Preston Park parkrun Run Report 12th January 2019

Wow. What a turnout, 644 runners recorded. This is a record for a Preston Park saturday parkrun, only exceeded by the number of runners on Christmas Day. Well done to everyone who turned out whether you ran, jogged, walked, pushed a buggy or were pulled round by a dog. A special thank you,too,  to all of our wonderful volunteers. Speaking of volunteers each week we have several youngsters volunteering a part of their Duke of Edinburgh award and we support them and write their assessment once they complete the number of sessions required (13 for bronze, 26 for silver and 52 for gold). It was pleasing to see that three of our recent D of E volunteers have continued to volunteer, despite having already finished their required amount - take a bow Issy Davis, Marni Prickett Brown and Jasmin Anderson. I am sure parkrun has a lot of competition for their time on a saturday morning and they are demonstrating just how enjoyable and rewarding volunteering at parkrun is. So if anyone was contemplating volunteering but had been worried that it might not live up to the hype now's your chance to give it a go. I'm sure Issy, Marni and Jasmin would give it a 5 star rating.

We also welcomed Portslade Hedgehopper's this morning in the first of their Club superseries and also visitors from Surrey and Swansea.

To finish, back to the numbers. Apologies if anyone felt we were being a bit bossy in the post race funnel queue. At one point we had so many runners finishing - 260 between 22 and 27 minutes - that we were in danger of queuing back over finish line and preventing people  from crossing it. So please remember to 'keep moving, close the gaps and hold your right palm out' next time you run.

Anne Miners


Run Report 05/01/2019 – Event #292

What will the new year bring? Big numbers?? Certainly good friends and a fun morning!

My new year's resolution is to not talk about the weather in my run reports.....let's see how that goes!

It's the start of a new year and we always have a small surge in attendance numbers over the first few weeks of January. However, with the mass influx on Christmas Day, we were ready for you! and you didn't disappoint (although we could never be disappointed by our parkrunners!) a huge 594 of you came out to Preston Park for our new year run. This was made possible by the absolute A team of volunteers who made my life exceptionally easy.

James GRAYDON • Steven Flight KELLY • Maria PALI • Anne MINERS • John JAAP • Alexandra WITT • Mik ONIONS • Linda MACCALLUM STEWART • Chris ARCHER • Nick HEARN • Julie SHARP • Rupert BURGESS • Chris THOMAS • Liz TOLLFREE • John CAREY • Lucy ANDERSON • Steve COOK • Ros COOK • Chris THOMAS • Marni PRICKETT BROWN • Sian DAVIS • Jasmine ANDERSON • Emma DAVIS • Eve ELEY • Ben MANIFOLD • Hayley WEAVER • Arthur MORGAN • Sarah MAYFIELD • Louis EASTWOOD • Isobel DAVIS • Catherine WARDEN • Boden SIMPSON • Kathy PALMER • Hannah JOSEPH • Joshua FRANCO • Luther MAYFIELD • Jp HAMILTON SAVORY

It certainly started getting cold standing still so these guys really are super heroes. If you fancy yourself as super hero then please let us know when you are able to volunteer with us - it is really easy: we give you a full briefing on what it is you are doing and you won't be doing it alone.

Congratulations to Andy PARLE, David GIBSON, Glenn JONES, Ian JOHNSTON and Neil HART who all joined the 50 club; Gilles BESANCON who joined the 100 club; and Tony REED, Chris THOMAS, Martin THOMAS and Paula OSULLIVAN who ran their 150th parkrun's on Saturday.

However an even bigger shout out to the 32 people who took part in their first ever parkrun this morning! You have made the first step on a fantastic journey and we cannot wait to welcome you back again soon (hopefully next week!).

Also, did you see that the all-time female parkrun record was broken at the weekend? Charlotte ARTER ran a mind-blowing 15:50 at Cardiff parkrun - I'm not sure I could cycle that!!

Anyway, same time next week?



Run Report – Event 291 – 29/12/18

After the record breaking attendance of Christmas Day, we saw a more typical PP parkrun this morning.  Amongst the 452 parkrunners running, walking and jogging around Preston Park, we welcomed 39 first timers and recorded 49 new Personal Bests. Representatives of 36 different clubs took part.

Amidst the Preston Park regulars, both in terms of running and volunteering, was young Stephen Payne.  Stephen paced an immaculate 25 mins, to celebrate his 50th birthday today.  Our very best wishes and thanks to you Stephen, and of course 'Happy Birthday!

We are expecting a busy January, so if you can help out volunteering at any stage, please get in touch.  For all the volunteers this week, a big thank you.  Our amazing team of 29 wonderful Volunteers, that made everything happen for you:-

Kerry KIPLING • Maria PALI • John JAAP • April WILLIAMS • David ROBINSON • Tim JUKES • William WHITEHEAD • Jane MARTIN • Steve ROONEY • Jenny TINSON • Sophie ANDERSON • Nicholas GEORGE • Caroline PARKER • Marni PRICKETT BROWN • Jasmine ANDERSON • Eve ELEY • Stephen PAYNE • Martin THOMAS • Arthur MORGAN • Sarah MAYFIELD • Louis EASTWOOD • Steve SETH • Jane MCCLELLAND • Isobel DAVIS • Boden SIMPSON • Hannah JOSEPH • Kate FARGHER • Luther MAYFIELD • Jp HAMILTON SAVORY

Three parkrunners reached a new parkrun milestone this week:-

50 Club    Penny    Simpson

100 Club    Neil Mison    Chris Bailey

Many congratulations to you from us all at Preston Park parkrun.

A reminder that on Tuesday, although there will be no parkrun at Preston Park, there will be a New Years Day 'DOUBLE' on offer... Hove Promenade at 09:00 and Hove Park at 10:30.  So if you fancy seeing in the New Year in style, head on down to the Prom' on Tuesday morning. 

Our weekly ‘stat fest’ follows:-

The Age Grade course record is held by Chris NAYLOR who recorded 91.10% (21:55) on 18th November 2017 (event number 234).

The female record is held by Katy HEDGETHORNE who recorded a time of 17:33 on 24th March 2018 (event number 252).

The male record is held by Finn MCNALLY who recorded a time of 14:47 on 28th November 2015 (event number 133). Having started on 20th April 2013, Preston Park parkrun has had 12,041 participants, who have completed 98,281 parkruns, covering a total distance of 491,405 km, including 16,275 new Personal Bests.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.

Enjoy the last few days of 2018, and from all the team at Preston Park, here's wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous parkrunning New Year!





Run Report – Christmas Day 2018

Wow! I am still recovering from parkrun on Christmas Day. We'd expected in the region of 500 participants, but in the event 685 lovely people turned out to walk, jog and run at Preston Park. This was a new record for our parkrun beating our previous best of 627. My thanks to David and Chris, our timekeepers on the day, whose index fingers had trouble clicking the stop watch fast enough, as athletes came over the line. My thanks too to the other hi-vis volunteers, who gave time to make this event happen. You were all brilliant. The feedback has been unanimously supportive, and for many it was the perfect start to Christmas Day.

The weather helped make the morning what it was. Weak sunshine, cold but not freezing and no wind slow us down. Perfect! As it was Christmas, we started with a carol (of sorts), to the tune of 'O Come All Ye Faithful', sung by Event Director (John Jaap), Volunteer Coordinator (Bernie Pelling) and Run Director (Nick Hearn). It was recorded for posterity and is available on Facebook. Britain's Got Talent obviously beckons.

There were some great milestone runs for some runners today. Mark Wavell completed his 150th run, Paige Richardson (one of the Core Team), Jon Binney and Nick George completed their 100th run and Kayleigh Moakes completed her 50th run. Congratulations to all of them.

And finally, today we welcomed the 12,000th unique participant at Preston Park parkrun.

What a day! Thank you all for taking part today.

The Stats

This week 685 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 86 were first timers and 88 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 60 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:

Terry James AVEY • Cheryl COSTELLO • John JAAP • Samuel CULBERT • David HOY • Andrew ASH • Chris ARCHER • Carol KENNEDY • Nick HEARN • John THOMPSON • Rebecca VAN LOOCK • John CAREY • Esther GILL • Mark DEWDNEY • Chris THOMAS • Sandra HOUNSHAM • Bernadette PELLING • Melissa DRAYSON • Thomas KILMARTIN • Jamie BURT • Candy DEWDNEY • Eve ELEY • Stephen PAYNE • Amelia THOMAS • Garry ARCHER • Paige RICHARDSON • Sarah MAYFIELD • Boden SIMPSON • I MORRIS • Jp HAMILTON SAVORY • Georgie THOMAS • Isobel DRAYSON • Flo DRAYSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.

The male record is held by Finn MCNALLY who recorded a time of 14:47 on 28th November 2015 (event number 133).
The female record is held by Katy HEDGETHORNE who recorded a time of 17:22 on 30th June 2018 (event number 265).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris NAYLOR who recorded 91.10% (21:55) on 18th November 2017 (event number 234).

Preston Park parkrun, Brighton started on 20th April 2013. Since then 12,002 participants have completed 97,829 parkruns covering a total distance of 489,145 km, including 16,226 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,140 individuals have volunteered 6,984 times.


22nd December 2018 run 289

We were expecting lower numbers this week because you'd all be out shopping, but good to see 412 of you running walking and jogging on a (compared to the last few weeks) mild day.

We were pleased to welcome 10 first time ever parkrunners and 58 of you had PBs - congratulations.

Only 2 more PP parkruns to go this year, so some stats - since we started  nearly 6 years ago we've had 11,916 different people cross the finish line to complete 97144 runs, this means that early next year we'll have our 100,000th finisher and we've had 1132 people who have volunteered 6951 times.

We're running on the 25th at 9am - our Christmas day run is very special and has become a bit of a tradition now we're on year 3, with visitors from the other B&H events and around the world, everyone is welcome so if you have visitors please bring them along to run, walk or jog with us or just to watch and cheer us on. Note that the cafe will be closed!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered through the year, please do sign up for 2019.

Happy Christmas and New Year from the PP team


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