Event number 407 26th January 2019

Event number 407
This week at Poole was the second week of our new course. We had a slightly different start this week because of a problem with ‘the’ puddle last week, and no one wants wet feet two weeks in a row! Although the new route is slightly more complicated than our usual one, it does make it easier for runners to cheer each other on as people are passing far more frequently. It also leads to some very interesting phrases of encouragement that many would never dream of hearing on a Saturday morning. To allow our new route to run smoothly, we have had to recruit additional marshals, more road cone hats! A huge thank you to those people who have stepped in and to all of the marshals and volunteers that make this happen. Without you, there would be no parkrun. If you’ve never given it a go, you’re missing out!
It was quite nice weather to run in this Saturday, cool and dry, although some people still managed to complain about it being too cold (yes Mum, I’m talking about you!). The rain did make a quick appearance for a minute or two before the tail walker came through but no one was drenched in the making of this week’s run.
We had a total of 673 people who ran, jogged or walked parkrun this week, of those 57 were first timers and there were 61 personal bests. People from 31 different clubs took part.
Since Poole Parkrun began on 2nd April 2011, there have been 21,444 participants in total with 209,773 Parkruns completed. The total distance covered that has been covered is 1,048,865km. A staggering 33,658 new personal bests have been achieved. There have been 17,181 volunteer roles completed by 1,474 individuals.


Course change 2019 description

Poole parkrun Jan/Feb/March 2019 Course Overview 

  • 7/8's of a lap around the cycle track starting near the cricket pavilion and travelling anti clockwise before leaving on the access path to the road (past the drinking fountain) This needs to be a controlled start, people lining up with their commensurate finish time/start pace in mind. People with dogs or buggies and parents running children on the outside or at the back of the starting group. 0.5km
  • Road from pavilion to Westfield toilets, runners to stay on RHS of the road until just past the car park at The Kitchen, then turn left onto West field just before the toilets 1.4km total.
  • runners to head down towards the lake, running parallel to the hedge and then play park railings, keeping inside arrows and Hedge/railings to not short cut the course. Turn left at lake and head towards carpark, cutting across it towards the road (some merging of runners on a later part of course) heading back towards the pavilion 1.7km total.
  • Run along the road towards the cricket pitch/East gate entrance, stay on right hand side of road, but not on pavement past the roundabout, listen to the marshals for instructions as runners will be running in the opposite direction. 2.4km total.
  • Access path to cricket pitch (past drinking fountain) on right hand side of path, past the finish funnel and 3/4 of a lap clockwise around the cycle track. Leaving at slip path. 2.9km total
  • Keeping on path/left hand side of road (as directed by marshal) run to roundabout and turn left towards pillars near model boat lake. Keep on left hand side of road as this will be two way running. Go out through left hand pillars, around a cone and turn back and go through the now left pillar heading back to the roundabout.
    Turn left before roundabout onto an inner lake path. 3.8km total.
  • Take lake path, running on lake edge of war memorial, past Rockley Watersports until at car park by kitchen. 4.2km total.
  • run through car park towards road, there will be some merging of runners on earlier part of course. Run back towards pavilion on the left hand side of the road, maintain this side when turning right towards drinking fountains and into the funnel on the left. 5km total

Course change 2019 Marshaling

Volunteer guidance ….. Marshals

Course change 2019

There will be a lead bike, who will be making all the route direction calls for the lead of the field

Marshal 1

Stationed at pillars near Twemlow avenue.

To guide runners through as they run towards you, their left hand lane. They will turn around a cone and exit via their now, left hand lane.
(We may station an extra marshal to help if available) so that marshal 1 can be visible to guide towards the correct gap in the pillars. The 2nd marshal can stand at turn cone. Lead bike will help with directions for this process.

Extra information : Sign for closed park will need to be moved beyond the turn around cone, cone will need to be put in place and removed back to where the signs and closed road poles are stored.
Closed road poles will need to be unlocked removed and put to one side for duration of run, can be put back in when field narrows down.

Marshal 1a

Stationed midway between roundabout and pillars

To Keep runners on their left as they come from the roundabout before the pillars and again on their left as the come from the pillars towards path towards war memorial

Marshal 2

Stationed at slip path from cycle track towards road.

To guide runners off the cycle track towards pavement before they head back towards the roundabout. This position can be filled by a volunteer who has duties at the finish and when flow of runners is established can be replaced with a sign.

Extra information Marshal to place sign directing runners up the slip path just after the runners have passed at the start, also to put two stakes in place with tape between to deter runners from cutting the corner.

Marshal 3

Marshal positioned at end of slip path. Marshal assist in keeping runners on their right as they leave the pavilion area after the start. Will assist to keep runners on their right of the road as they run towards the pavilion for the first time and finishers on their left of the road.

Marshal 4

Marshal positioned at the junction of the car park to the Ark. Marshal assist in keeping runners on their right as they leave the pavilion area after the start. Will assist to keep runners on their right of the road as they run towards the pavilion for the first time and finishers on their left of the road, also runners leaving the cycle track via the slip path heading towards the roundabout on the path.

Marshal 5

Roundabout Marshal, Marshal assist in keeping runners on their right as they leave the pavilion area after the start and send them on towards West field (Toilets). Will assist to keep runners on their right of the road as they run towards the pavilion for the first time and finishers on their left of the road. Will make sure front runners head towards pillars at Twemlow (left) when they return from cycle track on pavement.

Extra information. Will take a stake and arrow, to direct runners left towards pillars at Twemlow and bring back.

Marshal 5a

Stationed in road near war memorial. From start/roundabout, keep runners on their right hand side of road as they head to West field/toilets. On runner return from the Kitchen car park, keep runners on their right hand side of the road. Lead runners /finishers will come past a second time, keep these on their left hand side of the road as they head towards the roundabout.


Marshal 6

At top of Kitchen car park. Will send runners straight on towards West field marshal from the start and direct the runners back towards the pavilion, when they return from West field/play park, through the car park. These runners should be directed to run on their right hand side of the road. The runners will later come back up through the car park from the war memorial, these should be directed to merge and run on their left hand side of the road.

Extra information Will take an aluminium sign and place on the lake path to direct runners coming from the playpark/West field up through the car park. Another sign if there is no 6A marshal to direct runners up through the car park as they return from the War memorial.

Marshal 6A

Stationed by path from war memorial leading towards the Kitchen car park.
To direct runners up through the car park to marshal 6, making sure they do not cut the corner.

Marshal 7

At Finish area and bollard by drinking fountain on access path to cycle track. Marshal assist in directing runners as they leave the pavilion area after the start (positioned near finish line).           Will assist to keep runners on their right of the path as they run towards the pavilion for the first time and finishers on their left of the path. (positioned in front of bollard near drinking fountain).

Marshal 8

Marshal positioned in the road outside East gate Lodge (Access to council depot). Marshal assist in keeping runners on their right as they leave the pavilion area after the start. Will assist to keep runners on their right of the road as they run towards the pavilion for the first time and finishers on their left of the road.

Marshal 9 (2 marshals)

Marshal positioned on road from roundabout heading towards pillars at Twemlow where path heads towards War memorial. Marshal to keep from runners left as they emerge from the roundabout heading towards the pillars then direct the runners to their left as they return from the pillars to take them on the path towards the war memorial.

Extra information. Marshals take 4 small cones to put in car park by the roundabout to keep runners from cutting across the car park (keep them close to lake edge) Also take 3 signs, one to direct runners left returning from the pillars to take the path, another to direct runners to take shore path near war memorial(not up steps) and another to direct runners towards the kitchen car park as they leave the path around the war memorial.

Marshal 10 (Two marshals)

To direct the runners to their left when they come from the start onto west field, keeping the runners inside of the signs so as not to cut the course. (One marshal midway through field)
Also to deal with motor vehicles coming into the park, the road has been completely closed with no access even if it previously permitted from 9am until 9:30am When tail walker has come past assist marshal 6, still watching out for vehicles from this position.

Extra information 4 large cones will be left behind the toilets, 3 to close the road and one to direct the runners around as they head through West field. Will take two stakes with arrows to keep runners close to the hedge/playpark perimeter and an arrow to direct the runners to their left as they come down to the lake path, towards the car park. Remove signs (to return to pavilion) when tail walker has come past. Remove cones at 9:30am (and put behind toilet) or when locating to marshal position 6.


Pacing week and records tumble!

Thank you to James McCafferey who has written this weeks record breaking news report

James macTo PB or to plan B   That was the question on every park runner's lips this week.   There was a slight chill in the air but everyone was smiling ahead of Poole parkrun's 1st Chase the Pacer event of 2019. The kindly volunteered pacers were lined up in numerical order outside the cricket pavilion for all to lock in their virtual target time, hoping their winter training, Christmas fueling & more importantly mind was ready to play ball. After listening to the all important safety announcements, applauding first timers, milestones, birthdays, and volunteers as well as welcoming visitors it was time to move to the start line. For many it was time to briefly introduce themselves to their pacer.   Conditions were in everyone targeting a pb's favour, flat & calm; many asking will today be the day? #Poole Parkrun

As the clock struck 9:05 – Slight delay due to the overwhelming amount of runners (rumours amongst everyone on the start line that this could be a record attendance) it was go go go, F1 style start everyone headed off on their own personal PB journey. Some glued to the heels of their hi-vis best mate for the morning (pacer), some keeping their target time insight not getting too carried away (targeting negative splits) – The PB potential for all was there for the taking, but by how much was the next question playing on their minds.

#Poole Parkrun

If things begin to unravel or fall apart on the 1st lap there's plan B – Maybe just knock a few seconds off.

If all fails there's always next week.

Poole parkrun week in week out has a great selection of volunteers along the route that support & encourage you, along with friends & families cheering at the roundabout – A personal favourite spot of mine, regularly a photographer or two poised to capture your thumbs up & smile or your focused in the zone face.

#Poole Parkrun

Without the hi-vis army that put their name on the rota each week our much loved parkrun wouldn't go ahead, if you haven't already please do put your name down to volunteer & pay back into the parkrun bank there are plenty of roles that can be done before or after your run.

It was great to hear that so many friends & friends of friends marked the 1st pacing event of the year with a PB – Those nervous smiles & doubts at the start now long forgotten, many leaving with a new spring in their step & a shiny new PB.

I'd like to reiterate what I'm sure many others have said before, please thank all the volunteers you see along the route they stand there in all weather conditions for us, cheering & clapping – I'm sure you'll agree its very encouraging when you need to dig deep, it's a nice distraction temporarily from the pain.

A huge thanks also goes out to those that gave up their time to be pacers this week & help aid so many in hitting their target time & possibly bagging that desired PB.

56 x First Timers, 5 parkrunner's joined the 50 Club, 3 parkrunner's joined the 100 club.

Record attendance 1039!!!


parkrun #401

Poole parkrun #401 22nd December 2018

Thank you to Nigel Harding, one of our regular timers for writing this weeks Christmas themed news report.

nigel H

What if it is the shortest day?

We already have far more daylight than we saw the whole of last Saturday. Just 290 hardy souls braved that downpour, but a cast of almost a thousand are eager to resume their parkrun routine on this fine morning.

Either that; or they’re auditioning for the parkrun panto. There are a hundred Santa impersonators; a score of elves – at least three advertising themselves as ‘Bad Elf’. There’s a herd of reindeer, too, each hoping to gain Santa’s nod for Monday night’s chimney-top marathon.

Santa Stuart, the Director, sends the multitude on their two laps of the lake. ‘Follow that star!’ is the advice. ‘Oh! Yes he would!’ First back through the tree-lined avenue, Jamie would make a good choice for Prince Charming. ‘Oh! No he wouldn’t.’ Alas! He’s absent-minded. No barcode, no career-best equalling time! Chris Alborough edges second place from Andy Leggott though both finish in 16:17. Just ten seconds behind them, young Will Rabjohns secures a personal best and a 90% age-grading.

We need a leading lady. Serena O’Connor was pencilled in, but she’s upstaged by Sarah Kingston from the congregation of red-and-white striped Saints, who have come to chase fast times. She’s certainly done that with17:43 - her second career-best at Poole in a month. Serena finishes second lady with 19:11, just enough to see off Bournemouth AC youngster Amelia Reynolds by three seconds.

A number of athletes have posted very good times. For other people, though, the day is about dressing up, having fun or a social occasion. That’s the joy of parkrun! There’s no end to the drama. A faller sends the Director dashing across the cricket pitch with his ‘magic sponge’. Some minutes later, the casualty, now surrounded with supporters, limps across the finish. As if that’s not enough excitement, a dog ‘dies’ on the line. A whippet, perhaps more attuned for speed than endurance, quits just two yards from the finish, playing possum convincingly until its owner returns from the funnel to carry it away.

Poole Parkrun

There’s a nativity play within the panto – Mary, Joseph, Shepherd, King and Donkey have carolled their way round the 5km, but still find the puff to chorus: ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ as they cross the line.

It was the 13th busiest Poole parkrun, so I won’t be surprised if last week’s greatest percentage decrease in attendance by a UK parkrun may be followed by this week’s greatest increase!

Poole parkrun #401 22nd December 2018

This week 858 people completed the course. 26 were making their first ever parkrun and a further 17 were running at Poole for the first time.

Male placings:
An unknown athlete was first over the line.
Chris ALBOROUGH (SM30-34) of Poole AC was second over the line in 16:17.
Andy LEGGOTT (VM35-40) of Lonely Goat RC was third over the line, also in 16:17.

Female placings:
Sarah KINGSTON (SW30-34) of Southampton AC was first over the line in a career-best 17:43.
Serena O’CONNOR (SW18-19) of Vegan Runners was second over the line in 19:11.
Amelia REYNOLDS (JW11-14) of Bournemouth AC was third over the line in 19:14.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
William RABJOHNS (JM11-14) of Poole AC – 90.37% for the time 16:27 (sixth overall).
David CARTWRIGHT (VM65-69) of Poole Runners – 85.39% for the time 20:35.
Duncan COOPER (VM50-54) of Poole AC – 85.34% for the time 17:51.

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