Pollok parkrun – New Year’s Day 1st January 2019@9.30am

So on to the New Year and YES Pollok parkrun will be 'running' on New Year's day at 9.30am although we will need a few more volunteers to make it happen !!

Are you planning a late night on Monday? If so we have the ideal feel good plan to start the year - just email pollokoffice@parkrun.com and tell us your ID number and for which task you would like to volunteer. We are waiting to hear from you !

After the parkrun on the 1st we will be doing hot drinks so please bring goodies and flasks of coffee or hot water.

There will also be the opportunity on 1st January to do 2 parkruns - the only date in 2019 when you can. So if you fancy a chaser after Pollok parkrun check out https://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/ for details as to which parkruns are running and at what time. Linwood, Greenock, Tollcross and Victoria are all running on New Year's day but not at the usual time so it is essential that you check.

Happy running !


Christmas Day at Pollok parkrun

The next Pollok parkrun is on Christmas Day 25th December at 9.30 am. Hope you have that date in your diary! Please come dressed appropriately maybe as an elf, Santa, Christmas tree, mince pie, Christmas pud etc or maybe wear your favourite Christmas lights or baubles.
We will be doing tea/coffee on Christmas Day so it would be good if you could bring some goodies and a flask of coffee or hot water for the apres parkrun activities.
We look forward to seeing you sparkle!
Christmas is coming !

parkrun on Christmas Day 25th December 2018

parkrun will be 'running' on Christmas Day (at 9.30) in addition to our usual Saturday events. So since we will have twice as many parkruns we will be needing twice as many volunteers.

So thinking ahead, but not that far ahead as Christmas is on Tuesday, would you like to volunteer on Christmas Day?

Please email the pollokoffice@parkrun.com to offer your services - also let us know if you have a preference for what you do and your parkrun ID number.

We are waiting to hear from you !

Ho Ho Ho!



Sorry parkrunners and volunteers but the weather forecast for tomorrow 15th December is pretty awful so in the interests of safety we have decided to cancel the parkrun! Hope to see you all on 22nd!


The Festive Season at Pollok parkrun

It is just 2 weeks until Christmas so we thought that you might want to know what is happening at Pollok parkrun during the Festive Season.
First off is our 'getting ready for the Festive Season parkrun' on 22nd December - no special wear required but if you fancy wearing a Santa hat or a bauble please feel free- we will be joined that day by a group from Bellahouston Road Runners doing their festive thing.
Then it is our Christmas parkrun on Christmas day the 25th December same time as usual 9.30 when it would be nice to see you wearing at least some tinsel if not the full Christmas tree outfit. We will also be doing tea/coffee after the parkrun on Christmas day.
Saturday 29th December will be our normal parkrun just keeping things ticking over until New Year's Day.
Tuesday 1st January will be our New Year's day parkrun @ 9.30.
On New Year's day you can run a maximum of 2 parkruns if you are so inclined
e.g Pollok at 9.30 and then Tollcross or Victoria at 11am or whatever combination you prefer. At Pollok on New Year's day we will be doing tea/coffee after the run.
Full details of the parkruns running on Christmas Day and New Year's day wherever you are spending the festive season can be found at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/
Happy running !
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