Well what can I say!!

I'll start by saying Happy New Year

So 548 people ran, jogged or walked the course, An amazing 202 were first timers and 46 runners ran a personal best.

Representatives of 78 different clubs took part.

Before New Years Day our attendance record was 347 runners so to have an increase of 201 obviously overwhelmed us! and caught us off guard, We did expect high numbers and had 448 finish tokens ready including a longer finish funnel but alas it was not enough, Our stopwatches also only time 500 people!

We had 15 volunteers that day although the actual number was less than 10 for the key positions such as Scanning/Handing out Tokens and Timing

Lessons have been learnt and our core team is much wiser from this experience and the amazing running community we have created is clearly very strong. The emails and support/Thanks we have received is gratefully appreciated

Results are going to be affected as we had a Queue to get into the finish funnel and One our Run Directors Daniel Watson had to manually write down over 100 finishers!

Everybody really came together under lots of pressure, Catherine McDonald had the job of results processing which again included manually entering over 100 people, Over Two hours was spread using Excel Spreadsheets to get everybody a finish time and in the correct order

Tony Donaldson was your Run Director who did an amazing job keeping everything relatively calm before you all disappeared for a Second run

Onto the results

I cannot imagine the congestion on the 3rd lap but

Paul Martelletti found a way through to break the course record in 15:08

Natasha Sheel was 1st home for the Ladies in 19:00

So onto the Milestones and we had plenty

Helen Ung became the First person ever to earn the 250 T-Shirt at Peckham

Completing their 100th parkruns we had:

Ian Gale/Heather Cripps and Louise Fernandez

50th parkruns we had:

Alex Downing/Natasha Sheel/Kevin Hughes and Ashley Wilkie

Congratulations too you all

A large part of the field was made up of Tourists and we hope you all enjoyed your First visit and will return perhaps when we are a little less congested

To finish this off the people who made all this possible are listed here, Cannot Thank everybody enough

Karen HARRIS • Tony DONALDSON • Nicole KING • Catherine MCDONALD • Cheryl SACKS • Sarah TIZZARD • Kevin CHADWICK • Louise ROBATHAN • Valerie MACLEOD • Jo WINT • Oliver POPE • Anna MYAT • Daniel WATSON • Martin WALSH • Davinia DARCH

I wish you all the best for 2019
Kev Chadwick - Event Director

Peckham Rye parkrun started on 21st June 2014. Since then 7,964 participants have completed 40,778 parkruns covering a total distance of 203,890 km, including 7,473 new Personal Bests. A total of 533 individuals have volunteered 2,875 times.


Run Directors wanted

Currently we have 6 people who can Run Direct but I would like to add more if possible to spread the workload and help cover when people are unavailable etc..


If you are a regular runner who could give up One Saturday every 5 or 6 then it would and would like to have a go at being a Run Director then please let us know


Either by email: peckhamryehelpers@parkrun.com or just come and speak to myself Kevin Chadwick or any of the other others who run direct


Full training and support shall be given and its role anyone can do, there is nothing to worry about


Thank You








NHS Take over week



 What do you get if you put three consultants, a transplant co-ordinator, a speech and language therapist, a clinical nurse specialist, a dentist, a midwife, a NHS project co-ordinator and their friends and family members in Peckham Rye Park?


 #NHS70 #parkrun @Peckhamparkrun

 On Saturday 9th June 2018, parkrun and the National Health Service (NHS) came together to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS. It’s hoped that the events put on in parks across the country will encourage more people to get involved in both physical activity and volunteering.

Here at Peckham with the support of Kev Chadwick, our Event Director and the core team we were really pleased to welcome a number of local NHS staff to the park. In fact most of the volunteers on Saturday were NHS staff and for many of them it was there very first parkrun experience and they were warmly welcomed to parkrun by our 258 runners.


As a number of the NHS staff at the event, including myself, work in the Paediatric Liver Centre at King’s College Hospital I took the opportunity in the Run Director’s briefing to pick up on the theme of volunteering and asked if everyone taking part could also please consider volunteering their organs by signing up to the organ donation register!


You can find more information out about organ donation and how to register at the following link  https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/



 On a slightly chillier morning than of late, our runners were set off by one of our double-act of Paediatric Consultant Hepatologist timekeepers to run our three lapped A course.

Of the 258 runners, 36 were first time runners at Peckham Rye and an impressive 22 of these were brand new to parkrun! The course boasted some pretty special cheer squads this week rather than just a lone marshal at each marshalling point and their energy and good spirit definitely seemed to be taken on board by the runners as there were an impressive 51 people posting new personal best times!


First home remains ‘unknown’ so taking the laurels is Charles Lound in a time of 18:03 and first lady home in her debut run at Peckham was Louise Cazan in a time of 21:34


The top three age graded results were:

  • Charles Lound 82.36% VM 50-54 with a time of 18:03
  • Sam Crane 78.92% JM10 with a time of 20:43
  • Martin Kelson 76.73% VM 55-59 with a time of 20:12


Of the 51 new personal bests, I’m going to highlight the achievements of our junior runners. Congratulations to:

  • Oliver Bottle JM15-17 with a pb of 20:27
  • Jude Martynski JM11-14 with a pb of 25:05
  • Sami De Jong JM11-14 with a pb of 25:31
  • Anna Jones JW11-14 with a pb of 31:03


Nobody claimed a milestone run during the run briefing but the results show that four people have hit the red t-shirt jackpot and completed their fiftieth parkrun. Congratulations to Jon Godfrey, Stewart Godfrey, Remi Lacroix and Kate Greenwood!

You can take a full look at the results here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/peckhamrye/results/latestresults/

Huge thanks to all of our volunteers this week, not all of whom are shown on the volunteer roster, as they haven’t yet committed to registering for parkrun, (we hope that they all will). The event wouldn’t have been the same without you all and your enthusiasm and we hope we can welcome you back to Peckham Rye parkrun soon!


Thank you, thank you, thank you and much parkrun love to: Butch Ali, Kevin Chadwick, Jeremy Crump, Candice Ebelthite, Maesha Deheragoda and family, Sara Faulkner, Tassos Grammatikopoulos, Jonathan Hind, Sarah Jones, Ben Newell, Chrissi Palidis, James Pearson-Kirk, Miranda Loveday, Louis Penry Davey, Justine Pope, Mia Semmens, Mark Semmens, Jo Sayward, James Stokes, Sarah Tizzard, Emily Warburton-Brown, Daniel Watson and not forgetting Juno and Scarlett the dogs!

volunteers nhs


Peckham Rye volunteer co-ordinator, Emily Warburton-Brown and Peckham Rye regular Vinnie Darch are both on the cusp of achieving their next milestones as they’re both now on 49 runs. Hopefully they and you will join us at this coming weekend’s event when Peckham Rye parkrun will celebrate its fourth birthday and hopefully Emily and Vinnie’s new red t-shirts! Oh and there’ll be cake! (It was never in doubt…)



 Sarah Tizzard

Clinical Nurse Specialist for Paediatric Liver

Paediatric Gastrointestinal, Liver and Nutrition Centre

Variety Children’s Hospital

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust






Event Cancelled

We have had a great run, 201 Events with no cancellations is a great achievement

However this Saturday (March 3rd) Due to ice and bad weather conditions, We have decided to cancel.

A course inspection took place this morning and the course is unsafe to run on

We will be back on 10th March

Thank You

Kev Chadwick - Event Director


Happy New Year

1st January 2018

I arrive in the park about 08:30am and already runners had arrived! Apricot vests and Cowl Cowl neck warmers all visible.

Normally at Peckham rye we are used to the park being pretty quite until 08:50am, then in the last 10 minutes around 200 gather at the start. With a chance to record Two parkruns in One day (only time you can) We expected numbers to increase considerably and considerably they did!

A new attendance record of 339 runners started 2018 with a 5km run before heading off to do it again at another local park.

Tony Donaldson delivered the new runners brief to easily over 100 runners completing their first run at Peckham rye and after asking you all to thank our wonderful volunteers:

Alison SYMONDS-TAYLER • Paul BODDEY • Tony DONALDSON • Catherine MCDONALD • Helen STEPHEN • Rachael PRESTON • Sarah TIZZARD • Owen BRADY • Belinda CHAU • Daniel WATSON • Butch ALI • Emily WARBURTON-BROWN • Juliet BRISTOW • Martin WALSH • Eszti TAKACS

A prompt 9am start ensured maximum time to make your Second parkrun. We had One milestone with Xavi Rabanal-Hunt running his 100th parkrun so congratulations to you.

Regular first time finisher Andy Bond was 1st to finish in 17:09 he then went off to Southwark and finished 1st again in 17:16

First Female to finish was Alice McGushin in 19:35 It was Alice's first visit to peckham

I would like to also mention that a set of Car keys were found, Despite Facebook and Twitter posts we have had nobody come forward. Strangley we have not received any emails. The keys are currently safe with One of or core team. So if you lost them then please contact us.

I would like to end by thanking everyone who has ran or volunteered in the past and help us grow, We have a strong community here and I feel very lucky to be apart of that. Organising the parkrun is not easy but recently lots more people have come forward to help take the pressure off me.

I am still looking to take on more Run directors so please ask if you are interested

But it looks like you are all stuck with me as your event director for the long term future!

Happy New Year

Kev Chadwick - Event Director









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