Run Report 10/12/16 by David Hawkins

I always have mixed feelings about missing a parkrun. I feel guilty. Today was one on those days, but I did have a good excuse. Over the last year, or so, I have struggled with a developing cataract, that has made life very lop sided and has made running more challenging than it should be. Perception of distance has become difficult. I can only describe a cataract as looking through a window with a blob of vaseline smeared across it - everything is blurry. Anyway, today was op day. So come 9.00 am whilst you were having your pre brief, I was being prepared for surgery. I know where I would rather have been!

What did I miss? Nothing out of my left eye, but my right tells me the ever popular Mr Unknown was first (DFYB) in an unknown time, so I guess technically Tim Doran was the first park runner who conformed to the rules to cross the line. Well Done Tim. Karen Andrews was first lady with Tracey Corker topping Age Rated - well done both. Beyond that, there were some notable landmarks. Whilst it is always good to see and welcome first timers and visitors to Netley, today I will applaud the regulars.

So, congratulations to Jessica Collins (JW11-14) on reaching 50 parkruns. At the other end of the spectrum, my old mate Rob Thompson (VM50-54) chose Netley for his 100th - well done Rob, along side Beth Nice (JW15-17) - great running. Weighing in with 150 parkruns, Isaac Andrews (JM15-17) has now committed three years of early starts (and volunteering) to parkrun - fabulous, but this week Isaac is pipped by Bethan Davis on 200 (JW50-54) - superb. Sorry I wasnt there to celebrate with you and I bet I missed cake.

These achievements confirm what parkrun is all about - inclusivity. With two over 50's and three under 18's achieving landmarks this week, where else would you find an event that will allow men, women and children to run together and against one another, in the same place, at the same time, on the same course, where equal support is offered and given? I cant think of anywhere else.

Next week, I hope to be back with HD vision and looking at the world in glorious technicolour.

Happy Running

Cyclops Hawkins.