this weather. Event 105 saw 390 finishers and headed by two unknowns again! There were 373 finishers when Moors Valley parkrun was 1 year old, 404 at the very first ever Moors Valley parkrun.

What has made it such a success! Obviously without a very loyal core team and volunteers this parkrun would not be able to happen. However, I think Moors Valley owes a lot of its success to ease of access, easy parking, a big starting area and a single lap course. I love the course – a mixture of trail and tarmac with some undulations and a fast finish. The impact of being a single lap cannot be underestimated – some people do not like doing laps especially those that can be lapped. Moors Valley parkrun is in a very healthy position attracting over 300 runners each week providing a great atmosphere without feeling too busy.

Moors Valley parkrun 4 Nov 2017

As this is a week of milestones (I celebrated my 40th birthday on Tuesday!) I thought I would reflect on how other local parkruns are doing. As Moors Valley is on the Hampshire/ Dorset border it feels fitting to talk about the parkruns in these two counties. Here are the attendances last weekend for local parkruns:

  • Basingstoke 404
  • Blandford 135
  • Bournemouth 321
  • Brockenhurst 139
  • Eastleigh 286
  • Fareham 195
  • Havant 246
  • Lee on the Solent 346
  • Lymington 73
  • Moors Valley 390
  • Netley Abbey 227
  • Poole 611
  • Portsmouth Lakeside 203
  • Queen Elizabeth 70
  • Southampton 783
  • Southsea 319
  • Upton House 248
  • Weymouth 343
  • Whiteley 158
  • Winchester 315

That’s a staggering 5812 parkrunners in Hampshire and Dorset alone on a grizzly November morning. What a fantastic number of options – talk about spoilt for choice.

To close, I am going to talk about buggy running. I have done 210 parkruns and over 100 with the buggy. Most of these are running with my daughter in a single buggy but my son is now 10 months old so have been running with the double buggy for the last three months or so. I cannot remember the last time I ran without a buggy and it would feel very strange to run “solo.” We bought a running buggy before my daughter was born and I knew I wanted to run parkrun with her. I had no idea it would end up being every week. Even though I am slower with the buggy, I set my own targets and know my single and double buggy PBs at all the local parkruns! Buggy running really fits the parkrun ethos of inclusivity – it enables my whole family to participate. My wife and dad run, my mum volunteers.

Moors Valley parkrun 4 Nov 2017

What’s it like running with a buggy? It’s great fun – we would not do it otherwise. Going uphill is about 1000 times harder than without – undulations at Moors Valley feel like mountains. Downhill is also tasty – the buggy pulls you along so you don’t want to lose grip! However, one of the biggest things running through our mind is concern for clipping the heels of runners in front of us. With our 3 wheeled buggies, we cannot see where our front wheel is. I tread very carefully at the start to safely navigate traffic but after a half km or so, the path opens up and we are away. My daughter loves it and I know I would be in trouble if I suggested anything other than parkrun on a Saturday morning! She wants to do parkrun every day!

We all love parkrun and long may it continue. Looking forward to the 3rd birthday

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Jason BEECH, Samuel BOGGUST, Lindsay CASS, Rachel CASS, Steve DAVIS, Carole DAVIS, James GILFILLAN, Steve GOODWIN, Mark GOULDING, Joanne HANSELL, Jort HILLE RIS LAMBERS, Celia HODGSON, Eddie HONEY, Phillip HORSCROFT, Martyn HOULDSWORTH, Michael KING, Deborah LAMB, Anna PARNUM, Lewis PARRY, Ellie PIPER, Sue PULMAN, Chris RICHMOND, Helena SHAW, Jerry SHIELD, Harry SIMS, Heidi SNOOK, Sue TIPPING, Julie TYLER, Simon WALDING, Katie WALDING, Ronald WALMSLEY, Gillian WALMSLEY, Alison WARD, Glenys WATERS, Clifford WATERS, Ross WHITE, Steve WICKENDEN


Event 104 – 28/10/2017

Bbbbrrrrrr! This is how I describe my first go as the run reporter for Moors Valley parkrun number 104 as I stepped out of the door from a nice warm house this morning. There was frost on next door’s roof but luckily the car didn't require deicing. The short drive from home to Moors Valley I could see that Autumn had well and truly arrived with the array of orange, red, brown colours on the trees and the snowfall of leaves from the trees tumbling down with every gust of wind.
I first encountered parkrun 4 years ago back in 2013 at Bournemouth parkrun in its infant days, when they were short of volunteers and a friend who had taken up running suggested about helping out there. This in turn led to volunteering for a number of different roles there in allsorts of weathers (especially rain) so that all you lovely people could run, amble, jog, push a buggy, get pulled along by your dog, walk in the fresh air around a 5k course first thing on a Saturday morning.
A set back in health led to a break from parkrun (during which time I swam the channel and London marathon in my local pool over a number of months.) The start of Moors Valley Park Run had a feeling of de ja vu when on run number 3 I volunteered for my local event as well as being a Christmas fairy marshall back in 2015 (who can forget the pink wig or tinsel skirt at the top of the incline/hill!)
Upon arriving at Moors Valley last Saturday, it was great to see so many people raring to go for a quick (or slow) trip around the course in the forest. Why do so many people enjoy Park Run? Well it can be used as a training exercise, a way of improving your fitness, a test to see if you are getting faster and can beat your PB, or just a chance to get out of the house and get some exercise in the fresh air. parkrun appeals to everybody!
I came back to doing parkrun back in May when I needed to see that I could do a 5K distance again as I had entered the Race for Life in June. A couple of parkruns later led to a new PB and I have since used parkrun to assist me on my way to getting fitter (plus helping to lose weight.) I even spent my birthday back in September doing Park Run (so that I could wear the birthday hat!) The greatest gift that day was knowing I had inspired a couple of friends to do parkrun for the first time and another to volunteer. So when I asked a group of first timers I had half expected to hear a similar answer to the one I gave but instead was told that “I wouldn’t get a taxi home if I didn’t do parkrun with them”, wasn’t the answer I had expected.
The visitor from furthest away came from Durham as well as having visitors from Reading and Cheddar (nice cheese and caves!) There were also a number of runners celebrating milestone parkruns with clocking up 50 parkruns. One Junior had been doing parkrun since January 2016 and was celebrating her 50th with a 50 tiara to compliment her pink outfit.
As the everyone taking part headed off into the forest, I grabbed a coffee enroute to the lake. At the finishing area it was truly picturesque with the mist rolling across the lake and a pair of swans moving gracefully through the water. The tranquillity was soon broken by the pounding feet of various runners coming into view on their approach to the finishing area.
We had the grim reaper keeping time and a dark angel taking part in the run. Inspired by the colours from the trees I began to make a note of all the different running vests/tops that people taking part were wearing. (Apologies if I missed anyone.) We had Clapham Chasers, Weymouth 2015 10km, Hendy Eastleigh, parkrun Killerton (lovely National Trust property in Devon,) Cheddar R/C, Purbeck 16, AFC Bournemouth, Wiggle SS, parkrun Homewood, Sunderland FC, Bournemouth Marathon Festival, Verwood Runners (quite a few of them,) White Star Running (orange top,) Waterpolo Southampton, Great South Run Finisher 2017 (well done), 10K Durham City, Park Run Reading, Christchurch Runners, Stroke Association, Duberville Dash, Poole 10K, 10K Mummy, parkrun Moors Valley (where’s that again), parkrun Brockenhurst, Run 100 mile challenge, Bournemouth Bay Run and Team W.
From the results there were a number of people who took part that forgot to bring their barcode. Over various events and volunteering I have known people to keep various copies of their barcode so that in the event that they forget one there is always another back up. (In your bag, in the sun-visor in the car, in the glove compartment, in your mobile phone case, with your car keys.)
So as the sun hide behind the clouds, the temperature started to warm up slightly, the finishing area was dismantled by the volunteers, and everyone headed off to the café for a warm beverage or off home, thank you to all of the volunteers that helped with event # 104 this week. If you have an injury or are unable to take part in the parkrun think about volunteering instead and you too can wear a lovely hi-vise tell people where to go (marshalling), walk around with signs, click a stopwatch (timekeepers), chase after people for their name, give out finishing tokens, zap barcodes, ask people to keep in line (finish funnel manager) or bring up the rear and ensure no one gets lost (tail walker.) Obviously these are all different roles but if you wish to volunteer visit the Moors Valley parkrun page for future roster and email the core team with whatever date or role you wish to volunteer for.
So next week is Moors Valley parkrun’s 2nd Birthday. The theme is food. (Interpret into fancy dress if you like.) There is also donations for a local food bank  https://ringwood.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/  So check their website for details of what sort of things to bring with you. Bring your friends and let’s try to beat our own attendance record.
Here's the scientific/results bit…

This week 423 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 65 were first timers and 90 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 38 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Michael KING • Sue TIPPING • Guy BELLOWS • Carole DAVIS • Christine WALDRIDGE • Sandra JONES • Glenys WATERS • Clifford WATERS • Kaye OCONNOR • Jason BEECH • Stewart WALDRIDGE • Penny ALVIS • David MCQUILLAN • Gillian WALMSLEY • Richard FOX • Jamie ANDERSON • Paul HANSELL • Lindsay CASS • Rachel CASS • Helena SHAW • Angie HARPER • Toby DEDRICK • Peter LALEY • Steve WICKENDEN • Rose MCQUILLAN • Michael BRATCHFORD • Steve GOODWIN • Anna PARNUM • Adrian BLAKE • Mark GIBSON • Eddie HONEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Moors Valley parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Ruth MCKEAN who recorded a time of 18:35 on 15th July 2017 (event number 89).
The male record is held by Max COSTLEY who recorded a time of 15:53 on 16th September 2017 (event number 98).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline HORDER who recorded 91.48% (22:30) on 20th February 2016 (event number 15).

Moors Valley parkrun started on 7th November 2015. Since then 6,664 participants have completed 31,763 parkruns covering a total distance of 158,815 km, including 7,118 new Personal Bests.

See you next week, Sandra Jones


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