Festive parkruns

Peterborough parkrun will be holding an extra event at Ferry Meadows on Christmas Day at 9.00 am.

We will not however be holding an event on New Years Day 2019.



It was Saturday morning better known as parkrun day, it was another Andy Harding Personal Training takeover, I think the 9th.
A big thank you to everyone who helped today you were all excellent, most volunteers P.T clients, class regulars (circuits/fitness class) at Paston farm every Tuesday 7pm or Be a Better Runner member (running course) Wednesdays 7pm Thorpe Hall.

A lovely fresh November morning with the sun shining, I was the lead bike, cheering, hi-five-ing, shouting well done and keep left.

1st Darragh Collins 17:06 from Ireland Cilles A.C Bettystown
2nd Brian Corleys 17:44, Bushfield Joggers. A very nice chap
3rd Matthew Stevenson 18:30, Eye C.R with a PB

1st Philippa Taylor 18:56, NVH a local running legend and coming back from injury
2nd Steph Parker 19:42, Werrington Joggers
3rd Louisa Harrison 20:10 PB, Wimslow RC

Well done to you all, great running.

Lots of PBs today, lots of first timers & lots of parkrun achievements with some doing there 50th or 100th parkruns, a massive well done to you all.
A big shout to Flyin’ Ryan Ingram age 8 who’s in my parkrun team who done his 50th today, well done young man.
Well done to my team member Andy Flatters on a massive PB, his football team are not my favourites!
Well done to Thorney Running Club’s Jamie Hayden who got a massive PB and now in the sub 24 gang.
Well done to everyone who got a PB or an achievement.

Remember no Volunteers, no parkrun. If you would like to help you can by getting in touch on Facebook page Peterborough parkrun Volunteers, or peterboroughhelpers@parkrun.com

My Volunteers, my parkrun hero’s.
These people were excellent today, thanks again, you all earned your healthy cakes, I always mention my great team.

Run Director, Circuit class regular and a good mate was Ian Davies, likes to stick his tongue out when exercising, but this man is great help and made my job today easier.
Set up Gang were parkrun regulars, Pete Bramton, Martin Shelbourne, Pete and Sue Ridley, Lee Jones and Stuart Booth. The two Pete's packed everything away too, these people are great assets to parkrun. Peter Bram'pton ran his 270th parkrun today and wears his green 250 T-shirt with pride.
Timekeepers - Sally (Russian Twist) Smith also new runners Brief; running legend Tony King.
Funnel Governors today were another running legend Carol Cook, Lee (Starbucks) Gillis, Mathew (got the running bug) Bennett.Number Checkers were spider; creepy crawlies lover Caroline Gillis and Ian Bennett (would love to beat his 11 year old son’s parkrun PB). Finish Tokens were the A.H.P.T models Luke (Harry Kane) Harding and Paige (Dele Alli) Lambert.Barcode Gang; Pat (Legend) Shepperson, Michelle (up the Posh) Smith, Dianne (Mini) Booth, Flyin’ Jessica Ingram and after marshalling Claire Ingram Mother of the Flyin’ gang did the unscannables.Tail Walkers were (faster than his Mum and Dad) Charlie Bennett and Rhona (lush cakes) Bennett.Token sorters; Laura (circuits) Harwood and P.A.C legend, my 4K mate Kay Gibson. Photographer Jade (New circuit girl) Barron.Car park marshall and the new Peterborough parkrun volunteer co-ordinator James Sells, good to meet you mate and good luck in your new role.

Marshals; Sarah (Fitness mad) Lambert, Kirsty (the lovely wife) Harding, Juliet (where’s Romeo) Saunders. Katelyn (fastest A.H.P.T female ;-) ) Bennett. Macey (Big Sister little cousin) Bennett. Megan (No.1 Florence sister) Florence and nephew James, Nick (lost lots of weight) Tawn, Karen (110% effort at circuits/fitness class) Willmott, Josh (fast) Willmott, Samantha Watkins and Vera Bordacs.

Thanks again and well done to all runners, remember if it wasn't your best run its better than sitting on the couch, exercise makes you fitter & healthier. Running 5k is more than 6000 steps and everyone did that today in less than 55 mins.

Thanks for reading
Andy Harding
Your local Personal Trainer


Peterborough parkrun #279 – Bushy Blue Takeover

Bushfield Joggers returned for parkrun takeover on Saturday 20th October 2018. As a club we can be identified by our 'Bushy blue' kit and overall cheeriness! 37 amazing club members and other volunteers came out to cheer, clap and encourage the runners around the course, a big thank you to them!

Nilesh PATEL • Diana BAIRD • Rachel STONE • Louise TESLOFF • Abi TIERNAN • Sarah STONE • Charlene ELLIOTT • Dean CHAPMAN • Paula STAPLETON • Christopher STAPLETON • Rebecca WITTON • Jon TIERNAN • Martin SHELBOURNE • Phil MARTIN • Elizabeth LORIMER • Peggy STARR • Thomas MIDDLETON • Kirsten LOUTIT • Joy ATKIN • James BURTON • Patricia SHEPPERSON • Billy SLAVEN • Rich TALBY • Eve MATTHEWS • Emma LAMB • Richard LAMB • Martin GICHUHI • Victoria ABRAHAM • Jay LANGDON • Susan STEVENS • Kathleen MILLER • Dan STAPLETON • Steve LEE • Lee JONES • Paul MILLER • Stuart BOOTH • Hayley MCKERNAN

If you fancy giving volunteering a go, why not drop an email to peterboroughhelpers@parkrun.com?

31 fabulous people came to Peterborough parkrun for the first time on Saturday, high five to you guys! See you again this weekend?

There were great times this week, with 6 out of the first 10 runners getting a new shiny PB, awesome! Here are this week's stats -

Male placings:
Phil Martin (VM35 - 30) of Peterborough AC was first over the line in 16:20.
Brian Corleys (VM40 - 44) of Bushfield Joggers (woo!) was second over the line in 17:23.
Michael Moore (VM45 - 49) of Helpston Harriers was third over the line in 17:26.

Female placings:
Ella Robinson (JW 15 - 17) of Nene Valley Harriers was first (16th overall) over the line in 19:09.
Shelley Duffy (VW35 - 39) of BRJ Run and Tri was second (35th overall) over the line in 19:59, a new PB!!
Jordan Foster (SW25 - 29) of Nene Valley Harriers was third (39th overall) over the line in 20:10.

Well done to all those who got PBs, there were so many this week! A special mention to Trish Crighton, Oliver Gobi and Steve Lee from Bushfield Joggers who smashed their PBs.

Every week runners/joggers/walkers return to Peterborough parkrun and therefore a big thank you to you all and well done to those that reached a milestone during parkrun #279 -
10 Club (juniors): Alisha Baker, Benji Davies (new PB!), Daniel Spinks, Eleanor Spinks, Imraan Shirazi (new PB!) and Maisy Wild.
50 Club: Abigail Branston, Roslyn Loutit and Sharon England (new PB!).
100 Club: Chris Nightingale and Paul Nicholls.

Thank you for reading! If you would like more information regarding our running club, head over to www.bushfieldjoggers.co.uk or come and have a chat at parkrun with one of us.

Eve Matthews


Car Parking

As you may be aware there have been some small changes to car parking at Ferry Meadows. For now there will be NO on-line payments, so please remember to bring cash or card in order to pay before exiting. Please also remember to bring you parkrun barcode with you (you shouldn't be forgetting this anyway!!) #DFYB


Peterborough parkrun #274 – Werrington Joggers Takeover

The sun in shining still in September, runners have gathered at Ferry Meadows once again for this week's parkrun, this time it’s the Werrington Joggers Volunteer takeover. With 37 volunteers in tow all present with our blue and yellow vests. It would be hard to miss us! We all gathered for our morning briefing and grabbed our barcode scanners, volunteer hi-vis to match our vests of course and most importantly our smiles, ready to welcome everyone.

The stroke of 8:50AM and the runners gathered to hear the morning brief carried out by Billy, remembering the key phrase "no barcode, no result" then slowly made their way to the chalked start line, obviously highlighting 'Werrington Joggers' on the path.

The sound of the whistle went and all 523 runners and a few canine friends began their morning run, walk or sprint around Ferry Meadows. It was fantastic to see 34 new first timers at this week's parkrun, who got to experience our resident Werrington Jogger Geordie, Laura deliver their first timers brief with such enthusiasm and northern charm.

Run begins and everyone is out on the course taking in the sunny morning, listening to a track or two on their running playlist. Favourite of mine is "Eye of the Tiger" makes me feel like brilliant when running the last mile of a race.

Finish line approaching and you can see the look on people's faces thinking 'PB,PB' however it's not all about that, yes amazing achievement if you managed to beat your time from last week, but what is amazing to see is the sense of achievement when you see a whole family cross that finish line and come running up to you with their barcode smiling.

With 3 volunteers scanning including myself, I kept saying over and over in my head "face then place" which related to the order you scan the barcodes. We scanned over 500 runner's barcodes and it definitely isn't an easy task but you are given a help guide from the volunteer coordinator which you can refer too if you get stuck. Best part of the day for me is getting to hear a thank you from the runners, really makes you smile as without the volunteers there would be no parkrun.

Once the main event is over, the volunteers start the clear up and token sorting. I have to say I have volunteered at a number of parkruns and Peterborough is the definitely the most organised and you really feel supported by all volunteers.

Laura Wilson

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