Bluebells, Sunshine and a stag called YOPA

It's been a long time since we could write that the course was dry and in great condition and 334 runners enjoyed the bluebells in the wood with 56 going on to record PB's including Gary O'Leary Co-Event Director.

A special thank you to volunteer Andy Sturgess who was key to YOPA being with us at the start and finish. It is the Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity and this enormous mascot is part of a drive to entice more people in the County to get out and about and shake it all about!
IMG_3311Our tourist of the week award goes to Andy Mears shoes home run is Whangarei in New Zealand. Geoff Wright completed his 100th run and Mark Smith and Michael Scutt (left in phone below) their 50th - congratulations all.
image2IMG_3317Best wishes to the many Panshanger runners who are taking part or volunteering at the London Marathon tomorrow - look forward to seeing some medals next week.

Finally, none of this would have happened without the wonderful 21 people below:

Paul DAVIES • Louise SMITH • Sue FLETCHER • Geoffrey CORDINGLEY • Andy STURGESS • Robert EMSLEY • Chris JONES • Michael SCUTT • Barbara KUBIS-LABIAK • Georgie DEERING • Mattie LABIAK • Nicola HEADLAND • Kit HILLARY • Pamela HURD • Mark MORRIS • Dylan CANNON • Robert DAVIES • Duncan HISCOCK • Georgia PEEDLE • Luca LA RAGIONE • Emma JONES

Shaun Colllins, Alex Hardy and Alin Dobre were the first 3 finishers for the men and Sharon Parry, Laura McColgan and Kayla Johnson for the ladies.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.

Sue is your Run Director next week,



Panshanger parkrun : Event number 190 : 14th April 2018

No rain, no snow, sun and just a little mud.....almost a perfect Spring day!
310 runners completed the course, 35 in p b times and 20 of those were first timers - welcome.

First three men home were Rowan Daly of St Albans AC in 18:06, Craig Brown and Dominic Chapman from Garden City Runners in 18:21 and 19:07 respectively. First lady home was Jen Conway of St Albans Striders in 21:36 followed by Emma Pearce in 23:58 and Laura McColgan in 24:08.

Adam Rhead and Lee Mansfield joind the 50 club and Tim Robinson joined the 100 club - very well done you three!

The event was made possible by these volunteers:
Dylan CANNON,Elizabeth CLARK,Robert DAVIES,Eleanor & Dennis DRAPER,Robert ELLIOTT,Rosanne FARRELL,Sue FLETCHER,Peter GROVE-WHITE,Pat & Rab HARLEY,Pamela HURD,Lucy ILES,Emma JONES,Babs & Mattie KUBIS-LABIAK,Luca LA RAGIONE,Mark MORRIS,Louie NESS,Jacky O'LEARY,Samantha PLUMMER, and Adam PRAVERMAN.

Todays full results can be found at and after that enjoy the weekend. Next week your RD will be Louise
RD Sue


The bridge is back in action

After several months of various diversions we were able to get back to the original course following the reopening of the footbridge along the bottom path (which included a fair bit of mud).

On an ideal morning for running, we were very happy to welcome 271 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

Well done to Oscar Bell who was the first male runner home in an impressive time of 17.41 a new PB. He was followed by Craig Brown in 18.08.

Freya Stapleton was the first lady home again today in a time of 18.58 followed by Harriet Kealy in a time of 20.42 another new PB

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers who all turn up nice and early to ensure the 5K course is set up, awaiting the arrival of the unknown number of runners.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.

Now time for everyone to enjoy a pleasant weekend, Sue is your RD next week



Hip Hip Hooray – Sat 31st March 2018

A great turnout of 271 runners and 23 fabulous volunteers, helped it all happen again at Panshanger.  A gate closure and a little mud meant a slight adjustment to the course.  The great news is that we are returning to the original course next week, as the new bridge is finally in place!

A great day for Ware Joggers, as 40 came out, to celebrate the pre-wedding celebration run of Annalisa HEATH & Jon WILLIAMS who will be jogging down the aisle next week. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Also Ware Jogger Stuart BALLARD today completed his first parkrun since having a hip replacement on 31st Jan 2018, very impressive stuff Stuart, well done.

Onto the results and its more Ware Joggers in the frame.

The first finisher for the men was Mark WADDINGHAM (Ware Joggers) with 17:21, followed by Oscar BELL (Ware Joggers) with 17:50 and Kevin SAMBRIDGE (Unattached) with 18:56. For the ladies; Harriet KEALY (Ware Joggers) was first lady with 21:19, followed by Cecilia DARCY (Herts Phoenix AC) with 24:36 and Sam ROWE (Ware Joggers) with 24:45.

Well done also Robert BUCKLE and Maggie GARRETT who each completed their 50th parkrun today.

Thank YOU to all of todays great volunteers below. Do try and volunteer once or twice a year if you can, it really helps.

Sean FLYNN • Allan BOARDMAN • Lucy ILES • Adam PRAVERMAN • Rab HARLEY • Brenda SMITH • Patricia HARLEY • Robert EMSLEY • David MORTON • Rachel STEWART • Benjamin STAMP • Amanda MAYES • Georgie DEERING • Pamela HURD • Mo WARRILLOW • Mark MORRIS • Colin HARDING • Talia GREEN • Dylan CANNON • Archie WARRILLOW • Samantha PLUMMER • Emma JONES

Over to Rab for next weeks return to the Old Course.

Happy Easter.



First week of Spring at Panshanger

Last week marked the first day of Spring - officially at least! 252 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers, including a group of Garden City Runners celebrating their graduation run, well done to all!

Gary O'Leary, one of our Run Directors, celebrated his 100th run at Panshanger. From the juniors, Bailey NEWINGTON celebrated his 150th parkrun and Elise AINGE ran her 10th.

The first finisher for the men (and first overall) was Craig BROWN (Garden City Runners) with 17:56, followed by Ian HARPUR with 19:11, and Kevin CARTER (Ware Joggers) with 19:14. For the ladies; Freya Stapleton (Herts Phoenix AC) was first lady and second overall with 18:44, followed by Lottie ROWEDDER (Herts Phoenix AC) with 19:56 and Harriet KEALY (Ware Joggers) with 20:58.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Steve BUTTON • George ROWEDDER • Adam PRAVERMAN • Rab HARLEY • Anne HENSON • Patricia HARLEY • Robert EMSLEY • Dan KEELEY • Louie NESS • Peter HAMBLING • Samantha STAMP • Benjamin STAMP • Magda BOBON • Jude PRAVERMAN • Barbara KUBIS-LABIAK • Georgie DEERING • Mattie LABIAK • Pamela HURD • Mark MORRIS • Dylan CANNON • Robert DAVIES • Georgia PEEDLE • Samantha PLUMMER • Luca LA RAGIONE • Emma JONES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Panshanger parkrun Results Page.

Gary will be your RD next week,

All the best and have a lovely weekend

RD Babs

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