Run report #249 – Pyjama Day

Now down at Ferry Meadows the parkrun's set to go

The runners and walkers are gathered, it's 9 am you know.

The newbies and the tourists have been greeted and then briefed

Of what's ahead on our flat course. "Just 5k! Good grief!"

Take note of Martin on his bike, he leads the fleetest round

Beside our lakes and river paths, leading them homeward bound.

The runners, in their hundreds, were waiting to set off on their way

But something seemed to be amiss – something definitely awry!

Why am I not dressed? Have I cleaned my teeth? Has breakfast been forgotten?

Am I still asleep and having a dream that's going on and on?

Good heavens what's happened – a catastrophe? A strange sight to behold

For some folk have forgotten their running gear and come out in the cold

In jimmy-jams, their PJs, yes pyjamas and nighties too

They'll no doubt end up with a cough – if not the flippin' flu.

The Run Director has given his spiel of the potential dangers ahead

But no-one's given directions of where to find a bed!

This nightmare's feeling far too real. The confusion getting worse

The only bed I see is in flower... please help me. Call a nurse!

Well done to our RD Gordon and to the parkrunners who took part in pyjama day.

Despite the bitter weather, 43 volunteers were there to support and cheer 400 runners round the Ferry Meadows course for the 249th event. We thank them all for turning out of their beds to get cold for us!

Despite the biting wind, we had 12 first-timers-to-parkrun come and join us, as well as a good handful of tourists. Welcome to you all and well done, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

A surprising 35 runners gained new PBs contending with some muddy paths and the slippery bridge.

We welcomed Artwell Mpofu into the 100 Club and three new runners into the 50 Club. David Christian finished 5th, his best position to date, Samantha Baines and Christopher Rowe. Congratulations to you all.

First across the line today was Martin Gichuhi VM35-39 Bushfield Joggers in 17:08, with the second highest age grade for the day; second was David Stunnell VM35-39 Eye Runners in 18:31; third Alex Devine JM15-17 also Eye Runners in 19:33.

First lady to finish was Sarah Caskey SW25-29 Peterborough AC in 20:11; second Ella Robinson JW11-14 Nene Valley Harriers in 20:53 (with the highest age grade of the day); third Amelia Devine JW11-14 Yaxley Runners & Joggers in 22:21.

Well done to you all.

I see there are still plenty of opportunities to volunteer next week. Just drop an email to if you can give a hand and we look forward to seeing you next week for the 250th Peterborough parkrun.

Margaret Hayes