Run report #249 – PAC partial take-over

Matthew Dalton and his team from PAC well supported by both core team members and other park run regulars ensured that Gordon Pearson on his return as Run Director today oversaw yet another successful parkrun. All 400 who took part appreciated the work of all these volunteers. Despite the conditions we had 16 first timers to Peterborough of whom 12 were doing it for the first time. Well done for picking today to make your debut and hope you enjoyed the experience enough to come back again soon. Despite the conditions 35 people managed a PB. Well done all of you who achieved such an envied feat despite the wind and chill factor.

Considering we are only up to 249 events at Peterborough it was interesting to note the number of regulars who have attained over 200 was 6 today at Peterborough but we know that there are many who travel from the Peterborough base around the country who have been inspired by the ethos many learned under the inspiration of Gordon at Peterborough who have also gone far past the 200 mark. Yes parkrun is addictive in the right way which was shown by all the volunteers and participants turning up on a day like today.

There were a few milestone celebration with the youngest being 10 by Daniel Barranikov in the JM10 category. Three people managed 50 today, David Christian, Christopher Rowe and Samantha Baines. The 100 milestone was achieved today by Artwell Mpofu. Well done on these achievements.

Most, sensibly, took care running today and so the majority were slower than normal. However for the 5th time Martin Gichuhi from Bushfield Joggers was first over the line in 17.55. He was followed home in second place by David Stunell from Eye Community Runners in 18.31 and in third place Alex Devine from Yaxley Runners and Joggers in 19.33. The ladies were led home by Sarah Caskey form PAC in 10th place overall in 20.11 from Ella Robinson of NVH in 13th place with 20.53 and Amelia Devine from Yaxley Runners and Joggers in 40th place with 22.21. All these 3 ladies are previous multi times first lady over the line.

The difficult conditions is well illustrated by the fact that only 13 persons exceeded 70% on Age Grading and only 2 exceeded 75% Ella Robinson and Martin Gichuhi.

Unfortunately for whatever reason 16 appear as unknown which mean those who took part and completed the course have no official record. Always remember #DFYBC.

If you too would like to help then please email, or check out the “Peterborough parkrun volunteers” Facebook page. If you’re not sure what positions are available then you can check the roster on for up to 6 weeks in advance. Let’s see if we can fill up some of those spaces nice and early.

Peter Brantom


Run report #249 – Pyjama Day

Now down at Ferry Meadows the parkrun's set to go

The runners and walkers are gathered, it's 9 am you know.

The newbies and the tourists have been greeted and then briefed

Of what's ahead on our flat course. "Just 5k! Good grief!"

Take note of Martin on his bike, he leads the fleetest round

Beside our lakes and river paths, leading them homeward bound.

The runners, in their hundreds, were waiting to set off on their way

But something seemed to be amiss – something definitely awry!

Why am I not dressed? Have I cleaned my teeth? Has breakfast been forgotten?

Am I still asleep and having a dream that's going on and on?

Good heavens what's happened – a catastrophe? A strange sight to behold

For some folk have forgotten their running gear and come out in the cold

In jimmy-jams, their PJs, yes pyjamas and nighties too

They'll no doubt end up with a cough – if not the flippin' flu.

The Run Director has given his spiel of the potential dangers ahead

But no-one's given directions of where to find a bed!

This nightmare's feeling far too real. The confusion getting worse

The only bed I see is in flower... please help me. Call a nurse!

Well done to our RD Gordon and to the parkrunners who took part in pyjama day.

Despite the bitter weather, 43 volunteers were there to support and cheer 400 runners round the Ferry Meadows course for the 249th event. We thank them all for turning out of their beds to get cold for us!

Despite the biting wind, we had 12 first-timers-to-parkrun come and join us, as well as a good handful of tourists. Welcome to you all and well done, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

A surprising 35 runners gained new PBs contending with some muddy paths and the slippery bridge.

We welcomed Artwell Mpofu into the 100 Club and three new runners into the 50 Club. David Christian finished 5th, his best position to date, Samantha Baines and Christopher Rowe. Congratulations to you all.

First across the line today was Martin Gichuhi VM35-39 Bushfield Joggers in 17:08, with the second highest age grade for the day; second was David Stunnell VM35-39 Eye Runners in 18:31; third Alex Devine JM15-17 also Eye Runners in 19:33.

First lady to finish was Sarah Caskey SW25-29 Peterborough AC in 20:11; second Ella Robinson JW11-14 Nene Valley Harriers in 20:53 (with the highest age grade of the day); third Amelia Devine JW11-14 Yaxley Runners & Joggers in 22:21.

Well done to you all.

I see there are still plenty of opportunities to volunteer next week. Just drop an email to if you can give a hand and we look forward to seeing you next week for the 250th Peterborough parkrun.

Margaret Hayes


Gordon Pearson

It’s a fact that without Gordon Pearson there would be no Peterborough parkrun. From its inception over four years ago, Gordon has spent many hours making Peterborough parkrun what it is today.

After all this time we must let you know that Gordon has decided to take up a regional ambassador role with parkrun, and will be using his expertise to help others make their ventures as amazing as he’s made Peterborough. Sadly this means that Gordon will leave his role as Peterborough Event Director, but happily will remain an integral part of our team.

I’m sure that every single person that has ever come in to contact with Gordon will recognise what a unique and special man he is, and the Core Team here at Peterborough want to acknowledge his amazing achievement and thank him personally for the support and guidance he has given to each and every one of us individually, and collectively.

Big shoes to fill indeed, and moving forward Rachel Stone and Gary Parr will take the reins and will be your Co-EDs at Peterborough. Whilst both acknowledge what a big task they have taken on in trying to fill such big shoes, both will do everything to ensure that Peterborough parkrun continues to be as successful as Gordon has made it.

Happy parkrunning everyone


Volunteers required – 20th May

We are still in need of a few volunteers for this Saturday please.

One timekeeper to go alongside one of our experienced timekeepers please. The role isn't as scary as it sounds.

Some more marshals please. One of the best things about our parkrun is the amazing support around the route.

A few funnel managers to ensure everyone keeps moving and stays in order down after crossing the finish line.

The event relies on everyone volunteering once in a while, please encourage your friends to do so if they haven't already.

Those who have volunteered before will tell you it am be just as enjoyable and rewarding as actually running!

Please contact - peterboroughhelpers@parkrun if you can help this Saturday.


Laura - Volunteer Co-Ordinator



Show your support by turning Peterborough parkrun pink

Peterborough parkrun are deeply saddened to hear that Bex Griffiths of Team Bex sadly passed away today. 
Bex championed "Team Bex" inspiring hundreds of people to take up running and raise awareness for Huntingdon Community Cancer Network (HCCN).
Everyone knows "Team Bex" from the bright pink Tshirts that they wear, and we invite everyone to 'turn Peterborough parkrun pink' tomorrow as a mark of respect to this amazing and inspirational woman and the incredible legacy she leaves behind.
Donations can be made to the charity here
Our thoughts are with Bex's husband and two children and all her family & friends at this time x


Milestone T-shirt – Update

Just over 17,000 white, red, black, green and aubergine t-shirts are due in to port in the UK on 20 April. Allowing time for this large shipment to clear customs, safely arrive in the warehouse and be unpacked and sorted successfully, we anticipate the t-shirts should be available to order a week later, from 27 April. We will provide an update on the page and on social media if this changes.


Run Report #97 – Spotlight on the ‘super vets’

This weeks report celebrates the runners who defy their age who have been part of the local running scene for years and are now regulars at parkrun – ‘the super vets’, those runners over 60.

But first a huge well done to this weeks top three finishes; Aaron Shepherd was first male home in 17.00 min dead followed by Drew Warnes and James Fisher. Top female was Ruth Jones in 20.15 with fellow Nene Valley runners Nicky Morgan and Olivia Ozkan in 2nd and 3rd place.

The blustery conditions did not prevent 383 runners turning out and producing some excellent times with 89 runners achieving PBs. The top age graded runners this week were Alan Sadler (79.49%) and Ralph Moore (79.02%). the top female graded runner was Yvonne Mann (77.12%). Yvonne is one those ‘super vets’ over 60 who are a feature of parkruns all over the country, but who have a particularly strong presence in Peterborough.

This week over 40 parkrunners were 60 or over. The likes of Tony Gray, Terry Fone, Dave Ainslie, Mike Holt, Peter Ridgely, Peter Brantom , Chris Stapleton and Eric Winstone continue to record excellent times and just take a look at their ‘age grading’ to see how you compare with these over 60 stalwarts.

They are the runners who were at the start of the running boom in the 1980s and through good health and luck have been able to maintain their love and passion for running. Between them they have chalked up many marathons, half marathons and outstanding times.

These are the ‘baby boomer’ generation who may be long past their personal bests but who are now running great age group times and more importantly still competing and challenging themselves every week. Special mention to George Dawson who at 83 is still seeking to improve his time every week wearing his ‘pass me I’m 83’ vest and always encouraging the other runners around him parkrun has both revitalized many experienced runners and created another generation of people of all ages who have found the love and enjoyment of running.

I know many of the ‘first timers’ have since gone on to join one of the many excellent running clubs in the city and this week there were 34 first timers. For me personally its great to see so many people turning up every week - Peterborough has one of the largest turnouts in the country- of all ages and abilities, each with their own personal target. More importantly when it’s over the café is full of runners talking about their times and sharing stories creating a great atmosphere in one of the best parkrun environments in the country.

In a few weeks time it will be the 100th Parkrun in Peterborough, let’s have a good turnout of both runners and volunteers. It was also good to hear that a parkrun at Rutland Water will soon be up and running.

Finally congratulations to Stephen Lawson and Margaret Hayes on reaching their 50th parkrun today, Margaret did it in style with a PB!

Eric Winstone


Run report #94 – parkrun PB…done, parkrun volunteer…done!

On the way home from this morning's parkrun I said to my Dad, "I say it every time but I really should volunteer more often at parkrun." Then less than an hour later I refresh my Facebook news feed to read the Peterborough parkrun status asking for someone to write the run report for this week. It said 'ANYONE can volunteer to write it.' I though about it for a few minutes, a record turn our of 529 runners, I'm sure someone will come forward. I though about it a little longer then though, "no, I'm going to give it a go because I said I wanted to volunteer so here's a great chance!"

Our parkrun wouldn't happen without the volunteers and whatever volunteer role it is, it’s just as important. Why don’t you pick a date now to volunteer? Take a look at the Peterborough parkrun website and pick a date when you can volunteer and have a look what you’d like to do. Let’s not leave it to the same people every week!

So on a lovely sunny Saturday morning after a late night last night due to watching Werrington Joggers' star Rod McDonald perform in Sister Act at the Key Theatre where else would I rather be than Peterborough parkrun? Nowhere obviously. So up and on my way by 8.15 and feeling rather tired when Dad asks me if I still want him to pace me round to a new PB, I said ‘I’ll try.’

I arrive along with 526 other runners, my Dad and my brother’s girlfriend Georgina. Everyone’s ready with big smiles on their faces and there are lots of marshals heading to their points and spectators getting ready to watch.

I really enjoy Peterborough parkrun until the second lap of the big lake when I always start to struggle but I thought positive and finally crossed the finishing line in a time of 28:12. 48 seconds taken off my PB – wooohoo! Happy Claire.

I was one of 5 Werrington Joggers who got a PB today so well done to my club mates - Sammy Scane, Gerald Watson, Elaine Montgomery and Donna Flynn.

Well done to Aaron Scott who was first home today, James Mogridge who was second and achieved a PB and Rhys Goddard who was third and also followed James’s footsteps in achieving a PB!

Philippa Taylor was the first lady home today, Philippa ran parkrun for her 11th time today and has been first lady home on all 11 occasions! – Wow, well done Philippa.

Second lady unfortunately forgot her barcode so her name doesn't appear in the results.

Third lady today was Jade Watson, another Werrington Jogger. Jade was third last week so obviously following Philippa when it comes to keeping your place! – Well done Jade.

A big well done to junior parkrunner Dean Buxton-Smith who entered the ‘10’ club today. Also well done to Alan Sadler, Ruth Jones and Simon Lovell (Race Director of the Eye 10k on 10th May – the best 10k around, have you entered yet?) who all entered the ‘50’ club.

So records all round, 152 new PBs (well done us!), 73 first timers (I hope you all enjoyed it and come back soon!) and 529 participants!

See you all next time at parkrun!

Oh and anyone popping to London next Sunday? Good luck to all those doing the Marathon!

Claire Cook


Peterborough parkrun 87 – what a difference a year makes

For those of us that have been attending Peterborough parkrun for some time, a stats download isn't required to tell us how much our parkrun has grown. For those of you new to this, I can tell you that we had almost TWO HUNDRED more runnings on Saturday than this weekend last year.

Last year, the first runner to finish did so in 17:48, this weekend our first finisher was Daniel Snipe in a time of 17:38. This was Daniel's first time in first position out of his 20 parkruns, well done Daniel. The first female last year finished in 21:49, this weekend the first female did so in 19:43 - great work Stephanie Cooper!

This weekend last year we saw Claire Andrews, Amanda Moore and Gary Parr attend the new runners brief, set out round the course for the very first time, and collect their very first position token to get scanned. Gary is a a wonderful part of the parkrun family, having run 47 parkruns since starting (including some tourism) and has volunteered about as many times! Not to mention that he has knocked over 10 minutes off his parkrun time within the past 12 months. Well done to you guys! Maybe you'll get a similar mention in a year after your first one this week? What do you say Vicky Allen, Nadine Couborough, Rich Talby, Graham Farrelly or any of you other 41 first timers?

Those who definitely have the bug are those who entered the 50 club this week. David Lambert, Jill Choudhury and Melanie Tindale have now all run 50 parkruns each. Mel took up her usual position within the fastest 100 runners and the top 10 females, this week in 4th. Congratulations you guys on this parkrun milestone!

A good run for junior runner Liam Ward who finished in his highest ever position of 3rd overall in a time of 18:36. Liam was 15 seconds behind Brian Corleys who was second to cross the line this week in 18:21. Eve Casbard equalled her best position of second female with a time of 21:21 (just 6 seconds outside a PB, which considering the windy conditions wasn't bad!) Olivia Ozkan was third female in a time of 22:19. Barbara Johnson topped the age grading again with her third 80+% in a row. Barbara currently runs in the VW60-64 category and can usually be seen running sub 25 mins!

Despite the cold wind, 81 of you managed a PB this week. Mike Knight achieved his second PB in a row, as did Dave Cox (by over 2 mins), a new PB for Carl Golder, Damian Reed was almost a minute faster than his previous PB too. Helen and Ashley Walden, parkrun tourists, both achieved PBs for the course this week. Peterborough parkruns regulars that celebrated new PBs included Jonathan Bales, Marie Conaty and Sally Smith! Dave Cameron who was on his third parkrun remained under 35 mins and was only 12 seconds away from his time last week. Whilst on her 55th parkrun, Steph Dales was only 8 seconds away from her PB...which was set a year ago (now would be the right time to mention that over half of Steph's parkruns were done whilst pregnant!) Next week Dave and Steph!!

Thanks AS ALWAYS to our heroes in high-vis, our wonderful team of volunteers who change weekly. Many of which are obvious, the run director (Andy Short), the barcode scanners (Mike Blackledge, Phillip Hamlyn, Pat Shepperson) and the marshals (Becky and Ellie Allam, Helen Airey, Katie Smith, Josh Yeeles, Lee Whitton, Sweatshops' Nicky Crowley and Nina, Joe and Ben Wright) that cheer you on are easily spotted - we hope! Perhaps not quite as obvious are the timekeepers (Michaela Giles and Dave Richmond), the two volunteers that hand out the finish tokens (Ian Davies and Tony King), at least one funnel manager to keep everyone in order (Andy Harding) and number checkers (Sarah Short, Mark Walls and Charlotte) who run up and down the funnel  to make sure we are in sync. You may have noticed our volunteer tail runner (Diane Constable) who makes sure they are last to cross the line, they offer support and encouragement to the runners towards the back. Some roles that can slip by many regulars include the volunteer coordinator on the morning (Gary Parr) and the person giving the new runners brief (Sarah Short). The tokens are often sorted over a hot drink and some breakfast by a little team that gather on the morning (this week lead by Sally and Michelle Smith). Behind the scenes though, are those setting the course up for us (Martin Shelbourne does this EVERY week and can always do with extra hands - this week was assisted by Gordon Pearson and Kathy Saunders). Most volunteers bring back any equipment from nearby to their point and this is then packed away into storage by another volunteer (many thanks to Peter Brantom for taking on this responsibility most weeks for us). A special thanks goes to Michaela and Gary for taking home the volunteers high-vis jackets to wash for us! Once the run is complete and the equipment is packed away, there is little evidence of us having been in the park. Apart from the tapping away of the keyboard on the parkrun laptop as our result processor uploads the watches and scanners, manually enters the details of any barcodes that didn't scan, cross-checks this with the information from the number checker, crosses fingers and hopes that nobody ducked out of the funnel before collecting a token or went through the funnel twice, or a lap early, or wasn't actually a parkrunner! This week Steve Megson was once again working well into the day on Saturday to try ensure everyone received the correct result. A big thank you from all 450 of us Steve! If you are able to help out by volunteering one week please let me know by emailing me on

See you again on Saturday,

Laura Conway, volunteer co-ordinator

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