Event 259 – NHS70

Newark parkrun
Event number 259
9th June 2018

From one birthday (our 5th) to another. This week we put the National Health Service centre stage as we helped them celebrate their 70th birthday alongside 360 other parkruns in the UK.


Out of 223 runners, many of you added something extra to the occasion and there were a fair few seen wearing blue and white (NHS colours), bandages, slings, lab coats and some ‘doctors’:

Many thanks to all of you for making it a special occasion.


We also had the annual football tournament taking place in the park. As such, we put on a couple of extra volunteers to help manage the touch points but pleased to report that everyone, on both sides, respected other park users and the two activities continued side by side without a hitch, thank you.


We had lots of first timers, nine of whom were tackling their very first parkrun! Tourists visited us from Pontefract, Tunbridge Wells, Melton Mowbray, Peterborough, 'hilly' Bestwood, Alfreton, Colwick and Cleethorpes. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will come back again. First timers - it is not normal for doctors, nurses and walking wounded to follow you around the course!


Of course, we also need to thank the volunteers, without whom we couldn't put the event on. Half of them are themselves NHS staff and regular volunteers which goes to show you don't really know the wealth of skills you have available at a parkrun!

Richard SHELDRAKE • Malcolm CAMMACK • Peter DAVIS • Brian THOMPSON • Jon RAWSON • Marilyn HATHERLEY • Zsuzsanna HÖRCSÖG • Alan ROBINSON • Debbie BAVIN • Paul REED • Morag REED • Paul FENTON • Dan ARKWELL • Nicki PADGETT • Donna BEVERIDGE • Bernie DIVALL • Sally PRIEST • Sophie CRAVEN • Ellie DRING • Georgia MARSHALL


Particular thanks to regular parkrunners and Newark Striders members Sally Priest and Donna Beveridge who extended their day jobs to put on a blood pressure testing station, complete with a dubious helper! They had a steady stream of willing subjects, hope your BP’s weren’t too high post run!


Congratulations to the following, who completed the Newark course faster than they had done before, well done!:
Simon DANIEL • James O'HARE • Colin GEORGE • Jack TITTERTON • Edward MUNTON • Holly BRAILSFORD • Jason COBB • Ian DOBISON • Stephen MANNION • Adrian TEASDALE • Ben STRANGEWAY • Cate DRISCOLL • Nigel SAUNDERS • Nick HARRISON • Sam GREELEY • Richard BUNN • Teegan HARRISION GOODGER • Robert LINDSAY • Ashleigh BARLOW • Jenny GARNER • Kelly SMITH • Warwick LANE • Katie GABBITAS • Victoria BAKER • Rachel BRIGGS • Zoe SWAIN • Lindsey HURST • Rebecca MARSHALL • Sarah WELLS • Fay PATERSON • Rebecca LAX • Anthony HODGETTS • Eve MALISZEWSKI • Bonnie TINSLEY • Leon Meng Kong LEONG • Diane CONSTABLE • Thomas CRAGG • Karen MANVELL • Lauren FOSTER • Amber BUNGAY • Emily MCGUINESS • Mandy GURD


And finally…
As mentioned in the run brief, we had the defibrillator serviced following the incident a few weeks back and found that the battery will need replacing next year. Although the defib is maintained by NSDC we thought it would be nice if we could raise some of the funds for the replacement ourselves and show the community just how important this bit of kit is to us.

If you would like to donate please do so at the following link:


100% of the money goes into the Newark parkrun pot for our use, whether that be maintaining parkrun equipment, helping with park maintenance or buying cakes for birthday celebrations etc. Any other suggestions welcome.

From that link you will be able to see what donations we have had already and how we have spent the money. We are unable to handle cash at the event.


Many thanks,



Newark parkrun is 5!

2nd June dawned a little dreary and grey, but the promise of a 5th birthday party made things a little brighter. It's amazing what the thought of cake can do for one's outlook on a day!

It was all hands on deck to prepare for our guests - gazebos, extra tables, bunting... as people started to arrive, it was clear that many of our regulars were getting into the party spirit by dressing up in woodland-themed costumes. 244 participants took to the course; they included a woodsman, Robin Hood, some merry men, a bear, Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf, an assortment of fairies, and a unicorn... all presided over by RD Faye, who was Queen Bee for the morning. We had tourists from Sheffield, London, and Salisbury, to name a few, and 16 of our runners were at Newark for the first time. Unfortunately we can't fix the weather, so the runners did get a bit soggy as it threw it down for about an hour, but everyone put on their best British stiff upper lips and got on with things.

It was a tourist 1-2, with Barnaby Day from Peckham Rye first back in 18:05 (PB), followed a minute later by Sheffield's Nigel Howard. First lady back was Colette Longstaffe, who was visiting from Lincoln and finished in 22:50. We had a number of pacers, helping 30 parkrunners to new PBs.

Rumbles did a wonderful job of baking us some celebratory cakes, and after a 5k in steady rain the gazebo filled with sweet treats was a welcome sight for all. The volunteers didn't go unfed, either - there was plenty to go around and we all enjoyed a slice of sponge while drying off in the cafe.

Thank you to our army of volunteers, without whom we couldn't function:

Malcolm CAMMACK • Damian DAVIES • Suzanne CATLEY • Annette TAYLOR • Dean HOULTON • Claire SIMMONDS • Karen BORRILL • Cath HARE • Jacqui WALTON • Simon LOCK • Ernie CLARKE • Catherine CLARKE • Faye HEMINGWAY • Angela BROWN • Kayleigh MEASURES • Gillian GOODE • Dan ARKWELL • Maria BRAMBLES • Victoria HEATH • Nick BEVERIDGE • Adrian DIX • Sharon INGLE • Sarah-Jane COBB • Kimberley ETHERINGTON-BATES • Sally PRIEST

On 9th June, parkruns across the UK will be held in celebration of the NHS as it approaches its 70th anniversary. Come and join us for a medical-themed run, meet some of our amazing NHS staff, and take part in a nationwide show of support for this most precious of services!


Newark Parkrun Event #256 – Saturday 19th May

Saturday 19th May, 2018 will certainly be remembered as an eventful day at Newark Parkrun.

Ofcourse, it was the day that Prince Harry wed his very own princess in Meghan Markle. But for those of us that didn't receive out invites (or maybe they got lost in the post?!) there was Newark Parkrun; where everyone is invited and everyone is treated like royalty!

So, there was no exception to this, when a visiting parkrunner became ill during his warm-up. Thankfully he was attended to swiftly and calmly by fellow parkrunners who's actions very possibly saved his life. We are pleased to confirm that our visitor, Michael, is recovering well in hospital. He, and his family, have been in regular contact and have asked to extend their thanks to everyone involved in his treatment. The family will be present at our next parkrun (26th May) to extend their personal thanks and we look forward to welcoming Michael back to complete his run when he is fully recovered.

Newark parkrun was particularly busy on this day, 275 runners took part - some dressed for a wedding, others enjoying the warmth of a beautiful spring day. Runners joined us from many locations, with visitors from Lincoln and Grantham (due to park closures) andfrom Leicester, Clapham and special guests from Denmark.

Our Danish visitors especially enjoyed the variation of our parkrun, the special appearance of a helicopter landing in the park, and then joined us for barcode bingo to help sort the tokens.

Thank you Svend and Katie!

19.05.2018 Guests

In addition, we were pleased to recognise the milestone of 25 volunteer weeks for Sally Priest who was 'otherwise occupied' dur;ing the run briefing and received her presentation after the run; with a special kiss of thanks for the 'man in the hat', Run Director Fenton!

19.05.2018 Volunteer

Well, it was certainly a day to remember for all sorts of reasons. We can't promise warm weather, wedding celebrations and helicopter landings every week - but we can definitely provide a great run, lots of smiles, encouragements and a warm welcome to our very own parkrun royal family!

Run report provided by special reporter: Nicki Fenton


Event #252

Newark parkrun
Event number 252
21st April 2018

Who'd have thought (given the recent weather) that we would have been able to volunteer in t-shirts this week - well we did!

Saturday's parkrun was delivered by the Newark Half Marathon race committee and volunteers already signed up to help with this year's race in August, most of whom are regular parkrunners themselves. In fact, Newark parkrun has played a big role in bringing about the revival of the race, now in its third year, as it was the friendships built up between the running clubs of Newark at parkrun that triggered the idea to pool resources and manage the event together.

We even had a family contingent from our neighbours at Colwick volunteering, Team Hickman. All are members of the V25 club and young James's goal is to volunteer at 50 different events!


The full volunteer list, thank you all:
Cate DRISCOLL • Peter DAVIS • Brian THOMPSON • Steve MARTIN • Jacqueline JACKSON • Andy SCOTT • Noel HENDERSON • Neill MISON • Iain HICKMAN • Jim LOVETT • Jeremy REICHELT • Ernie CLARKE • Catherine CLARKE • James HICKMAN • Philippa HICKMAN • Gemma LATHAM • Adam JACKSON • Nige DRISCOLL • Steven PADGETT • Sally PRIEST • Connie FERRER

The NHM committee also arranged for our very own John Miller to showcase his work and give us a sample of what life was like in our area during the Ice Age 14,000 years ago!

Out of a total of 236 walkers, joggers and runners...

First timers
4 people ran their very first parkrun with us, well done for finding us, welcome to the parkrun family and hope you come back:
Lisa Leeder
Amanda Campbell
Ann Burrell
Chrisy Ward

16 were first time tourists to Newark. We played host to runners from Leeds, Sleaford, Lincoln, Peterborough and Gunnersbury in London. Thanks, hope you enjoyed our course.

3 Milestones
Olivia Lindsay reached her 10th junior run and Jane Freshwater completed her 50th. Congratulations to you both.
Also, Chelsey the Bernese Mountain dog completed her 50th run with owner Richard Hallam!


45 PB's
Congratulations go to the following for getting around faster than you have before:
Richard HALL Charlotte BALDWIN
Alexander ANDERSON Esther PARRY
Danielle FORSEY Debbie HARDING
Anthony SCOTT Robert LINDSAY
Chris WAEFLER Rebecca LAX
Chris BATES Anna Clare POULSON
Samantha JAMISON Laura AITON


New signs
You will have noticed several new signs this week. These are as a result of the core team's latest meeting in which we discussed, amongst other things, how to keep our fellow park users the footballers happy by not obliterating their pitch markings. We'd be happy to take any feedback you may have.


Lost property
Time for a look at the lost property which has been building up. Let us know if you see anything of yours otherwise we plan to give them away to charity in a couple of weeks if not claimed.

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Newark parkrun Results Page.

See you all next week when Faye will once again be in charge.



Newark parkrun – Event 251- 14th April

Spring had finally sprung on Sconce and Devon park and most of the puddles from the previous week had started to disappear. The sun was shining as our volunteers began to set out the course. We were joined by tourists from Long Eaton and Gedling along with 26 other first timers to Newark parkrun. We hope you all enjoyed your first visit to Newark and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Special mentions to Steve Bailey who achieved his 100th parkrun and to Martin Morley who achieved his 250th parkrun! Well done to you both.

We were also joined by 3 generations of parkrunners this weekend. Peter Daniel was joined by son Simon Daniel -Fox and nine year grandson Joshua Daniel-Fox. parkrun really is for the whole family!

This week 224 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

Andy Sirs has kindly shared his photos of today's event on our Flickr account you can find them here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/andysirrs/albums/72157692494236742/page1

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Malcolm CAMMACK • John L. MILLER • Alex LOACH • Fiona HOUGHTON • Richard FLYE • Dean HOULTON • Holly DAVIS • Geoff COLLIER • Karen BORRILL • Mary SWINDLES • Gillian GOODE • Bernie DIVALL • Anthony SCOTT • Derek FROGGATT • Sophie CRAVEN • Ellie DRING • Connie FERRER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Newark parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Alastair WATSON who recorded a time of 15:51 on 12th July 2014 (event number 59).
The female record is held by Laura SIDDALL who recorded a time of 18:27 on 23rd December 2017 (event number 236).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paul BUTCHER who recorded 86.53% (17:19) on 21st January 2017 (event number 188).

Newark parkrun started on 1st June 2013. Since then 5,610 participants have completed 42,807 parkruns covering a total distance of 214,035 km, including 8,524 new Personal Bests.

We look forward to seeing you all next week


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