UPDATED Christmas Day 2018 / New Year’s Day 2019


We have Run Directors assigned and are now ready to put on parkruns at Old Deer Park parkrun on Christmas Day and/or New Year's Day ... both starting at 9am. Still keen to get volunteers signed up so please do contact oldDeerParkhelpers@parkrun.com if you are interested in volunteering on either or both of those days. 


Run Report 17/3/2018

After seeing the weather warning all week I approached this mornings run with trepidation. However with Fulham 10k cancelled tomorrow I didn't really have a choice and one way to add some enthusiasm to my morning run is a new parkrun, todays choice being Old Deer Park; not being from London I often get lost en route to new places but the gps gets me back on track and it's one way to make up the miles. Today run's from Hounslow saw me pass HQ with all the prep taking place for England-Ireland, I think we can safely say that the writing was on the wall for an Ireland Grand Slam particularly with it being St Patrick's Day.

As the time drew closer to 9am I got to what I believed to be Old Deer Park and spotted a hi vis- which could mean only one thing; I'd come to the right place! I sprinted over to find out that I'd come to where the welcome briefing takes place, happy days!

The run saw just shy of 100 steely runners turnout in adverse conditions ably supported by a strong group of volunteers braving the cold, big shout out and thanks to the volunteers; please find some time out in the year to volunteer and help out when you can, whilst all parkrun's tend to have a core group of helpers they all need our support from the runners so take some time out from running a PB and give your legs a rest when you can to give something back to a great cause.

Final mentioned for John Butcher pictured whose becoming something of a London celebrity scooping records around the different Parkrun's in the 85-89 category clocked a respectable 36.11

The run itself is 3 laps of the park, largely flat and offering opportunities for PB's however the back end of the laps did involve a bit of slipping and sliding from the mud but this didn't deter people from their strong finish and a great start to their Saturday morning.

Well done everyone!




Christmas day run at ODP

Ho, Ho, Ho! Yes we'll be having a parkrun on both Christmas Eve (a normal Saturday) and Christmas Day (a bonus for you all). Mince pies and Santa hats all round.

We aren't holding a New Year's Day run at ODP but checkout some alternatives here.



Event 289: 9 July 2016 Scanner issues

Apologies everyone, we have had a scanner malfunction and are unable to process the results of today's run.

If you do have your time / position details, send them with your barcode to oldDeerParkhelpers@parkrun.com.

That may allow us to piece together people's results.


B Course this Saturday

The circus has arrived in Old Deer Park, so we will be on the B course for the week. Meet in the north east corner by the tennis courts, leave plenty of time.

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