Run Report #256

First and foremost a big thanks to the team at Peterborough for having me on two counts, both in the sense of at the run, as I made a rare trip out of the confines of the Manchester ring road; and allowing me to attempt to string a few sentences together for this week’s run report.
I had planned to lace this with Eurovision jokes but mercifully for anyone reading this I couldn’t think of any that weren’t dire.

Finally after weeks of really bizarre weather, snow in spring, biblical rain, and heat waves, there was finally excellent conditions for running. This brought 530 runners, joggers and walkers to Ferry Meadows, including 44 first timers. A hearty congratulations also should be extended to the 81 participants who ran a PB!

Visitors hailed from as near as March, and as far as Bath and Manchester, and did I overhear someone from Cape Town? Which is some dedication to parkrun tourism. I’m sure they were all made to feel as welcome as I was.
For anyone that hasn’t “toured,” (and with a home run as lovely as this I don’t blame you) it is a really lovely way of exploring a few places you might not have gone to otherwise, and discovering a few hidden gems, definitely something to consider if you are ever in a different part of the country for a weekend.

A quick rundown of the results;
Simon Mead led the field home, in a speedy 17:29 and following by Martin Jennings who ran a PB of 17:35.
Eda Onay was first female home, in a brilliant 21:22, impressive enough and then you find out Eda runs in the JW11-14 category! This was Eda’s first time at Peterborough too.

There were three people bagging milestones this week, Lucy Branston ran her 10th parkrun, and Elaine Francis and Mark Pearson bagged their 50th runs. We look forward to see you styling the milestone t-shirts on the run (when the next order arrives, that is).

A huge milestone that needs recognising is Jane Robinson, who made it to 25 volunteer stints. Congratulations Jane and a big thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to volunteer.
It gets mentioned a lot but parkrun simply cannot exist without volunteers, so if you’re injured, resting or perhaps a bit too delicate to run after a late Friday consider signing up. It’s a huge amount of fun, and incredibly rewarding. There are also a number of roles you can do and still run, no excuses!

I hope you all enjoyed your runs, had a lovely weekend and I’m sure the team will see you again soon!

Emma Kerwin