‘Chase the Pacer’ week is back – 24th November

"Chase the pacer" week is back on 24th November 2018!

If you would like to give pacing a go then please email raphaelhelpers@parkrun.com and let us know what pace you would like to do.

Pacers of ALL speeds are required (between, say, 18 minutes and 45 minutes) so you do not need to be a fast runner. You just need to do your best to complete the run in the agreed time (at a fairly even pace, if possible). We recommend you take on a time that you're fairly comfortable running i.e. at least a couple of minutes slower than your usual 5km time.

Being a pacer counts towards both your running milestone t-shirt and your volunteering milestone t-shirt. And it is a great way to help other parkrunners achieve a personal best. Why not give it a go? :)

The list below will be updated as volunteer pacers come forward.

24th November

18 min -
19 min -
20 min -
21 min - James JOHNSON
22 min -
23 min - Jonathan PARSONS
24 min -
25 min - Gavin BAILEY
26 min - Nick HAMPSON
27 min - Ian BILLINGHAM
28 min - Tony RAWSON
29 min - Phil STEER
30 min - Richard ROCKLIFFE
31 min - Geraldine MINCHIN
32 min - Stephen MURPHY
33 min - Lynsey MANN
34 min -
35 min - Patrick THOEUNG
36 min -
37 min -
38 min -
39 min -
40 min -
45 min -


Raphael parkrun Report #181

Raphael parkrun Report #181

Today, we welcomed 271 runners, joggers and walkers to Raphael parkrun on what would be considered a mild day, given the time of year. Course conditions were generally good. It was dry with no noticeable breeze, although the course was slippery in places as the leaves have started to fall. This slipperiness is likely to be a trend that continues until the end of the year. We were joined by 14 first timers to parkrun, and a number of tourists, some from neighbouring parkruns but others from as far afield as Cork, Ireland. Hope you all enjoyed our park.

As always, a huge thank you goes to our volunteers. We had 22 volunteers support our event which was led by my wife, Joyce Tan, our run director for today’s event. This was Joyce’s first time as run director (and possibly parkrun’s youngest assistant run director, our 9-month daughter, who was loving it in the sling)! Joyce did a fantastic job, along with the rest of her team of volunteers, in ensuring our event ran smoothly. Thanks Joyce, for the lovely muffins to mark the occasion – they were delicious!

Today, 39 runners achieved a PB, slightly down on previous weeks, but hardly a surprise given how many PBs we have seen recently. This week’s special PB mention goes to Keith Harding, a regular Raphael parkrunner. He has run 103 times at Raphael park, so to achieve a another PB after 100+ runs at the same venue is a great achievement. Keith completed his first parkrun in approx. 32 minutes back in 2015. As many of us find, the PBs come thick and fast initially, and then it becomes much more difficult. Keith found the same, having improved his time to sub 25 minutes within a year, after which the PBs started becoming more elusive. Today was Keith’s first PB since June this year, during which he shaved one second off his previous best. Well done to Keith and everyone else who achieved a PB today.

There is one milestone to mention this week. This is Peter Phelps (VM55-59), who actually ran his 50th parkrun last week but unfortunately, didn’t have his barcode. Sorry Peter, but this is in line with parkrun rules ‘No barcode – No Result – No Exceptions’. At least you returned this week to reach your official 50th milestone, having run 47 times at Raphael park and three times at Harrow Lodge. Peter has achieved 14 PBs and volunteered on 5 occasions. Peter, despite not having your barcode last week, if you did time yourself, then you can still record your time as a ‘Freedom’ parkrun. More details on this in the Fun Facts section at the end of my report. Although freedom runs don’t count towards your milestones, they are recorded against your parkrun profile.

Today’s Results
Male placings:
Richard Morris (SM25-29) (Unattached) was first over the line in 18:14 and achieved a PB.
Paul Wyatt (VM45-49) of Havering Tri was second over the line in 18:20.
Tom Williams (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 18:42 and achieved a PB.
Female placings:
Gemma Southern (SW30-34) (Unattached) was first (63rd overall) over the line in 24:24.
Gemma Ellender (SW30-34) (Unattached) was second (71st overall) over the line in 25:06.
Jennifer Louden (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (73rd overall) over the line in 25:07 and achieved a PB.
The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Tom Davies (VM55-59) of RunFit Essex – 79.03% with a time of 19:57 (10th overall).
Paul Wyatt (VM45-49) of Havering Tri – 77.36% with a time of 18:20 (2nd overall).
Peter Hobday (VM50-54) (Unattached) – 75.29% with a time of 19:54 (9th overall).

Fun Fact
Did you Know?
If you can’t wait until Saturday for parkrun, or you want to get some more training in during the week, parkrun Freedom runs are available to you! Parkrun Freedom runs provide the ability to record your time when you run one of the parkrun courses at any time.

To record a Freedom run, time yourself over the 5km course and log your time following the link in your weekly newsletter e-mail or one of your parkrun results to your parkrun profile page. Note, Freedom runs do not count towards your run total for milestones, however, the 100 most recent times are recorded on the parkrun Freedom page http://www.parkrun.org.uk/results/freedom/ for all to see, and will be visible on your parkrun profile page.


A quick reminder…

Over the last few weeks we have had an increasing amount of runners asking to be manually included in the results despite not having their own printed barcode with them.  This is just a gentle reminder that we do follow the parkrun policy of 'no printed barcode, no result, no exception'.  We also remind runners of this in the pre run briefing.


While we understand that it is disappointing to run and not receive a time, please do not put the volunteers in a difficult position to have to refuse you or take offence when they do!  The only time we manually record a result is if a runner has a printed barcode which is unscannable (torn, tattered, sweat stained, dirty or misprinted).  The runner will be asked to reprint their barcode to ensure it scans in future.

To ensure you always bring your barcode to parkrun, why not treat yourself (or someone else!) to a durable plastic card/tags or wristband?  In addition to your barcode they also record emergency contact details (great for when you are out and about) and make a financial contribution towards helping keep parkrun free - see https://parkrun-barcode.com/ for details.

Thank you and happy parkrunning!


Raphael Parkrun Report #180

It was a sad but special parkrun today as we bid a fond farewell to two of our regulars who are moving out of the area.  Many of your will know Joy and Ray Taylor, who have played an important part in our Raphael parkrun family over the years.  Despite not having run the course, Joy has volunteered 97 times over the past 4 years.  Ray has run 90 parkruns (87 at Raphael park) and volunteered 17 times.  Joy/Ray, a huge thank you for all the support over the years and we wish you both all the best for a smooth move and hope you will visit us again in the near future.


Today we welcomed 276 athletes who ran, jogged or walked the course, supported by 31 volunteers (led by Sarah Foreman, our run director for today’s event).  Thanks as always to all the volunteers.


Course conditions were good.  Although it was still cold, it wasn’t as cold as last week, and there was no noticeable wind.  This certainly led to better chances of PBs than last week, and 48 runners achieved it.  The special PB mention this week is to Jonathan Parsons who achieved a new PB, shaving 2 seconds off his previous best, set back in December 2016.  After a moment of disappointment having crossed the line thinking he was 2 seconds outside his PB, after another look at his watch his disappointment turned to elation as he realised he was actually 2 seconds inside his PB!  Great effort Jonathan and to everyone else who achieved a PB this week.


This week, we saw the SM30-34 age category record broken by our run winner, David Jordan. This was his 2nd run at Raphael park, finishing in an impressive time of 15:45, and breaking a long standing record in this age category by 3 seconds, set back in September 2017.



There were two milestone this week, with both Louisa and Christopher joining the black t-shirt club this week.

  • Louisa Parsons (VW35-39) completed her 100th parkrun and 87th at Raphael park, having also run at Barking, Harrow Lodge, Valentines, Victoria Dock, Colchester Castle, Hartlepool and Jersey parkruns.  Louisa is part of the Raphael park core team and has volunteered 61 times, including run director.  She has 19 PBs and has completed two freedom parkruns at Raphael park too.


  • Christopher King (SM30-34) has also completed 100 parkruns, with 90 of those at Raphael park, having also run at 8 other parkrun venues.  He has 17 PBs and has volunteered on 13 occasions.


Today’s Results

Male placings:
David Jordan
(SM30-34) of London City Runners was first over the line in 15:45 and achieved a PB.

Thomas Beedell (SM30-34) of Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies was second over the line in 16:05 and achieved a PB.

Robbie Cooman (SM25-29) of Havering Athletic Club was third over the line in 17:50.

Female placings:
Morgan Campbell
(SW25-29) of Havering Athletic Club was first (7th overall) over the line in 19:40.
Linda Day (VW45-49) of Harold Wood Running Club was second (30th overall) over the line in 22:07.

Laurella Noble (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (38th overall) over the line in 22:39.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
David Jordan (SM30-34) of London City Runners – 82.86% with a time of 15:45 (1st overall) and achieved a PB.

Thomas Beedell (SM30-34) of Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies – 80.83% with a time of 16:05 (2nd overall) and achieved a PB.

Nathan Hart (JM11-14) of Havering Athletics Club – 75.62% with a time of 20:14 (10th overall), and achieved a PB.

Fun Fact

Did you Know?

As mentioned in the milestones above Louisa Parsons has been a tourist, completing the Jersey parkun.  For those tourist hunters out there looking to complete the A-Z of parkrun, i.e. completing a parkrun beginning with every letter of the alphabet, Jersey is currently the only UK parkrun beginning with the letter ‘J’.


Raphael Parkrun Report #179

It was the Raphael park Halloween special and it was fantastic to see so many runners and volunteers make such an effort with all the spooky costumes! In addition to today’s Halloween special, it was also pacer week. Word is obviously getting around about our regular pacer events as our attendance was once again north of 300. We welcomed a number of tourists and 8 parkrun first timer. Given temperatures had taken a dive in the recent days, it was particularly pleasing to see so many people taking part today. The gloves and long sleeves were out for the first time after the summer - a sign that winter may be coming. It was also rather breezy which meant it felt even colder, and certainly didn’t make it easy for anyone to achieve a PB.


Despite the cold conditions, the pacers did a great job, helping some of the 56 runners achieve their next PB. Especially well done to Louisa Parsons who paced exactly to her set pacer time of 32 minutes, leading at least one person to a PB in the process. There are two special PB mentions today, both to regular Raphael parkrunners. Firstly, to Robert Guiney who has run 62 times at Raphael park. Until today, his last PB was back in December 2016, and today he beat that time by 9 seconds. Secondly, and similarly, to Johann Le Roux who has run 61 times here, and today smashed his previous PB set in January 2017 by 14 seconds.



There were three milestones to celebrate this week.

  • Stephen Easley (VM45-49) completed his 100th parkrun and 22nd at Raphael Park. As many of you know, Stephen was Raphael park’s original Event Director (ED), organising the setup of this parkrun which saw its inaugural event way back on 2 May 2015. That event saw 109 runners complete the course, and now it has evolved to regularly see 250+ runners each week. A huge thank you to Stephen and the rest of the core team in making this event happen, and growing it into the success it is today. Not only has Stephen been instrumental is setting up this event (only recently stepping down as ED), his parkrun career is very impressive too. He has completed 46 different parkruns (only 4 more to reach a half Cowell!), including parkruns in Ireland, France and Poland. He has 10 PBs, has volunteered on 92 occasions, covering almost all available volunteer roles and has completed three freedom parkruns. Stephen, thank you for all the hard work and dedication as Event Director at Raphael parkrun.


  • Philip Freeman (VM55-59) completed his 100th parkrun and 82nd at Raphael park today. He has also run at Brentwood, Basildon, Harrow Lodge, Thurrock and Valentines. Philip has achieved 25 PBs and has volunteered on one occasion too.


  • Mark McClaran (VM55-59) completed his 50th parkrun and 38th at Raphael park. He has completed 6 different parkruns including one in Ireland. He has 15 PBs including a string of 6 back to back PBs.

Today’s Results

Male placings:
Michael Waddington
(SM25-29) of Ware Joggers was first over the line in 16:45 and achieved a PB.

Stephen Philcox (VM50-54) of Ilford AC was second over the line in 18:24.

Richard Morris (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 18:34.

Female placings:
Ella Shore
(JW15-17) (Unattached) was first (17th overall) over the line in 20:41 and achieved a PB.
Joanne Reeves (VW40-44) of Havering ’90 Joggers was second (21st overall) over the line in 20:55 and achieved a PB.

Isabella Woods (SW20-24) of Havering Athletics Club was third (37th overall) over the line in 21:53.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Lynne Millar (VW60-64) (Unattached)– 91.29% with a time of 22:12 (43rd overall) and achieved a PB.

Stephen Philcox (VM50-54) of Ilford AC – 82.16% with a time of 18:24 (2nd overall).

Michael Waddington (SM25-29) of Ware Joggers– 77.01% with a time of 16:45 (1st overall), and achieved a PB.

Fun Fact

Did you Know?

Lynne Millar mentioned above achieved an age grade record of 91.29%. Not only was this the top age grade at Raphael park today, it was the third highest age grade result for the week across the whole of the UK!



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