Oakwell Hall parkrun # 179 - 17/03/2018

PosparkrunnerTimeAge CatAge GradeGender PosClubNoteTotal Runs
1Richard PEEL20:30VM35-3965.12 %M1Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:19:4678Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
2Sean HARRISON20:55VM45-4968.29 %M2PB stays at 00:20:4347
3Paul WRAY21:03SM30-3462.31 %M3Crossgates Harriers ACFirst Timer!75Member of the parkrun 50 Club
4David TEGGART21:20VM40-4464.92 %M4Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:18:24106Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
5John CALVERT21:26VM50-5469.36 %M5Dewsbury Road RunnersPB stays at 00:19:49216Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
6Lee GOODRIDGE21:48VM40-4463.53 %M6Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:21:0447
7John HIRST21:53VM45-4966.34 %M7PB stays at 00:21:21168Member of the parkrun 100 Club
8Max METCALFE22:07JM11-1464.13 %M8Rothwell & District HarriersPB stays at 00:20:02111Member of the parkrun 100 Club
9James ABBOTT22:11SM25-2958.15 %M9Zoom RunnersFirst Timer!69Member of the parkrun 50 Club
10Andrew BEAN22:12VM40-4462.91 %M10PB stays at 00:21:358
11Luke EDESON22:52SM30-3457.07 %M11PB stays at 00:20:5538
12Mark MCCARTHY22:59VM40-4460.77 %M12Morley Running ClubPB stays at 00:21:5940Strava logo
13Shaun WELLS23:11VM45-4961.18 %M13Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:21:5262Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
14Richard WHITEHOUSE23:15VM45-4962.44 %M14Crossgates Harriers ACFirst Timer!219Member of the parkrun 100 Club
15Mark HEWITT23:20VM35-3956.50 %M15PB stays at 00:22:2727
16Matthew CHARLES-SWEETING23:34SM30-3454.88 %M16PB stays at 00:22:3755Member of the parkrun 50 Club
17Andrew THORNTON23:36VM40-4459.60 %M17PB stays at 00:22:2066Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
18Mat KELLY23:52VM35-3955.24 %M18Rothwell & District HarriersFirst Timer!41Strava logo
19Chris MEADLEY23:55VM40-4458.40 %M19Crossgates Harriers ACFirst Timer!75Member of the parkrun 50 Club
20Joshua ELLIOTT24:00JM15-1756.25 %M20Meltham ACNew PB!18Member of the parkrun 10 Club
21Paul ELLIOTT24:02VM50-5462.34 %M21Meltham ACPB stays at 00:21:33145Member of the parkrun 100 Club
22Martin GEBBETT24:49VM55-5962.46 %M22Horsforth Fellandale ClubPB stays at 00:21:51124Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
23Andy MOORE25:14VM40-4454.10 %M23First Timer!150Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
24Jason NEWELL25:16VM45-4956.53 %M24Hyde Park HarriersPB stays at 00:23:39204Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
25Chris BYRON25:20VM40-4455.53 %M25New PB!43
26John GASH25:43VM45-4955.99 %M26Oakwell Running Bears.PB stays at 00:23:5553Member of the parkrun 50 Club
27Oliver HAMPSHIRE26:08SM25-2949.36 %M27First Timer!5
28Jim FARADAY26:23SM20-2449.40 %M28New PB!5
29James HULBERT26:36VM40-4452.88 %M29PB stays at 00:24:4332
30Julian FARRAR26:43VM60-6461.07 %M30Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:25:10183Member of the parkrun 100 Club
31Elena TZANEVA27:36SW25-2953.62 %F1First Timer!66Member of the parkrun 50 Club
32Richard BLACK28:14VM35-3947.99 %M31PB stays at 00:28:045
33Joseph MURRAY28:32JM1057.30 %M32Spenborough & District ACPB stays at 00:24:0643Member of the parkrun 10 Club
34Simon DENTON28:33VM40-4448.51 %M33PB stays at 00:27:555
35Jason SAVILLE28:36VM40-4448.08 %M34Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:22:4084Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
36Matthew KEYWORTH28:40SM25-2945.00 %M35Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:25:0538Strava logo
37Lynne METCALFE28:49VW45-4957.49 %F2Rothwell & District HarriersPB stays at 00:24:4597Member of the parkrun 50 Club
38Kelly LEWIS28:52VW35-3952.42 %F3Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:26:40112Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
39Lyndsey ELVIDGE29:16SW30-3450.80 %F4Oakwell Running Bears.PB stays at 00:27:3522
40Glynn MORTIMER29:47VM45-4949.13 %M36PB stays at 00:25:25106Member of the parkrun 100 Club
41Caroline KERSHAW29:52VW50-5459.04 %F5Spenborough & District ACPB stays at 00:26:05110Member of the parkrun 100 Club
42Gary PRITCHARD30:33VM40-4446.04 %M37PB stays at 00:28:268
43Nate MORRIS30:37JM1055.58 %M38PB stays at 00:24:4623Member of the parkrun 10 Club
44Calei SMITH30:39SW30-3448.29 %F6First Timer!12Strava logo
45Clare MURRAY30:40VW40-4450.54 %F7Spenborough & District ACPB stays at 00:26:4145Strava logo
46James SPIRIT30:41VM35-3943.83 %M39PB stays at 00:23:51102Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
48Beverley ORMONDROYD31:22VW45-4950.64 %F8PB stays at 00:30:2998Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
49Laura HARRISON31:52VW35-3947.70 %F9PB stays at 00:30:3321
50Peter BLANCHFIELD32:02VM55-5948.80 %M41PB stays at 00:30:1656Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
51Dave BAYLIFF32:15VM55-5947.65 %M42Walney Wind CheetahsFirst Timer!84Member of the parkrun 50 Club
52Paul LAMONT32:28VM55-5947.33 %M43Yorkshire Hash House HarriersFirst Timer!29
53Karen THRIPPLETON33:29VW50-5452.02 %F10PB stays at 00:28:13161Member of the parkrun 100 Club
54Michael WRIGGLESWORTH33:46VM55-5945.90 %M44Pudsey RunnersPB stays at 00:28:4172Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
55Rebecca Louise DODD33:52SW25-2943.70 %F11Elvet StridersFirst Timer!66Member of the parkrun 50 Club
56Ibrahim HASSAN33:58VM45-4942.39 %M45New PB!6
57Mohammed MANIYAR33:58VM35-3939.30 %M46PB stays at 00:28:3711
58Natalie SAMPSON34:00SW30-3443.63 %F12Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:29:2499Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
59Andrea SPEIGHT34:00VW45-4948.14 %F13Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:28:4398Member of the parkrun 50 Club
60Judy KIRKBY34:07VW65-6963.17 %F14PB stays at 00:30:3282Member of the parkrun 50 Club
61Jonathan KNOWLES34:10VM35-3938.59 %M47PB stays at 00:31:5417Strava logo
62Erin ATTWOOD34:13JW1051.29 %F15PB stays at 00:32:2843Member of the parkrun 10 Club
63Sarah BARKER34:23VW55-5952.64 %F16PB stays at 00:27:0870Member of the parkrun 50 Club
64Darren ATTWOOD34:23VM45-4941.25 %M48PB stays at 00:28:0452Member of the parkrun 50 Club
65David HULL34:43VM70-7452.86 %M49PB stays at 00:29:38132Member of the parkrun 100 Club
66Caitlin MURRAY34:48JW11-1447.80 %F17Spenborough & District ACPB stays at 00:30:2432Member of the parkrun 10 Club
67Dave John WILLIAMSON34:53VM50-5442.95 %M50UK parkrun touristsPB stays at 00:29:25451Member of the parkrun 250 Club
68Daniel CARTER35:09VM35-3937.74 %M51PB stays at 00:26:0116
69Beth HALLAM35:24VW35-3942.94 %F18First Timer!18Strava logo
70Megan GRINSILL35:40SW30-3441.50 %F19Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:28:5156Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
71James GRAHAM35:47VM40-4438.15 %M52PB stays at 00:31:563
72Roberta MANN35:53VW45-4944.68 %F20PB stays at 00:31:3834
73Shaun MURRAY36:06VM50-5440.86 %M53PB stays at 00:33:1233
74Nigel CAUFIELD36:34VM45-4939.38 %M54First Timer!1
75Kate DALY36:35VW40-4442.37 %F21Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:32:4364Member of the parkrun 50 Club
76Charlotte HARDY36:49VW40-4441.56 %F22Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:29:08106Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
77Michelle DARE37:20VW55-5948.48 %F23Pudsey Pacers RCPB stays at 00:28:2374Member of the parkrun 50 Club
78Andrew THRIPPLETON37:57VM60-6443.00 %M55PB stays at 00:33:47222Member of the parkrun 100 Club
79Tayler WELLS38:05SW20-2438.86 %F24PB stays at 00:34:5443
80Rachael SUMMERS38:16VW35-3939.07 %F25First Timer!143Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
81Dawn KERSHAW38:26VW45-4941.72 %F26PB stays at 00:31:0148
82Lewis SENIOR38:29JM15-1736.16 %M56PB stays at 00:35:294
83Barbara HIRST38:45VW45-4941.38 %F27PB stays at 00:36:4051Member of the parkrun 50 Club
84Emma ARMITAGE38:47SW30-3438.33 %F28PB stays at 00:32:096
85Molly MILLER38:48JW1050.34 %F29New PB!8
86Carly MILLER39:03VW35-3938.41 %F30Oakwell RunFitPB stays at 00:21:36152Member of the parkrun 100 Club
88Catherine ATTWOOD39:21VW40-4439.39 %F31PB stays at 00:34:2035
89Mark HUDSON39:35VM45-4936.38 %M58PB stays at 00:31:5939
90Thelma GODDARD39:55VW35-3938.08 %F32PB stays at 00:29:4910
91Laura CLIFTON44:36VW35-3934.08 %F33New PB!2
92Angela PHILLIPS44:36VW50-5438.53 %F34PB stays at 00:38:5724
93Christine SYKES44:45VW60-6442.76 %F35PB stays at 00:40:1625
94Harriet MARTIN45:37JW1037.41 %F36New PB!2
95Stu HOLLY46:34VM35-3928.88 %M59First Timer!1
96Sandra THARBY46:35VW40-4433.77 %F37PB stays at 00:35:2326
97Joe CROSTON51:01JM1036.65 %M60First Timer!2
98Rebecca CROSTON51:34VW35-3929.09 %F38Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:36:5342Strava logo
99Lucy HORNER51:34SW18-1929.02 %F39PB stays at 00:49:143
100Gillian KENNEDY51:35VW55-5934.64 %F40Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:33:3374Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
101Lynsey TEGGART51:35VW40-4429.82 %F41Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:35:12109Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
102Sharon SHILLITO51:36VW45-4931.72 %F42Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:31:01111Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
103Anne-Marie MORTIMER51:37VW45-4932.10 %F43Oakwell Running Bears.PB stays at 00:39:0168Member of the parkrun 50 Club
104Gaynor WALKER51:38VW50-5432.86 %F44PB stays at 00:49:123
105Lynda STARK51:42VW40-4429.98 %F45Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:31:333
106Jessica STARK51:57JW1037.60 %F46PB stays at 00:47:022
107Hector MARTIN51:57JM1038.18 %M61New PB!2
108Carly MOORE1:02:23SW30-3423.88 %F47PB stays at 00:55:472
109Julia FIRTH1:02:24VW50-5428.26 %F48Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:37:1653Member of the parkrun 50 Club
110Heather GRINSILL1:02:33VW60-6430.59 %F49Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:31:4832Strava logo
111Hazel STONES1:02:34VW40-4425.15 %F50Tingley RunFITPB stays at 00:34:2179Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Connie ATTWOOD, Erin ATTWOOD, Irén BODROG, Ann BOGUE, Andrew COLE, Jane CROMACK, Ian CROMACK, Stephen EAGLEN, Susan ELLIS, Michael ELLIS, Julia FIRTH, Harrison GRAY, Heather GRINSILL, Paul HODGSON, Keith KING, Lydia KISBY, Roberta MANN, Max METCALFE, Mira MILEUSNIC, Dawn MORTON, Charlotte PARKER, Natalie SAMPSON, Liam SAVILLE, Michelle SAVILLE, Yvonne SPIVEY, Hazel STONES, Jayne TROUT, Philip WALKER, Amanda WALKER, Phil WILKINS

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