Run Report event # 385

It's September 1st..... officially Autumn starts today....and whilst there was a certain chill in the air, the spirits however were still warm. The usual crowd of runners starts to swell with perhaps now longer sleeves and more legs covered up! The sunshine still shone brightly as did the smiles on the runners faces. Once the usual acknowledgements of notable runs was done...the mingling crowd makes its way to start. With the start on its way a total of 764 runners begin their run, with their own journey or challenge in mind.

My report today will focus on the runners themselves...parkrun is now a global success and every person who runs or volunteers make parkrun the success it is. I have now personally notched up my 100th parkrun and 25 volunteering and feel very proud to have done this.

What makes parkrun successful?...Well the first thing to say is it's good for fitness, there is no question about it. It's a very good start to becoming fit, with many people at the same level, it certainly is a great way to start the fitness program. We all know what it's like to go to the gym and pitch up raring to have a go and feel somewhat embarrassed that you might not fit the mould! Parkrun doesn't discriminate, parkrun doesn't mind if you’re not the faster runner...parkrun welcomes you no matter what and parkrun will encourage you and nurture you.

Over the years I've been going to parkrun, I've seen many people achieve their goals and go on, it’s like one big happy family encouraging and cheering each other on. Secondly parkrun is outside and the benefits of fresh air are well documented, come rain or shine parkrun is there for you.

There are pacing events to better yourself, bring you out of your comfort zone. There are also some fancy dress themes.... I mean who doesn't like dressing up!!! For me parkrun ticks all the boxes.

So this brings me back round to the runners of all abilities and ages who come together every Saturday morning to race against or cajole each other. Parkrun can be a group run or can be solo run...can be a party.... I do believe here at Poole a wedding even took place....whatever, parkrun will lend itself to fit your own personality. I think that's pretty amazing so a big pat on the back to PARKRUN....oh and yes to you, I'm talking about you the runners...without you there would be no parkrun...

As usual I do say thank you to the volunteers and marshals...always there too each week....have a good week everyone see you all next Saturday....


A visitor’s perspective

This weeks run report comes from Catherine Penketh who was visiting Poole parkrun on Saturday 18th August with her family.
All four of the family volunteered. Thank you Penketh family. Catherine's local parkrun is Gunpowder near Waltham Abbey...

After a lovely week on holiday in Poole from Essex we finally had our highlight... Poole parkrun. I (Catherine) came to run while my husband, Mike, and our 9 year old son, Thomas, was scanning and our 7 year old daughter, Harriet, was token sorting.

We are a keen parkrun family. I have run 222 parkruns in 53 different locations. Harriet has run 48 junior parkruns and between the four of us we have volunteered on 459 occasions.

Even before we arrived in the park this month we had met two friendly Poole park runners. One on the way into the park who introduced himself after seeing our volunteer 25 t shirts. And on Tuesday while relaxing at our friends beach hut on Sandbanks Thomas spotted a parkrun wristband on our beach hut neighbour. We introduced ourselves and were soon chatting all things parkrun. We met him again at the beach huts the next day and then saw him this morning in his timekeeping position. It was great to see a face we knew amongst the crowds!

On to the run, it is a beautiful route around the park with supportive marshals and cheerful volunteers at the finish line. The only other parkrun we've been to with bigger attendance is Bushy parkrun and we are pleased to report Poole parkrun runs just as smoothly as Bushy!

After the run Harriet and I joined the army of token sorters. We were in charge of tokens 501-600 and were pleased to report they were all present and correct.

Thomas and Harriet both enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake which they said was delicious. We were invited to the local coffee shop by another runner but unfortunately we had to be out of our Airbnb so didn't have tine to take them up on their kind offer.

So now we are on our way back to Essex. Tomorrow morning we will be at Harlow junior parkrun, where I am Event Director. Thomas will be scanning again but this time he'll only have about 60 runners to scan... he won't know what to do with himself!!

Thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome. We hope to be back again one day!!


Poole parkrun Event number 381, 4th August 2018

Thanks to Sarah for writing this weeks news and Carl Britchford for the photos, which can be found on our Flickr page at


This Saturday was a glorious day and another hot parkrun.  However, out of 659 runners/joggers/walkers, 57 new personal bests were recorded, so maybe not that oppressive for all.  We welcomed 90 first timers who were either doing their first ever parkrun or who were taking in the sights of Poole parkrun as a spot of parkrun tourism and adding to their growing tally. Another stat is that we had 55 volunteers helping put on the event. Thank you to them, they are all listed below….

Mike CURE • Ian PAYNE • Kevin DWYER • Karl PARRY • Tina STOAKES • James GALLAGHER • Sarah DURLEY-WHITE • Stuart BICKEL • Colin SIMPSON • Michael HUGHES • John RICHARDS • Andy ROBSON • David HEATH • Ray NEWELL • Gay O'CONNOR • Liz ROBSON • Liz DYBLE • Graham STOAKES • Simon O'CONNOR • Lyn COSTIN • Trisha MILLS • John Stanley BASSINDER • Graham FILMER • Barbara GELDART • Debbie ARNOLD • Paul WILSHER • Julie BARRETT • Nigel HARDING • Mike CLEMSON • Eve FILMER • Caroline CRANE • John HALLETT • Marilyn HALLETT • Rebecca CRANE • John IRONS • Callum FORD • Louise BURRIDGE • Karen GREGORY • Sara JOHNSON • Ian UNDERWOOD • Charlie SWEETLOVE • Caroline THOMAS • Patrick DOMINEY • Ron MARGETTS • Amy DOBSON • John ROWLAND • Alex PEPPER • Andrew PANTLAND • Christian KENWRIGHT • Sylvia THOMAS • Sarah WILLENS • Mark GALTON • Carl BRITCHFORD • Bob WHITE • Ella MCINTOSH


Within this list are the obvious volunteers that you regularly see, i.e. the marshals over at Twemlow (Mike, Louise, Mark and Patrick) that encourage you to stay on the lower path for your first lap, or the timekeepers (Nigel, John and Bob) that bleep you across the line, those that scan your barcode to match your time to your ID (Liz, Charlie, Ella, Sarah, Callum). However there are also a lot of volunteers that are busy behind the scenes that you don’t always see.  Dave Heath is one of our stalwart volunteers who sets up the funnel before some of you have woken up on Saturday morning.  He’s often there at 7.30am putting the posts and ropes up, and making sure everything is in order for when you finish. Then there’s the Run Director/Volunteer Co-ordinator who arrives at 8am who makes sure the timing equipment is prepped, the scanners are charged and the tokens ready to hand, in time for when the fab volunteers start to arrive.  Some volunteers are also beavering away in the pavilion, long after you’ve left the park and you’re probably contemplating the rest of your weekend. We have a team of token sorters headed up by Karl Parry, Slyv Thomas and Gay O’Connor and many others who make sure the tokens are back in order for next Saturday, and those that have mysteriously gone missing from the pack are replaced.  We also have the magic fairies in the kitchen (Graham, Tina, Trish, John, Lin) who wash up all the lovely beakers that you use to have a drink of water with pre or post run, as well as serving teas, coffees and the odd slice of cake.  One lucky member of this team also gets to take home the tea towels each week to ensure they’re washed, dried and ready for next Saturday, so it can all be done again.

The Run Director tends to start the results processing whilst the rest of the core team pack away all the equipment.  Then it’s all hands to the deck when it comes to the finalising of the results with the spot times, and eventually a full set of results is sent to HQ……..and relax………….that is until next week when it all starts again.  So please reflect on this the next time you’re at parkrun, and thank all those volunteers that are helping make Poole parkrun happen and maybe please consider volunteering one week.  All the jobs are super easy and we will give you full training. If there’s a job you don’t fancy doing, no worries, we’ll match you up to something you want to do. If your first time with the stopwatch goes awry, no probs, there are usually three of you, so it’s OK.  After all we’re all volunteers and if it goes wrong, it goes wrong.  We can always give everyone a refund and free entry for the next week. Some of our volunteers have their own volunteering systems, i.e. they run 10/15 runs, then volunteer for the next one, or they volunteer when injured, tired, hungover. Whatever works for you.  If every Poole parkrunner volunteered just three times a year we’d have all our volunteer places covered and the Run Director each week could rest easy. Don’t forget too, volunteer 25 times and you get a lovely purple volunteer T-shirt too, win-win! Thank you for reading this. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Poole parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 14:38 on 30th August 2014 (event number 181). The female record is held by Melissa COURTNEY who recorded a time of 16:15 on 24th December 2016 (event number 299). The Age Grade course record is held by Judy BIRD who recorded 97.05% (18:39) on 1st July 2017 (event number 326).

Poole parkrun started on 2nd April 2011. Since then 19,770 participants have completed 191,045 parkruns covering a total distance of 955,225 km, including 31,196 new Personal Bests.

Pacing Event, 11th August

This Saturday we will be hosting another pacing event.  We hope to have pacers from 16 minutes through to 40 minutes.  The idea is that the pacers will run a consistent pace and come to the finish line at the time on their vest.  This event may help you learn to run more consistently, not shooting off too fast at the start, or simply give you an idea of what you need to do to get that PB.


Special Guest Run Report

Poole parkrun event #379 - 21st July 2018

On the week one of our amazing Event Directors celebrated her birthday (Happy Birthday Sarah), this week’s run report is brought to you by parkrun super-tourist Cass Castleton who joined us all the way from Hove – thanks Cass!


So, report it is, it’s Friday and plans in place for my 136-mile drive to Poole parkrun, my 301st parkrun, before a 57K challenge along the Jurassic coast. Must not forget to pick up Dennis Lancaster who is joining me on the challenge, he is already the proud owner of his 25 volunteer T-Shirt, no parkrun for him today just the challenge. On my arrival at Poole I noticed no one around (note to self-stop arriving too early). The first people to arrive was our volunteers for today, and that is what I would like to make this run report about, I always see PBs, new starters, visitors, which are all brilliant, but without the great volunteers we don’t have a parkrun.

Today’s Run Director is Ian, who turns up all smiles, helping the parkrun community with all their questions, making conversation with the visitors. But behind that smile, he is thinking got to get my risk assessment completed, have I got all the announcements down for today, must not forget the health and safety part of the greeting, and before you know it we are off. However he now has to stay on the phone, just in case any of the volunteers need him, continue to make conversation, but always being aware of what is happening around the course. Run Director we “salute you”.


Then there’s the Volunteer Coordinator, who puts all the volunteers in place, working out if there are enough to fill all the roles, posting on media sites during the week for volunteers, and that’s all before Saturday. Then on the day, being told a.n.other is sick and can’t make it, then having to try and fill the roles before the start. Volunteer Coordinator we “applaud you”.

What about our time keepers, marshals, barcode scanners, who all stand out in the rain or sun, getting wet, cold or sunstroke, yet they still shout encouragement to all who pass, with a well done you can do it, looking good and many more statements/cheers. These heroes we “love you”.


Not forgetting the tail walker, who gives up their own parkrun time to help others, giving them advice and support, yet still remembering they have an important role, should there be an incident they are the first on the scene (normally) have they remembered the phone, do they have the emergency number? Tail walkers, we “appreciate you”.


Then there’s that thing we take for granted, parkrun being set up and put away at the end. We turn up and off we go, great run happy, go home, but let’s remember the pre event and post event set up and take down volunteers, who turn up before most are out of bed, and still there when most are back home, these volunteers, we “thank you”.


Without trying to bore you all, I’ve written this for two reasons. Firstly to thank all the volunteers, at all parkrun’s around the world. Second to let all parkrunners know, that parkrun although free has to have rules, which states if key roles are not filled the parkrun cannot start. So please if you haven’t volunteered before, and if you can, please do so! Plus when you volunteer 25 times, you are eligible to claim your 25 volunteer T-Shirt completely free. When I completed my 250 parkrun, I also completed my 250-volunteer roles and my 200th time of volunteering. At present I’m on 288 volunteer roles. Now to thank this week’s volunteers, because I travelled 136 miles, some of you not so far, but without you lovely volunteers I/we could not have had our weekly parkrun fix.

The event was made possible by the amazing 53 volunteers: Mike CURE • Mel CARROLL • Ian PAYNE • Lucy PAYNE • Kevin DWYER • James GALLAGHER • Sarah DURLEY-WHITE • Brenda PALMER • John RICHARDS • Andy ROBSON • David HEATH • Simon CRAWSHAY • Ray NEWELL • Gay O'CONNOR • George WOOD • Robert STONE • Neil DYBLE • Melanie DOBSON • Diane STOREY • Jim KEIR • Simon DUNK • Stuart NEWMAN • Louise CORNICK • Richard LANE • Trisha MILLS • Debbie ARNOLD • Cass CASTLETON • Mike CLEMSON • James STOREY • Callum FORD • Mark Edward HOWELL • Louise BURRIDGE • Rebecca CARRON • Ian UNDERWOOD • Matthew DOWNER • Charlie SWEETLOVE • Caroline THOMAS • Peter HANN • Alice HANN • Ian KENWRIGHT • Amy DOBSON • Jess WHEADON • John ROWLAND • Matthew KENWRIGHT • Andrew PANTLAND • Sylvia THOMAS • Richard FOX • Carl BRITCHFORD • Bob WHITE • Ella MCINTOSH • Freya PAYNE • James WALKER • Ethan WEBB

Let’s also congratulate our 86 runners/walkers who achieved PB’s to day well done to you all, excellent effort, in that heat.


I would like to finish off by thanking you all for making my visit so welcoming, from the shout out at the beginning, to the words of encouragement around the course, and for anyone who is reading this who is not a Poole parkrunner, a must to visit.



“Spreading the Magic”

Run Report event #372 - brought to you by Ann Deverill. Thanks Ann!

The threat of thunder, lightning and rain didn't dampen the parkrunners this Saturday and a turnout of 738 runners proved that.

Ann Deverill

This report is titled spreading the magic, one of the regular parkrunners was celebrating their 100th parkrun and chose a Disney theme... spreading the magic this we can all do? So, with a few Minnie Mouses and Tiggers bouncing around, a Pocahontas and a very impressive Cruella De Vil...all dogs accounted for I believe...! The magic sprinkled itself safely on Poole parkrun... congratulations Julie Hitching on your 100th parkrun.

It was particularly notable that many of the milestone t-shirts are now appearing be it 50,100 or 250...having been sent out recently to eagerly waiting runners. It's great to see parkrunners wear their t-shirts with pride. This is a part of parkrun run that spreads the magic we all have aims and goals we aspire to...getting to 50, 100 or 250 parkruns is amazing, so to you all a pat on the back. There is also a 500 t-shirt this would truly be there anyone you know close to that? I think we should have a theme that all parkrunners who have a milestone t-shirt should wear it and see which milestone is the most popular.

So as the rain stayed away giving to a lovely Saturday morning of running, sprinkled with some Disney magic and characters, another successful parkrun is done. Yet the magic continues as the results are gathered and sent out, the course is checked and cleared away and next week’s parkrun is all ready being organised, this by some very magical people...volunteers.

The volunteer is not without its own milestone t-shirt which you receive when volunteering on 25 occasions...keep that in mind 25 and you get a t-shirt to proudly wear, there are lots of roles you can do to suit you and help parkrun continue each week.

I will end my run report with a nod to the volunteers as always without them parkrun would not go ahead. So this parkrun is event 372 and I would like to acknowledge DAVID HEATH, who truly spreads the magic. David is often at Poole parkrun probably before any of us are actually out of bed, setting it up for us to turn up, run and then leave and this on no less than 350 occasions....that is truly magical. Thank you David form us all.

So spread the magic, enjoy your milestones, your themed runs, your aims and goals and achievements... but do keep the magic going, be a volunteer too....
So until next time parkrunners keep the magic going

This week 738 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 83 were first timers and 84 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 49 different clubs took part.

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