4th Feb results

What a stunning morning that was for Portrush junior parkrun. 73 runners out and back in some very soft sand. But the sun was out. Well done to all our runners and volunteers. Results away to our parkrun fairies. Andy


28th January 2018 Run Report

28th January 2018 Run Report

The last run of January and we saw some impressive running, even thought the conditions on the way back were, at the least, very windy.

This week was all about the girls, sorry boys you do get a bit of a mention but not much.

This week we also take a look at the benefits of registering as a parent, we see who is coming up to their milestone wristband, we discuss personal bests and we ask for your opinion.

But first we thank our wonderful volunteers, this week were:
Davy BLAIR, Molly BLEE, Jim BLEE, Andy DEAL, Ben GOODE, Ursula GOODE, Fergal HASSON, Laura McALISTER, Mark SMYTH and Colm WATTERS.

If you are like Fergal then you may have noticed that he only gets thanked in the the run report and not on the website. This is because Fergal isn't registered with parkrun. It's a very simple process and if you are registered then parkrun can send you an email to thank you for your efforts. You also get your name listed as one of the volunteers for that week. You also add one volunteering task to your name and when you reach 25 you can get a free '25 Volunteer' parkrun t-shirt. I know FREEBIES after Christmas!

With 41 runners this week then it gives me an opportunity to take a look at who is coming up to their milestone wristband.
Michael CUNNINGHAM is on 10 runs so far so he should be getting his Half Marathon Wristband this week. Ruby TAGGART is on 9 so she'll be getting hers in a couple of weeks. Ellie BUCHANAN will be getting her Marathon Wristband in a couple of weeks, followed by Reece TAGGART the week after and Ethan BUCHANAN the week after that. Finally we have Eva KELLY on 48 junior parkruns and will be receiving her Ultra Wristband in a couple of weeks too, so busy times ahead.

It's not often that we have one of our junior girls coming in as first finisher, in fact it has only happened 8 times before in our 134 runs. Sophie McCLUNEY has done this 6 times with Cara McLAUGHLIN and Sophia COYLE both doing it for the girls.

Well this week the first four finishers were girls, an amazing sight and proving that training hard, no matter who you are, pays off. So a huge well done to:
Sophia COYLE

Not content to stop there with the junior girls appreciation, we had four personal bests this week, you guessed it, all girls.
Lucy HEMPHILL 13:41
Scarlett HEMPHILL 13:55
Ciara TWADDLE 17:16
Abigail ARCHER 17:22

Brilliant running girls.

Not to make this run report purely about the girls, we also had some first timers who will hopefully be back with us again and again. A big welcome to:

Ironically all boys.

Finally just remember that a personal best means that you have run faster than you have EVER run at junior parkrun. Sometimes you may just want to come down and go for a gentle jog, sometimes you might feel up for a personal best but just don't manage it. Personal bests are special because they don't come along too often, a lot of things need to be in place for it all to happen. The most important thing is that you enjoy junior parkrun, and, if you get a personal best then this means that you have just got a little bit faster and fitter.

Have a great parkrun weekend.



14th January 2018 Run Report

14th January 2018 Run Report

This week we discuss a different first, we spend a little time looking at one of our junior parkrunners, we discuss token magpies and the need for a personal barcode.

But first and foremost we thanks our wonderful volunteers and they were:

Our volunteers are very much appreciated and we need volunteers each and every week. If you think that you would like to give it a go, then please don't be shy, ask if you can help and we will gladly find you a job to do. A lot of the time it is not all about timing and scanning, but simply making sure the juniors have a great run and clap them all home.

The majority of the time we pride ourselves on achieving our 'firsts' ... however ... this was one occasion that we do not pride ourselves on. Every week we check to see who is getting their milestone wristbands. Every week we call out the names of those runners and not only give them their wristband but make everyone aware of their achievement.
Last week ... we forgot to mention one of our runners.
This junior wasn't getting their Half Marathon wristband, they weren't getting their Marathon wristband.
This junior was going to get her Ultra Marathon wristband.


Molly BROWN ... we are so very sorry that we didn't call out your name. This weeks run report is all about you.

Molly's first junior parkrun with us was on 10th July 2016 (our 52nd junior parkrun) and since then she has run a further 49 times ... all at Portrush junior parkrun. Her first run was in 21:12, the following week she got her first pb with an amazing 16:58. Not content with this then she came back the third week and ran an amazing 09:23. Molly is in the JW10 category so this time is very good and got her a 72.41% Age grading. As well as coming in 14th, her best finish position.

Since then she is content with running a very consistent time of around 14 minutes.

Molly ... please accept out humblest apologies. This is hopefully the first and last time this will happen. And well done on doing your 50th junior parkrun. You're amazing.

Our junior parkrun was back on the beach again and the estuary was just about small enough for us to put the bridge down. With the tide out it allowed the runners to put in some good times on the hard sand. There was only one runner that got a personal best and this was Phillipa PITT who ran a very good 12:39.
There were also a few first timers with us and they were:

We hope you had a great time and that you'll be back with us very soon.

Just as a wee reminder ... the finish tokens belong to junior parkrun and we need them each and every week. So if you have accidentally taken one home then could we ask that you bring it back to us? The other finish tokens are missing them.

All runners should bring their personal barcodes with them ... this is the only thing we ask you to bring with you. This allows us to say well done to you when we scan your barcode, it allows us to process the results quicker but most importantly ... you get recognised for your run, could get a personal best and you're one run closer to your milestone wristband (as long as we remember).

Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next junior parkrun.



Results away for 14th January

What a stunning morning that was. Low tide, clear(ish) sky and hard sand. Some great running too. All 65 runners home safe and sound. The results have now been sent to our parkrun fairies for processing.


New Year’s Eve Run Report

New Year's Eve run report

It was the last day of the year and what proved to be one of the drier moments in the last 2 weeks of rain.

Storm Dylan had left it's mark in certain areas of the UK but for us it was just another windy couple of days. We're a hardy lot. But it did mean that we went for a promenade start as the tidal swell was a little too unpredictable.

Our amazing volunteers were all in place as usual and our massive thanks go to:
Davy BLAIR, Jim BLEE, Rachel BLEE, Kerry CROSBY, Andy DEAL, Lily GOODE, Ursula GOODE, Beth GOODE, Grace GOODE, Oliver GOODE, Ben GOODE, Reid JACK, Sharon KENNEDY, Carl KENNEDY, Samantha LINTON, Alan MCCLUNEY

It was great to see some of the older hands from our bigger sister parkrun coming in to lend a hand at the junior event. If you would like to volunteer then could we ask that you register with parkrun first so that your volunteer efforts can be recognised.

We had 45 runners and of those runners were 2 first timers, 1 personal best, and 3 half marathon wristbands.

Our first timers were:

Our personal best runner:

Our Half Marathon Wristband runners:

As we go from week to week it is sometimes worth remembering that the sheer scale of parkrun continues to grow worldwide. We are just a small piece of the bigger picture but an important one at that. Each and every parkrun happens because there are people who love parkrun, from both volunteers through to the parkrunners.... on New Years Day (one of our two additional parkrun days) there were more people running a parkrun than there were parkrunners in the first 6 and a half years of paerkrun.

What you all do by turning up is to support the parkrun and make it what it is. In doing that you then support the growth of parkrun. You then support parkrun's desire to create a healthier happier planet.

For me junior parkrun epitomises this each and every week. No matter what the weather there are families outdoors, together, exercising, enjoying the day and adding a little bit of health and happiness to their lives.

What will you be doing for 2018?



We Are Recruiting

A New Year ... and a new start ... for many of us.

Portrush junior parkrun is looking for people to join our core team.


We are looking for people who are regular junior parkrun attenders (parents / guardians) and would be interested in giving a bit more to it.

The core team make decisions for our junior parkrun, volunteer, write run reports, set up and close down the junior parkrun, clap, cheer and generally love what they do.

The more people that are brought onto the core team, the more we can share everything that we do.

If you are interested in being part of our core team then please feel free to email us: portrush-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com or reply to this message. Or, if you fancy the old fashion way, come and talk to one of the Run Directors.

Get thinking and don't be shy.



Portrush junior parkrun #126

10th December run report

What a great morning 45 kids dragged their parents to the beach for our weekly 2k run.

13 fab volunteers made the morning happen for the 45 runners. If any adults or indeed kids would like to volunteer please let us know during the week by messaging on facebook or emailing us. We would encourage as many parents as possible to get involved. A huge thanks once again to our amazing volunteers this week: Ben, Rachel, Ursula, Karen, Reid, Martin, Robert, Grace, Andy, Molly, Jamie and Oliver.

2 first timers joined us this morning and welcome to Leanne and Jonathan Balmer see you back tomorrow morning hopefully.

Just as a quick reminder to parents and junior runners, without your personal barcode then your name will not be registered on the website, the run will not be added to your total runs and you won't get a chance of getting a personal best. So please make sure you bring your printed barcode with you.

There were 3 outstanding PB's well done to Cora Doherty, Eve Anderson and Liam Wilson super speedy running!!

Those receiving their milestone wristbands this week were:
Half Marathon:
Rose Hudson
Jack McDonnell
Ethan Buchanan

A massive well done to all 11 junior parkruns making 22km on a Sunday morning fantastic!

That's it for another week hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas and remember we will be having a junior parkrun on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. See you all tomorrow and remember Don't Forget Your Barcode or your smiles.





Good morning everyone,

Just to let you all know ... we will be having a special 'additional' junior parkrun on Christmas Day.

It will start at the same time and at the same place as it does on junior parkrun day.

Christmas Day junior parkrun 09:30 East Strand beach.

See you all then.



26th November Run Report

26th November Run Report

In this weeks run report we discuss Christmas and New Year, we discuss cancellations, we thank our volunteers, celebrate new comers and commend milestone runners.

It's that time of year again where half the family are beside themselves with excitement for the big day, some are already finished buying presents, some haven't even started and others discuss when to put up the decorations.

Yes it's Christmas.

It is a time of year to be with family and friends and for some to earn a well deserved break from work. But more importantly ... it's the one time of year that parkrun allows its' parkruns to have two additional events ... Yes ... two. Not only do we provide a junior parkrun every week but we also get the chance to have a junior parkrun on Christmas Day or New Years Day.

This year we, again, have chosen to have an extra junior parkrun on Christmas Day. Last year we had 32 runners and 12 volunteers. The Blee family (et al) very kindly hosted it last year and have very kindly again, chosen to host it this year. So a huge thank you to the Blee's and our other volunteers for making this happen. It will start at the same time as it normally does ... 09:30. Well, I mean really, you'll have been awake for a good four hours at least ... but probably only had about 2 hours sleep.

That said, it also means that Portrush parkrun, our bigger sister event, are doing an extra run on New Years Day.

In case you are still confused:
Portrush junior parkrun are doing Christmas Day
Portrush parkrun are doing New Years Day.

It is also a time of year where the weather turns a little colder and the rain comes down and it starts to get windier. A lot of events have to cancel due to ice and snow, flooding or debris. We at Portrush are very blessed in the fact that we have not yet had to cancel one event. The salty air and the abrasive sand prevent any ice from forming and making us cancel an event. Floods to us are just a high tide. But, rest assured that we have a plan B course and a plan C course. For the eventuality of there being no beach. We will inform you all, as best we can, through our social media pages and through our news section of our website if there is a need to cancel.

But we don't want to cancel and our volunteers will do their utmost to make sure the junior parkrun goes ahead ... ahem ... nice link there to our volunteers...

Our lovely volunteers this week were:
James McCAUGHAN, Ben GOODE, Ursula GOODE, Fergal HASSON, Beth GOODE, Martin SMITH, Reid JACK, Jamie SMITH, Alan McCLUNEY , Sophie McCLUNEY and Andy DEAL.

Without our volunteers then we wouldn't be able to provide a safe environment for our parkrunners. Without our runners though we would be just a random group of people stood on the beach on a Sunday morning.

It was a promenade start this week as the estuary was a little too choppy and our bridge, whilst amazing, probably couldn't have coped. We had 41 runners turn up on a morning that wasn't quite as bad as we thought it was going to be.

We only had the one milestone runner and that was Reece TAGGART, who was running his 11th junior parkrun and has now clocked up 22km of running. Well done Reece.

We had one first timer in the shape of Aodhan ATCHESON and two amazing personal bests from Oliver GOODE and Ruby TAGGART (not a bad old week for the TAGGART's then).

A huge well done to Reece.
A warm welcome to Aodhan.
And an amazing high five to Oliver and Ruby.

See you all next week.



Portrush junior parkrun #123

19th November Run Report

Another cool morning on the beach however that did not deter 76 amazing fantastic junior parkrunners from pulling on their trainers and dragging their adults to the parkrun beach on Sunday morning. Well done everyone!

This week donning the desirable yellow hi viz we had the help of 10 hands up i'll do it volunteers. It was a close call this week though as we need to fill certain roles to allow Portrush junior parkrun to start. If any adults or indeed kids would like to volunteer please let us know during the week by messaging on facebook or emailing us or even on the day we will find you a role and promise that you will enjoy it. We would encourage as many parents as possible to get involved. A huge Sunday morning making it happen thanks once again to our amazing volunteers this week: Ben, Grace, Helen, Jim, Pam, Karen, Reid, Fergal, Molly and Oliver.

Just as a quick reminder to parents and junior runners, without your personal barcode then your name will not be registered on the website, the run will not be added to your total runs and you won't get a chance of getting a personal best. So please make sure you bring your printed barcode with you.

12 PBs were recorded last Sunday well done everyone an amazing achievement to run faster than you've ever ever run before!! A big round of applause for Rachel, Luke, Ethan, Samuel, Max, Reece, Cormac, Cameron, Halle, Ruby, Ryan and Elvinas.

Those receiving their milestone wristbands this week were:
Ultra Marathon:
Amelia McCaughern

Congratulations Amelia 50 junior parkruns making 100km on a Sunday morning an amazing achievement!

Finally before the 3,2,1 GO we had an extra special milestone to recognise Alfie McFaul became the second boy and fourth person in NI to complete 100!!! junior parkruns. Alfie has been with us since the very first junior parkrun and been a regular since then recording 4 PBs in his 100 runs. Well done Alfie see you tomorrow for run 101!!

See you all in the morning and don't forget to wrap up warm you may have noticed it's getting a bit colder!!! also remember your smiles you need them for the half way flag to high five Reid and the finish line!!

Don't Forget Your Barcode.


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