Run Report #184, 06 January 2019

Happy New Year! So our first junior parkrun of 2019 took place under pretty good conditions - the weather stayed dry with little wind and the tide stayed out as 91 runners started the year in great parkrunning style!

As always we started by thanking our volunteers, without whom there would be no junior parkrun at all. This week they were Jim BLEE, Rachel BLEE, Andy DEAL, Ursula GOODE, Grace GOODE, Oliver GOODE, Sarah GROCOTT, Reid JACK, Ryan SMITH, Martin SMITH, Jamie SMITH, Mark SMYTH, Conor WRIGHT. Please don't be shy if you fancy helping out some Sunday - it's all very straightforward and good fun.

Although we had no visitors from other junior parkruns this week we did have 3 first timers recording results, so welcome to Matthew CASSELLS, Henry PATTON and Charlotte CAMPBELL.

We awarded Half Marathon wristbands to Theo CAMPBELL, Max Kerr and Celia KERR, plus Marathon wristbands to Katie PROCTOR and Zara PROCTOR (actually Zara ran her 22nd event but proudly collected her award one week late!). Well done to you all, and I'm sure it won't be long until you reach your next milestone.

This week also saw Ryan SMITH's last run at junior parkrun before his 15th birthday. Ryan has been a regular since our very first event, was our first finisher this week to celebrate and has been first finisher 46 times out of his 102 junior parkruns at Portrush. To add to a great parkrunning weekend he was also the first finisher in our big sister 5km Saturday parkrun event this week! Well done Ryan and we look forward to seeing you back as a volunteer from time to time.

Although Ryan didn't record a new PB this week, 10 of you did. Congratulations to Conor WILSON, Tilly DUGGAN, Theo CAMPBELL, Patrick BINGHAM, Frederick STEWART, Libby LASINI, Isla MILLICAN, Felix SMYTH, Eva LASINI and Jessie CLELAND.

I wonder how many new PBs and milestones will be achieved in 2019? If you're looking for a late New Year's resolution, how about getting out and about in the fresh air for some fun and exercise on a Sunday morning. We only ask one thing - please Don't Forget Your Barcode! Hope to see you next week.



Run Report #183, 30 December 2018

This Sunday we had our final Portrush junior parkrun of 2018. 94 of you came out to run 2km on the beach which was a great turnout - the highest number of runners we've had since the start of November, so thank you for joining us.

Some of our regular volunteers and runners were suffering from a bit of a sickness bug (hope you feel better soon), so there was a bit of a scramble to make sure we had enough helpers to start the event this week. So an extra special thank you to Jim BLEE, Rachel BLEE, Andy DEAL, Mike GROCOTT, Martin SMITH, Jamie SMITH, Ryan SMITH, Zack THOMPSON and Lisa MITCHELL. Lisa - I'm afraid I didn't know which of the Lisa Mitchells registered with parkrun you are, so I couldn't include you in the results. If you would let me know your barcode number I can sort that out.

We welcomed visitors from Hertford and some first timers - I hope you enjoyed your time in Portrush and we'd love to see you back again in future. Then we celebrated quite a few milestones this week. There were three half marathon awards for Emily HENRY, Alfie BOYD and Sam BARNETT. Then there were marathon awards for Zara PROCTOR, Jamie McCREERY and Beth McKENNA. We also had a big 100 for Max KIRK - congratulations to you all.

It wasn't too cold and the sand wasn't too soft, and 10 of you took advantage of the good conditions to run a PB. Well done to Tara KENNEDY, Zoe KENNEDY, Max MEDLICOTT, Daniel McLEAN, Sam NOLAN, Zara PROCTOR, Matthew GALBRAITH, Ava McKENNA, Ella PINDER and Sam GALBRAITH.

So, to end the last report of 2018, thank you to all the volunteers who make each event possible and thank you to you all for coming and participating. 1,869 different runners have participated in at least one of our 183 events and the total distance run by everyone at Portrush junior parkrun to date has been an amazing 35,452km! Happy parkrunning, and have a Happy New Year.



Run Report #182, 25 December 2018

A fab well done to our 21 runners who chose the East Strand this Christmas morning over FIFA, Fortnite or other Santa gift.

There was also 10 volunteers this morning which was fantastic as you know junior parkrun only happens because of these volunteers and everyone is welcome to participate it is great fun and all you need is a smile! A festive thank you to Jamie, Mark, Roy, Molly, Ryan, Sarah, Rachel,Adam and Martin.

From our 21 runners we had 21 barcodes meaning no unknowns, 6 PB runners running faster than they have ever run before, 2 half marathon milestones well done Patrick and Isabella, 1 birthday Happy Birthday Ellie, 0 first timers and 0 visitors all Portrush junior parkrun veterans.

Thanks to everyone for today it was a beautiful way to start Christmas Day now enjoy the Turkey, desserts and try not to eat too many sweets - that goes for the kids as well!!

See you all next Sunday for another 2km on the beach and remember #DFYB. Wishing everyone a Portmagical Christmas!! HO HO HO!


Run Report #181, 23 December 2018

I have to get this week's report out extra quickly this week as we have a short gap before our next junior parkrun - our special extra event on Christmas Day - but more of that later.

With just two days to go before Christmas Day, 58 runners gathered at the East Strand for our Santa Run junior parkrun! There were lots of Santa hats, festive costumes and smiles on display which was great to see.

As always we started by thanking our volunteers who, this week, were: Jim BLEE, Rachel BLEE, Andy DEAL, Lily GOODE, Ursula GOODE, Sarah GROCOTT, Reid JACK, Sally MCCLEAN, Jennifer MCCLUNEY, Martin SMITH, Jamie SMITH, Mark SMYTH, Zoe WILSON.

As we come into the holidays, it was good to say hello to some visitors this week from Lancaster, Sheffield, Wimbledon and the Scottish Borders.

We had an Ultra Marathon milestone award to give out to Jessica MCDERMOTT. Jessica ran her 50th junior parkrun this week making a total distance of 100km of running! Also, we congratulated Ryan SMITH on his 100th junior parkrun which he managed to squeeze in only a few weeks before his 15th birthday.

The weather was quite kind to us for mid December and the tide was well out. Three runners took the opportunity to run a new PB, so congratulations to Sam NOLAN, Cormac HYNES and Max MCALISTER.

Don't forget, we are having an extra special Portrush junior parkrun on Christmas Day at 9.30am in the usual place. If you would like to come along, maybe once again dressed up in festive costumes, it would be great to see you. As always, the only thing you need to remember to bring is your barcode.

Until then, have a very Merry Christmas.


Run Report #180, 16 December 2018

Well it was cold, it was dry but it was also sunny when 40 hardcore runners and their parents arrived for 2K on the beach.

Immense thanks to our volunteers - we cannot do it without you:
Sarah GROCOTT, Andy DEAL, Reid JACK, Martin SMITH, Ryan SMITH, Jamie SMITH, Jennifer MCCLUNEY, Oliver GOODE, Grace GOODE, Ben GOODE, Ursula GOODE.

Remember we have volunteer roles for all ages, everyone can contribute and all help is very much appreciated. Full training given ;) Just PM us or speak to one of our core team (ideally the week before to get your chosen role).

We awarded 2 wristbands today:
HALF marathon wristband - thats 11 x 2k

ULTRA marathon wristband - thats 50 x 2k

And we celebrated 100 parkruns with Grace GOODE who baked her own chocolate brownies and flapjacks as a treat for us all. She has also completed 44 adult parkruns and volunteered on no less that 40 occasions. Thank you Grace!

Despite the cold conditions 3 runners made PBs: Allis SWEENEY, Jessica ALCOCK, Lucy BAYNE. Well done guys :)

Little Max MCALISTER ran his 1st ever JPR - great to have you join the movement and I bet it won't be long till Max collects wristbands.

Regular Kate MCCLUNEY kicked off her 13th birthday celebrations with us, having recently completed 100 jprs.

All in all a great day. Remember that next Sunday is a festive run, so bring your Christmas jumpers, santa hats and reindeer antlers…..

And i notice that a few runners are on 99 (Ryan Smith and Max Kirk) so i reckon there could be a few special treats following the run.



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