Reigate Priory parkrun is cancelled on 19 January 2019: Surrey School Cross country event

254 – bumper January continues

It was another bumper week at Reigate Priory parkrun. This week 412 people ran, jogged and walked the course, beating our previous attendance record of 387 (set last weeek) and taking us over the 400 participant mark for the first time. With only 400 tokens at the finish line the ingenuity of our volunteer team was tested, and they weren’t found lacking, handing out paper “finish tokens” to participants 401 to 412.

Reigate Priory wasn’t on its own with a bumper attendance, with 113 UK parkruns setting a new attendance record this weekend, including our neighbours at Tilgate. Our attendance record prior to this January stood for 19 months, wonder how long this one will last? We know that it will at least stand for double the time of the record set on 5 January as there is no Reigate Priory parkrun next week 19 January due to another event taking place in the park. The ideal time to try out some parkrun tourism, near or far.

30 of you were undertaking your very first parkrun today, welcome and we hope you enjoyed it, and 25 of you were doing that all important parkrun number 2. At the other end of the scale we had one parkrunner who was completing parkrun number 388, wow! On milestones we celebrated with Reigate Priory regulars Brian Apted and Linda Fallon who both joined the 50 club. Well done both.

After our rest next week we will look forward to seeing you back with us for the next Reigate Priory parkrun which will take place on 26 January. This week’s event was made possible by our 27 splendid volunteers:

Andrew PATRICK • Paul CHANDLER • William JESSUP • Tracey JESSUP • Theo Simon LEWIS • Hugo Thomas LEWIS • Stephen LEWIS • Mike WILLIAMS • Fraser MULLEN • Moray CAREY • Bruce MASCALL • Gareth HODGSON • Sally PARKER • Kate HOLAH • Ian ADLAM • Colin SMITH • Chris PARKIN • Drew ORAM • Ian CROUCH • Ruth EVANS • Olly EVANS • John FRY • Jo SMITH • Nick PETTITT • Matthew LEE • Susan JENN • Ian MORRIS


253 – Record Attendance

Reigate Priory parkrun Event number 253 5th January 2019

Well, Reigate, you seem to like the cold weather don't you? Or maybe you have all put on more excess weight over Christmas than usual and are desperate to shift it? Whatever the reason, more of you turned out for parkrun today than ever before, the attendance of 387 beating the previous high from May 2017 by 10. And it must have been mostly locals as we had only one parkrun tourist to welcome, from Oxford. Along with the Oxford parkrunner we took the opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers not once but (thanks to run director Paul's temporary loss of short-term memory) twice - I think we can all agree they deserve at least 2 pats on the back. We also had more milestones being celebrated than usual - congratulations to Reigate regulars Mike Williams and Barry Shields, each running their 150th, another Reigate regular Ian Adlam running his 100th and to Nicola Heath, John Fry and Graham Spring all running their 50th.

Best of all, an incredible 40 of today's parkrunners were taking part in their very first parkrun, joining the 706,229 who did so around the world in 2018. We are delighted to have you with us and hope that this is the start of #parkrunForever for you and not just a brief attempt on the back of a New Year's resolution. We applaud those 13 runners today were returning for their 2nd parkrun (3 having previously tried another parkrun, 10 returning to Reigate) two of whom were completing their 2nd in 5 days having started only on New Year's Day. Bravo!

Female first finisher today was Nicole AIREY, for the 11th time at Reigate (though Nicole also has an impressive list of 4 other parkruns where she has finished first). Male first finisher for the first time today was Felix SMITHSON, reward for a series of 6 consecutive PB's. And the kudos for the best age-graded performance of the day (76%) went to Graham BULL. Great running all of you.

Finally for those who are not already aware (and I suspect that if you are even reading the run report you will be, but it can't do any harm to repeat it), the regular Saturday 9am event takes place next week, the 12th, but there is no Reigate Priory parkrun on the 19th because of a cross-country event taking place in the park that day. Other local parkruns will run as usual so it is an opportunity to try one of our nearest neighbours: Banstead Woods, Mole Valley, Riddlesdown, Nonsuch , Roundshaw Downs, Tilgate, or somewhere further afield. See the list of our local friends here

This week 387 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 57 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Andrew PATRICK • Paul CHANDLER • Anthony Stuart COLLINS • Gill MCMASTER • Mike WILLIAMS • Fraser MULLEN • Moray CAREY • Bruce MASCALL • Gareth HODGSON • David NEUMANN • Barbara MCLAUGHLAN • Daniel GROSSETT • Shaun HOOPER • Simon SCARSBROOK • Geraldine GALLAGHER • Ian ADLAM • Alex HEFFER • Linda FALLON • Colin SMITH • Drew ORAM • Caitriana MORGAN • Ruth EVANS • Olly EVANS • Jo SMITH • Graham WILLIAMS • Ian MORRIS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reigate Priory parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura GENT who recorded a time of 18:19 on 27th August 2016 (event number 128).
The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:37 on 8th October 2016 (event number 134).
The Age Grade course record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded 85.49% (15:37) on 8th October 2016 (event number 134).

Reigate Priory parkrun started on 22nd March 2014. Since then 8,207 participants have completed 51,877 parkruns covering a total distance of 259,385 km, including 10,064 new Personal Bests. A total of 419 individuals have volunteered 5,039 times.


252 – Jogmanay Special

Reigate Priory parkrun – report by Moray Carey, 1st Jan 2019
In football parlance it was a “late kick off” as the 252nd Reigate Priory parkrun did not get underway until 10.30am, providing the opportunity for “First Footers” to run at earlier starting parkruns such as Tilgate at 9am.

Another benefit for starting the New Year’s Day edition of the parkrun later (or Hogmanay edition if I may refer to it in Caledonian terms in deference to my part Scottish ancestry) was that it allowed a longer recovery time (if needed) from seeing the New Year in the night before.

Conditions were temperate and the Priory was bathed in sunshine. Of the 332 who participated:

• 59 were experiencing the Reigate Priory parkrun for the first time
• 39 achieved course pb’s (including first person home, Fraser Mullen)

3rd finisher, Mike Trees, recorded the highest age grading of 81.58%

There were parkrun tourists from Harlow, Richmond, Bushy Park, Devon, Banstead Woods – and Tokyo! 30 different organisations were represented including clubs in Surrey, Greater London, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire and Essex.

The following milestones were reached today - 150 parkruns by Naveed Ahmed, James Webb and Tracey Jessup (Bill had chalked up his 150 earlier at Tilgate); and 50 parkruns by Jessica Maranzano, Scott Singleton and Mike Coveney.

Reigate Priory parkrun 252
Moray briefs the First Timers

In keeping with the occasion I would like to end with a verse penned by the great Scottish Bard, Robbie Burns, which also has a tenuous running connection:

“We twa hae run about the braes
And pu’d the gowans fine
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot
Sin Auld Lang Syne”.

“A guid New Year and mony may ye see” / “A Happy New Year “
and to our Japanese visitors “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu”

This edition of the parkrun was made possible by the following volunteers:

Ian ADLAM, Hilary BAXTER, Moray CAREY, Paul CHANDLER, Cheryl COSTELLO, Gary DERWENT, Justin FOWLES, Adrian GRANT, Daniel GROSSETT, Gareth HODGSON, Kate HOLAH, Kevin IRVINE, Patrick JENN, Susan JENN, Stephen LEWIS, Ruthie LEWIS, Theo Simon LEWIS, Hugo Thomas LEWIS, Gusie Timothy LEWIS, Thomas LONGLEY, Gill MCMASTER, David MOODY, Ian MORRIS, Jo SMITH, Colin SMITH, Sheila WELLS, Mike WILLIAMS, Kerstin WONDERS


251 – A speedy end to 2018

Reigate Priory parkrun Event number 251 29th December 2018
This week 294 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

Parkrun is for everyone, fast or slow, walking or running and we like to welcome tourists from near and far, and to encourage participation - a reminder that no-one finishes last at parkrun: you will always have the tail-walker behind you. But sometimes it is right to concentrate on the speed merchants. The final parkrun of the year at Dulwich saw the second-fastest ever parkrun, and we had a similarly stellar performance at Reigate Priory, where Luke CALDWELL running only his 3rd parkrun, and first here at Reigate, ran the second-fastest ever time at Reigate Priory, just 7 seconds off our course record. Well done Luke, and also well done to the volunteers - Reigate can be a tricky course and when you have someone as far out in front as Luke it is down to the marshalls and other volunteers to give the runner the instructions they need not to go off-track. Female first finisher was Sarah PEMBERTON who has run Reigate Priory parkrun 6 times now and has finished as first female on every occasion - a very impressive record too.

Back to the start and we welcomed visitors from Bath, Fulham, Bristol, Northampton and Somerset - we are very glad to have you with us and hope you will be back again soon. We congratulated Jonathan LOWTHER on his 100th parkrun (96 at Reigate Priory) and should also have congratulated Joanne GAYWOOD on her 100th (85 at Reigate Priory) and Andrew TELFORD on his 50th parkrun (40 at Reigate Priory).

Well done to those 20 of you who came for your very first parkrun ever - we hopw you will make it back for many more. And well done to the 14 who came for their second parkrun - very pleased to see that you are getting the bug and we also hope to see you frequently in the future.

Finally a quick reminder that our New Year’s Day run takes place at 10.30 allowing those who have really caught the bug to “do the double” by visiting our neighbours at Tilgate first for their run at 9am.

Thank-you to the 28 brilliant volunteers who made the event possible:

Andrew PATRICK • Paul CHANDLER • James HOLAH • Stephen LEWIS • Gill MCMASTER • Mike WILLIAMS • Moray CAREY • Peter ARNOLD • Gareth HODGSON • David NEUMANN • Daniel GROSSETT • Hilary BAXTER • Adrian GRANT • Kate HOLAH • Ian ADLAM • Kerstin WONDERS • Colin SMITH • Nicholas R LEWIS • Drew ORAM • David MOODY • Ruth EVANS • Olly EVANS • Clair LANDIMORE • Jo SMITH • Yasmin WAPLES • Elizabeth JENN • Laura SHALLCROSS • Susan JENN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Reigate Priory parkrun Results Page.


250 – Milestones and a Merry Christmas!

If Reigate Priory parkrun was a person, it would be sending off for its dark green t-shirt now. Yes, not only was it Christmas Day it was also our 250th event here at Reigate Priory parkrun. 195 of you chose to start off your Christmas by running, walking and jogging our course including 18 of you who had never run Reigate before and 9 of you who were new to parkrun all together. It being the festive period we had a healthy crop of tourists visiting us from Newcastle to Newquay and number of places in between. You are all very welcome and will have two more chances to try out Reigate Priory parkrun in the next week, with our normal Saturday run on 29th December and then our New Year’s Day run at 10.30 allowing those who have really caught the bug to “do the double” by visiting our neighbours at Tilgate first for their run at 9am.

It wasn’t only Reigate Priory who had reached a milestone, a number of our regular runners and volunteers had something to celebrate. Colin Smith, often to be found co-ordinating volunteers and processing results, reached his 100th parkrun (94 at Reigate). In the Lewis family Hugo has reached the amazing total of 200 parkruns (160 at Reigate). Mum Esther meanwhile ran her 100th parkrun on Christmas Day (68 at Reigate Priory) and marked the occasion by acting as tail walker with daughter Ruthie (who is on an impressive 65 runs). Well done all!

We hope you enjoyed your festive parkrun fix and were well set up for the rest of the day. We must finish by giving huge thanks to our team of Christmas Day volunteers who set out the course, ensured the event happened safely and then took down the course before heading off for their Christmas:

Paul CHANDLER • Nigel COLLINS • Tracey JESSUP • Theo Simon LEWIS • Esther LEWIS • Stephen LEWIS • Beryl STRUGNELL • Mike WILLIAMS • Lindsay MIDDLETON-SCARR • Bruce MASCALL • Brian TIERNEY • Hilary BAXTER • Julie MASCALL • Colin SMITH • Sandy BAXTER • Ruthie LEWIS • Ann WALSHE • David MOODY • Jo SMITH • Elizabeth JENN • Martin CROUCH • Georgia TUCKETT • Patrick JENN • Ian MORRIS

See you all on 29th December for our final run of 2018!

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