2018 – a look back

This last year has been another great one for Nostell. I want to send my personal thanks to the amazing core team and all the vounteers who , week in and week out, make Nostell the lovely parkrun we know. Also. thanks to National Trust Nostell for all their help , support and assistance.

We said goodbye to Steve Berry as my Co ED but welcomed on board Georgina Newton. Steve still runs with us and will support as rd if needed. The core team has Emma Bird - a shouting rival to me (!), Sarah Smith who has also introduced us to her son Ben, Leyla Brooke . We said goodbye to rd Lesley Needham when she has joined the new Frickley parkrun - shout Hi to her when you see her there xx

2019 will be welcomed in with the run starting at 10.30 - I will advise the route tomorrow for you. Throughout the year, the core team will endeaver to bring you joy and enertainment when it is Easter, halloween and Crimbo. And we will be  celebrating 5 years in July - so watch thisspace for details of that . As always, any offers of help during our year are always gratefully received.

So, before I detail the 2018 state, it remains for me to say "Thank you to each and every one of you - volunteers, walkers, joggers, runners, babes in pushchaits, dogs on leads- hope 2018 was good and have a lovely New Year - see you in 2019 !!

Top 10 volunteers this year
name times
----------------------------------- ----------
Andy BARR 38
Michael ALEXANDER 36
Gaetana ALEXANDER 30
Ellie DAUDET 28
Emma BIRD 26
Pat WOOD 25
Jacqueline RICHARDSON 22
Annie BAMFORD 19
Georgi NEWTON 18

Top 10 clubs this year
club times
----------------------------------- ----------
Ackworth Road Runners 1852
Barnsley Harriers 292
Sweatshop Running Community 200
Askern District AC 157
Denby Dale Athletics Club 132
kingstone Runners Barnsley 120
Wakefield Triathlon Club 103
Wakefield District Harriers & AC 100
Barnsley AC 56
Leeds City AC 46

Top 10 runners this year
name times
----------------------------------- ----------
Michael ALEXANDER 41
Robert William CHAMBERS 39
Darren SMITH 37
Peter ANDREWS 36
Alison HOPE 35

Total runs

Total runs this year

Different runners this year

Total distance
203635 km

Total distance this year
52700 km

Total volunteers this year

Different volunteers this year

Fewest runners for an event this year
event runners
----------------------------------- ----------
224 116

Most runners for an event this year
event runners
----------------------------------- ----------
177 705

Average runners for an event this year

Fewest volunteers for an event this year
event volunteers
----------------------------------- ----------
191 15

Most volunteers for an event this year
event volunteers
----------------------------------- ----------
204 43

Average volunteers for an event this year

Total PBs this year

Most PBs this year
name PBs
----------------------------------- ----------
Richard BURKE 11
Emma GREER 10
Janet NOWAK 10
Ryan AUBREY 10
David RIDLEY 9
Diane WRIGHT 9



Just a quick reminder we are running an extra parkrun on New year's day - 1st Jan 2019. We set off at 10.30 am but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be there for 10.15 for pre-run brief.

CAR PARKING- only 250 spaces for parking at Nostell so really important to car share, to run there, to walk there or cycle there. Please NO PARKING OUTSIDE ON SURROUNDING ROADS. There is no free parking unless NT member - NT staff will be on hand to collect money from you (arranged a reduced charge for you all)

Anyone wanting to volunteer - please look on our webite annd send a message - you will enjoy free parking !!!

A year update will be published soon....

See you all soon !!!!!


Run Report – Event 193 – 5th May 2018

This week 238 of you ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Christopher TAYLOR • Georgi NEWTON • Pat WOOD • Stephen BERRY • Janet BARR • Amanda WILSON • Paul DAVIDSON • Elly ROBERTS • Jacqueline RICHARDSON • Ellie DAUDET • Leyla BROOKE • Evelyn BROOKE • Julie BAKER • Andy BARR • Annie BAMFORD • Tracy HYLAND • Alan HOPE • Tamsin BROOKE • Emma GALLAGHER • Michael ALEXANDER • Micheal HEWITT • Amanda VICKERS • Jacob WILSON • Janet LOFTUS

Congratulations to one of our RDs and founder members of The Nostell parkrun Core Team, Georgi NEWTON who ran her 250th parkrun today. Leyla BROOKE (another of our RDs) and Bev FLOCKTON ran their 50th runs and Evelyn BROOKE her 10th. Well done all.

Leyla BROOKE is RD next week. She'll need plenty of volunteers so shout up if you can help.

A polite request. Please don't leave jackets etc on the railings outside the Courtyard or in front of any door under the arch. You're welcome to leave them anywhere else under the arch, but not there. Thanks.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Nostell parkrun Results Page.

Steve - RD


Run Report #191

Run Report #191 - The one Pre-London and Terry Still Finished on Under 17 minutes!
Hi there, this week 249 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 48 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:

Pat WOOD • James ROBERTS • Emma BIRD • Cary BERNARD • Ellie DAUDET • Sarah SMITH • Andy BARR • Annie BAMFORD • John BAILEY • Emma GALLAGHER • James FLEMING • Michael ALEXANDER • Charlotte PILLING • Ryan MOORHOUSE • Amanda MOORHOUSE

Terry Forrest ran an amazing 16:51 then ran back to Normy then got the train to London then ran 2:38 in VLM. Super mn doesn't ome near and we are proud to have Terry as one of our regular runners. Awesome.

we had a few milestones - Simon Bennet nd Jacqueline Richardson, Angela Hannon all completing 100 runs, and junior adam Bernrdo completing his 50th in great style, making his dad eat dut all the way round ! Mark Gawlyk junior sompleted his 10th run.

The weather was kinder to us than the London Marathoners had to cope with - thinking they should move it to up here and let the runners enjoy nicer weather  :-)

Emma Bird is you RD next week so let's get on nd fill her volunteer roster up PDQ.!!

Bye folks !!


1st Jan 2018

705!!!!! Unbelievable... So many of you and not one bad word about this unique course.

Many thanks to all who made this morning so fantastic...

Bad news though - Sorry to report that the main watch with 495 times on accidentally got cleared. So, all 705 of you will have a time of 59:59. I feel I can assure you nobody will have a PB. Apologies to everyone though. It would be impossible to ;load 705 times so please do not let me know what your watch/garmin etc said.

A fuller report is not really available, your positions are more or less ok - those after 495 may be slightly adrift, again, apologies.

Next year we will ensure A) the watches do not get wiped, B) we have sufficient finish tokens for you all.

Happy new year to all 705 runners and all the huge army of volunteers xxx

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