Reading parkrun Event #456

By Cinthia Parkes


sihT si eht nur troper rof gnidaeR nurkrap 654#......... yeah, too tricky for me to read too, even a couple of hours post clock change time. Try writing it.

Anyway, back to plain forward English. Saturday morning - It was flippin' cold! 2C the thermometer read. We all wore extra layers, gloves and hats, fleeces and jumpers, gradually peeled away as we ran the course. It being nurkrap, the day of the morning of the clocks going back, we ran the course backwards - not literally, just the reverse route. Normally we run up the stem of the P, then clockwise round the loop, twice, then back down the stem. This time just after we crossed the bridge at the end of the P stem, we turned sharp right and ran the loop anticlockwise, twice. The first lap was somewhat hampered by the beautiful sun shining directly into our eyes but as there were 345 of us running that morning it was easy to follow the crowd. It did make the home straight seem extra long though - gratitude to Chris Smith for always holding his bridge marshall post, and shouting out the time as we run past for the final sprint home.

Did the reverse route make a difference to your run? It might have done to the 53 bods who recorded personal bests - good on yer folks! Well done.

Natalie delivered a smashing first timers briefing to the 43 new runners who turned up - great effort on such a chilly day, congratulations! There were runners from 32 different clubs. We received tourists from Banstead, Cornwall, Chester, Sheffield and Wokingham. Welcome all you travellers. Fergal did a great job again as RD, leading a team of 17 superheroes, all our hi-viz volunteers, without whom you wouldn't be able to enjoy your free Saturday morning run - big round of applause to Margaret HUSEIN • Kevin R R JONES • Peter REILLY • Chris SMITH • Robin BERTRAND • Ray MCGROARTY • Alan TOWER • Fergal DONNELLY • Martin COULSON • Caitlin MCCULLOCH • Jonathan COYLE • Christine HARVEY • Cinthia PARKES • Natalie HARRIS • David HODGKINSON • Dan BROCK • Russel BARRETO . We are extremely grateful you stood around in the cold whilst we got warmed up running, Thank You.

Fancy giving something back? One or 2 weeks a year swapping volunteering for running? Maybe after a heavy night, or if you're injured or you're saving yourself for a big race the next day? If everyone volunteered just one week a year - you'd still be able to run 51 weeks, and we'd have the roster covered! See here for details

So what snippets of delight can we extract from the results page this week? Let's start with some milestones - Luke Whiley and Diogo Marques both ran their 50th - Congratulations both of you, and Diogo topped that with a new PB - amazing run, fabulous morning to you! Sue Jones ran her 249th, so watch out for her next time out.

Fastest lady was Vicki Taylor with 21.03, a new PB for her too, well done! Ben Paviour was the fastest gent with 17.20 - great running. The highest age grading this week went to Maureen Dowling with 84.01% - this takes into account how fast you run for your age, and Maureen regularly scores highest with this one, a real inspiration!

There were 10 runners without a barcode this week #DFYB - such a shame having done all that effort to get up, get yourself down there for a 9am start, run your socks off then not get the official recognition with a little text or email to say well done. We applaud you all anyway, and really encourage you to put a barcode in your phonecase, in your shoe, in your pocket, in the car, inside your sports bra or even just hold it in your hand. If you regularly attend with a partner, give each other a spare - I've got about 8 other people's barcodes in my plastic wallet!

I want to give a shout-out to some of our young runners this week, all under 10s. They are starting their healthy lifestyle at a fabulous age, and well done to their parents for bringing them along. Thumbs up to young gents Amogh Bhattarai (37.21) and Corrin McAuslin (31.25), both first timers, and Zak Guntzenbach (30.29) who got a PB on his second outing. Our solo under 10 lady was Annabel Gardiner, who ran an impressive 31.40 on her 9th outing. Keep it up!

Sadly no photos this week to brighten the report (- that's a great volunteering job too, photographer) I know Peter Cook does an A-mazing job, but any old phone camera will do, we won't be looking at the quality of the pictures, just ourselves, the subjects. Looking at myself after a run, the grainier the picture the better actually! ;-)

This info is the same every week - Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reading parkrun Results Page. The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 17:22 on 23rd May 2015 (event number 280).The male record is held by Jonathan Stuart DAVIES who recorded a time of 14:45 on 6th June 2015 (event number 282).The Age Grade course record is held by Paula FUDGE who recorded 91.95% (20:43) on 30th April 2011 (event number 82). Reading parkrun started on 12th September 2009.

This info changes every week. Obviously. Since our start, 14,377 participants have completed 111,392 parkruns covering a total distance of 556,960 km, including 18,825 new Personal Bests.

See you on the field next time, Cinthia


The Alexander Devine Santa Dash 25th November

The Alexander Devine Santa Dash is a novelty 5k fun run held through the centre of Windsor on Sunday 25th November. Dashers from across the county join us from all different age groups, abilities and backgrounds. Entry includes a free Santa suit or reindeer antlers, a souvenir medal and refreshments. We are hoping to paint Windsor town red, create a fun active community event for everyone, whilst also raising great funds and awareness for our local cause. Early bird booking offers are available until the end of October.

Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service was founded 11 years ago. Fiona and John Devine from Windsor set up this local charity, named after their son Alexander, who sadly died aged 8 from a rare brain tumour. During the four years that Alexander was ill they realised the desperate need for a local children’s hospice. Fiona and John wanted to improve the care and support for children with life limiting conditions in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties. Today Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service funds Alexander’s Nurses, who run a community service in the home providing respite, play therapy, palliative care and end of life care. As well as creating a care team the dream was always to build a local children’s hospice. With the fantastic support of the local community the charity has now realised this dream by building a wonderful dedicated purpose built children’s hospice near Maidenhead on donated land. The hospice opened for Day Care in June this year. The children’s hospice provides a wider range of services to families, offers them greater flexibility, choice, and ongoing respite support for the whole family (see finished build picture hereunder). Today we support over 115 local families and with your help we can reach many more.


For more information, please visit


Reading parkrun Event #453

By Cinthia Parkes

Hello there!

this week's run report comes from the pen of Cinthia Parkes, tourist from far flung.....Bracknell. Not as far as those who travelled from Devon this week, or even from New Zealand. But hey, all 3 are great places to visit, all with their own parkruns, so if you fancy a bit of touristing.... › News › Plymouth News › Trending




This week's run was made possible by 19 volunteers: Linda BOOTH • Phil NASH • Chris SMITH • Graham SEWELL • Alexa DUCKWORTH- BRIGGS • Alix EYLES • Sev KONIECZNY • Oliver USHER • Angela BURLEY • Andy ATKINSON • Fergal DONNELLY • Sahan JINADASA • Charlie MACKLIN • Kerry EASTWOOD • David DIBBEN • Francis BURT • Cinthia PARKES • Alexa HOLT • Amelie PREVOST-SNELL

Alexa did a fab job of hosting First Timer's Briefing.

Great to see so many new people there, 30 newbies in all, on what was a rather chilly Saturday morning, with the threat of rain hanging over our heads! You all did marvellously, real winners for getting out of bed and getting yourselves down to run.

The weather probably had something to do with the turnout of numbers- only 291 people ran, jogged and walked the course, a low turnout for this fantastic venue. But you came from far and wide, as people from 26 different clubs took part. Nice to see you, to see you - nice.

However, maybe the cooler weather helped those 44 who recorded new Personal Bests. That's just over 15% of participants - great running you gals and guys!

Luckily the rain held off till most of us got home. Peter Cook took some great videos this week, they can be found on the photo tab at the top of the Reading parkrun page, or just click this linky thing below

Well done to George Margaritis on his 50th parkrun, whoo-hoo! Watch out for Christine Harvey who will do her 100th next time out. Emmeline Fenn did her 150th on her first run at Reading  - I know it's not an official milestone, but we like to celebrate :-) James Robertson will rejoice with 250 runs next time out, get ready to cheer him!

The fastest lady this week was Helen Pool, in a time of 22.05. The fastest gent was Robert Tan, in 18.08. Well done you two!

The only Junior 10 flagflyer this week was Milly Atwal with 35.00, the fastest girl in the age category 11-14 was Maddison Grandin with 23.58, and in the 15-17 group was Kara Weekes with 37.25. Great running ladies.

In the boys, 11-14 group fastest was Samuel Guy, 23.40, and the the 15-17 age category the fastest was Sushant Chudal in a time of 19.15. Super show gents.

So these are targets for them to improve on next week, why not bring along your school mates and see if you can urge each other on to run your own personal best - I know, it's a run not a race, and the only person whose time you're trying to beat is your own. Still. Sometimes one of your mates running beside you can do wonders for your speed and stamina! Have fun!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reading parkrun Results Page. Not got a mention in today's run report? Never mind, there's always next week.

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 17:22 on 23rd May 2015 (event number 280). The male record is held by Jonathan Stuart DAVIES who recorded a time of 14:45 on 6th June 2015 (event number 282). The Age Grade course record is held by Paula FUDGE who recorded 91.95% (20:43) on 30th April 2011 (event number 82).
These records were set such a loooooooooooooooooong time ago, shall we aim for some more up-to-date ones?

Reading parkrun started on 12th September 2009. Since then 14,258 participants have completed 110,402 parkruns covering a total distance of 552,010 km, including 18,688 new Personal Bests. Phew.

see you all on the field next week

Cinthia x



Reading parkrun 451 – Clocking Up My Century

By Tony Dolton with photos by Peter Cave

There were 310 finishers for Reading parkrun 451, plus numerous canines, buggy riders, and of course those indispensable volunteers - see for opportunities to get involved over coming weeks. Conditions were a little cool and cloudy, but generally good for running, with only a few spots of rain towards the end. Some of the paths had even been resurfaced, although this was curiously patchy in places. The median finish time was 27:11, and the mean 28:10, both around "normal".

First finisher was Dave McCoy, for an impressive 38th time, I believe. Second was Luke Whiley, followed by visitor James Ball. First recorded female finisher was Helen Pool, followed by Madeleine Smith and Linda Church. Best age grade (which adjusts for age and gender) was Pete Jewell's fine 80.8%, followed by Terry Dowling and Murray Hogge, with the aforementioned Linda Church just behind.

We had 52 PBs overall, about 1/6 of the field. My special PB award goes to John Bailey, who scored a personal best in his 322nd Reading parkrun (397th parkrun overall). His last PB was nearly 7 years ago, and he seems to have run in almost every Reading parkrun since - an object lesson in perseverance!

There were 12 complete first-timers to parkrun - welcome all, and we hope to see you again soon! There were also 19 other first-time visitors to Reading, with mentions for Bury St Edmunds, Essex, Suffolk and Brighton at Fergal's run briefing.

Milestone T-shirts will hopefully soon be arriving for Divya Samani, who clocked up 50 parkruns, and for Matthew Berry and ... me! We both completed 100 runs. Thanks to my wife for providing cake and flapjacks to celebrate.

Reflecting on my parkrun experience spanning 100 finishes, I'm definitely fitter and healthier since getting the parkrun "habit". I've completed a 10k, regularly run further than that during the week, and am even contemplating a half-marathon, more than 25 years after my only previous attempt at distance running. But much more notable is the pleasure I get from experiencing the beautiful TVP in all weathers, and getting together with like-minded and friendly people. I really look forward to every Saturday, and hope my weekends start this way for many more years to come.

So with another thank-you to the volunteers that make every parkrun possible, I'll leave you with a few photos of this one:

Fergal doing his duty:

The mass start:

Dave McCoy happily on his way to another first finish:

A happy finisher:

More happy finishers:

Alexa Holt powering to a PB with Nicky Dolton pacing:

Charlie Macklin, cheerful tail (dog-)walker:


This week 310 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Peter CAVE • Tom STAGLES • Bianca HOLLIS • Oliver DYSON • Robin BERTRAND • Paul CASWELL • Alix EYLES • Matthew BRABYN • Ian MAY • Oliver USHER • Fergal DONNELLY • Caitlin MCCULLOCH • Charlie MACKLIN • Rich STARR • David DIBBEN • Caroline MITCHELL • Alice CARPENTER • Brendan MORRIS • Tony DOLTON • Elizabeth JOHNSON • Amelie PREVOST-SNELL • Jennifer HOLMES • Rameen MALIK • Umaira TARIQ

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reading parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 17:22 on 23rd May 2015 (event number 280).
The male record is held by Jonathan Stuart DAVIES who recorded a time of 14:45 on 6th June 2015 (event number 282).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paula FUDGE who recorded 91.95% (20:43) on 30th April 2011 (event number 82).

Reading parkrun started on 12th September 2009. Since then 14,187 participants have completed 109,751 parkruns covering a total distance of 548,755 km, including 18,585 new Personal Bests.


Reading parkrun Event #449 – Our 9th Birthday

by Chiranjibi Paudyal, photos by Martin Proctor
The number of people participating in Reading parkrun at Thames valley park increased to 417 in the 449th run on 8th September after the end of summer holiday. The runners returned being refreshed after the long sunny summer break.

Amongst the runners were Sara Griffiths and Matthew Brown who ran in the morning and got married in the afternoon - congratulations to you both :-)

We also celebrated Sarah Walters' Birthday. Sarah is a regular runner and parkrun volunteer and volunteered on Saturday as she is injured. We hope you had a good day and that you recover soon.

Judith Burchardt, Pam Alcorn, Jo Blair and Alan WIlliamson celebrated their 100th run and Lara Tolson completed her 10th run as a junior. Well done guys!

A notable 79 parkrunners achieved PBs on Saturday, including this guy in the green 250 T shirt - Peter Reilly - who you might recognise as one of our core volunteers and Run Directors. Nice one Peter.

People of all ages and gender walked, ran and jogged like in a musical rhythm in the 5k long beautiful Thames valley trails that includes forest, meadows, fields and river bank. It was like a long possession of people creating musical rhythm with their steps while running and jogging in the park.

‘’ I love to run in this environment as it inspires me to be careful about my health,’’ said a young lady in her 30s while running in the trail. ‘’It is fabulous to run in this beautiful location with known and unknown friendly people,’’ she added.
The inspiring words of volunteers, ‘’ you are doing well, keep it up,’’ makes me to run faster, said another runner in his 50s. Cheerful Chris is always there to count the time, he added. ‘’It is wonderful,’’ he added walking with his dog.

Another couple with their children said that they are inspired by their children, who always remind them of the parkrun on Saturday saying ‘’ this is the most amazing thing and we must not miss this.’’ Such stimulating stories of the participants add the importance of the parkrun.
A recent research said that walking alone can save 37,000 people a year in the UK. It is better to walk in the nature than other indoor physical activity, said Dr William Bird. The fastest runner completed the 5k in 15.52 while the last jogger finished in 50.48 minutes, so anyone of any ability can join the park run. See the full results through this link, click here
This is a fun run for healthy living so any one of any age group and ability of run or walk or jog are welcome. You can register your name through this link here. You can also volunteer to manage the parkrun.

Reading Park Run is grateful and would like to thank for the service of the following volunteers this week: Andrew BUTLER • Annabel GARDINER • C James BARR • Cheryl BOSHIER • Chiranjibi PAUDYAL • Chris SMITH • Christopher T KELLY • David DIBBEN • Graham SCHOLEY • Ian MAY • Keith ELLIS • Mahmud HUSEIN • Mark SAUNDERS • Martin PROCTOR • Natalie HARRIS • Nicky DOLTON • Oliver USHER • Paul CASWELL • Sarah WALTERS • Simon GARDINER • Tony DOLTON • Umaira TARIQ

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