Event #247

Newark parkrun
Event number 247
10th March 2018

Firstly a quick word about last week:
Many thanks for your understanding and patience when we had to cancel the run last week due to the snow. In fact the snow had turned more into ice which was the main reason we felt that it was unsafe to continue. That was coupled with very biting winds on Friday that we didn’t want to subject our volunteers to (some of whom were very young) as they stood around for an hour or two.

We hope you still managed to get out some other way as the snow does add a different dimension to your run, especially if there are drifts to wade through!


Back to this week...
The snow had given way to a damp and muddy course. 158 of you turned up to take it on which included tourists from Congleton, Roundhay and Preston.

There were also six intrepid first timers for which this was their very first parkrun.

Ian Burridge
Ian Dobson
Sally Lambert
Hamish MacDonald
Charlotte Gibbs
Rachael Ravenlock

We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will be back for more.


As always we thank the volunteers without whom we couldn’t put on the run. This week the team included several who are setting up the junior parkrun in Newark and wanted a closer understanding of the workings of the results. The junior run will hopefully be up and running in May.

Bob WHITE • Brian THOMPSON • Mary FREER • Colin GREEN • Holly DAVIS • Duncan BARNETT • Charles LEE • Leisa PICKLES • Patrick SMITH • Jeff HALL • Jason COBB • James TALL • Ruth TALL • David DAUBNEY • Sally PRIEST • Connie FERRER

Charles covered an extra position for us ensuring that, despite the mud, you all stayed off the football pitch at the top of the steps. This is important as it is very easy as a runner to try to avoid the mud and stray wider but it does mean that we don’t do our fellow park users, the footballers, any favours by obliterating their pitch markings.


Milestones and PB’s
There were no milestones this week but despite the mud eight of you registered PB’s.

Congratulations to:
Maxine Athey
Easton Lock
Clare Stainton
Andrea Leach Smith
Lisa Allen
Sharon Reed
Kate Wilson
Rebecca Sutton

And those that only just missed theirs by a couple of seconds:
David McCabe
Cate Driscoll
David Croydon-Fowler
Imagine what you can do in better conditions!


In a change to the norm here are the first finishers, ladies first:

Ladies results:
Nancy Britten stormed in as first female in a time of 22:12
Rose Haydock came in second in 25:29
Catharine Haydock was not far behind in 26:08

Male results:
Tom Marshall breezed back to the finish in a time of 18:37
Simon Daniel was second in 19:25
Daniel Hewitt picked up the number 3 token after 20:11 minutes

Overall Age Grading results:
Felicity Garland topped the age grading with 73.53%
Marilyn Hatherley scored 71.69%
Simon Daniel came third with 71.33%

Full results can be found on the
Newark parkrun Results Page.


Hope you have a good week. See you next Saturday to do it all over again where Faye is back in charge.



Event #246

Newark parkrun
Event number 246
24th February 2018

Saturday was a beautifully sunny and crisp winter day, ideal running conditions for the 191 in attendance.

As always it was our volunteers that were the stars of the show, several of whom jumped in at the last minute to help us out:

Here is this week's roll of honour...Malcolm CAMMACK • Stuart HAWKES • Brian THOMPSON • Katie DAVIES • Krista DANIEL • Lisa WARD • Jim MORRIS • Steven WHITE • Kirsty WATSON • Sharon INGLE • Kimberley ETHERINGTON-BATES • Bernie DIVALL • Sally PRIEST • Megan HAWKES • Isabelle HAWKES • Connie FERRER

Six of you were tempted out of bed by the sun to run a parkrun for the very first time. So well done for taking the first step:

Darren Adcock, Katie Ballard, Simon Greenfield, Katie Ross, Lisa Allen and Jade McKeigue.

We hope you enjoyed it and will be back for more.

Other first timers included tourists from

Nostell Priory, Clumber, Graves park in Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, Whitstable, Long Eaton, Sherwood Pines and Newcastle


We had only one milestone being run this week. Kristina, one of our juniors, earned her white 10 t-shirt and by the looks of things it won't take her long to break that 30 minute barrier. Congratulations Kristina.

Personal bests were recorded by 35 of you and there was plenty of bell ringing, congratulations to all those who got round our course faster than you had before.


Tourist Sam Needham (Graves) led the field home in a time of 18:54 with regular Newark runner Dylan Thomas coming in second, agonisingly close to his PB. Richard Harvey was third male.

For the ladies, Strider Philippa Clarke romped home first in a new PB time of 24:11. Rebecca Hilton was second closely followed by Catharine Haydock.

In terms of age grading it was our over 65's that took top spots:

1 Felicity Garland 73.74%

2 Peter Davis 72.37%

3 Marilyn Hatherley 71.09%


A reminder please that we do need to be careful along the narrow sections of the course that we look out for each other and be vigilant of others' whereabouts. Keep left if you can and pass others on their right, especially through the woods, so that we can all enjoy the run at whatever speed we are going and don't block the path walking/running three or more abreast. Thanks.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Newark parkrun Results Page.


Run 245 17th February – a chance to run / walk off those pancakes and valentine chocolates


Cold, but no wind, so not bad conditions, although the top field was as sticky as me Granny’s porridge.



The roster was full a week in advance - that’s great going thanks to all that volunteered.

As well as some old hands……….oh hang on, according to the PC police, I can’t say that…………..so as well as some experienced volunteers, we welcomed I think three new names to the rota; Heather Worlledge – Andrew, who enjoyed her role as Tail  - Walker so much she has offered to help again, thanks Heather, Emily Ratcliffe who took on the role of marshal and Derek Froggat, a recent recruit to parkrun, who was first to arrive to help in wrestling the kit out of the cupboard.

D of E recruits Ellie and Sophie made their roles of timekeeper and barcode scanner look easy, in fact we had to use Ellie’s watch for the results as poor Alan was almost wiped out by a runner and dog making a dip for the line, whilst being encouraged over the final few metres by their friend, having run through the funnel from one side to the other to do so! Sounds comical now, but if I could again ask parkrunners to ensure they only go through the funnel just the once please, preferably in a forward direction whilst avoiding a pile – up with any of our volunteers. I actually feel sorry for the guilty supporter though, who apologized profusely. No worries, no one was injured and its still making me chuckle!

No such fun out on course as far as I’m aware, with Jacqui Walton also marshalling as well as looking for owners of the 3 tops left at the tree after the run. We found owners for 2 of them Jacqui, including the one you had your eye on, sorry.

Team Clarke were on good form at the end of the funnel with Ernie congratulating runners in his own unique style, whilst Cathy was wide awake and calmly dealt with a token issue that would have caused lots of problems at Rumbles HQ had she not spotted it. Thanks both.

Jackie Duers and Sally Priest worked with Sophie on scanning and we had very few to add when processing the results, so clearly a good job done.Many thanks for the cake too Sally, hope you had a lovely birthday.

Thanks to all volunteers, we really do appreciate you turning out on a cold Saturday morning and giving your time for free. We couldn’t do this without you.


Run brief

We welcomed tourists from Braunston, Lincoln and Conkers. Conkers is a great course if you are looking to tick off the letter ‘C’ on your touring list, but very busy. And it will probably be one of your fastest ever parkuns (if time is your thing) as its short. Still our friends from Conkers coped well with the additional 200m they ran on Saturday and enjoyed our course and hospitality. I hear that Lincoln and Braunstone are equally busy these days, but we have room for a few more and will always make tourists very welcome at Newark.

Celebrating their 50th runs were Dave Tilley, making a welcome return to Newark, along with Steve Padgett, and Simon Palmer who I believe also brought cake, thank guys. Not content with running their 50th, Steve and Dave also ran pb’s on Saturday, well done chaps. Apologies to Darren King who also ran his red T shirt earning 50th but didn’t get a mention in the run brief.

We gave a cheer to Jess Rowlands, who literally following in the footsteps of her Mum Breeze, ran every day in January as I know several of you have, to earn that other non – parkrun R.E.D. T shirt. Well done all who achieved this, but you’ll have to keep going to keep up with Jess, she’s now done 47 consecutive days! Great to be able to congratulate Junior parkrunners and if you know of any that deserve a mention, please let us know.

Caroline Froggatt from Children’s Bereavement Centre gave the good news that they have several numbers available for the Newark Half Marathon on 12th August. There is a requirement to raise a min £100, but no fee for the number. So if you would like to participate in a great local run

and help promote and support a very worthy local charity please contact Caroline at carolinef@childrensbereavementcentre.co.uk


Welcome our First Timers, good to meet you, hope you enjoyed your run and will be back next week for more

Matt Simpson

Paul Jordan

James Jordan

Bonnie Tinsley

Rebecca Lax

Sarah Potter


PB’s – lots of, well done to the following;

Gary Bourne

Peter Lane

Steve Padgett

Dave Tilley

Rose Haddock

Amy Willis

Dylan Thomas

Steven Gurd

Andy Floyd

Kelly Poucher

Anthony Hodgetts

Zoe Avis

Amy Lanham

Chelsea Larnell

Jack Titterton

Becky Clift

Carl Braithwaite

Miriam Kaltz

Alan Mackie

Dave Foskett

John Aslin

Emma Ashwin

Amber Bungay

Ellie Winter

Henriettta McCabe

Oliver Cannon

Charlie Hardy

Sarah Stuart

Jemma Lindsay

Olivia Lindsay

Lucie Scullion

Elizabeth Wynn – Jones

David McCabe

Thomas Gibson

Rebecca Sutton

Dennis Rawle

Lenny Hilton

Heather Woolridge – Andrew

Ben Millen

Claire Stainton

Samantha Smith

Callum Bott

Helen Pook

Julie Wilson

Tina Lax

Thomas Cragg

David May

Emma Smith

Emily Westmorland

Nathan Hoole



Well done to all 232 that ran, jogged, walked and enjoyed the course, of whom 23 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

Leigh Marshal celebrated his last parkrun at Newark for a while by being first back in 18.32, just 1 second slower than his PB. Hope you’re not disappointed with that Leigh, it just shows that you are consistently fast! Look forward to seeing you back at Newark soon.

Next was Dylan Thomas, in a new PB of 18.59, followed by Junior 15 – 17 Ricky, two more new names of top of the results page, which is great to see.

Heidi Harris regained her top spot with a sub – 23 minute run, followed by Rose Haddock in 23.31 another PB time and Katie Hall in her first run was next home in 23.37

Newark parkrun started on 1st June 2013. Since then 5,486 participants have completed 41,648 parkruns covering a total distance of 208,240 km, including 8,392 new Personal Bests.


Next week

One of our most experienced Run Directors is back in charge next week, so expect some prompt result processing!

Have a good week.


Event 244 – hot potato!

It was a cold Saturday morning at Sconce and Devon park as the volunteers started to arrive. It was certainly a glove and hat morning for the volunteers as they began to set up the course. Along with the gloves and hats were baked potatoes in foil yes that's right Paul Cregg shared his novel way of keeping warm 2 baked potatoes wrapped in foil - that he microwaved before setting out to parkrun.

By 8:50am the course was set, the equipment ready and the Marshals off to take their positions. Thank you to all of you that volunteered this weekend you all did a fantastic job in the cold and wet conditions. Today's event was made possible by the following volunteers:

Fiona HOUGHTON • Katie DAVIES • Suzanne CATLEY • Chris CREGG • Paul CREGG • Linda ALLEN • Alan ROBINSON • Paula NICHOLS • Leigh MARSHALL • Emily RATCLIFFE • Jeff HALL • Dianne KENNETT • Sally PRIEST • Anthony HODGETTS • Connie FERRER

A special mention goes to Leigh Marshall who ran a PB in 18:31 coming in 3rd and then taking his place to funnel manage! A great effort and his triple double of running and volunteering!

There were 17 runners joining us for their first time and a tourist joining us from Melton Mowbray parkrun. We hope you all enjoyed your visit to Newark parkrun and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

We were celebrating a few Milestones this weekend Ellie Parker achieved 10 runs and Amy Borrill and Martin Dickinson achieved their 50th parkrun. Well done to you all. Kate Fisher achieved her 200th parkrun. Kate has been involved in parkrun since the very early days and has supported come rain or shine. Thanks you for your continued support and Well done on this fantastic achievement Kate!

Today's parkrun was completed by 195 of you. Well done to you all and a big well done to the 33 of you that achieved PBs and for those of you that didn't quite make it there's always next week.

As some of you may have noticed there is a new machine that has been installed in the carpark. This will be in operation next week but will be running on a voluntary donation basis and will not be compulsory. If you wish to buy a season ticket you can do so for £20.00 by contacting Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Thank you again for supporting event 244. Until next time... Keep running!




Newark Parkrun #243 – Only the Brave!

Saturday 3rd February: a new month and another wet winter weekend but that didn't dampen our spirits! Oh no, no, no! We had a full quota of amazing volunteers (with a special mention to Nicki Fenton in reaching the 25 volunteering milestone); and we had the best and bravest of 175 enthusiastic park runners to see in February 2018. The Run Director's bowler hat made a splendid return, in addition to keeping the rain off the RD's head it was sported by those ringing the PB bell:

PB Bell

There was a trio time trialling at 19 minutes today, paced by Tom Marshall (19:03) and led home by Simon Daniel in 18:51, followed by Leigh Marshall in 19:01 (a new PB!) who then turned volunteer to hand out finish tokens for the fellow runners. TRIO Finish

We were amazed to welcome 20 first timers at Newark on not the most favourable of mornings. There were 10 'first time ever' park runners - a special welcome to you and we hope to see you back next week as you work towards your personal milestones. We also welcomed 10 first-time tourists at Newark, with visitors travelling from Lincoln, Mansfield, Doncaster, Yorkshire, London and Southampton. We hope you had a great run and felt welcomed by fellow park runners in Newark - do come back again soon!


Our runners were more pleased than ever to reach the finishing line, and there were 18 new personal bests recorded this week - with some of our junior runners showing the most enthusiasm with great finishing smiles and ringing the PB bell with the RD's hat! Junior Runners

The weather conditions did present some additional challenges this week with another fall at the start; and a few slips and grazes on corners around the course. We do remind all runners to take it easy at the start, look out for one another and slow when approaching the busy corners around the course. A big thank you to all those that stopped to assist our faller, who had to withdraw from the run but was supported by one of our volunteers to recover. Which reminds me to thank all those that arrived early to volunteer and ensure that the event can take place every Saturday. If you have not yet volunteered then please consider making your contribution to keep parkrun the wonderful community of friends, runners and volunteers that it is. This week's stars:

Bob WHITE • Katie DAVIES • Nicki FENTON • Amy-Louise RAWSON • Zsuzsanna HÖRCSÖG • Karen BORRILL • Alan ROBINSON • Tom MARSHALL • Paula NICHOLS • Paul FENTON • Kayleigh MEASURES • Leigh MARSHALL • Andrea LEECH SMITH • Jeff HALL • Sophie CRAVEN • Ellie DRING • Connie FERRER

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