Reading parkrun# 441 – Fun run in the sun

Report by Chiranjibi Paudyal, photos by Gladys Perrier and Peter Cook

A total of 334 people enjoyed the Reading park run in the beautiful sunny day on the bank of Thames valley park side on Saturday. People of all ability and age, from children to 80 year olds relished the parkrun, walking, running and jogging in the extremely beautiful trails in the bank of river Thames and sunny shadow of the forest fields, nature reserve and the meadows.

The fastest runner completed the 5k in 16.36 minutes, while the last one to complete took 52.29 minutes to finish. The full result can be viewed through this link:

A large number of people with children in the buggies and dogs in the lead could be seen running and jogging the fun run in the sun.  Reading parkrun is organised every Saturday from 9 am and anyone with any ability can participate after registering in the park run website. Briefing on safety measures are made before the run so each and every one can enjoy the run-in accordance with their ability: run, walk or jog.

A recent report said at least 37,000 people can be saved every year in the United Kingdom just walking at least 20 minutes a day. The 5 kilometre run is extremely important to maintain healthy life style when a large number of people are suffering from obesity and heart related disease.

This is a free run organised by volunteers so you can run or volunteer to make this  event wonderful.  This week’s park run was possible with the support of following volunteers:


Alix EYLES  •  Caitlin MCCULLOCH  •  Chiranjibi PAUDYAL  •  Chris SMITH  •  Claire NEECH  •  David HODGKINSON  •  Fergal DONNELLY  •  Gladys PERRIER  •  Jennifer HOLMES  •  Krish TRICHUR  •  Martin COULSON  •  Maureen SWEENEY  •  Nicola RANDALL  •  Oliver USHER  •  Patsy COLLIS  •  Peter COOK  •  Phil NASH  •  Ray MCGROARTY  •  Robin KINSMAN  •  Sev KONIECZNY  •  Trisha ARNOLD

The following are the nearest parkrun from Reading:

Woodley (1.7m), Prospect (3m), Dinton Pastures (3m), Henley-on-Thames (5m), Bracknell (8.6m), Maidenhead (10.5m), Wycombe Rye (14.2m), Frimley Lodge(14.6m), Basingstoke (15.2m), Rushmoor (15.7m)



Event #439 – Sunshine and smiles in the park

By Chiran Paudyal, photos by Kerry Eastwood


A total of 351 people of all age, gender and ability completed the 5 kilometre beautiful Thames trail on sunny Saturday last weekend. Reading parkrun is being organised from 9 am Saturday for the last few years, and this was the 439th run in the Thames side near the Oracle.

This week the Run Director - Peter Reilly put in extra hours to plan and implement a new trial course. We were scheduled to run a three lap course anyway due to set up for a regatta the following day. However, Peter came up with a new course to reduce congestion and overtaking. It required extra marshals, and a bit more thinking on the part of the runners who had to go left right left on laps 1,2, and 3. A fair number of you gave us some useful feedback - particularly around the start being a bit narrow, which we will look to improve if we decide to run this course again. On the whole, runners seemed happy with the course and we thank you for sticking with it, and many thanks Peter for all your hard work in preparing the new route and for having the courage to give it a go.


Jeanette and Tom (above) were busy directing the runners at the left/right/left junction and did a great job ensuring the majority of you went the correct way each lap. Thanks to you both.

The organisers welcome the participation of local people in the park run which is said to be very fruitful for health and wellbeing. People can walk, jog or run according to their interests and ability. Children of primary school age and elderly people also walk in this fun run and parents with their children in their buggies and dogs walk side by side.
Some of the participants of the Park run said ‘this is an excellent way of being active and do something for healthy life style and happy living.’

This is also a great opportunity to mingle with people of different profession and age groups and socialise with them.
The runners completed the 5K distance from Thames bank to the beautiful forest side near the Oracle from 16.31 to 58.05 minutes. There were many personal best record and a large number of first timers this time. Anyone can participate in this free run registering their names through the park run website.

Congratulations to Alan Friar who completed his 250th parkrun on Saturday. We also had a number of tourists from far flung places including Andover parkrun, Bracknell parkrun, Didcot parkrun, Upton Court parkrun, Whitstable parkrun, Woodley parkrun and Zandvlei parkrun in South Africa! Sorry we didn't give first timers, tourists and milestone runners a shout out in the run brief.

According to parkrun, there were ‘’142,926 amazing finishers, 14,873 priceless volunteers 8,976 super first-timers 28,618 incredible PBs’’ all over the UK last weekend. There are over 530 park run across the UK and participants can participate anywhere. Parkrun also welcomes volunteers to run this programme. The following volunteers made the Reading parkrun possible last week.

Alix EYLES • Andy ATKINSON • Angela RIGBY • Basudev PAUDYAL • Bharat PAUDYAL • Charlie MACKLIN • Cheryl BOSHIER • Chiranjibi PAUDYAL • Chris SMITH • Christopher T KELLY • Damien WOOLMER • Jeanette ALLCOCK • Jim ALCORN • Kerry EASTWOOD • Liz ATKINSON • Liz SMITH • Margaret HUSEIN • Martin GRIFFITHS • Oliver USHER • Paul CASWELL • Peter REILLY • Ted MCFADYEN • Teresa CASWELL • Tom STAGLES


If you haven't had a chance to look at the photos of the event yet, we encourage you to do so here - . We think you'll agree that they are truly stunning - thank you Kerry!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reading parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 17:22 on 23rd May 2015 (event number 280).
The male record is held by Jonathan Stuart DAVIES who recorded a time of 14:45 on 6th June 2015 (event number 282).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paula FUDGE who recorded 91.95% (20:43) on 30th April 2011 (event number 82).

Reading parkrun started on 12th September 2009. Since then 13,630 participants have completed 105,682 parkruns covering a total distance of 528,410 km, including 17,940 new Personal Bests.


Reading parkrun is cancelled on 30th June

Reading parkrun is cancelled on 30th June due to the Reading Town Regatta. We are also running the three lap course on the 23rd June due to preparations for the Thames Valley Park Regatta on Sunday 24th June.


Run report – Event #436

Reading parkrun 436 - Three laps of fun!  by Tony Dolton

380 park runners walked, jogged and ran the 3 lap course at TVP this week. Fellow TVP users the sea cadets were holding a regatta, and were camped at the boathouse end of the park, so a last minute change to the three lap course was required - thanks to Sev and the other volunteers for making this possible.
I'm not a huge fan of the three lap course - it's obviously tighter in places, and more congested overall, with a lot more lapping, and you don't get so many views of our lovely bit of river, but overall everyone seemed to cope pretty well. The course was quite puddly in the usual places after rain during the week, but conditions were pretty good overall, and it was pleasantly warm.
First finisher this week was Tom Nike, who should get a special mention, since it was his first time in this position after nearly thirty finishes in the top ten going back over five years! He also recorded a big PB in his 56th Reading parkrun, and thus won my special PB award. Well done Tom! Marco Benda was second finisher, and third recorded male was Sushant Chudal (although there was also an Unknown in third position). The first three recorded females home were Reading regular Jasmine Bahra, and tourists Jessica Collins and Tilly Pinkcostello. The best performance in terms of age grade, which adjusts for age and gender, was Aleid Busser's fine 85.46%, with Peter Mannion (8th finisher) and the aforementioned Tom Nike a little way behind.
There were 19 PBs recorded overall, exactly 5% of the field, a fairly low number which perhaps reflects the complications of the three lap course. The median time was also a little above average, at 28 minutes, with the mean time around 29 minutes. The busiest minute was the 27th, although the timekeepers were consistently busy between 24 and 28 minutes. But they were particularly busy at 23:51, 26:00 and 29:31, with three finishers in each - some exciting finishes happening there!
Of course, parkrun isn't all, or even primarily about times and positions. We had a fantastic 26 recorded finishers of all ages who were brand new to parkrun. We also had 37 parkrunners who hadn't visited us before, from as far afield as Colchester, Bristol, Cheltenham, Devon, Manchester and South Africa. We had 19 Unknowns in the results - #DFYB! (Don't Forget Your Barcode!) If you don't want to appear in the results, or have forgotten your barcode, that's not a problem, but please take a finish token from the volunteer, and just give it straight to a barcode scanner, as otherwise the results get confused. For the same reason, please stay in order in the finishing funnel, and don't leave the funnel before taking a token. Thanks!
Notable milestones were also achieved by several. Andrew Lenaghan and Martin Douglas both recorded their 150th parkrun, and Yuwah Wan his 100th, whilst also tail-walking. Emma Griffiths finished her 50th parkrun, and visitors Robert Newman and Nathan McWilliam both recorded their 10th parkrun as juniors. Well done all! It was also Ray Jones' 65th birthday and super-marshal Chris Smith's wedding anniversary, I'm told.
Finally, a huge thank-you to our wonderful volunteers. Many only volunteered on Thursday, when the roster was virtually empty, and so willingly gave up their run to make sure parkrun went ahead. (This didn't include my wife, on finish tokens, who had conveniently broken her toe earlier in the week!) parkrun only happens because of the volunteers, so please consider giving it a go at some point. There are roles suitable for everyone, and it's a great way to meet people, support the community and have fun at the same time. The volunteer roster is located on the website (at, and there are still plenty of opportunities available for future weeks (but note that Reading parkrun won't be happening on 30th June, due to the Reading Town Regatta occurring at TVP). So thanks to all the following, who brought us a successful Reading parkrun 436:

Event #433 – Welcome to Reading parkrun

Run report by Chiran Paudyal
Walk, jog, run or volunteer in the fun run
A total of 381 people including children, teenagers, men and women of all age groups completed the 433rd Reading Park run on cloudy but warm Saturday. People of all abilities ran, jogged and walked the 5-kilometre beautiful Thames valley trail in between 16.59 to 45 minutes.

This was the 3rd park run in Thames side after 3 months in Dinton Pastures. Though cloudy, the weather was perfect for the run as the weather was neither cold nor too hot. This is a fun and pleasant run for healthy life style and socialising with people. Though this is not a competition, David McCoy was the first male finisher in 16.59 minutes while Gemma Buley was the first female finisher in 20.30 minutes.
Altogether 21 first timers and six people with over 300 runs to their name participated in  Reading parkrun this week which is considered to be very beneficial for health. Walking ‘could save 37,000 lives a year' according to a report produced by the walking charity, Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support and was supported by Public Health England an agency of the Department of Health.

Parkrun, which is a voluntary initiative organised on regular basis on Saturday at 9 am, is free and fun and anyone can participate in any part of the UK and many other countries around the world. You can register for the park run through the following link:

People of all age, gender, geography and ethnicity are welcome at parkrun as a walker, jogger, runner or volunteer. Parkrun community welcomes the volunteers to organise the event.


This week 381 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 83 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Cheryl BOSHIER • Anthony EASTAWAY • Oliver USHER • Fergal DONNELLY • Jim ALCORN • Pam ALCORN • Sahan JINADASA • Nicola RANDALL • Jeremy WALL • Rich STARR • Helen POOL • Robin KINSMAN • Tracey HICKS • Robert PHILLIPS • Chiran PAUDYAL • Ivo PHILLIPS • David HODGKINSON • Jennifer HOLMES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reading parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 17:22 on 23rd May 2015 (event number 280).
The male record is held by Jonathan Stuart DAVIES who recorded a time of 14:45 on 6th June 2015 (event number 282).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paula FUDGE who recorded 91.95% (20:43) on 30th April 2011 (event number 82).

Reading parkrun started on 12th September 2009. Since then 13,316 participants have completed 103,391 parkruns covering a total distance of 516,955 km, including 17,603 new Personal Bests.

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