**Christmas Greetings to you all!**

Let's see now, Christmas Eve so I'd better get started on the Christmas shopping...
oh and a quick seasonal reminder of our festive Plymvalley parkruns this year. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, you can build up an appetite with our 10:00am event, hosted by Owain and family.
We will be back as usual for our final 2018 event at 9:00am on Saturday 29th December.
And a 'first chance' event on New Year's Day Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 9:00am especially for those of you who have been partying the night before!
Of course none of these would happen without volunteers so if you fancy an early New Year resolution, take a look at the roster and sign up for a task or two. Give the gift of 'help'; it is great fun, rewarding and totally appreciated!
From all the Run Directors and regular volunteers, we wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas and a fun'n'fit 2019. See you soon!


Dressed to Hill!

All you need to have a go at parkrun is enthusiasm, and that was very evident this morning, not least of all from the weather, which was giving it all it's got.
However spirits were not dampened, fancy-dress plans were not shelved and enthusiasm was not parked strategically back under the duvet after a crafty peek at the rain outside. So first of all everyone who participated today give yourselves a deserved pat on the back 'cos it all turned out, in fact, quite well. So well actually that 39 of you achieved personal bests, which considering the soggy underfoot situation and the, er, mixed route choices must be some sort of record. So 'have a go, you never know' never rang more true.
It was six years ago, in fact on 22nd September 2012, that we started at Plymvalley and many trainers have passed under the bridge since then (literally) but essentially we have managed to keep it simple, familiar and fun. Which is probably why we have a consistent enthusiastic (there's that word again) turnout. And of course, crucially, amazing help from regular or occasional volunteers. Today we celebrated some of our most 'Valued Volunteers': Susan, Jessica and Matthew Rich, Sharon Beckenkrager, Frank Beal and Judith Lea, all of whom have made a significant contribution, especially this year. There are others of course and all are 'Valued'; thank you! btw don't think you need to sign up to a regular regime like these folk; if every runner today volunteered just once a year that would be half a team covered every week. Just enthusiasm is required.
What a colourful birthday turnout today as well; we had hippies, bees, Blues-Brothers, cows, cave-people, jellyfish, surveyor, Tigger, lobster and an owl to name but a few. Quite a range of species in fact and even some dogs dressed up. And most impressive of all was surely the wedding party of Mark and Cat, all dressed for anything but running, but looking fantastic. Have a great day next weekend you two and best wishes for the future!
So once again thanks to you all for your enthusiasm, particularly incidentally, two significant mile-stoners today: Dan Jones on 100 and young Maisie on 10 runs well done both! Hope you all enjoyed it and see you back soon!


Now We are Six!

This Saturday 22nd don't forget it is our SIXTH ANNIVERSARY of parkrun at Plymvalley! So join us in celebration by running, walking, volunteering or (just as importantly) supporting!
fancy dress RDs
Fancy dress is absolutely encouraged, so let your hair down and give it a go. But if you want to come with bunting, cakes, musical instruments or just loud and bright cheer-leading, it will add to the event!
And if you want to join us for an apres-parkrun coffee and (maybe) bacon buttie, we'll be at the Coffee Parlour, Seymour Road PL7 4NX. We'd love to see you!
See you Saturday!


numbers game

This summer over the past few weeks we have some amazing achievements at Plymvalley to match the amazing weather. A couple of parkruns ago we celebrated our 50,000th run at the course. Jackie Paxton completed it for us but don't forget that it has taken all of us to rack up this incredible total and the even more impressive distance of more than six times round the equator, or two thirds of the way to the moon if you prefer, in the past six years. Along with over 9,000 personal bests on the way. Well done all!


And we have also seen some outstanding examples of longevity and stamina: the inspirational youngsters, James and Charlie Tucker, completed their 250th and 100th parkruns recently (with individual cakes!) and are hard on the heels of their dad. They also enjoy the newly-started Devonport Junior parkrun to complete their active weekends; what a team!

Yesterday was the 250th run of fantastic athlete Nicola Noble. Nicola has been with Plymvalley since day one and has used the regular 5k event as part of a training base to qualify and compete in international competition, combining her cycling prowess with running, to podium places in European Duathlon events. We are very proud and privileged to run alongside you all.


Most of us will not get to that level of course, but none the less it is really heartening to see new runners progress on their parkrun career and even more so when you see runners who have been with us for several years, older and more experienced as they go of course, but still nibbling away at personal best times; it's inspirational! Well done to you all.


This week we welcomed over 20 completely new runners and we look forward to seeing you again soon, as well as 30 plus visitors from far flung places such as Chipping Sodbury, Leeds, Ireland, Exeter and, er, Mount Edgcumbe. We hope you enjoyed our beautiful course and felt that you received a warm welcome because we would certainly love to see you again.


A few more numbers?

This week 283 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 55 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 38 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 18 volunteers.

Plymvalley parkrun started on 22nd September 2012. Since then 8,489 participants have completed 51,049 parkruns covering a total distance of 255,245 km, including 9,161 new Personal Bests.


Erme Valley parkrun

Last Saturday's parkrun was edition 307 of our popular event. The occasion was enjoyed by 244 people who ran, jogged and walked their way around our lovely course. It was also a special day for lots of reasons:

* 18 people ran their first ever parkrun -welcome to the parkrun family to all of you
* There were also 17 'tourists' who ran at Plymvalley for the first time
* A whopping 57 people ran Plymvalley PBs
* Thomas Andrew qualified for his 50 runs T shirt (23 of them at Plymvalley)
* Chloe Hoatson, who has been a regular for almost 5 years, reached her 200 run milestone (including 193 at Plymvalley!) - Congratulations!

It was also the occasion of the first ever volunteer takeover by Erme Valley Harriers (EVH). EVH caters for runners from all over the South Hams and Plympton and has had a close association with Plymvalley parkrun since the start. EVH meet at Ivybridge Rugby Club on Tues and Friday - for more details see ermevalleyharriers.co.uk


The current Plymvalley ED Katy Mogridge is a stalwart member of the club. Katy and 67 of her fellow club members have run there a total of 1492 times. Many of us have also volunteered on multiple occasions. Despite this, it was with a great sense of anticipation that 23 EVH volunteers congregated under their club flags on Saturday morning to operate as a team for the first time.


Everyone received their instructions for their volunteering role


Then we all deployed to our posts ready for the run to start.

Katy even found time to catch-up with Plymvalley co-founder Sharon Adams over a coffee from our very own coffee van.

Once the run was over we all retired to a nearby café for bacon sarnies and coffee and to reflect on how easy it is to do the volunteering roles and what an enjoyable experience it had been.


We all had a great time ensuring that this week's event went off smoothly and safely.

This week's 'volunt-heroes' were:

Abbie JAMES • Ali JAMES • Andrew TRIGG • Carol HANSEN • David CHURCH • Debbie TRIGG • Elizabeth BOWDEN • Emma LAKE • Holly HART • Jessica RICH • Kate MEDLICOTT • Katy MOGRIDGE • Ken SUMMERS • Mike HANSEN • Mike HOSKIN • Monica BRISTOW • Neil HOLMES • Phil ADDERLEY • Phil WARREN • Richard LANE • Russ MOGRIDGE • Sarah HIRONS • Sharon BECKENKRAGER • Shirley WATSON • Simon SWIFT • Steve WATSON

Why not give it a try yourself in one of the coming weeks - you'll enjoy it more than you could imagine! You can volunteer via the website or just talk to any of the volunteers on a Saturday morning. It would be great to see some new volunteers.

See you all next week

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