Event 168 – FIFTEEN THIRTY SEVEN!!!!!!!!


Yes, 15 minutes 37 seconds!!!!

It has taken 78 parkruns but today saw a new fastest time at Penrhyn, a record that was made on 27/08/2016! A huge congratulations to Dan Nash on his 2nd appearance at Penrhyn on breaking the record by 10 seconds and becoming only the 3rd superhuman to beat 16 minutes on this beautiful course, especially with conditions today being a bit wet!

Event 168 had 201 participants with 31 1st timers (including 11 on their 1st parkrun) & 45 new PBs! Today’s most experienced parkrunner was Peter Morgan on his 252nd - well done! Finisher 168 for Event 168 was Emyr Edwards in 33:01 on his 51st parkrun. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part

As already mentioned, Fastest finisher was Dan Nash followed Matthew Roberts in 16:09 and Owen Roberts in 17:36, Fastest for the ladies was Abi Beath in 21:00, Llio Evans in 21:21 and Rhi Willmot in 3rd with 23:36. Fastest male junior was Sam Gunning (JM11-14) in 21:21 (must have been a photo finish with 2nd lady for time!) and Anwen Hockley was the fastest female junior in 23:48

A big thank you to the 15 volunteers this morning for helping the run to take place - please email in or message if you would like to have a go at volunteering - you get a lovely purple shirt after 25 volunteer sessions if that will sway you! Even writing the run reports counts.......

The latest stats now read

The female record is held by Alison LAVENDER who recorded a time of 18:02 on 30th April 2016 (event number 73).
The male record is held by Dan NASH who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th April 2018 (event number 168).
The Age Grade course record is held by Claire WILLIAMS who recorded 89.81% (19:08) on 9th April 2016 (event number 70).
Penrhyn parkrun started on 15th November 2014. Since then 6,271 participants have completed 25,710 parkruns covering a total distance of 128,550 km, including 4,982 new Personal Bests.

See you all next week



24th March – event 166

There was a hint of Spring at the Castle for Event 166  with 190 parkrunners and representatives of 19 clubs completing the 2 big loops and 2 small loops around the castle grounds.

With Penrhyn parkrun  being featured on this week's email about courses with Castles (http://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2018/03/23/castle-parkruns), I am sure a few people were left wondering where the flat bits of the course are  (they are in the finish courtyard by the way!), it was great to have 29 people making their debuts at Penrhyn and 32 new PBs this week. I spotted 4 buggy runners yesterday including someone with a double buggy  so full respect for that effort as it is hard enough on your own at times!

Reaching milestones this week were Alistair Drummond and RD Emyr Jones, both achieving their 50th parkruns (Emyr also having volunteered 53 times!). This week's most experienced parkrunner was Thomas David Longden on 191! Finisher 166 for Event 166 was Tracey Weetman on her 1st parkrun in 35:42

Fastest male was Tomos Roberts in 16:16 (also equalling Claire Williams for finishing 1st 14 times!), Unknown in 2nd and 3rd place Steve Forsyth in 17:25. Fastest for the ladies was Elliw Haf in 19:05 (her 9th 1st place finish and new PB) followed by  Amie Bagnall in 19:45 and Jenna Bagnall in 21:27. Fastest Male junior goes to Cai Dafydd in 22.55 and Female Junior Madeleine Sinfield in 24.22

As always, a big thank you to the volunteers for making this event possible and see you soon



Event 165, 17th March 2018 – The Pyjama Parkrun

Event #165 at Penrhyn Parkrun coincided with the national park run in PJ‘s event and in today’s temperature of 2°, it was almost tempting to stay in bed!

195 Park runners made their way around the two big and two small loops of the castle grounds in cold and blustery conditions. Today saw two sets of couch to 5K programmes graduate - Penrhyn’s own group of improvers and also local club Cybi Striders who also provided most of the volunteers for today in a club takeover! Well done to all on this achievement and hope to see you again soon as this parkrun or running lark is a bit addictive!

Due to the two groups, there were 42 1st timers to Penrhyn today (possibly more with 25 Unknown athletes today - please register and bring your barcode with you as you get to track your times, progress and a few free t shirts along the way!) and 29 gaining a new PB. Amongst the visitors were those from Chippenham, Birmingham, Rugby, Beeston  and Chorley too. Hope you enjoyed the "undulating"and scenic course.

Significant milestones were achieved by junior runner Carwyn Huws on his 10th with both Arwel Lewis and Tom Chandy on their 50th parkrun!

With the weather conditions as they were, it was not surprising to see only a few runners in their pyjamas (or not in the case of RD Kev Clark - please send pictures into our Facebook page or even to the national park run site!

Fastest finishes today were:
Tomos Roberts in 16:59, Callum Davidson in 2nd with 17:00 and Owen Roberts in 3rd with 17:36. Fastest ladies were Catherine Connell in 19:11, Ellis Haf in 21:00 and Imogen Peebles in 23:57. Fastest junior today was Bryn Woodall in 18:51

The last few weeks, we have trialled a one way system out of the finishing courtyard - any comments, suggestions or views on this please let us know via an email or message over Facebook. Doing this has helped reduce the number of people crossing the finishing line more than once which can cause some confusion for the volunteers but finally, a big thank you from me to the volunteer team today who have made my debut stint as RD go smoothly!




The female record is held by Alison LAVENDER who recorded a time of 18:02 on 30th April 2016 (event number 73).
The male record is held by Ben HARDING who recorded a time of 15:47 on 27th August 2016 (event number 90).
The Age Grade course record is held by Claire WILLIAMS who recorded 89.81% (19:08) on 9th April 2016 (event number 70).Penrhyn parkrun started on 15th November 2014. Since then 6,113 participants have completed 25,009 parkruns covering a total distance of 125,045 km, including 4,866 new Personal Bests.


Event 164

Event #164 finally took place after a delay due to the poor weather last week with 180 participants making their way around the course,  the early morning mist and snow on the tops adding to the spectacular backdrop  to make it look even more impressive.

There were 14 debutantes to parkrun as well 31 PBs achieved and 10 1st timers at Penrhyn - well done all of you! Significant milestones achieved were: Juniors Bethan- Sue Hooson and Ester Gao on their 10th, Teresa Baker on her 50th and Alan Winstone on his 100th! Again congratulations to all of you and please let the Run Director know each week if anyone is celebrating (or not). This week’s most experienced parkrunner was Dennis Smith, taking part in his 136th run, all achieved at Penrhyn! A special shout out to finisher 164 for event 164 goes to Athlete Unknown, of which there were 21 this week - bring your barcodes ladies and gents!

Fastest finishers this week were:

Martin Colley in 19:27 with Jake Halstead 2nd in 19:44 and RD Kevin Clark in 3rd place in 20:07 and claiming a new PB. Fastest ladies were: Ella Grundy in 21:05 (also claiming fastest junior), Holly Thomas in 21:44 and Sophie Axford in 25:30.
A big thank you to all of the volunteers this week who helped this week take place but also made my debut as RD go very smoothly - please send us a message with your barcode number if you would like to volunteer in the future!

Next Saturday sees a Cybi Striders takeover with the culmination of their C25K course and providing the majority of the volunteers. Also, with it being National Sleep Day, parkrunners are being asked to run in pyjamas (search for #parkruninpjs or you may have the parkrun email)

If you don’t own any pyjamas, please just wear your normal running gear and see you next Saturday!



Penrhyn 163 – 24th Feb 2018

A glorious sunny morning saw Penrhyn #163 bathed In sunshine but bizarrely was still -2degrees on my car dashboard in the car park. Judging by the numbers, it looked as if a few people were still on half term or had been inspired to take part by seeing the winter Olympics and at times, the buggy was nearly a bobsleigh on some of the icier parts of the course.

229 parkrunners completed the two big loops & two small loops with quite a bit of encouragement from all the volunteers who helped make today possible. A big thank you to all for standing out in quite cold conditions!

Milestones achieved today were: junior Tomi Gwynne Parry on his 10th and a trio consisting of Emyr Edwards, Alex Cropper and Brian Wills all achieving their 50th - congratulations to all! I believe there may be another centurion fairly soon so please inform the RD to celebrate & embarrass

I spotted a few green 250 shirts on the course today with today’s most experienced parkrunner being Greg Barber on his 358th parkrun and finishing in 20.55 at his first attempt in Penrhyn! On the opposite end of the scale, there were 37 first timers to Penrhyn including 13 starting their parkrun careers (as Dennis Smith, today’s tailwalker reminded me, it soon becomes a way of life!) and 51 new PBs- well done to all of those including Kev Clark who was obviously not weighed down from the cake left over after his 100th run last week and birthday too!

Fastest finishers today saw a quick Callum Davidson in 16:10 on his 1st attempt (and 5th fastest ever on the course) followed by Tomos Roberts in 16:35 and unknown in 3rd. Fastest lady and 7th overall was Catherine Connell in 19:09 (and taking her up to the 10th fastest female ever on the course) followed by Elliw Haf in 20:29 and Abi Beath in 20.47. Fastest  Male and female Juniors were Joe Hooton (Jm11-14) in 23:42 and Anwen Hockley (jw11-14) in 24:46. finisher 168 for event 168 was Nerys Evans in 33:31

A few finish tokens went missing at the end of today - please bring them back with you them next week along with your barcode (quite a few unknowns today!) See you all next week!


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