The ‘no run’ report


Last Saturday was the one Saturday in the year where we have a planned ‘no event’. This is so that we can make way for the Staveley Armed Forces weekend. This year the date was quite opportune for Mark and I as we were both at the parkrun annual conference in our roles as Ambassadors, in Coventry and whilst there we attended Leamington parkrun along with over 200 other delegates. Not surprisingly Leamington set a new participation record for their parkrun, they were also the second most attended parkrun in the country (Bushy being top as usual).


We hope that the break from Poolsbrook gave you either the opportunity to do some parkrun tourism or to have a rare Saturday morning lie-in. Anyway, enough of that – we’ll be back again this week.


We still need a few volunteers, so please leave a message on our Facebook page or e-mail us at .




So, here are a few stats about Poolsbrook parkrun so far:


  • 118 events held since our inaugural event on 2nd April 2016
  • Between us we have totalled a distance of 96,105 km walked, jogged and run in 19,221 logged runs
  • 4,269 different people have participated supported by 419 different volunteers
  • The average time for Poolsbrook parkrun is 29:35
  • Our biggest attendance was 473 on NYD in 2018, our smallest was 63 on 3 September 2016
  • The most number of volunteers we have had is 29, with the least being 11
  • Our age graded record is held by Yvonne Twelvetree with 92.85%
  • Fastest female time is 18:35 recorded by Michelle Willcocks (only 1 run at Poolsbrook)
  • Fastest male time is 15:59 recorded by Harry Holmes (only 1 run at Poolsbrook)
  • 374 Clubs have been represented, with North Derbyshire RC most represented with 172 runners


However, the best fact of all is that Poolsbrook parkrun is friendly and inclusive, has a beautiful course in a lovely location, and boasts a happy team of volunteers.




Heatwave At Poolsbrook

Event #118

Photo Swans


It was great to see 212 of you lining up to take part in Poolsbrook event number 118, on what can only described as a hot hot morning. The grass was brown, the ground was hard, there seemed to be a bit of a breeze but maybe it wasn't quite enough to cool you all down a little.


Photo1 Start


A big cheer for our lovely volunteers for this week. Particular mention to Zaheer Mahmood who volunteered for the 50th time at parkrun and also to Vicky Colley who volunteered for her 25th time. Fantastic work everyone.


Jean BAKER, Victoria COLLEY, Mike COLLEY, Juliet CRESSWELL, Neale  CRESSWELL,  Keith HUDSON, Adrian KIRKHAM, Craig LOCKETT, Louise LOWE, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Holly MAYOR, Andy MORRIS, Chris PATTISON, Sally REVELL, William STREET, Matt TAYLOR, Stephen TURNER


Photo2 Zaheer and Andy

The photo is of Zaheer with Andy, as well as celebrating 50 volunteering times, Zaheer also went and got a PB. Well done Zaheer.


We are a friendly bunch when it comes to volunteers. Please consider joining our team every now and then and helping out if you don't already. As we enter the holiday season it becomes difficult keeping the rota full, if you can help then it is certainly appreciated by everyone. Please email us at PoolsbrookHelpers@parkrun or via the facebook page if you can help. If you are considering helping but are uncertain about what is involved then have a chat with us, all the roles are straightforward and we will give you full training. Many of our volunteers comment about it being a rewarding experience. There is no parkrun at Poolsbrook next week, but thereafter the rota is looking light, so please do consider helping out.


There was a good number of folk gathered round Zaheer for the first time runners briefing, we had 34 of you here.


Photo3 NRB


A big welcome to the following 12 people completing their first parkrun:




Hopefully you all had a great time and return to us next week, or soon after.


And a big welcome to the following 22 tourists visiting us today for the first time:




We all hope you enjoyed your first time at Poolsbrook, come back and see us again soon please.


Ross Nicol is one of the RD's at Portabello, he was complementary re the team and the course and kindly offered a 'free' parkrun to me if ever I am up that way, I'm sure the invitation will be extended to anyone and it sounds like a lovely course.


Amazingly in the heat, 22 of you managed to achieve a PB. Very well done to the following people:


Christine WRIGHT, Michelle CADET-ROSE, Jules FOSTER, Lynn PITTUCK, Diane GUNN, Katherine GREEN, Clare MOORE, Sarah MILLS, Zaheer MAHMOOD, Keith HIRST, Katie PEARCE, Richard ALLEN, Lee KOSTEWICZ, Paul SMITH, Richard HAYES, Mark READ, Nicola WHITE, Tom CHARLESWORTH, Joel MOORE, Matthew HEAD, Christopher BAKER, Ian LILLEY

As you will know we are a barcode only event. Unfortunately there were 9 unknown athletes this week, typically this means that you did not bring your barcode. Please remember to bring it along in future weeks and then you can track your time and we can also enjoy your progress. Its a great shame this week as we had a very fast time in first place, but no bar code :-(

As a reminder here are out top tips to make sure your name and time is recorded:

1.Ensure that you are registered with parkrun before you take part – follow this link for more information – don’t forget to select Poolsbrook as your home event.

2.Print out your barcodes and take several of them to each event. Keep one on you (ideally in a waterproof pouch or laminated), keep one in your wallet/purse, one in the car, and any others that you have pack them away in other items of clothing that you may take with you to parkrun.

3.Buy one of the more permanent barcodes (wristband, plastic tag) you can find them here

4.If you have lost your barcode, you can get a reminder here and then print out a new set


There are a couple of safety pointers to make this week:


•  Please please take care in this heatwave, make sure you are hydrated before you run and if you do find you are feeling unwell then please stop and see a marshal.

•  As we get busier it becomes more important to manage the number of participants on the course, please keep left unless you are overtaking and once you have overtaken then please return to the left of the course. This will hopefully prevent any collisions or trips and also reduce any frustration if anyone has to take a wide route around.


Please remember that next week there is no parkrun at Poolsbrook as it is the Staveley Armed Forces event. It sounds like a good excuse to do a bit of parkrun tourism and then maybe return for the Armed Forces event.


Photo4 Armed Forces


And on the subject of armed forces, you may be interested to know that myself, Andy Morris and Andy Portwood were able to catch site of the Lancaster bomber that flew overhead late morning. A bit of a treat to hear those engines and see that lovely plane overhead. We do need to have a word though and make sure they get here in time for parkrun next time.


Photo5 Lancaster


We will see you all on 14th July.


Dates for your diary

7th July - No Poolsbrook parkrun (Staveley Armed Forces event)

Don’t forget that our friends at Staveley junior parkrun are up and running at 9AM every Sunday for kids aged between 4 and 14. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

Poolsbrook parkrun
Event number 118
30th June 2018

Happy parkruning - Chris



Beautiful Poolsbrook

Runners 4

Event #117

Another week with almost perfect running conditions greeted us on Saturday. Warm, without being too hot, and dry underfoot – what else could we ask for ? We were treated to a fantastic turnout of 264 walkers, joggers and runners supported by these 19 brilliant volunteers: Alan BROWNE •  Andy MORRIS  •  Cath BADHAM  •  Craig BROOKS  •  Darren EDMONDS  •  Fleur PICKERING  •  Giles SEARBY  •  Heather HILL  •  Karl DAVIES-BECKETT  •  Keith HUDSON  •  Louise LOWE  •  Regan COLLEY  •  Roger KENCH  •  Roy SMITH  •  Ruth SMITH  •  Shaun GOODWIN  •  Victoria HILL  •  William STREET  •  Zaheer MAHMOOD


Just think, it could be you wearing that yellow bib, supporting your fellow parkrunners. It’s easy to do, it’s enjoyable, and it’s rewarding. If you would like to give it a go leave us a message on our Facebook page or e-mail us at


Once again we had a welcome influx of first time parkrunners, this week we said hello to Ryan SKIDMORE, Joel MOORE, Steve LAWES, Jonathan MOORE, Peter ORME, Clare MOORE, Kai UNWIN, Darcie BATTY, Mackenzie PARKIN, Lucy HEATHCOTE, Dawn JARVIS, Susan CROMPTON, Freddie BESTWICK, Christine WRIGHT. Hopefully you enjoyed your first parkrun experience and will be back next week.


We also met lots of first time Poolsbrook parkrun tourists from all over the UK, including one of the original time trailers from Bushy Park. The Poolsbrook family welcomes you all and hope you had an enjoyable experience with us. Tom SAMPLE, Kristian SILCOCK, Hannah PATTISON-SMITH, Mark BEE, Jude RYAN, Jordan HOWARD, Barry FAULKNER, Lee CODDINGTON, Richard BENNETT, Anna NAYLOR, Rochelle CRAWFORD, Kirsty BOWEN, Catherine BLACKBURN, Sam BROWN, Gary BERZINS, Daniel MORRIS, Steven THORPE, John MILINS, Christina BRADY, Kieran DESMOND, Ji PATTISON-SMITH, Carl MULLOOLY, Tim DODD, Robin SCHUMACHER, Derek MOFFATT, Wayne WRIGHT, Jim DESMOND.


I believe that this is the first time as Run Director that I have walked back from the start to the finish line to be greeted by someone who already needed first aid ! The good news is that the lady in question then completed the run – we are a hardy bunch. Thinking about injuries,  we had 3 people who required  first aid this week, all trips on the loose surface. There isn’t anything that we can do to change the surface other than remove any obviously large rocks when we are setting up which is why we tend to mention it in the pre-run briefing. So, please take care, especially at the edges of the path, and if you happen to be doing a warm up lap and see anything that people  could trip over, it would be appreciated if you could kick it onto the grass, out of harms way. Well, at least I get to practice my first aid occasionally !

Start line

It was a pretty good day for PBs this week not surprisingly. Well done to the following people who clocked up their fastest time so far at Poolsbrook parkrun: Mark BADGER, Kayleigh CHESTER, Michelle CADET-ROSE, Matthew GOULD, Lucy FALLON, David SMITH, Andrew LONGDEN, Robert GILL, Rob CUMMINS, Neil ROBINS, Jessica BEIGHTON, Charlie CUMMINS, Matt CONSTABLE, Tom CHARLESWORTH, Kaylie TRAVIS, Lynn PITTUCK, Karen JENKINSON, Oli CONSTABLE, Murray WHITE, Tracy COGGER, Stephanie HILL, Kerrie HOLLAND, Georgia BALL, Gemma BEECHAM, Hannah HAWKINS, Nina MORGAN, Tracy UNWIN,Lee GIBBS, Christopher BLACKBURN, Richard Peter ROTHWELL-JACKSON, Paul SMITH, Maria PRENDERGAST, Kristian WATSON, Chris PAYNE, Denise SHAW, Liam HALL, Ian THOMAS, Hannah SHARPE, Eve CONNOLLY, Wayne CHURCH, Dawn BROOKS, Craig LOCKETT, Ruth SMITH, Mark SIMMONITE, Andrew LITTLE, Gordon HARDING, Paul CASTLEDINE, Tom COPPING, Leanora SIMMONITE, Chris AMERY, Jonathan PAGDIN.


I would especially like to congratulate the amazing Chris Payne who finished in under 1 hour for the first time along with his guide dog, that was a fantastic effort and I have no doubt at all that Chris will do it again.


New age graded records were set this week by first finisher SM30-34 Kristian Watson with 78.46% (our 7th fastest time) and JM10 Jude Ryan with an amazing 81.43%. Congratulations to both of you.
Runners 2

We didn’t get any milestone runs this week, so instead I’d like to congratulate the following people who did their 2nd parkrun which I hope means that they have now got the parkrun bug: Tom SAMPLE, Kristian SILCOCK, Mark BADGER, Kayleigh CHESTER, Michelle CADET-ROSE, Tara HEATH, Polly MEIKLE. See you next week.


This week, members of 25 different running clubs took part with the most fromNOrth Derbyshire RC (19 people), and Clowne RRC (10 people). If you are a member of a running club that would like to host an event takeover in the future, please let us know either via our Facebook page or by e-mailing – we would welcome  you.   Runners 3

During the run brief, I mentioned social prescribing at GP’s surgeries. For more information on this click this link. This means that (hopefully) lot’s of GPs will suggest parkrun to relevant patients as part of their route to recovery. If you work at a GP practice or have good contacts in one, perhaps you could suggest them to take part in this initiative. If you want some help with this, don’t hesitate to  ask the core team by speaking to us at parkrun or by e-mailing us at


Do you have a story to tell about how you started with parkrun or how it has changed your life ? If you do, why not share it with us – e-mail us at

I’ve been asked to remind parkrunners that we can only add you to the results if your barcode fails to scan – this is a strict rule from parkrun HQ designed to reduce the burden on the core team for updating results manually. We will scan paper barcodes, wristbands or any other official parkrun media. We will not attempt to scan phones. Put simply – all we ask participants to bring with them each week is their personal barcode. Compare this to what the core team have to bring each week – including: PA system (amplifier/speaker, transmitter, receiver), laptop and multiple cables, stopwatches, barcode scanners, volunteer roster, non-scanning sheets, future volunteer sheet, whiteboard, 19 bibs, mallet, first aid kit, lost property, and various other bits and pieces that we need or might need each week. And all of these items need to be washed/folded, or charged, or reset, and stored at home. Then when we get to Poolsbrook we have to get all of the other kit out of storage and set it up including the finish funnel, signs, flags, cones etc. We are happy to do this every week – all we ask is please bring your barcode !


On a really happy note, I am always proud to hear great feedback about our event, and it’s something that we get regularly. It can be about the venue – a beautiful park, the organisation, or the friendliness of everyone – this is undoubtedly my favourite comment. Thank you to everyone who walks, jogs, runs or volunteers – it is you who make our event so friendly – let’s encourage these nice comments from our visitors.

Vegan runners

Dates for your diary

7th July – Armed Forces day, there will be no Poolsbrook parkrun – time for a bit of tourism.

We will be planning other themed events for the rest of the year soon, watch this space.



World Cup week

Geese 1

Event #116

This week we celebrated the World cup by wearing our favourite football shirts. Personally I saw lots of Chesterfield shirts, Sheffield Utd, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County, Hull City, Newcastle Utd, England and of course Birmingham City (me) shirts. I’m told there was also a Leicester City shirt – did I miss any ? Thank you to everyone who joined in with the fun, it made it a really colourful occasion.   Football shirts

We were also joined by lots of green shirts from Totley AC as part of their parkrun challenge - thanks for choosing Poolsbrook parkrun.

Thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers who made the event happen this week: Andy MORRIS •  Cath BADHAM  •  Chris PATTISON  •  Gordon HARDING  •  Heather HILL  •  Holly MAYOR  •  Jean BAKER  •  Keith HUDSON  •  Madeleine SMITHSON  •  Mark HAZLEHURST  •  Regan COLLEY  •  Roger KENCH  •  Ruth SMITH  •  Sally REVELL  •  Sara ATKINSON  •  Sarah Beth DEAN  •  Tony HANCOCK  •  William STREET

Ruth Smith – you will know her, she dressed as a referee this week, along with a red card – completed her 25th separate volunteer stint this week and will now be eligible to wear the 25 purple shirt – well done Ruth and thank you for all of your support.   Runners 2

If you can help next week, or indeed at any time in the future please let us know – we can add you to the roster as far in advance as you like. Contact us via the Poolsbrook parkrun Facebook page, or e-mail us at . We really couldn’t do it without you.


Junior Natalie Sochor earned her 10 run milestone shirt this week, Andrew Page and Claire Bracegirdle earned their 50 milestone shirts. Congratulations to all of you. If you know that you have a milestone coming up, please let us know – we’d love to give you a mention during the run briefing.

Amongst the 61 PBs set this week, two age graded records were also set. Pete Smith recorded 81.70%  for the VM70-74 category, Isabel Westwood recorded 76.08% for the JW10 category – well done to both of you.   Ready to go

Dates for your diary

7th July                 No event – Staveley Armed Forces event at Poolsbrook Country Park


We’ll see you all next week to do it again.


Thank you NHS

FinishedEvent #115

This week we celebrated the 70th birthday of our wonderful National Health Service and fortunately Mother Nature decided to be very kind to us. We asked NHS workers to come in uniform and they did, some in full uniform, some with lanyards or signs. We also asked runners to show their support by wearing blue, and many of you did – thank you everyone. An added bonus was the lovely NHS themed cake and other treats – it’s always a great way to end a run.


Thank you to all of the NHS staff that attend Poolsbrook parkrun – we really do appreciate you.


This week we were led by Chris T who did a sterling job as RD as usual. Anastasija gave the first timers briefing to a small crowd – surprising as we had so many tourists really ! We welcomed first timers Matthhew JONES, Kayleigh CHESTER, Judy HEAP, Kim HUMPHREYS and also lots of lovely first time Poolsbrook tourists, Laura BRADY, Jon GOODRICK, Elaine TRAVIS, Sarah KOSTEWICZ, Luke GAYTON, Kaylie TRAVIS, Megan HARTLEY, Mark WHITE, James CARNEY, Lauren HAMSHAW, Andrew WRIGHT, Christopher BLACKBURN, Michael TANN, Mark POWELL, Gemma HARTLEY, Matt WORTHINGTON, Jenny HEAP, Ian WARTON-WOODS, Colin WHITE, Jessica PEMBERTON, Christopher BURROWS, David NAISBITT, Sophie ASH, Phil HUGHES-NARBOROUGH.

As usual, we had a lovely team of volunteers who took time to make the event happen. Many thanks to this week’s team, Anastasija TURNER •  Andy MORRIS  •  Carol HUGHES  •  Chris TURNER  •  Dawn PENDLEBURY  •  Hannah SHARPE  •  Jean BAKER  •  Jonathan SENIOR  •  Juliet LITTLE  •  Madeleine SMITHSON  •  Mike COLLEY  •  Peter Donald SMITH  •  Rachel GRZELAK  •  Richard FERGUSON  •  Roger KENCH  •  Shelley TOMBLIN  •  Tony HANCOCK  •  William (Roger) STREET


If you would like to volunteer next week or in any future week (you can tell us as far in advance as you like), please let us know by leaving a message on our Facebook page or by e-mailing us at


One of the roles that we need to fill each week is ‘Pre-event setup’. This consists of getting to Poolsbrook early, usually around 8AM (earlier if possible!) and helping to set up the finish funnel and the signs around the course. One advantage of this role is that you get to take part afterwards so you get a credit for volunteering as well as one for running / jogging / walking.


It was a good day to run, conditions were almost perfect – so not surprisingly we had loads of PBs. Congratulations to the following people for setting their best time at Poolsbrook parkrun, Nick RUSSELL, Kerrigan SHAW, Jeff STONE, Emma RODGER, Julie NEWMAN, Cheryl WADDINGHAM, Natasha HAMES, Sean RODGER, Nathalie KEIGHTLEY, Stephen MOSS, Sam DENNY, Nicole HENMAN, Zara LONGDEN, Jayne GEDNEY, Dan GILLIES, Gaynor HALL, Jessica BEIGHTON, Diane GUNN, Natalie TEE, Lynn PITTUCK, Vicky DAVENPORT, Tom CHARLESWORTH, Noah VAN HOOREBEEK, Denise NEWBOLD, Anna SHEVLIN, Gemma BEECHAM, Hannah HAWKINS, Matthew HEAD, Neil INNS, Alison BUTLIN, Laura MOOR, Wayne PLOWRIGHT, Luke PREST, Samantha PENNEY, Elysse BALDWIN, Bronwyn HUNT, Nicky GARDNER, Gary ALLISON, Angela KIRKHAM, Nicola SEARBY, Rachel BROOMHEAD, Rebecca PIERCE, Sam BROOMHEAD, Gillian CARTER, Grace RICHARDS, Kim ABBOTT, Katy TAYLOR, John ASHFORTH, Sarah PAGE, Karen MARRIOTT, James WILSON, Jack TOYN, Ian WILSON, Hannah BARNETT, Giles SEARBY, Helen COPE, Wendy JOEL, Elizabeth HARDMAN, Ian BROOKES, Chris HUNT, Alyssa WARD, Andrew FOSTER, Steve TURNER, Andrew PAGE, Peter WARING, Heather HILL, Sara CORKER, Daniel HARPHAM, Lenka SOCHOR, Mandy VERNON, Nigel SAUL, Dawn JACKSON, Liz Mary GRANT.   NHS

First finisher Sam Broomhead not only achieved a PB, he also set an age category record (SM20-24) with 74.21%, fantastic effort Sam.


Two of our Junior runners earned their 10 T shirt, congratulations to Sonny Shaw and Jasper Stone. Peter Waring achieved a PB whilst earning his 50 milestone – we look forward to seeing you soon with the red 50 shirt.


Tell us your story

We have heard from a few of our regulars about their journey to becoming parkrunners, we would love to hear from you. How did you first get started ? Have you always been a runner / jogger / walker ? Have you managed to encourage your family to take part ?

Let us hear your story, it would be great to hear from you. Just e-mail us at




Dates for your diary

16th June              World Cup celebration – wear your favourite football shirt

7th July                  No event – Staveley Armed Forces event at Poolsbrook Country Park


Don’t forget that our friends at Staveley junior parkrun are up and running at 9AM every Sunday for kids aged between 4 and 14. You can find out more on their Facebook

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