Richmond parkrun 543 – 13th January 2018

It was cold but sunny for the 512 finishers. This is the fourth highest attendance ever and comes after the record 564 last week with people putting their new year’s resolutions into effect!

There were 26 first timers and 55 parkrun tourists making their first appearance at Richmond Park. There were 62 PBs including most notably Sean MUNGOVAN VM60-64 in his 238th run finishing in 23:13 and an age related percentage of 70.28%. His PB comes after a PB of 23:47 last week when he broke his PB of 23:50 set in June 2013.

22 of the runners have completed over 250 parkruns with Franz Werndle VM65-69 on his 456th run!!

Important milestones were reached by David ELLIOTT VM35-39 and Sonia KOHOL VW45-49 who both completed their 100th and earned their coveted black running top. Danielle DASGUPTA SW30-34, Austen LEITCH JM15-17 and Martin FITZSIMONS SM30-34 have now all got through the 50 run barrier and gained their red running tops.

St Mary’s Kate BROWN SW25-29 was first woman home in a PB of 18:50; in second on 20:20 was Ranelagh’s Adrienne BADDELEY VW35-39 in 20:45 and third was St Mary’s Libby BROWN SW18-19 in 22:05.

First over the line was “Unknown”. St Mary’s Richmond AC’s Connor PATTERSON SM20-24 was first known man home in 17:40 (73.88%) with St Mary’s College’s Thomas ZIEGEL SM18-19 in second in 18:16 with Tom BRADLEY SM18-19 from Ranelagh six seconds further back

Patricia AINLEY VW65-69, who finished in 26:08 had the highest age related percentage of 79.97%. Just behind her was Margie MARSHALL VW60-64 on 78.84%. Third was the leading woman, Kate BROWN SW25-29 with an age weighted 78.58% The best man was John SANDHU VM45-49 who came sixth overall in 18:43 and an age related 78.18%.

…and a big thank you to our volunteers without whom this event could not take place: :Yusuf ALI, Susy BEAN, Graham BROOK, Max BURROWS, Angela CATTO, Greig CATTO, Francesca CREASY, Jazz DALE, Phil DAVIES, Jasmine GILLMORE, Richard GODDARD-JONES, Elisabeth GORES, Edward HAWKINS, Mark HOLLIS, Andreas HOLLIS, Seren JONES, Serge LOURIE, George RUTLEY, Faye SHAW, Steve THOMAS

…and FINALLY. Between us, we have run 690,380km in Richmond parkrun and each run has had an average of just over 254 participants.

Happy running to all

Serge Lourie VM70-74


Richmond parkrun 542 – 6th January 2018

New year new you

So read a poster near our local tube and I wonder if some of our first timers had taken that slogan to heart. Certainly, Richmond saw a bumper field with numbers reaching well into the 500s. 564 to be precise. It doesn’t seem long ago since it was a feat to top 500.

In line with the large numbers descending on Richmond Park we had 76 first timers, 31 of whom were tackling their first ever parkrun. No doubt there were some New Year’s resolutions in there among motivations for a first run, but we hope parkrun proves one that is easy to keep.

New Year resolutions are typically associated with some kind of denial or anticipated hard work – watch less TV, get fitter, eat less, drink less and so on. In fact, the media is always awash with various refrains around new starts, new this, new that – all urging us to pledge to make a change in our lifestyles. Whilst often being linked to the ills of modern life, resolutions do in fact have roots back to ancient times. The Romans were known to make resolutions to the god Janus after whom January was named. Some sources quote the Babylonians as committing to resolutions but in mid-March when crops were first sown.

Our modern goals may be less lofty and more individual than in those times, but resolutions are often broken, even before the end of January. We think parkrun could break that mould. Commit to do a parkrun every week or even once every month and you are on to a winner. What is not to like? A sociable and friendly environment, the opportunity to go at your own pace be it running or walking AND still complete, and if permissible within your resolutions, a coffee afterwards.

This week’s parkrun had somewhat of a festive atmosphere despite the period having passed. There was a buzz of conversations around activities over the break which sounded like a real holiday brochure - skiing, winter snow, sunshine, beaches, long haul flights. It was truly exciting to listen to!

The run had many highlights too. Unique to our park, we had a line of fallow deer looking curiously at the run as we topped the hill in the first kilometre. They seemed to be playing a game of ‘who goes first’ as they warily decided whether to cross the course and brave the stream of runners in bright coloured clothing. They must have thought better of it as the first in line turned and the rest followed suit thankfully. Deer and runners don’t mix!

Throughout the field participants had their own highlights. Joining the 10 club were Isabelle WHITEHILL, Harry ALLEN and Shams-Ed-Din FATAH who achieved a PB of one minute and forty-nine seconds. There were five people who marked the new year with their 100 landmark. Well done to Jane WRIGHT and David STEPHENSON who debuted here, Steve Baker who achieved a PB, Terry GARRETT, and also Elisa FERRUA who celebrated the occasion with a cake. There was some debate as to where to store the cake during the run to keep it safe from inquisitive dogs, and not to mention errant deer. A spot was soon found to hang the cake well above the ground.

Among the many PBers Connor PATTERSON knocked 8 seconds off his PB and combined it with second across the line. Sean MUNGOVAN also sliced 10 seconds of his previous best at his 237th attempt and four and a half years after his last PB. Obviously the new year had brought renewed strength and powers.

Our team of volunteers kept the large field in check, the finish funnel moving and managed to produce times for us all despite threats of technical glitches. Well done and thank you to all - Andreas HOLLIS, Andy CAIE, Angela CATTO, Anna HEBBES, Clare HEBBES, Clive LESTER, Edward HAWKINS, Elio ZENTILIN, Elisabeth GORES, Elizabeth DAVIES, Faye SHAW, Francesca CREASY, Franz WERNDLE, Gareth Vaughan JONES, Greig CATTO, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH, Jasmine GILLMORE,  Kate O'DOHERTY,, Laura BURWELL, Lloyd Temple CAMP, Maia LEWIS, Marguerite POULTER, Mark ORMISTON, Martin LANGLANDS, Seren JONES, Serge LOURIE, Simon MORSE, Sonia KOHOL, Yusuf ALI  and Zanny LEWIS.

Perhaps we can all put volunteering on our New Year’s resolution list. As we’d all attest to, it’s never a penance but good fun! Happy New Year and Happy Parkrunning!

Lindsey Annable


Richmond parkrun 540 – 30th December 2017

The Galaxy reaches out – December 30th, 2017

In a galaxy far, far away people no longer run. The Dark force gets stronger.

Whilst their brains have grown, human’s body muscles have diminished. Everything they now do is thought activated. The people no longer move around with ease under their own power. Simple pleasures their ancestors enjoyed, such as recreation and procreation, they no longer participate in. They visualise exercise, which has been sufficiently satisfying with imaginary flying and battles like races won. But now, they must change before they evolve to just being a spirit in the sky, at which point their life circle would be complete, and they would be no more. The ‘dark side’ (eating of sugar and binge drinking) is getting stronger, and the resistance needs to be awakened, but it cannot be done easily - a collective rising-up to run from every individual is necessary. A call has gone out to the universe, and news has been received of the earthly parkrun resistance being championed from Richmond Park.

Rey has journeyed here to see what Luke and her ancestors are doing. How wet the ground is, the bright light and the strong winds of 15 Celsius plus surprise her. First, she meets the grass munching Roe Deer as she walks across old Henry’s fields, but finds it impossible to communicate with creatures that seem particularly odorous and uninterested in her countryman’s and the galaxies predicament.

Her people desperately needed the earthling runner’s support with secrets for good health and happiness.

So, from her positions in the bracken Rey pays particular attention to the first timers briefing. She is impressed with the Ally Pickard, the course director, giving her run briefing she looks like a Jedi Lady rallying her troops with her loudhailer. It fills Rey with hope as she hears that parkrun is a wonderful friendly community event with circa 1,000,000 runners. It is organised by volunteers every weekend who often go along for the ‘charm and companionship’ of their fellow runners. Could this be the needed uprising, which would save many lives and improve the quality for others in her galaxy?

From Ally she hears more - the ‘inclusive peoples event’ and the ‘golden rules’ to appreciate the extraordinary pinnacles of physical and mental advancement achieved by the Richmond Park Runners - apparently the envy of the earthling running community.

Ally introduced and thanked the following 17 volunteers who were marshalling, lead biking, tail running and generally helping, etc.

Kyoko MURAKAMI • Ally PICKARD • Steve THOMAS • Andy CAIE • Ian HARRISON • Sue CAMP • Lloyd Temple CAMP • Kate O'DOHERTY • Malek SHARIF • Jain REID • Seren JONES • Faye SHAW • Manju PATWARI • Robert HILLHOUSE • Lucy WESTENBERGER • Mark HOLLIS • Andreas HOLLIS

The start was a rush with leaders ploughing and splashing through the mud and then charging up to Richmond Gate. Although parkrun is not a competitive ‘race’ some seemed to be taking it seriously like Maeve Quigley who despite the strong winds and with 15 others recorded new Personal Bests of the 326 running, jogging and walking the course which included 44 first timers. This is unheard of in a galaxy where people are getting slower and in reality, are constantly achieving PW’s.

Rey saw many runners who were able to stretch out their legs down to Two Storm Wood with the galactic like wind behind them. All the runners were in jolly spirits despite sweating disconcertingly with heavy breathing. They seemed to keep their heads up high, focusing on the distant Sheen Wood as they came up the slope towards Sheen Gate. The rise up from Sheen Gate to Bog Gate was a long tough one into the face of a true star-burst wind, but they pushed on. Her people, she reflected are becoming more bowed down with the weight of their craniums and totter along on spindly little legs.

Her people like many humans here need help. The resistance must universally awaken the fight against poor health

The rules of respect demonstrated to other park users she realised were fundamental to life in any galaxy.

Although the reliance on barcodes is an obsolete method of monitoring it still held a certain charm and generated the interesting results as follows:

Male Placings :

Ralph STREET 16:38

Euan LEES 18:10

Edward FRANCIS 18:50

Female placings:

Isabelle FRANCO JW 15-17 19:53
Adrienne BADDELEY 21:27
Tania HERNANDEZ 21:43

Special congratulations to:

James LEWIS achieved the highest age grading 82.06%
Francessca CREASY on achieving 50 runs
Ama Patel on achieving 50 runs
Lucy WILDING on achieving 50 runs
Andrew RITCHIE on achieving 50 runs
Lee HHUGHES on achieving 50 runs
Heather BINNEY on achieving 100 run
Hazel MCDUELL on achieving 150 runs
Neil BATSFORD on achieving 200 runs.

Good luck to all of you that are working towards your personal goals in 2018.

Let the Force be with you - Ian / Charlie Harrison


Richmond parkrun 539 – Christmas Day

Christmas Day parkrun 

Until we found parkrun, we would usually be at church on Christmas morning.  Thank goodness there was a Christmas Eve service at our local church, so we could attend the Christmas Day parkrun.  

All four of my children received a variety of running gifts and I was pleased to say that they all ran on Christmas Day, whilst my eldest volunteered by giving the first timers briefing.  I decided to film the run on my Go Pro to try and capture the essence of Richmond parkrun and started from the back to see if I could try and get the majority of people in the film.

Christmas Day was a typical winters day in London, mild and damp; even though the course was very muddy in places, it didn't really rain during the run.  407 people decided to run 5km on Christmas morning and earn the right to eat what they liked later in the day.  Can you believe that nearly 20% of the field (74 people) were recorded as unknowns.  Had they all forgotten their barcodes or decided at the last minute to run with family members and not record their run!  This makes my stomach turn just thinking of running the parkrun and it not going towards my overall parkrun stats! We have found that the parkrun wristband as an ideal investment for Saturday mornings as they work in all weathers and we gave one to my youngest (age 10) and most reluctant runner for Christmas; which we think motivated her to give the run a go that morning.  On a more positive note, we had 59 first timers and 26 people ran a PB.  Tom Armstrong was the first to finish with a PB on his 39th run, coming home in 18:27 and is the quickest form London Welsh's RFC running club.

Going through the results page to see if there are interesting stories and I'm always looking for significant landmarks and interesting stats. Barry and Fiona Whatley both ran their 250th run on Christmas Day at Richmond; what great timing for the couple. They are both parkrun tourists and have ran at over 30 different venues and including the same St Peters Parkrun in Sydney, Australia that my family ran when we visited in 2016. Congratulations to the both of you.  Most people who read the newsletter are obviously supporters of the event and understand the benefits of parkrun.  Personally, the opportunity for families to run together and to be active has to be up there for me and particularly for teenagers, this delivers an opportunity for them to keep fit in an uncompetitive environment.  My eldest daughter really enjoys running now and loves the volunteering aspect of the run. She is nearing 100 now and that will be a special occasion in our house.  So on that note, congratulations to Freya Barnes for reaching her 50th run, I'm sure her father Gordon (131 parkruns) is proud as punch and already ordered the Landmark T shirt. There are some additional landmarks below.


Barry Whatley 250
Fiona Whatley 250
Angela Catto 200
Elizabeth Orr 150
Thomas Ziegel 100
Mike Hall 50
Freya Barnes 50

Below is my video of Christmas Day parkrun at Richmond park. 

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Kyoko MURAKAMI • Andy CAIE • Laura COUSINS • Lesley Helen FOOTE • Alastair RITCHIE • Lynda CHASE • Nick CATTO • Tim LANGTON • Chris BULGER • Malek SHARIF • Gareth Vaughan JONES • Seren JONES • Manju PATWARI • Karolina JOYNATHSING • Hadi KHATAMIZADEH • Robert HILLHOUSE • Gavin HILLHOUSE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond parkrun Results Page.

Gareth V Jones
178 parkruns


Richmond parkrun 538 – 23 December 2017

Thank you to everyone who turned up today to run, walk, volunteer and to spectate. No matter what the weather, it is always a pleasure to run 'the best parkrun in the world' at Richmond. I generally prefer the cold, sunny winter mornings, but last Saturday was damp and the course was very wet in places; which meant most people were covered in mud.

Apart from my family, my other passions in life are London Welsh and parkrun. They are often intertwined; more of which later. I am a big believer in the benefits of your supporting your local community, keeping active and volunteering; all of which you can achieve at both these organisations

I'm currently a director of London Welsh and whilst the professional team is no longer with us, we are a local club in Kew, with over 1200 members, with quite a few of the people having some link to Wales, but it isn't necessary. We play in Herts & Middlesex 1 (Level 9 of rugby) and we get over 500 to watch our games; so why don't you come along to watch - it is free to get in. I mention this, as I was Minis Chairman for 5 years and my successor, Marcus Wuest (not a Welsh person, but has been involved with the cub for over fifteen years) chose to break his parkrun duck at Richmond Park with many of the London Welsh family. My eldest daughter, was delivering the first timer briefing, Matt Calabria - was the lead cyclist and we had in total 9 runners from our rugby family participating in today's run; with Edward Newton getting a PB of 20:23 on his 24th run.

There were 33 from Ranelagh Harriers, 9 London Welsh, 8 Stragglers, and a few from St Mary's. Parkrun is an event for everyone, so it is great to see many people who do run and are not necessarily part of a running club; but they are part of the parkrun club!.

I spoke to Matt, who was on the lead bike today and he mentioned that he found leading the run quite enthralling as there were five runners going at quite a pace and he had to put quite a bit of effort in to keep ahead of them. They seem to inspire each other as there was only 13 seconds between them at the finish, with Benjamin Toomer coming first in 16.02, who was a first timer at Richmond, but running his 63 parkrun. Kate Brown was the first female back in 18:40, running her 41st parkrun.

Katie Lee and Judith Clarkson ran there 50th Parkrun today
Jamie Clubb his 10th

There are quite a few just one run one away from a milestone, so there should be quite a roll call should they all decide to run on parkrun day; oh sorry! Christmas Day. I'm personally looking forward to Richmond parkrun having their first 500 club parkrunner. Frank Wendell is on 451, so with a fair wind he could be celebrating 500 this time next year. He would join an exclusive club as there are only about 13people who have ran this many parkruns across the U.K, with Darren Moore leading the way on an incredible 645.

This week 416 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 38 recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Kyoko MURAKAMI • Ally PICKARD • Andy CAIE • Joanne CAIE • Fiona WHATLEY • Kate TURNBULL • Kate O'DOHERTY • Mathew CALABRIA • Malek SHARIF • Juliette COOPER • Gareth Vaughan JONES • Seren JONES • Faye SHAW • Jasmine GILLMORE • George RUTLEY • Katie LEE • Lucy WESTENBERGER • Mark HOLLIS • Olivia COWDRY • Andreas HOLLIS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond parkrun Results Page.

Please remember, that we have an additional parkrun on Christmas Day which will commence promptly at 9am. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Merry Christmas
Gareth V Jones (A721896)
177 parkruns.

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