Event #366

Poole parkrun
Event number 366
14th April 2018

A misty morning didn’t deter the 745 park runners for run number 366
Think there may have been a bit more than mist in the air as an incredible 117 runners recorded new pb’s. We also saw 67 runners for the first time at Poole, with 34 of these being first time ever parkrunners.


Among the pb's, these runners acheived it after doing more than 25 runs at Poole. Grace Galton after 60 runs, Roy Pratchett 29 runs, Joanna Westhead 96 runs, Helen Keen 157 runs, Brian Underwood 93 runs, Martin Cowell 41 runs, Adam Richens 27 runs, John Doughty 32 runs, Glen Keen 87 runs, Mark Ruby 67 runs, Carrie Clark 29 runs, Andy Perry 67 runs, Adam Corbin 45 runs, Jane Steadman 79 runs, Zoe Houlton 97 runs, Daryll Corbin-Jones 190 runs and David Graham 198 runs.



Thank you to this weeks 57 volunteers:
Mike CURE • Ian PAYNE • Lucy PAYNE • Karl PARRY • Sarah DURLEY-WHITE • Kevin STOCKWELL • Stuart BICKEL • Andy ROBSON • Matthew HOSIER • David HEATH • Peter HOLT • Ted PAYNE • Gay O'CONNOR • Robert STONE • Diane STOREY • Dawn Teresa ASH • Graham STOAKES • Sheela HOBDEN • Mark PACKER • Lyn COSTIN • Sarah CURRELL • Trisha MILLS • Graham FILMER • Paul WILSHER • Mike CLEMSON • Eve FILMER • Ben BAYNHAM • James STOREY • Steph BETTERIDGE • Jessica GADBURY • Sue HAM • Louise BURRIDGE • Rebecca CARRON • Sally WEBSTER • Alex CADZOW • Stefan WEBSTER • Samantha CLACK • Martin MILLER • Caroline THOMAS • Patrick DOMINEY • Chris BRADSHAW • Layla OAKLEY • Ian KENWRIGHT • Austin HARFIELD • John ROWLAND • Lesley CARR • Daniel CROWHURST • Craig JOHNSON • Christian KENWRIGHT • Sylvia THOMAS • Sarah HOPKINS • Carl BRITCHFORD • Bob WHITE • Ella MCINTOSH • Mark VINCENT • Freya PAYNE • James WALKER


Where’s Wally 7th Anniversary Run

Run Report ... poole parkrun event # 365 ...
Written by Ann Deverill and photographs provided by Ben Print and Carl Britchford, thanks all


Where's Wally/ 7th Anniversary parkrun

Fresh Saturday morning saw a gathering of red, white and blue.....patriotic you think....No just a lot of Wally's it was my favorite kind of parkrun, fancy dress all for Poole's 7th year anniversary. Yes hard to believe poole parkrun has being going for 7 years...that's a lot of runners,a lot of personal achievements and a lot of volunteers.

It was safe to say this was taken very seriously by all and the array of fancy dress showed this. My game was to spot "Wally" obviously you say......there was tall, short, small and big. We had Wally's and Wanda's. We also had dogs dressed up, all in a sea of red and white stripes. The usual fun and laughter saw 638 runners set of like a out take of Prisoner Break! Oooh now there's a good idea for a themed run....ha ha.


The weather kept dry and a snake of red and white weaved it's way round the park, I choose to position myself around the middle this was to get a good view, but also to feel the atmosphere, which was definitely "Wallified" . The fast runners soon sped by job done and off home...but the Wally's continued to file in one after another with smiles and high fives. All Wally's safely back at Wally HQ....aka The Pavilion...where the work continues Head Wally's busy down loading times and results (So all Runner Wally's get their results and are able to celebrate, commiserate or simply clock up the number of parkruns) Volunteer Wally's busy tidying and clearing away. Back to the Runners Wally's now importantly drinking tea, coffee and eating cake! Refueling of course!!! As the the Wally's dispersed it amazes me that in a space of hour we see a mass crowd of over 700 people dwindled down to a handful very quickly as people carry on with their Saturday... but wow what a start to the day. Another very successful parkrun done..so here's to next week and event #366 and to the 8th year anniversary...with many more personal achievements on the way. _DSC4970
As always a big thank you to Head Wally's this week and Volunteer Wally's....and to all that dressed up...well done...always put fun into run.
See you all next week...for another Poole parkrun extravaganza....

This week 638 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 56 were first timers and 73 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 46 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 56 volunteers:

David HEATH • Mike CURE • Rav SAINI • Ian PAYNE • Martin HORMAN • Kevin DWYER • Karl PARRY • Sarah DURLEY-WHITE • Stuart BICKEL • Andy ROBSON • David HEATH • Ben PRINT • Josh WREFORD • Peter HOLT • Antoinette MCAULAY • Gay O'CONNOR • Liz ROBSON • Robert STONE • Diane STOREY • Dawn Teresa ASH • Kevin MCGRORY • Simon O'CONNOR • Louise CORNICK • Danika WESTWOOD • Graham FILMER • Tony PEACH • Mike CLEMSON • Peter John HAYWARD • John IRONS • Rob ELISA • Matthew DOWNER • Ann DEVERILL • Janet TEMPLE-EDWARDS • Alex CADZOW • Mark KIMBER • Maureen LA FRENAIS • Martin MILLER • Caroline THOMAS • Dave SMITH • Layla OAKLEY • Austin HARFIELD • Lisa BONES • Katie SIMMONDS • John ROWLAND • Lesley CARR • Judith COOLE • Deborah ELISA • Carly BOOKER • Sylvia THOMAS • Samantha PINE • Mandy GRIFFIN • Carl BRITCHFORD • Amy WALKER-WESTON • Alison GEORGE • Bob WHITE • Mark VINCENT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Poole parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 14:38 on 30th August 2014
The female record is held by Melissa COURTNEY who recorded a time of 16:15 on 24th December 2016
The Age Grade course record is held by Judy BIRD who recorded 97.05% (18:39) on 1st July 2017

Poole parkrun started on 2nd April 2011. Since then 18,644 participants have completed 179,601 parkruns covering a total distance of 898,005 km, including 29,669 new Personal Bests.

Pacing Event, 28th April 2018

The chance to earn a PB or learn how to pace your run more effectively.  We hope to have pacers from 18-40 mins with maybe a 16 or 17 minute pacer thrown in too if we're lucky.


parkrun 364

Poole parkrun
Event number 364
31st March 2018

Thank you to Sara Woods who has written this inspirational news report.


It was a damp, cold start as we all set out for our Saturday morning 5k fix round Poole Park for run no 364.


Walking at the back as the tail gives a unique view on the world, watching all the runners move slowly at first, then chasing each other... prams and dogs trying not to get tangled as the speeds increase... runners late to the party jogging past in an attempt to catch up their tardy starts.


I was lapped by the leaders round the back of the lake, mud splattered streaks up their legs, but running steady paces with the energy of youth. Awesome job to the top 6 runners this week, all under 18 minutes and three aged 11-14! I can only dream of such times!...


The volunteers were all amazing as usual, cheering everyone on with gusto despite the rain, and many runners shouting out their thanks, with two cheery marshals joining me for company for the second time down the back stretch of the lake.


So, as I rounded the cricket pitch, I asked myself why have I walked, jogged, and sometimes limped my way through 49 runs through rain and shine? Previously a size 32, walking 1k felt an impossible task, but now half the woman I used to be, I enjoy the fact I am able to a walk/jog 5k every week alongside runners of all shapes and sizes.


I also love volunteering as everyone has an inspiring story to tell of how parkrun has been a huge part of their journey to a healthier life. Its a real joy to see everyone working together as a well-oiled machine and I think volunteering makes it a much richer experience!


And so, on the cusp of my 50th run, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has encouraged and inspired me along the way. You are an awesome family and I'm looking forward to proudly wearing my first T-shirt


652 muddy soggy runners crossed the finish line....and it was a pleasure to bring up the rear today! Happy Easter!


Poole parkrun – Event #363 – Dream,Believe,Succeed….

Poole parkrun - Event #363

Saturday 17th March 2018

Thank you to Ann Deverill for this weeks run report...

Poole parkrun #363

Today saw a bitter cold parkrun with snow in the air, however there was certain amount of anticipation and excitement....Poole parkrun was lending itself to a recent programme run by Poole AC and Poole Joggers encouraging new runners to undertake the couch to 5k. All decked out out in their special t-shirts and with the Poole AC coaching team on hand...they all set off to do their very first parkrun and here at Poole.....how amazing is that.

Poole parkrun #363

With plenty of cheers and claps all finished with smiles, determination and pride. I was a spectator this week watching the crowds form and chatting to gathering runners...I quite enjoyed this step back......waiting patiently at the finish line to see all runners come through. As one by one each runner crosses the line.... I was able to see lots of emotions displayed....... but mainly the cheers from other finished runners clapping fellow runners is heartwarming, I felt I was particularly privileged to witness this, yet I strongly suspect this happens every week. I will make a note of that when I do my next Poole parkrun.
So dream, believe and succeed......dream to do parkrun, believe you can do parkrun and succeed you will at parkrun......I'm hoping to see the new runners again next week now their parkrun journey has started and they've been bitten by the bug....

As always I finish my report thanking the ever present volunteers without you there is no parkrun.....the brave runners this week taking part with regards to the cold weather and a massive thumbs up to the couch to 5k new runners....big well done..... and if you can run parkrun in the snow you can run parkrun any day!!!!!!! :)


Thanks to this week's volunteers
Alex CADZOW • Ann DEVERILL • Austin HARFIELD • Ben BAYNHAM • Bob WHITE • Carl BRITCHFORD • Catharine KENYON • Christian KENWRIGHT • Colin SIMPSON • Dave PERRY • David HEATH • Dawn Teresa ASH • Diane STOREY • Ella MCINTOSH • Gay O'CONNOR • Graham FILMER • Heather BRAIN • Ian UNDERWOOD • James STOREY • James WALKER • Jane STEADMAN • Jason THOMAS • John IRONS • John ROWLAND • Jonnie NOTTON • Julian BARNES • Karina PARISH • Kevin DWYER • Kevin STOCKWELL • Lesley CARR • Lesley MOORE • Mark KIMBER • Martha PARISH • Matthew KENWRIGHT • Matthew O'RILEY • Mike CLEMSON • Mike CURE • Oliver MANKERTZ • Olivia HALDERTHAY • Pat BRADSHAW • Paul WILSHER • Ray NEWELL • Rebecca CARRON • Sally WEBSTER • Samantha CLACK • Sarah DURLEY-WHITE • Simon CRAWSHAY • Simon DUNK • Stuart BICKEL • Trisha MILLS • Vanessa SAXBY


Poole parkrun – Event #362

Poole parkrun - Event #362

Saturday 11th March 2018

Thank you to Carrie Clark for this week's run report...

This Saturday, 11th March was the 362nd Park Run to take place at Poole on a slightly drizzly morning. However, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of those 562 runners who braved the elements. It was a welcome return to the event for all, having been postponed last week following the ‘Beast from the East’, and today was very mild in comparison.

There were some visitors from as far away as Liverpool, and an impressive 58 runners managed to achieve PBs, so well done to all of those who managed to record their fastest time. The highest age grading was achieved by John Stanley Bassinder with 84.93%; congratulations to him on running 17:22 in his age category. The fastest finishers in male and female categories were Gareth Alan-Williams and Amy Dove respectively, who both achieved excellent times on Poole’s fast and flat course.

Two runners recorded their 100th Park Runs which is always great to see, and as ever, there were many familiar faces as well as numerous first timers. Park Run continues to be a wonderful community initiative which brings all ages and abilities together on a weekly basis. This could not be possible without the support of our amazing volunteers, several of whom turn up on a regular, if not weekly basis to make the run take place.

On this note, as Pat (today’s Race Director) explained, this week’s run was touch-and-go due to a shortage of volunteers. If you can help, Park Run depends on those who are happy to give up their time so please do email poolehelpers@parkrun.com if you are able to assist.

We wish you all a fantastic week and look forward to seeing you at 9am next Saturday for the next Park Run.

This week 562 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 58 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 36 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 53 volunteers:

David HEATH • Mike CURE • Mel CARROLL • Ian PAYNE • Kevin DWYER • James GALLAGHER • Sarah DURLEY-WHITE • Heather BRAIN • Kevin STOCKWELL • Andy ROBSON • Simon CRAWSHAY • Ray NEWELL • Ted PAYNE • Gay O'CONNOR • Liz ROBSON • Robert STONE • Liz DYBLE • Gillian D COOK • Dawn Teresa ASH • Trisha MILLS • Paul WILSHER • Mike CLEMSON • Ben BAYNHAM • Simon FAIRWEATHER • Ann K THORNTON • Louise BURRIDGE • Rebecca CARRON • John LOMAX • Ian UNDERWOOD • Steven GREGORY • Mark KIMBER • Sarah WOODS • Phil WOOD • Carrie CLARK • Sally PRITCHARD • Pat BRADSHAW • Chris BRADSHAW • Austin HARFIELD • Joanne GILLESPIE • Jenny PLAYFORD • Lesley CARR • Matthew KENWRIGHT • Brogan GILLESPIE • Andrew PANTLAND • Kirsty DOCHERTY • Samantha PINE • Simon ROYLANCE • Leah EVANS • Sarah HOPKINS • Olivia HALDERTHAY • Alison MIDDLETON • Bob WHITE • Ella MCINTOSH

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Poole parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 14:38 on 30th August 2014 (event number 181).
The female record is held by Melissa COURTNEY who recorded a time of 16:15 on 24th December 2016 (event number 299).
The Age Grade course record is held by Judy BIRD who recorded 97.05% (18:39) on 1st July 2017 (event number 326).

Poole parkrun started on 2nd April 2011. Since then 18,455 participants have completed 177,794 parkruns covering a total distance of 888,970 km, including 29,478 new Personal Bests.

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