Peterborough parkrun #292 – The Biggest Yet

That was a parkrun to remember.

A record 762 finishers wow!

Today we joined in celebrating the founder of Peterborough parkrun, Gordon Pearson's 250th parkrun (not forgetting his 192 volunteering days). Can you remember what Saturday mornings were like before Gordon started our weekly run at Ferry Meadows on 3rd August 2013, in fact 13,733 different runners, walkers and joggers have started their Saturday with a 5K around our lakes.

Today 54 people completed their first ever parkrun, welcome and we hope to see you again soon.

We also welcomed tourists from Middlesbrough, Colchester, Tralee, Bansted Woods, Buckingham, Bromley and Milton Keynes. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Another celebrating his 250th parkrun was uber-tourist Nigel Cronin who has ran at a staggering 194 different parkrun events and is the 51st most travelled parkrunner in the world. Nigel doesn't always tour and knows where home is as coincidentally it was his 51st run at Peterborough.

We now have six members of the 250 club at Peterborough.

Others Celebrating today were; 10 Club -Emily Fox, Jessica Carter, Molly McGoun, Wajid Ali and Zoe Husbands. 50 Club - Clare King and Sam Whitmore. 100 Club - Carol Coupland and Dave Stevenson. Well done all.

Not an official milestone but running her 200th parkrun was Laura Whitton who also has been very instrumental in helping our parkrun grow to where we are now, by tirelessly organising the volunteers. The Volunteer Co-ordinator baton has now been passed to James Sells and if you would like to volunteer please email Today's run was bought to you by 37 volunteers including our Tail Walker, Rebecca Walker!

First home today were Daniel Snipe 18:54, closely followed by Adam Caton 18:56 and Sam White 19:02. Leading the ladies were Kayleigh Draper 20:00, Sam Cullen 20:04 and Emily Bannister 22:15.

Amazingly today 71 of you recorded new Personal Bests, well done to each and every one of you.

Same time next week.

Gary Parr
Event Director


Peterborough parkrun #290

In my recent bid to become a member of the unofficial parkrun tourist club, I've taken up the challenge of clocking up 20 different parkruns. As luck would have it, my 20th different venue will also fall on my 50th parkrun - 5 more to go! So this week I decided to venture over to the lovely Ferry Meadows in Peterborough to try out a new course and I wasn't disappointed. It might just be my new favourite!

A hugely impressive 613 people ran, jogged, buggy pushed, dog jogged and walked at Peterborough's 290th event. We welcomed 23 first timers to parkrun, thank you for joining us and embarking on your parkrun journeys. You certainly won't regret it! 34 unknowns did show up in this week's results so please remember - DFYB (don't forget your barcode)! Perfect running conditions yesterday as well, not too cold and hardly any breeze.

First up was the run briefing. Huge congratulations to the following people who celebrated milestones yesterday:

10 Club - Ella CARTER
50 Club - Alan HURST, Graham MCMILLAN, Katie BRENNAND, Katy WILD, Laura-Jane EDWARDS, Sarfaraaz ZAHID
100 Club - Kerry-Anne HARWOOD, Tom WARREN

After the usual formalities, we were off! The course itself is a lovely, flat route along mainly tarmac paths around two scenic lakes. I'd love to come back again in the summer. We were greeted by lots of encouragement from enthusiastic high-viz heroes at various points which was a very welcome sight. Even the swans sounded like they were applauding us as they took off from one of the lakes!

Congratulations to the top three male and female finishers:

Ian LEITCH - 15.39
Michael MOORE - 16.53
Martin GICHUHI - 17.29

Diana Jade CHALMERS - 20.06
Ellie SWIRE - 20.30
Laura WHITTON - 20.57

Over 50 people achieved new PB's which is fantastic.

Well done to everybody that took part and to all the first timers, it definitely won't be your last.

This week's parkrun was brought to you by these wonderful volunteers.

Helen AIREY, John AIREY, Stuart BOOTH, Vera BORDACS, Nib BOWKIS, Peter BRANTOM, Catherine BURBAGE, Carol COOK, Claire COOK, James CURT, Bernadette FITZHARRIS, Sarah-Jane GILL, Barbara GUNN, Martin HARRIS, Louise JINKS, Olivia JONES, Stephen JONES, Lee JONES, Lyndsay JORDAN, Anita LEEDHAM, Alice MARR, Paul NICHOLLS, Simon NORTHCOTT, Gordon PEARSON, Andrew PITCHFORD, Martin RANDALL, Danielle RANDALL, James SELLS, Craig SELLS, Joanna SELLS, Martin SHELBOURNE, Sophie SPITTLE, Peggy STARR, Oliver STOCKELL, Rebecca WALKER, Sue WELLINGTON, Joy WHITEHEAD, Roy YOUNG

Thank you for all your efforts!

We are always in need of volunteers, there are plenty of different roles that can be done with a little training and it is very fulfilling giving back to your parkrun community. If you would like to help out the future roster can be found here at or if you have any questions please email

Run completed, it was off to the local garden centre for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I will be coming back to Ferry Meadows though, thank you for having me.

Lyndsay Jordan


Peterborough parkrun #287 – Green Army Takeover

My name is Graham - for those of you who don't know me I am the human at the end of Maisie's lead being dragged around the 5km course.

By the end of 2018 I will have run my 50th parkrun. Given that I've got two false knees it is a milestone I never thought I'd get to and it just goes to show that parkrun is for everyone - you just need to believe you can do it.

Maisie and I are proud members of the Eye Community Runners (ECR) who provided all this week's volunteers. We love the Green Army but we are also part of the bigger Peterborough parkrun family, made up of people from all walks of life, ages and fitness levels. It is one of the best feelings to wake up on a Saturday morning knowing you will be off to Ferry Meadows to join in with this wonderful varied crew. Supportive, encouraging and above all friendly is how I'd describe everyone. So thank you to you all for making it all possible.

As for the run a fantastic effort by Isaac Ellard in a time of 16.43 gave him that number 1 token. First female home was Chloe Finlay with a shiny new PB time of 18.36.

A total of 472 runners took part with an amazing 67 runners achieving new PB's, must have been the desire to get out of that cold wind. There were also 46 first timers and people from 32 different clubs took part. Well done everyone for braving the arctic conditions.

Congratulations to Mia and Ben Bailey, Nicky Banbury and Randal Kennerley who earned their 50th T-shirt.

Extra special congratulations and a Peterborough parkrun pat on the back to Brian Caine and Michael Barker for reaching 250 parkruns.

Finally, thank you to all the fantastic Eye Community Runners for volunteering and thank you all for taking the time to read this report.

See you all next Saturday and don't forget we have a bonus run at Ferry Meadows on Christmas Day!

Graham McMillan


Peterborouh parkrun #283 – Yaxley Takeover

A rather chilly start for parkrun #283 but that didn't stop the 552 participants turning up to partake in the lovely parkrun course we have here.

It's what we look forward to and what Saturday mornings are all about! Plus the sun did shine through and burn the clouds away (eventually).

I wasn't entirely sure what to include in my run report so I have decided that I'm going to tell you a little bit about my parkrun journey, promote parkrun and congratulate everyone who took part!

Today, not only saw Yaxley runners (the running club I'm a member of) return for the parkrun takeover but it also marked the memorial occasion of my very own 100th parkrun! Wow!


10th female to finish and the 1st person in my age category! Wow, wow, wow.

To say I am delighted doesn't come close. I wanted it today and I pushed hard. I knew at the point where the course forks off and the faster runners come back round the loop, that I was on for a good time. Only 2 people had come back passed me. The volunteers cheered, that helped massively, thank you. There was a lovely man that spoke to me and kept me going as we were approaching 3K. He said I had been his pacer up until that point... it was now his turn to be my pacer, thank you.

I was so pleased to see the finish line... I had nothing left to give... just a few more steps... keep going! And done. Now awaits the dreaded photos that I may have been captured in...!

What a journey it has been! Following the advice of a very good friend, I started running for the first time approximately 3.5 years ago. I could barely make it to the end of the street without collapsing (yes, that same friend can verify this and to clarify, it was a small street)!

I have now ran a half marathon in under 2 hours and have a parkrun PB time of 24:09. Again, wow.

parkrun has helped me on my journey and with the support of my parkrun family and friends, I have been able to achieve things I didn't think were ever possible. If I can do it... anyone can! #thisgirlcan #getinspired

There are no truer words than #parkrunfamily. The encouragement, the support and the friendships you make are what make parkrun the family it is. I have met so many lovely people, people that I'm privileged to call friends. In addition to all this (if this wasn't enough to persuade you to come along)...there is the added bonus of the exercise and socialising, which has positive health benefits and is good for your well being.

Although saying this, parkrun in recent weeks has turned into cake club (for me it has anyway). Yum yum and also win win!

I really do encourage everyone and anyone to come along and join in. It doesn't matter what age you are, your ability, your fitness, your size or what your goals are. You can walk, skip, run or jog.... everyone is welcome, everyone is supported and no one is left behind! Today... the yellow army was out in force cheering every single person on and without the volunteers, it wouldn't be possible... so a BIG shout out to all volunteers each and every week- THANK YOU.

A few milestone recognitions...

First timers: 35 people completed their first ever parkrun and 20 parkrun tourists completed their first at Peterborough. We hope you all enjoyed our course.

PB's: 99 people got a PB. Congratulations to you all.

50th parkrun: 4 people completed their 50th parkrun. Congratulations to Hassan Mourtada, David Parker-Radford, Franco Genovese and Mohammed Sarfraz.

100th parkrun: 1 person completed their 100th parkrun today... congratulations to me.

First male to finish was Simon Fell in a time of 16:46. Well done.

First female to finish was Jordan Foster in a time of 18:25. Well done.

Everyone has a different objective and whether you're going for a PB, whether it's your first time, whether you're encouraging others or whether you're walking the route....Well done to everyone!! We hope to see you back very soon.

I'm going to sign off writing this run report with a joke...For anyone that knows me, it wouldn't be me if I didn't tell a joke, so here goes...

Q: What do you get if you cross an athlete with an invisible man?

A: Running like no one has ever seen

One more?

Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?

A: The lettuce was a 'head' and the tomato was trying to 'ketchup'!

Spread the parkrun word, keep running, walking, jogging, skipping and of course volunteering!

If you want to come along to parkrun - come along. Every Saturday morning 9am, and don't forget your barcode. Visit:

If you're interested in volunteering, please email:

If you're interest in Yaxley runners, please visit:

Finally, some inspirational quotes to keep you going:

Run with your heart when your legs get tired
A 12 minute mile is the same distance as a 7 minute mile
Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must... just never give up
One run can change your day, many runs can change your life

It's been a pleasure being your run report writer today and I hope to see you soon.

Happy parkrunning!

Gemma Toogood


Festive parkruns

Peterborough parkrun will be holding an extra event at Ferry Meadows on Christmas Day at 9.00 am.

We will not however be holding an event on New Years Day 2019.

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