Event 130 – Run report by Mark Galpin

Well it started fine by getting to the event on time and finding out where the Volunteer Coordinator was to say that I had turned up as the run reporter. As this is also my first go at this, just like last week's reporter, I'll try and do my best, having been a marshal and token sorter before - another new experience. This is the first time since Christmas that the weather has been nice on a tourist's run so thank you to whoever organized that for me!

I made my way down to the lower car park in time to hear the first timers briefing with Mike King. He gave a skinny of the course and what to expect, fortunately I never had to dodge any horses that could be out and about and only came across the one dog walker too. Severe dislike to the comment that there was a hill near the start but that was more bluster than at my regular run.

There were added juniors doing the morning Run Director pre start information with a birthday runner and also a number of tourists (I being one, albeit a local) but nobody was willing to admit to a milestone run. The glorious Saturday morning made for nice dry ground conditions. 501 runners turned out, of which there were 75 first timers and 28 doing their first ever parkruns so well done guys & girls for joining the community. Sadly 26 people had forgotten their barcode and with the parkrun no code no result policy were recorded as Unknown runners but well done for doing the run all the same. There were also 32 volunteers to help make the event so well done to you guys as well.

After a slow meander at the start due to the volume of runners we finally got going after the first turn up Mike's forewarned hill.   It was such a nice morning to enjoy dry ground, the sun shining through the trees and trying not to trip on anything around you, saying hello to the volunteers pointing you in the correct direction.

As a moderate paced runner myself it always seems like so many others were going past me.  At the corner when you get to the turnaround point at the 3 & 1/3 km stage I was hoping that I had nearly finished my run knowing full well I had a fair bit further to go.

Just before you cross over the bridge I noticed that my morning of pain was nearly over as I saw the 4 KM line drawn on the ground so I knew there was only another 6 minutes of "enjoyment" to go. The sound of the cafe was being drowned out sadly by the ducks & geese on the lake,(which I always enjoy but have never seen before from the other side of the lake before) and then the smell of smoke from the steam railway wafting with the wind as well.

With a few final twists and kinks there was a kindly reminder from my phone to make one final push to get to the finish line and hopefully the carrot part of the day after the stick had been used to drive me on. I was given a generous piece of encouragement as well to get under 30 minutes for the first time so had to push for the last part.

To make it all worth it for those struggling this morning you could take use of the free massage that was being offered in the field to ease those weary muscles to make you feel more human again. Now point me in the direction of the coffee & cake!

First Male         Brandon Mulliner   17:59 minutes

First Female     Lilly Jones   20:19 9th overall

Mark Galpin   PB today Yippee!


Thanks to this week's volunteers

Alex BLACKMORE  •  Anna PARNUM  •  Becky JAY  •  Brandon MULLINER  •  Carole BLACKMORE  •  Clifford WATERS  •  David KELLY  •  Deborah LAMB  •  George MORGANS  •  George PIPER  •  Glenys WATERS  •  Harry SIMS  •  Jan UNDERDOWN  •  Jason BEECH  •  Joe PIPER  •  Jort HILLE RIS LAMBERS  •  Karen KELLY  •  Linda Mela BURN  •  Lindsay CASS  •  Mark GALPIN  •  Mark GIBSON  •  Martyn HOULDSWORTH  •  Maureen LUCAS  •  Michael KING  •  Nathan PARRY  •  Pauline WORRALL  •  Penny ALVIS  •  Polly AMOS  •  Rachel CASS  •  Sara WILSON  •  Sean BLACKMORE  •  Steve GOODWIN


Event #129

This is the first parkrun run report I have written. Something a bit new for me as all my previous volunteering has been doing the visible stuff.

So, without further ado, a massive thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who did their bit tomake our parkrun happen today. Without you/them it would not happen and that would be a terrible shame :-(
There was no shortage of volunteers for today and the roster filled up quickly. This meant that the core team didn’t have to chew their fingernails on Friday night, wondering how they will find enough wonderful and willing people to make the run happen!
If you would like to volunteer for Moors Valley parkrun support, just go to http://www.parkrun.org.uk/moorsvalley/volunteer and sign up. Every runner will love you for it! :-)

Before diving into the stats of today’s run; a moment to reflect on parkrun generally. What is it that makes it so popular, so addictive and so inclusive to everyone? Maybe it’s the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise. Maybe it’s the camaraderie of us, members of the parkrun community?
Maybe it’s the challenge of trying for a PB, or getting round or just having a lovely run? Whatever it is, turning up every week, to go through all of the “Rituals” before, during and after the run is a celebration of parkrun itself. Long may it continue!!!

Today’s run was dry, cool at about 9 centigrade, light wind and overcast. Good running conditions. A very good turnout of 437 runners & 35 volunteers.

Who was at the top of the lists?

Top 3 female finishers

3 Anja HEIJNEN 20:35 VW45-49 80.49%
31 Becky JAY 21:47 VW40-44 70.62%
49 Hannah COOK 22:55 VW35-39 66.04%

Top 3 male finishers

1 Adam CORBIN 18:07 SM25-29 71.21%
2 John TOWNER 18:38 VM35-39 70.75%
3 Daniel POPE 18:50 VM35-39 71.95%

Top 3 age graded females

13 Anja HEIJNEN 20:35 VW45-49 80.49%
82 Penny ALVIS 24:25 VW55-59 75.15%
118 Pauline WORRALL 26:08 VW55-59 71.17%

Top 3 age graded males

27 Brian LONG 21:41 VM70-74 81.32%
6 Alan BARNETT 19:34 VM50-54 77.85%
7 Jerry SHIELD 19:38 VM50-54 76.99%

Plus, there were...

64 1st timers to Moors Valley parkrun, of whom 31 were parkrun 1st timers!
2 Birthdays, Big Dave & Tony from Verwood Runners...

Our most distant visitor (or at least the most distant who was owning up) came from
Grimsby plus there was a 10th “special number run”.

And I think everyone had a jolly nice time!

Mark Goulding
April 28th 2018


Event #128 – In memory of Bill

The last run report I wrote was after a damp and drizzly parkrun and I was hoping the sun would be round the corner… we’ve finally been rewarded with blue sky! Wasn’t it a fantastic morning to be in Moors Valley? I have been walking parkrun for a couple of months and this week progressed onto a few short bursts of running so I felt particularly buoyed coming over the final bridge this week, the sunshine was a cherry on top.


A few things before getting into the ‘meat’ of the run report: 1. There was a bit of a crisis with volunteers this week with some very kind individuals stepping up at the very last minute to allow us to enjoy our time out on the course. I want to encourage people to have a go at marshalling, timekeeping, tail walking or helping with set up. The core team will make you very welcome and all the volunteer positions are easy to master. I particularly enjoy marshalling. When I am out on the course a cheerful marshal makes all the difference – this could be you!


2. A reminder that parking is now £1.20 (previously £1) if you pay by 10:30 and leave by 10:45. You can buy an annual pass for £19.50 which allows you access to the park until 10:45 on Saturday and Sunday.

3. There was a technical problem with Flickr this week – Neil Jones, the man behind the camera, says that there are nearly 60 photos that Flickr are still ‘processing’…. They might appear yet but at the moment they’re being a bit shy.


There was also a special visitor at Moors Valley parkrun this week: the grandson of the gentleman who sold the land that later became Moors Valley to East Dorset District Council was here. Sadly, Bill passed away recently however I thought it would be nice to look back at everything that has happened at Moors Valley since the sale took place: In 1984 East Dorset District Council purchased Kings Farm (82 acres) in the Moors River Valley, with a view to creating a modern community country park for local residents to use. Work began to develop a nine-hole ‘pay and play’ golf course, a narrow-gauge steam railway, play area, lake and Visitor Centre. The first phase of Moors Valley was officially opened in 1988. The park was much more popular than had originally been envisaged with a half a million visitors by 1990. An additional 170 acres were purchased, the golf course expanded, a second lake built and the Visitor Centre was extended to make way for a country shop. At the same time the tree top trail, and play trail, were constructed in the forest - a mature pine plantation, sandy, undulating and robust - ideal for adventure play (and parkrun!). (Information from the Moors Valley website.)


And now to the stats! 433 parkrunners took to the course this week including 20 first timers. Congratulations to everybody who walked, jogged and ran in the sunshine.

We welcomed tourists from Oxford, Grantham and Leicestershire this week and hope you enjoyed the course as much as we all did!


A special mention to Mike MILLS and Steve VINCENT who ran their 100th parkrun this week as well as David MARSHALL and Carol WALKLEY who reached the 50 run milestone this week. Congratulations to all of you!


Male placings:
David Andrew William RAINEY (SM25-29) (unattached) took first place this week with the super speedy time of 17:22. Second place went to John TOWNER (VM35-39) (Poole Runners) who came in at 18:36. Third place this week was awarded to Ryan SYMINGTON (JM11-14) (Poole AC) who was across the line in 18:53.


Female placings: Kelly STEENKAMP (VW35-39) (unattached) set a new PB of 20:56 this week and took first place for the women (19th overall). Becky JAY (VW40-44) (unattached) took second place with a time of 21:41 (24th overall) and Cherry COWHAM (SW30-34) (Westbourne Running Club) came third with a time of 23:02 (44th overall).


The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Janice DAVIDSON (VW60-64) – 81.94% and a time of 24:44
Brian LONG (VM70-74) – 80.76% and a time of 21:50
Helen AMBROSEN (VW60-64) – 75.93% and a time of 25:33

A very special than you to all of our wonderful volunteers! If you would like to give one of the roles a go, it’s a great opportunity to give something back to an event that so many of us enjoy participating in week after week. If you would like some more information take a look at the volunteer tab on the Moors Valley parkrun website.


This week’s hi-vis heroes were: Jason BEECH, Sarah CANDY, Steve DODD, Mark GIBSON, Steve GOODWIN, Mark GOULDING, Celia HODGSON, David HOPKINSON, Phillip HORSCROFT, Neil JONES, Anna JONES, Michael KING, Lucy LAMB, Vasen MOODLEY, Anne NORMAN, Michelle OAKLEY, Anna PARNUM, Darren PARNUM, Nathan PARRY, Julie PEGORARO, Ellie PIPER, Sophie PLOWMAN, Sue PULMAN, Andrew RHODES, Harry SIMS, Alex THURSTON, Julie TYLER, Christine WALDRIDGE, Stewart WALDRIDGE, Simon WEAL, Victoria WEAL, Joanne WESTON, Sara WILSON.


Moors Valley parkrun Event number 127 14th April 2018

It could only be described as a bit ‘dank’ – a grey, misty morning with a hint of chill still hanging around as we all assembled for the weekly attendance in support of the 127th running of Moors Valley parkrun. Fortunately, it didn’t stay that way for too long and we were all rewarded with a lovely sunny day to enjoy – smug in the knowledge that we had already completed a good dose of exercise for the weekend.DSCF3606Back to the run itself though.. We had a few visitors, notably from Northampton as well as a nod to almost International recognition from Scotland – we hope you enjoyed your respective runs. A birthday sash, but no other notable runs – maybe next week will see an influx. DSCF3645 This week I decided to focus on the marshals around the Course. Literally focus – with my trusty little camera. It seems we were pretty close to not having enough marshals this week, but it seems to be one of the most rewarding roles judging by how every one of them seemed to be enjoying their morning, giving out plenty of encouragement and getting a chorus of ‘thanks marshal!’ from the appreciative runners. Let’s all make a concerted effort to get our names down for a stint of volunteering at some time, it really is rewarding, and there are some that even enable you to still do your run on the day – report writer being one of them. My wife and I arrived early at the start area, and took in the atmosphere as people arrived from all directions. The cheery hellos and the pre-run excited nattering built in volume until the time for the briefing when it all quietened down. It struck me later, as we ran along at about the one mile point that it was much quieter – the laughter being replaced by the rhythmic sound of running shoes on the ground, and some rather laboured breathing.


I was running with my dog this week – Molly the miniature labradoodle. She absolutely loves parkrun, and seems to sense it must be parkrunday when I don’t head off to work but we head out to the car in running kit. You’ll never see such an excited dog when we start the run each week. She’s the one that literally hops along on her back feet as I’m not fast enough for her! Of course, she made an appearance in a few of the photos I took.
DSCF4031All too soon we were at the finish, welcomed back by the team of volunteers, processed and ready to head home for a well earned cuppa ( or a bowl of water for Molly!) See you all again next week! DSCF4527
This week 385 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 75 were first timers and 66 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

Adam WALKER • Michael KING • Juliet KINGSFORD • Becky JAY • Gary TYLER • Lucy BUTT • Steve DAVIS • Alison WARD • Christine WALDRIDGE • Sandra JONES • Glenys WATERS • Clifford WATERS • Ellie PIPER • Stewart WALDRIDGE • George PIPER • Ian WHITE • Kim BAILEY • Jonathan SMITH • Lindsay CASS • Rachel CASS • Nathan PARRY • George MORGANS • Tina MCGOWAN • Carole BLACKMORE • Paul TURLE • Alex THURSTON • Steve GOODWIN • Anna PARNUM • Harry SIMS • Jort HILLE RIS LAMBERS • Mark GIBSON • Neil JONES • Sue PULMAN • Lucy LAMB

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Moors Valley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Max COSTLEY who recorded a time of 15:53 on 16th September 2017 (event number 98).
The female record is held by Lizzie BROWNE who recorded a time of 17:32 on 24th February 2018 (event number 121).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline HORDER who recorded 91.48% (22:30) on 20th February 2016 (event number 15).

Moors Valley parkrun started on 7th November 2015. Since then 7,819 participants have completed 40,627 parkruns covering a total distance of 203,135 km, including 8,692 new Personal Bests.


Event #125 Happy Easter to everyone at Moors Valley parkrun!

Run report writer: Emily Hicks
Photos: Mr. Molecatcher

As I sat sipping coffee in the darkness of my hotel room listening to the sound of the rain pouring down outside while my husband slept, I could have been forgiven for deciding not to venture out yesterday morning. However, I had been looking forward to visiting Moors Valley parkrun during our short visit to the New Forest area and so was determined that ‘a little’ rain was not going to deter me.

Pulling into the carpark at Moors Valley Country Park, I got the impression that the local parkrunners are a hardy lot as smiles and friendly faces greeted me despite the rather grim weather. More and more people gathered, with an impressive 17 people choosing to run their first ever parkrun in the rain this Easter weekend at Moors Valley. The First Timers’ Briefing provided important information for newcomers and then the Main Briefing began with the crucial information that there was a change of course due to swans swimming across the finish line – certainly a new one on me!

Congratulations were given to Paul Sidaway who was running his 200th parkrun – what a fantastic achievement! It should also be noted that Robert Spencer (of St. Albans Striders – my home town!) completed his 50th Run – and was first to reach the finish funnel in 17:07! Well done Robert!

And then everyone gathered by the fantastic totem pole and we were off…

366 runners setting off round the beautiful one lap course. It’s probably fair to say the location would be even more stunning in the sunshine but the paths leading through the forest gave a real sense of being in the middle of the countryside which was lovely. There were some ‘undulations’ along the way with an extended uphill section due to the change of course but it was certainly accessible to runners of all abilities. Plus the puddles and mud added authenticity for a UK Bank Holiday weekend!

Overall it was a very enjoyable course that was easy to follow and well-marshalled. After an initial congested start, wide paths for the majority of the run allowed everyone to spread out and run at their own pace. There was a friendly atmosphere with lots of smiles from everyone, encapsulating one of the many things that I love about the parkrun community. And for me, being used to a 2.5 lap course at my home parkrun (Bracknell), an unfamiliar one lap course where I simply followed the people in front of me not really knowing where I was and with only my trusty running watch to tell me how many of the 5k were remaining only added to the enjoyment and of it all.

The location of the run makes it an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts as I’m sure there are many British animals and birds that benefit from the different habitats within the country park. Not put off by the rain, I was pleased to be able to spot two indigenous species whilst running:

The Easter Bunny

The Honey Bee

Whenever I write a run report, I like to have a bit of a theme. Yesterday was the 125th Moors Valley parkrun and I was quite excited to notice that I was the 125th runner to come through the finish funnel and also that my time only included the digits 1, 2 and 5! And so, on the theme of 1, 2 and 5…

125th parkrun at Moors Valley
125th runner to finish – Emily Hicks – me!
125th male to finish – Peter Ball – who was visiting for the first time
125th female to finish – Amy Burrows – who completed her 16th run
Sadly nobody completed their 125th run

Finish times including only the digits 1, 2 or 5:
Scott Farrell 22:25
Dominic Chamberlain 22:52
Adrian King 25:12
Peter May 25:15
Emily Hicks 25:51
Amelia Wilson 25:52

Age grade scores including only the digits 1, 2 or 5:
George Parris 52.52%
Steve White 52.55%
Emma Hearne 55.12%
Sam Richards 55.25%
Richard Whitmarsh 55.52%

Of course, all parkruns rely on volunteers in order to be able to go ahead safely. A huge thank you to the 27 people who made yesterday’s run at Moors Valley possible. Volunteering is great fun and is a fantastic way to ensure that parkrun is able to continue; any offers of help for future runs would be gratefully received.
Many thanks for the warm welcome at Moors Valley parkrun; I hope to return again at some point and you would be very welcome to visit my home parkrun in Bracknell if you are ever in the area.

Here are the official stats for the run:

Moors Valley parkrun
Event number 125
31st March 2018
This week 366 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 55 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 41 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Michael KING • Joanne HANSELL • Sandra JONES • Glenys WATERS • Clifford WATERS • Josie HARRIS • Jason BEECH • Elaine WATFORD • Matt WESTON • Martyn HOULDSWORTH • Claire EVERETT • Nathan PARRY • George MORGANS • Helena SHAW • Emily HICKS • Angie HARPER • Toby DEDRICK • Emma WILLIAMS • John HOULDSWORTH • Sue KENDRICK • Denise WHITMARSH • Phillip HORSCROFT • Steve GOODWIN • Anna PARNUM • Mark GIBSON • Neil JONES • Eithna HOULDSWORTH
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Moors Valley parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Max COSTLEY who recorded a time of 15:53 on 16th September 2017 (event number 98).
The female record is held by Lizzie BROWNE who recorded a time of 17:32 on 24th February 2018 (event number 121).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline HORDER who recorded 91.48% (22:30) on 20th February 2016 (event number 15).
Moors Valley parkrun started on 7th November 2015. Since then 7,674 participants have completed 39,844 parkruns covering a total distance of 199,220 km, including 8,569 new Personal Bests.

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