Grand Pavilion Caffi Bar -discount for parkrunners

Awen Cultural Trust , who manage the Grand Pavilion , have shown their support for us over the last year providing free storage space under the Pavilion for our kit and re-opening the Public conveniences for which we are all grateful . They have sent the following message and hope that some of our runnners and volunteers will support them :
"As a part of the Grand Pavilion’s continued support of the local running community and this weekend’s 300th parkrun, our newly refurbished Caffi Bar is pleased to offer Porthcawl Parkrun runners and volunteers a 20% discount
This offer is valid every Saturday morning until 11am. If the
runners/volunteers would like to use this discount, all they’ll need to do is show their barcode to a member of our Caffi Bar staff whilst paying.

We’re happy to offer this discount for the foreseeable future and hope that the runners enjoy their visit, whether it be for a cup of coffee, breakfast or a pot of fruit tea. There is also free wi-fi available."
Many thanks Awen , for all your support


Heavy rain and volunteer of the month presentation

Today we were greeted with a heavy downpour as we started an impeccable period of silence to commemorate those who had fallen in combat. Thanks to all those who ran in red today as part of our act of remembrance.
James Marks was presented with a bag of Vitality goodies as his reward for being awarded Vitality parkruner #volunteerofthemonth. Congratulations James and many thanks for all your hard work .
Our dedicated team of #volunteers went above and beyond today in horrendous conditions. We attempted to record as many barcodes as we could and took a record of those we could not scan as they disintigrated in the rain The results have been published if yours is missing mail in with your barcode and position. Special thanks to Chloe Walford who came out to help today on her 16th birthday.
This week 365 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:
Jo GAMBA • Howard CARPENTER • Tony BURT • Antony PHILLIPS • Fleur JONES • Stuart DAVIDSON • James MARKS • Eric HUGHES • Derek CROWDER • Kevin WALFORD • Zack WALFORD • Angharad WALFORD • Chloe WALFORD • Nick STOCKER • Anthony KAVANAGH • Ken MILLIGAN • Patricia JONES • Stephen SUMMERS • Sarah GRABHAM • Delia DOMACHOWSKI • Iwan DOWIE • Emilie GILES • Michelle MOLE • Daniel JONES • Richard FORTT • Bill DANIEL • Joseph BAILEY-WOOD
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Porthcawl parkrun Results Page.

First three finishers were Ross Purchase (18:27) , Ben Knight (18:43) and Daniel Gurmin(18:55)
First females were Catherine Stephens(21:58), Joanne Edwards(22:56) and Kim Knight(22:59)
Well done to everyone who took part today , hope you manage to dry out eventually.


Porthcawl Elvis festival 2018

This Saturday 29th September Porthcawl parkrun will be "ELVIS " themed as part of the town Elvis Festival .
Please be aware that Bridgend Bites will be filming and taking photographs of the event as part of the festival and will be publishing and broadcasting on social media.
There will be Fancy Dress judging before the start - come along and have some fun . Don't forget your barcode and if you are not running why not come along and volunteer - we will be finished by 10am leaving you free to enjoy the rest of the day's events #loveparkrun #dfyb #Elvis #Porthcawl
There are traffic restrictions along the seafront so coem early to make sure you do not miss any of the fun


Tail walkers task and respect for other participants

We will be restricting our tail walkers to 2 per event from this 7th July. The tail walkers task is to follow the last person and inform marshals that they can stand down . Other participants are invited to walk ahead of the tail walkers , alternatively they can take another volunteer role.
We would also request all participants to be considerate in their actions and language to other participants. New runners who are nervous may not always appreciate what is intended as well meaning encouragement and may feel intimidated.
We have also had a report of a parkrunner using offensive and sexist language about another participant during an event. Please remember we are all here to enjoy our parkrun and request that all refrain from using such terms.
We thank you all for your cooperation and trust we will all continue to enjoy parkrun in a relaxed and friendly manner.


Porthcawl parkrun celebrates 5th birthday

The weather dampened the 5th birthday celebrations at Porthcawl parkrun but the 221 runners were still able to enjoy the 260th event since we started on 6th April 2013
This week 221 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:
Keith TREHARNE • Antony PHILLIPS • Stuart DAVIDSON • James MARKS • Tony DANIEL • Martin FURNESS • Kevin WALFORD • Zack WALFORD • Angharad WALFORD • Chloe WALFORD • Lorna WALFORD • Lynne WALSH • Anthony KAVANAGH • Ken MILLIGAN • Julian STRAKER-JONES • Patricia JONES • Maria LALIC • Sarah GRABHAM • Mike ATKINS • Michelle MOLE • April May KITCHENER • Philip HARROWING • Mark TOWNSEND
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Porthcawl parkrun Results Page.

Mark Hiddlestone was first over the line in 18:08 with Dafydd Jones (18:28) leading the trio of Steve Jenkins(18:298) . Graeme Rand( 18:29) and Mike Furness (18:30)
Debbie Goule was first female in 20:16 with Fleur Jones ( 22:26) and Louise Evans ( 23:22)
The female record is held by Helen JENKINS who recorded a time of 16:40 on 15th August 2015 (event number 124).
The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:58 on 17th December 2016 (event number 194).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gail DUCKWORTH who recorded 92.23% (21:02) on 8th October 2016 (event number 184).
Porthcawl parkrun started on 6th April 2013. Since then 6,899 participants have completed 56,554 parkruns covering a total distance of 282,770 km, including 9,816 new Personal Bests.
When we started 5 years ago we never expected that so many people would take part and it's a measure of the success that a large number of our regular runners were either taking part or supporting the Vale Coastal Ultra today many who would never have even considered running even a 5k 5 years ago !
We cannot continue our events without our great volunteers who braved the wet conditions today and we should mention James Marks, Tony Kavanagh , Keith Treharne and volunteer coordinator Tony Phillips who have all completed more than 200 volunteer sessions while Ken Milligan, Maria Lalic, Sarah Grabham, Jeff Thomas, Steve Brace, Jacqueline Brace, Kevin Walford and Derek Crowder have all completed more than 100 sessions. We really appreciate the time they give to help setup and support the event and would welcome any additional offers of help.

Today we congratulate Bob Bamsey and Stephanie Murphy on joining the 100 club We should also congratulate the 6 runners who have completed more than 200 parkruns at Porthcawl Nigel Thomas, Jackie Lewis, Michael Davies, Dave H Evans, Keith Powell and Libby Lavis . Thanks to all parkrunners for your continuing support . Keep running and keep smiling


Porthcawl parkrun MArch 3rd cancelled due to Beast from East

The Porthcawl parkrun team has decided that, given the current weather conditions, the impending overnight sub-zero temperatures, and the yellow warning of ice for our area in place until 11am tomorrow, it has no option other than to cancel tomorrows event (3rd March). Have a lie in, keep warm and stay safe and see you all on the 10th March


Current course details and restrictions

Following some recent queries just to confirm we will be running on the revised course we have been using since December until the sea defence work is completed . This is likely to be until December 2018.
While using this course we cannot allow runners with buggies due to the nature of the course around Rest Bay Lifeguard station where it is unsafe with the number of runners who currently take part. This is regrettable but is in the interest of safety for all taking part. Also runners with dogs are not allowed to take part in Porthcawl parkrun.
The extra loop at Rest Bay does require extra work from our volunteer team to set up and marshal to ensure a safe run and we would appeal to anyone who is able to help any week in any capacity to contact us on
You may be surprised how much fun it can be ! #volunteers #loveparkrun.
The current start and finish opposite the Pavilion does provide a great area for us all to get together.
We thank all runners and volunteers for their support and cooperation and hope we can all continue to enjoy our weekly meetings in the spirit we have built up over the last 5 years


Course changes

Porthcawl parkrun will be operating with an alternative start and finish and extended loop at Rest Bay due to wseafront works . The local council have informed us that the Lower Esplanade will be handed over to the contractor until the work on the sea defences is completed and told us not to use the Lower Esplanade during this period.
The start and finish is located in the same place on the Upper Esplanade opposite the Pavilion . The course has been extneded at Rest Bay past the Lifeguard station, this part of the course is too narrow to allow runner swith buggies to take part safely so regretfully we will not be able to allow buggies until we retrun to the normal course when the work is completed .
We do not have a finish date fro the work at present. The initial responses to the amended course hav ebeen positive although it does take extra work to set up and marshal at present and we are grateful to all prakrunner sfor thier support in ensuring the event can continue .
On a positive note , the public toliets located across the road from the start/finish area have been re-opened by Bridgend Council and Awen Trust and we welcome this move for the benfit of all .


Brian causes Porthcawl parkrun first ever cancellation

Due to the extremely strong high winds and high tides along the sea front we had to cancel Porthcawl parkrun this morning, Sat 21st October. This is the first time the event has been cancelled in 4 years but the safety of runners and volunteers is paramount . We had delayed cancelling until we confirmed the conditions and were considering using the alternative course of multiple laps around Salt Lake which we have used on one other occasion but the gusting winds were too strong in that area as well. Apologies for those who made the journey in and were dissapointed and many thanks to the volunteers who turned up despite the weather including Tom Powell, Derek Crowder, keith Treharne, Tony Cavanagh, Julian Straker-Jones , Michelle Mole, Lorraine Colton, Patrice Gras, James Marks, Steve Gibbins , Philip Harrowing, Tom Chapman and any others . We value your support and hope to see you next week.


Course changes due to Porthcawl beach works

As most of you are aware that from Saturday 30th September, for the foreseeable future, the Porthcawl parkrun has to move to an alternative course, whilst contractors use the Lower Prom to work on upgrading the “Tarmac Beach” in front of the town.
Unfortunately the number of runners have grown significantly in recent years and consequently using our old contingency courses is not an option.
In conjunction with Bridgend County Borough Council, we have agreed to utilise the top Promenade for a start and finish line near the Pedestrian Crossing outside the Grand Pavilion.
This will be as narrow as our current start on the lower Prom, but will be suitably cordoned off with cones and tape. The finish will be a return in the same channel and into finish funnels towards the Piccolo Café.
The route will go out and back to the Golf Club Bay gate. Those of you who know this section will realise that it is very narrow at the Lifeguards Hut and the meandering path has 2 tight elbow corners.
We are convinced that the route will be a winner, if runners do their part in helping us with discipline and patience in these areas, particularly in the first few weeks.
We will be placing extra volunteers to inform and enforce the new running line, and there will be stake and tape in key areas, and a middle demarcation line of cones and tape will be used to facilitate running in opposite directions.
This new section of the route is spectacular, as it is in close proximity to the shoreline and will offer an new challenge in the breezes, that we experience off the sea!
NOTE: Regrettably for pram and pushchair runners, the organising clubs of the Porthcawl parkrun are unanimous in their decision, not to allow their participation until we return to our usual course. This is in the interest of safety for all concerned as the narrow sections and tight turns barely allow runners to pass in both directions. We hope that you understand and we will see you when we return to our traditional route.

As explained above, this route is going to need extra marshals , particularly in the Rest Bay area, so as you always do, please volunteer particularly in the early weeks whilst we bed in the new course and all get familiar with a new way of working.

We are proud that, despite being a coastal route, we have never had to cancel our parkrun in our 233 event history and long may it continue.

See you on the new course.

Porthcawl parkrun Organisers

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