5th Anniversary Run Report – 21/04/2018

The Chat

From Spike Milligan's Puckoon: "This June of a Morning, the whole village awoke to an unexpected burst of hot weather. Saffron coloured in the bleach early sky, the sun blistered down, cracking walls and curling the brims of the old men's winter-damp hats". Well it was April, but you get the gist. It was lovely and warm, and just the day for us all to be in our party glad rags for Preston Park parkrun's 5th anniversary.

There were some tired legs after last week's Brighton Marathon and 10k (and the Boston Marathon, where I was supporting family runners). Congratulations to all who took part and volunteered. There will be more tired legs after Sunday's London Marathon too. Good luck to those competing and volunteering there. Thanks to all our own volunteers, who make our parkrun happen. If you can give time to volunteering, please do by emailing prestonparkhelpers@parkrun.com or following us on Facebook and volunteering there.

We'd also like to thank Andy in the Chalet Café for supporting our event, by opening early every Saturday, come rain or shine and allowing us to store our kit in his store room.

We started the birthday proceedings with awards of certificates for Eve Eley, being our volunteer of the year, being there most Saturdays at 8.30 to set up the event, and for Alistair 'Jacko' Jackson as our most faithful attendee of the year, having attended 51 runs in the last year. Congratulations and thanks to both of them.

There were notable milestones this week in that Terry Avey, Ian McLaren and our Event Director, Adam Penwarden all completed their 250th parkruns and will soon receive the coveted green shirt. Vince Pelling completed his 100th parkrun and David Haines completed his 50th. Congratulations to all of them for their great achievement.

We had visitors from the Friends of Presto Park, who interviewed us, to find out about parkrun, and may well put a piece in Preston Pages. Keep an eye out for that.

Finally, thanks to John Jaap and Adam Penwarden, whose idea and energy set up the event in the first place and to you all for making Preston Park parkrun the wonderful, friendly event it is every week.

The Stats

This week 531 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 54 were first timers and 60 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Kerry KIPLING • David HOY • David ROBINSON • Alexandra WITT • Nicky YEATES • Nick HEARN • Richard DUPLOCK • John MOUNTNEY • Sarah THOMAS • Steve ROONEY • Esther GILL • Matthew NOAKES • Dawn PAUL • Bernadette PELLING • Caroline PARKER • Milly COULTER • Nathalie ROUQUET • Eve ELEY • Sophie MITCHELL • Paige RICHARDSON • Geraldine MOFFAT • Claire TAYLOR • Louis EASTWOOD • Alison MOORE • Hugh GOSNEY • Tobias KENNEDY • Reuben JOHNSTON • Boden SIMPSON • Eden HOPPE TARR • Aoife MULLIGAN • Milo MULLIGAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.

The male record is held by Finn MCNALLY who recorded a time of 14:47 on 28th November 2015 (event number 133).
The female record is held by Katy HEDGETHORNE who recorded a time of 17:33 on 24th March 2018 (event number 252).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris NAYLOR who recorded 91.10% (21:55) on 18th November 2017 (event number 234).

Preston Park parkrun, Brighton started on 20th April 2013. Since then 10,447 participants have completed 81,555 parkruns covering a total distance of 407,775 km, including 13,787 new Personal Bests.


Our thanks Ian who was touring from Chichester for writing this weeks run report.

A slightly misty start soon cleared away for a beautiful blue sky and some warmth in the air for Preston Park parkrun event number 254.

Included in the staring grid line up was the legend that is Paul Sinton-Hewitt, founder of parkrun, and the official starter for tomorrow's Brighton Marathon. Paul completed the course in a brilliant time of 20:01.

As I'm the Event Director for Chichester parkrun just along the coast, I do enjoy a bit of tourism when I can, and so this morning, on my way to pick up the race number for the marathon, my dog Alice and I joined a total of 453 people headed off from the starting line, including 109 first timers at Preston Park, and 38 of you managed to record a PB, well done! I did actually run the course last year, but forgot my barcode, so today was my first recorded time at the event.

Oh, and apologies to anyone starting at the back of the pack for Alice's enthusiastic "cheering" (I.e. her barking), so is renowned for it at our home event, and once we get going she does stop barking (but does start heavy breathing, more apologies to those we started to overtake who wondered where the wheezing sound was coming from!).

Well done to Fraser WALKER-SAUNDERS for his 50th parkrun, and looking at the stats, there will be lots of milestones hit in the next week or so.

Special thanks has to go to the 33 amazing volunteers who made today's event possible, so take a bow Amanda WOODHAM • Anne MINERS • John JAAP • Ellen MULVENNA • Nik (Tailey) BAILEY • David HOY • David ROBINSON • Maryke LOUW • Tristan Xavier SHARP • Julie SHARP • David ASKER • Andrew HASLAM • Steve ROONEY • Ros COOK • Dean SANDERS • Esther GILL • Bob HUGHES • Mark WAVELL • Chris THOMAS • Mark SALLIS • Susannah MAIN • Richard EVANS • Nathalie ROUQUET • Eve ELEY • Allan CROSS • Leila MARSHALL • Tobias KENNEDY • Boden SIMPSON • Pete SOUTHERN • Robin JONES • Leo TAYLOR-HOUGHAM • Aoife MULLIGAN • Milo MULLIGAN.

And just to add a little something from the Chichester parkrun run reports, I'd like to award the "aesthetically pleasing time of the week" awards to Lorna UNITE and Daniel QUARTLY for both hitting the "flush" time of 34:56.

Many thanks for putting on such a great event.

Ian Robertson


Run Report 7 April

This week

We welcomed 18 people running their first ever parkrun and 27 doing their first at PP, we hope you enjoyed the experience and will be back soon.

Milestones this week were our regular finish funnel builder Eve Eley who ran her 100th today, Deborah Clow and Matthew Ryan completing their 50 runs, we also had 48 PBs - we know all PBs are special, but a few that stand out are Georgina Fossey - first since Nov 2016; Rob Dunmore - first since September 2014; Sophie Anderson - first time sub 22; Will Russell on his 380th parkrun - that's a lot of runs when you're only 20!

Finish Tokens We lost a lot of Finish Tokens this week - PLEASE don't take tokens home, and if you have done, just bring them back - no questions asked, you can drop them in the token collection box and we won't know it was you! If you take tha token it takes us time to make up a replacement and they cost money to replace.

Next week

Next week is Brighton Marathon, many of you will be running, volunteering or spectating, on Saturday the Mini Mile races are in the park but thanks to the co-operation of the Marathon team, we can still go ahead with our run (no juniors on Sunday though). Marathon are still looking for volunteers, so if you'd like to help you can contact them HERE.

Last week

Our apologies for the late cancellation, the council didn't tell us until Thursday afternoon just before they closed for the bank holiday weekend that they had booked another event in the park. They didn't give us enough time to discuss how we could work with the other event so that we could both use the park and our only option was to cancel. We are discussing this with the council and strongly encouraging them to contact us in good time so that we can work with other events. We know a lot of you were disappointed that we cancelled, we can assure you that we weren't at all happy!

Core Team

As most of you will know, PP parkrun is brought to you by the wonderful Core Team, the Run Directors (RD) and Volunteer Co-ordinators (VC), helped by you, the volunteers. We have a slow turnover of members, as people's circumstances change - we're not in urgent need of new members but 1 or 2 more RDs and VCs would be welcome. These roles don't take up much time outside Saturday morning; the RD isn't able to run (about 1 week in 10), VC job is done between 8.30 and 9am so can run..

If you'd like to join us, drop us a mail or have a chat at a run. There isn't anything too difficult to learn and we train you up and ease you in gradually. You need to be able to deal with email and be happy speaking to runners and volunteers, RDs ideally need to have some computer ability for results processing. As far as we know everyone who's been in the team has found it satisfying, if you're building a career it can be useful to have on your CV!


Yes, we know we go on about this a lot, but in order to put the run on every week we do need a few of you to not run occasionally, the core team provide Run Director and Volunteer Co-ordinator but the team are all runners and unless we are injured we all want to run every week so all the other roles need to be filled by you and our Duke of Edinburgh students. Some jobs need a bit of concentration (and maybe your reading glasses!) others less so, if you aren't confident about doing something we can find a role that fits your ability. Our thanks to all who have volunteered.


Good luck to all of you who are running BM 10k and Brighton, London, Boston or other marathons.

John Jaap


Saturday 31 March Cancellation

We're sorry to have to tell you that PP will be cancelled on 31 March due to the council moving an event from the Level to the park and not telling us until this afternoon by which time it was too late to have any negotiations with them about delaying the start of the other event.

As far as we know all other local runs are going ahead so no need to miss your Saturday parkrun fix, just go and do some touring!


The One when it warmed up. A bit…

Great to welcome 435 runners to Preston Park today. It was (a bit) warmer and hopefully our 24 volunteers felt the benefit - looks like Spring is just round the corner...

Loads of visitors today as well, and good to meet parkrunners from Rushmoor, Kings Lynn and Norwich. Special mention must go to the runner who was brave enough to run around in Brighton wearing a Crystal Palace parkrun apricot shirt!

The results are up on the results page, and special mention goes to Katy Hedgethorne, who broke the Preston Park Women's record with a time of 17:33; well done Katy.

As ever, we need volunteers for next week and future weeks - drop us an email at prestonparkhelpers@parkrun.com...

Happy trails everyone, and see you next week.

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