Run Report #244, 20th January 2018

We were lucky today to have a dryish period of weather between hours of torrential rain. During that time 407 athletes completed another wonderful parkrun. As I was lapped by the first finishers today, I knew it was going to be a fast run, and indeed Ian Leitch finished in 15:33, and a new PB. Similarly, Rhian Male was the first female finisher in a new PB time of 19:44. Well done all 50 athletes achieving PBs today.

Paddy Baker and Charlie Walker-Saunders completed their 50th runs today, so well done to them on achieving this milestone.

We had the second outing for the snaky funnel today, and I think all will agree that it is working well, especially when we have large numbers. You may have received a result with a totally different position from that recorded on your finish tag. Unfortunately we missed out giving tokens between 200 and 400, so when compiling the results we had to adjust the finishing positions accordingly. You can rest assured that although your position may have changed, your time didn't.

In order to be confident that our results are correct, you will notice that we often manually record the name and position of every 10th or so athlete. This is so we can cross-check afterwards against the timed results. BUT if someone does record your time manually, you STILL need to get your tag scanned for the official results. And then hand back the token, as we need it for the following week.

Remember, that there are often new photos on our Flickr stream here: and indeed some very recent ones.

This week 407 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 35 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 29 volunteers:

Sue DIBB • Anton PRUDEN • Adam KIPLING • Anne MINERS • John JAAP • Sarah KILMARTIN • David HOY • David ROBINSON • Alexandra WITT • Nicky YEATES • John MOUNTNEY • Mark KENBER • Ros COOK • Rob BARTLETT • Mark DEWDNEY • Louise HOTCHKISS • Vincent PELLING • Eve ELEY • Stephen PAYNE • Abigail BURDEN • Paige RICHARDSON • Elise HARDMAN • Posy GREANY • Hugh GOSNEY • Reuben JOHNSTON • Alfie WATSON-THOMAS • Boden SIMPSON • Ava AXTELL • Ruben COOK

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.

The male record is held by Finn MCNALLY who recorded a time of 14:47 on 28th November 2015 (event number 133).
The female record is held by Emma DIXON who recorded a time of 17:37 on 9th July 2016 (event number 166).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris NAYLOR who recorded 91.10% (21:55) on 18th November 2017 (event number 234).

Preston Park parkrun, Brighton started on 20th April 2013. Since then 9,855 participants have completed 76,352 parkruns covering a total distance of 381,760 km, including 13,111 new Personal Bests.


Run Report #243, 13th January 2018

We may have had slightly fewer runners, joggers and walkers this Saturday (582) compared with our recording breaking 625 last week. But bearing in mind that Hove Prom parkrun was closed last week, the second Saturday of January was another mightily impressive turnout.

This week we welcomed 48 first timers, visitors from near and far, as well as a flight of Hedgehoppers (is that the correct collective noun?) visiting Preston Park as part of their tour of local parkruns.

Congratulations to the 79 people who recorded new Personal Bests and to those reaching t-shirt generating milestones today: Emil Pruden (100), Sophie Anderson (100), Scott Pitkethly (50), Clare Everett (50), Edie Hancock (50) and in our junior category (under 17) Silva Franzen-Jones (10). Sophie and Edie crowned the achievement with new PBs too.

After last week’s attempts with a double funnel to overcome the overflowing finish problem, we introduced the new and improved Snaky Funnel. Somewhat cobbled together with whatever we had in the storeroom cupboard, this doubled back on itself and was much more successful. Importantly it was less stressful for volunteers and finishers.

No parkrun is complete without a big “thank you” to our 33 volunteers who this week made the event possible:

Fiona BUGLER • Sue DIBB • Amanda WOODHAM • Anton PRUDEN • Terry James AVEY • Steven Flight KELLY • Maria PALI • Clare BAKER • David HOY • David ROBINSON • Nicky YEATES • Nick HEARN • Emily WOODMAN • Sarah POTTER • Andrew CLARK • Steve ROONEY • Lucy ANDERSON • Ros COOK • Darryl HUNT • Bernadette PELLING • Juliet FINE • Matt ROSE • Vincent PELLING • Eve ELEY • Stephen PAYNE • Mo TOURAY • Abigail BURDEN • Paige RICHARDSON • Elise HARDMAN • Olivia GODSON-BIDDELL • Boden SIMPSON • Ava AXTELL • Ruben COOK

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.

The male record is held by Finn MCNALLY who recorded a time of 14:47 on 28th November 2015 (event number 133).
The female record is held by Emma DIXON who recorded a time of 17:37 on 9th July 2016 (event number 166).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris NAYLOR who recorded 91.10% (21:55) on 18th November 2017 (event number 234).

Preston Park parkrun, Brighton started on 20th April 2013. Since then 9,820 participants have completed 75,944 parkruns covering a total distance of 379,720 km, including 13,061 new Personal Bests.


“We’re going to need a bigger park…”

You know that bit in Jaws? The bit when they are out at sea and Roy Scheider is ladling bait into the sea and then all of a sudden an enormous shark appears, and Roy turns to Robert Shaw and says, “We’re going to need a bigger boat…”?


Well, that’s kind of how we felt at about 8.55 on Saturday as the last of the 627 runners gathered at the Chalet Café for the first parkrun of 2018. Now, first run of the year is always a biggie, 459 last year, but I mean, come on. 627 of you? Not to mention 31 volunteers and a small army of friends and supporters.

And, of course, it was lovely to greet no less than 46 first time parkrunners. So a huge Preston Park parkrun hello to Clare Stephens, Laura New, Gabriel Henshall, Mark Henshall, Lucinda Horsley, Alice Curtin, Karen Gerty, Hannah Ward, Emily Rowlands, Claire Smith, Zoe Fry, Michael Slator, Hannah Clay-Joyce, David Quinton, Dulcie Wagstaff, Kate Richardson, Shannon Savage, Chris Talman, Paul Callcutt, Helen Thomas, Simon Brown, Paul Philo, Liz Williamson, Marcus Carter, Jules Davis, Jenny Stephens, Iain Campbell, Chantal Garman, Scott Cosby, Abigail Reynolds, Nicola Thomas, Michael Robinson, Millie Felce, Jamie Signy, Sophie Powell, Demi Rees, Uma Letton, Verity Cooper, Jackie Proe, Holly Horsley, Nitin Bhakta, Phillip Koester, Matthew Such, Chloe Lane, Patricia Cowlin and George Jones. Trust you really enjoyed your first parkrun experience, and hope you all get the parkrun bug. Which is a nice thing, by the way. No nasty side effects, we promise.

Now, while we may not get 600 plus next week, we are going to try using the “double funnel” again. This is the method by which we create two lines within the finish funnel, to stop the queue backing up over the line. We need to get better practiced at it, so please do bear with us; we know that being ordered about by someone in a yellow hi-viz when you have just finished 5kms can be a bit disorientating, but we will get better at it. On which note, if you think your time was a bit awry this week, do let us know; we did get one block of people out of order.

And sorry about the lavs. The Contractors turned up late to open up, and they were late again for the Juniors on Sunday. We are nagging them and BHCC to make sure that they open up on time in future.

And finally, don’t forget that Preston Park parkrun Needs You. We need 15 or so non-running volunteers every week to make the magic happen. Its good fun, you get to look très chic in a yellow Hi-Viz and you will earn the admiration and thanks of all your running friends…

See you all next week. Full results are available on, well, the results page...


Event 240, 25th December 2017

Ho Ho Ho! … and a Merry Christmas to you all!

Christmas Day saw an amazing 444 people getting their festive parkrun fix in Preston Park … many of whom were masquerading as Santa Claus or one of his assorted band of helpers including reindeer, elves, and turkeys. We were also joined by three police officers in uniform, who managed to complete their run without being called away to carry out more urgent duties. We hope you had a quiet day, guys.

Huge thanks to the 29 volunteers who made our Christmas Day run possible …
Sue DIBB • Joe ADDISON • John JAAP • Stephen BURROUGHES • Nik (Tailey) BAILEY • Jenna ADDISON • Joel EPSTEIN • Karen CLINTON • David HOY • Andrew ASH • Hannah BEATTIE • Sue PINNICK • John MOUNTNEY • William WHITEHEAD • Rupert BURGESS • Emma MOWATT • Angelina SMY • Jane MARTIN • Lucy ANDERSON • Esther GILL • Richard CHESSELL • Dawn PAUL • Hannah PAUL • Jon RIDGE • Bernadette PELLING • Louise HOTCHKISS • Jason HOTCHKISS • Eve ELEY • Claire BALCHIN

The stats …
We had 12 people doing their very first parkrun. Congratulations to you all and what a fantastic day to start! Here’s your very first parkrun name-check, hopefully your first of many … Calum THOMAS, John BROOKES, Fabrizio PASSALACQUA, Rebecca JACKSON, Ashok NIKAPOTA, Millie SKIDMORE, Lucy BIERI, Karen HOGAN, Hope IBEAWUCHI, Kiran PATEL, Monica COYLE, Alice HARTMANN.

Nor surprisingly we also had a whole bunch of tourists, mostly visitors from other local parkruns but also a fair sprinkling from elsewhere in London and the South East, plus the further-flung from Aberdeen and Switzerland. We hope you all enjoyed your visit.

We also saw 44 runners unwrap a shiny new PB today. Congrats!

Today’s milestones …
Celebrating their 250th parkrun, Jim RISDALE and Kerry KIPLING.
Hitting the 200 marker, Jacob MILES.
Joining the 100 club are Michael GREEN, Cath PEAKIN, Leila POWELL, Brenda WILLIAMS, Sara SANTOS.
And last but not least, achieving their 50th parkrun, David SPENCER, Hildi Jan MITCHELL, Susan MARTIN.

Finishing at the front this week we had …
Ian LEITCH (VM40-44), 16:24 … a new VM 40-44 course record
Thomas NINER (SM25-29), 16:28
John BURGESS (SM25-29), 16:49 with a new PB

And for the women …
Katy HEDGETHORNE (SW25-29), 18:14 and in 9th place overall
Martha COYLE (SW20-24), 19:29, 27th overall
Tara SHANAHAN (VW45-49), 20:25, 38th overall

To complete the statistical round-up …
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun Results Page.

Finally a few pictures of suitable attired runners and volunteers from the day -








Run Report Sat 23rd December

A total of 388 runners brightened this rather dull, grey Saturday for this week’s pre-christmas parkrun. It was also enlivened by our poet in residence, Paige Richardson. This was brilliant – read out by Paige herself with help from the assembled runners……

Twas the parkrun before Christmas at fair Preston Park,
The hi viz were happy smiling, considering their task.
The visitors were welcomed, and first timers greeted too,
All ready for a run done in three laps and not two.

The pacers were ready all snug in yellow vests,
They’ll lead us to pbs, or least they’ll do their best.
With babes in their prams and dogs on short leads,
The runners stayed safe as to the rules they paid heed

The ten year olds and under, they must stay close to dad,
Those hardy folk on milestones, for you we all are glad
50 runs are marvellous for Paul Lawrence and Rosie Wright.
Claire Hooley and Jane Martin have 100 in their sight

So, let’s get down to the start line, space out, don’t get too close,
Remember have a smile, running will not make you morose,
So, this parkrun before Christmas is ready to begin
Do not forget it’s a run, not a race, where everyone can win

Thanks Paige, and thanks to all the lovely volunteers without whom there would be no run.

And finally, "How to get yourself and the cone to and from the U turn"


Anne Miners

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