Due to the strong winds forecast, the country park has informed us that it is closing the gates to the public on the 16th, so there will be no parkrun at mount edgcumbe on that day, sorry.
Hope to see you all soon.



Unfortunately due to several trees down on the course we have taken the decision to cancel tomorrows parkrun.

The team will work to ensure either our current course is clear (thanks Mount Edgcumbe rangers) or a suitable alternative course is found until the the course is cleared and safe to use again.

If planning on attending please consider our nearest neighbours, Plymvalley, Tamar Trails or Lanhydrock for your Saturday parkrun fix.



Mount Edgcumbe reaches the ripe old age of 3 this Saturday (26th January)
Don your craziest party hats and come on down (and a bit up and then up a bit more, then left and up and right and up - oh you get the picture!)
There will be cake........lots of cake!
If you feel you would like to get us a gift we would appreciate a donation to our funding pot so we can replace some well used equipment and keep our course looking fresh and nice.
You can donate to Mount Edgcumbe here:
The team look forward to seeing as many crazy hats as possible - and most of all.........don't forget your barcode!

Mount Edgcumbe parkrun No.150 by KIERAN HUGHES

It was with a sense of trepidation that I stepped off the Cremyll ferry for my fiftieth parkrun in fifty different events. Having heard of the legendary topography I knew that a challenge lay ahead. Is this the toughest parkrun in the United Kingdom? Any fears I may have had disappeared as I was greeted with a very warm welcome from the Run Director, volunteers and their four legged friends.
As I put on my orange vest to volunteer as tail walker, I observed that there were a good number of first timers eager to set off on an adventure. The first two kilometres challenged the legs but thereafter the terrain levelled out with a downward finish with a treat for the eyes. All the effort was rewarded with breath-taking views of full panoramas across Plymouth Sound, the Naval dockyard and the city stretching beyond to the peaks of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor to the North and North West respectively. I can honestly say this is truly a spectacular parkrun which rewards the determination of both the novice and experienced parkrunner alike.
Now for the statistics, there were 59 who ran jogged or walked Mount Edgcumbe parkrun with runners from Plymouth Musketeers RC, Defence Sports & Recreation, Tamar Trotters, DofE, Exeter Harriers, Storm Plymouth, Plymouth Coasters, and Plymouth Coastal Runners.

The first finisher was unknown (don’t forget your Barcode!). Second was Fergal KELLY with a time of 21:41 and a First Timer. Third was Michael DELACAMP with a time of 22:15 having run 20 times.

The first female was Molly GILBEY with a time of 25:39 having run 52 times. Second was Jane WEATHERILL with a time of 26:49 having run 79 times. Third was Anna MCILREAVY with a time of 27:22 having run 18 times. .

Congratulations to the spectacular 7 new Personal Best’s and a cheer goes out to

A warm welcome to the nine first timers to the parkrun family, Fergal KELLY, Nathan DEAR, Brian MARTIN, Alison BENSON, Kevin RICHARDS, Jonah STRUTHERS, Noah STRUTHERS, Richard STRUTHERS and Sarah PRANCE. May this be the start of your parkrun journey.

Superb effort all round to those who conquered the challenging course.

This event would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of the following Hi Vis Hero’s: Daniel CLEWLEY, Richard DORRINGTON, Islay GILBEY, Henry GILBEY, Kieran HUGHES, Simon LEE, Hayley MARRIOTT, Benjamin MARRIOTT, Marion MOXHAY, Lee WEATHERILL, Jamie WILLIAMS, Mark WILLIAMS and Petra WILLIAMS.

If you would like to volunteer simply email:

Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome.
Kieran Hughes, Longrun Meadow parkrun (Taunton)


Event 148: New Year’s Day 2019


What a super start to the year. Whether 2018 was bright, bountiful and left you wanting more, or was one to promptly park in the bin, everything about this morning's Mount Edgcumbe parkrun held that wonderful community spirit that works for both sets of needs. I'm sure we've all been in the position of seeing 'that face' when mentioning to non-running friends your plans for New Years Day. However, you can tell them confidently that the proof is in the left over pudding. Last year's event on this day saw 80-odd runners arrive to run our diversion course straight up the side of the folly hill following a fallen tree blocking route A. This year the course was clear and you came in abundant numbers to run together in the park. In fact, 115 of you recorded our non-inaugural attendance record and the first time we've breached the 100 mark since our launch 3 years ago*. Each week the core team put a wager on attendance figures but none of us saw that one coming, even at the start line - perhaps some of you had spent your New Year's Eve sleeping in the bushes. Were that not enough, we had all the Williams' running at the same time! As stalwarts on the volunteer roster, this was clearly a day to mark.


2019 begins with a course record c/o Oliver Paulin's second parkrun of the day!


What better way to do that then, and to kick the year off, than to see the course record drop. 18:11 had been laid down by Ben Pease at the end of August...2016!** In almost a year and a half, few had come close to challenging it. However, this morning  Coventry runner Oliver Paulin took that record to sub-18 minutes for the first time, and on the return leg of a New Year Double having run at Plymvalley at 9am! (editor's note: it's been a fair leg since the record has been held on the right side of the Tamar!) Significant congratulations must also go to Garry Smart on achieving the age-grade record of 74.73%. It was super to see the number of you that managed the double today with the Cremyll Ferry, Torpoint Ferry and Tamar Bridge all being utilised to arrive on time with us. A great effort by all of you.


Queue for scanning at Mount Edgcumbe. You heard it here first.


William Blackstone's excellent volunteering efforts did not go unnoticed after the unprecedented queue for scanning post-run (I know, unheard of!). 100 may be considered a quiet day for most other parkruns around the country but at Mount Edgcumbe we have always held dear our small and humble community offering on the peninsular; this one was definitely one to write home about. Following all this enthusiasm and fervour it was all the more fitting that a good crowd drifted down to Barn Pool for our traditional post[new year]run social to cool off - a jump in the sea.


The traditional dip in the sea brought on blue skies for the rest of the day. You're welcome.


Thanks as ever to the volunteers, walkers, runners, dogs and spectators for making it happen, together. Bring on 2019! We're going to be 3 on the 26th Jan - be sure to join us in bringing a party hat!


Mount Edgcumbe parkrun's mountain rescue team - Hamish, Matt and Ludo.


--- Here's the numbers - just look at all those PBs!:

Mount Edgcumbe parkrun Event number 148 1st January 2019

This week 115 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 33 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mount Edgcumbe parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Rebecca BUNTING who recorded a time of 20:34 on 30th July 2016 (event number 26). The male record is held by Oliver PAULIN who recorded a time of 17:59 on 1st January 2019 (event number 148). The Age Grade course record is held by Garry SMART who recorded 74.73% (20:23) on 1st January 2019 (event number 148).

Mount Edgcumbe parkrun started on 30th January 2016. Since then 1,998 participants have completed 6,939 parkruns covering a total distance of 34,695 km, including 1,153 new Personal Bests. A total of 242 individuals have volunteered 1,944 times.

*correction: we had 109 back in feb 2018. Still a rarity, mind.

**I can't count - TWO and a half years!

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