Richmond parkrun event 511 – 17th June 2017



I did have other ideas for today's report however with recent events I wanted to briefly reflect on what is continuing to unfold and I hope you all share in the sadness of late and that all those affected are in our thoughts and prayers.


Over the last 12 months our country has been through some tough and stressful times with no sign of things getting any easier. But there is a ray of light and that is the British spirit within all of us that won't lay down and will get up, dust ourselves down and muck in together to help each other through these challenging times. I want to say that all the love and help and kindness that has been shown across the country to those in need has made me feel very proud of the people in our country. I think it is in our darkest times that we see the brave, courageous and loving nature of the British people.


So today I'll turn to the words of the politician Jo Cox who sadly lost her life a year ago, “we have more in common than divides us”. At parkrun we have more than most in common with each other. There are many events to remember her and one of the best ways suggested is to reconcile with people you may have fallen out with or to start a new friendship with a neighbour. Maybe you could get talking to other parkrunners for the first time and make new friendships.


This weekends weather has been more like Costa del sol rather than Costa del Britain. I hope you all take care to use sun cream and keep hydrated especially if you’re running in the heat. Nine o'clock this Saturday morning it was very warm and slowed most of us down a little however the heat seemed to have no affect at the front of the field.


So to this weeks stats: this week 401 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.


The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:


Wonderbrawn BROWN • Bill NEELY • Coralie DAVISON • Tim CURRY • Rosie LEYDEN • David PENNELL • Gary WIMBLEDON • Peter BUTLER • Linda FULFORD • Charlie MULLEN • Malek SHARIF • Leeanne BRYCE • Felix ADAMS • Juliette COOPER • Gareth Vaughan JONES • Evan JONES • James RITCHIE • Osian JONES • Seren JONES • Gary LEE • Hadi KHATAMIZADEH • Maia LEWIS • Zanny LEWIS


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond parkrun Results Page.


Male placings:
Alex MILNE (SM25-29) of Enfield & Haringey AC, was first over the line in 16:14 - first appearance.
An unknown runner was second however I've tracked him down as a visitor from Australia, Tom Do-Canto. Unfortunately I can't find his time,
Dan HIGGINS (VM35-39) of Highgate Harriers, was third over the line in 17:19 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.


Female placings:
Claire ALTMANN (SW30-34) of Thames Hare & Hounds, was first (36th overall) over the line in 21:37 - 4th time in 21 appearances.
Ella FRYER (JW11-14) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was second (40th overall) over the line in 21:51 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.
Emme D'ALTON (VW40-44) (Unattached) was third (58th overall) over the line in 22:42.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Alex MILNE (SM25-29) – 79.47% for the time 16:14 (first overall).
Dan HIGGINS (VM35-39) – 77.67% for the time 17:19 (third overall).
Colette HEWITT (VW55-59) – 76.75% for the time 23:35 (79th overall).


The female record is held by Lucy HASELL who recorded a time of 00:17:11 on 17th September 2011 (event number 203).
The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 00:14:58 on 17th September 2011 (event number 203).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 95.43% (21:54) on 27th September 2014 (event number 363).


Richmond parkrun started on 20th October 2007. Since then 16,827 participants have completed 125,121 parkruns covering a total distance of 625,605 km, including 20,444 new Personal Bests.


Keep safe and happy running :)


Gary Wimbledon


Richmond parkrun 510 – 10th June 2017



420 of us came to the Richmond 5 km parkrun on Saturday, of whom 49 had never run here before, and many of those were first timers. 46 people achieved PB’s, which was awesome. Lots of people arrived early chatting and enjoying the fresh air. There was a lovely atmosphere of old friends and like-minded people coming together for a weekly catch up in Richmond Park at its best. The sky was blue with a few small fluffy white clouds moving quite quickly.


If you are thinking of starting to run a bit further please do come and enjoy this wonderful event where you will feel most welcome.


David Pennell, the run director of the day, was succinct with his briefing with barely a reference to the unmentionable election but with praise and recognition for those of us who have done well and contributed in the past. He emphasised the need for us to seed ourselves at the start with the sub 20-minute finishers at the front. 40-minute finishers at the back with the dogs and the buggies. This means that if we are going to finish in around 25 minutes and under 30 minutes we should be around the middle of the starting path.

Richmond is an interesting course, and the park looked particularly fantastic, very lush and green at the beginning of the summer. We can ease into our running on the initial up and undulating slope of the1st km and then opportunity to go fast on the 2nd km, which is all down hill. It was a warm run with a surprising breeze on our backs as we ran from the roundabout at the bottom of Sawyers Hill up towards Sheen Gate on the 3rd Km. The question is how much do the previous km’s take out of us for the long slow climb on the 4th km? I don’t know the answer. We all have different ways of approaching our special course here at Richmond, unlike a flat course where there is an accepted approach. I like the supporters on the final 500 metres who shout out words of encouragement. Aren’t runners a great bunch of people!

One of the notable key technology comments I heard people saying is how they love their Strava segments, Strava challenges and Strava stalking. I think the consensus is that Fitbit is a better runners watch than Garmin. I have had five Garmins which were fine but a bit like having a desktop with windows that every so often has a melt down and behaves badly rather than just getting on with doing what it is supposed to, like an Apple product.
The leading men:


Jordan MUNGOVAN (SM30-34) of Ranelagh Harriers, was first over the line in 17:33 - 11th time in 24 appearances.

Euan LEES (VM40-44) of Ful-On Tri, was second over the line in 18:03 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions.

Dasos GONNELLA (SM30-34) (Unattached) was third over the line in 18:09.

The leading ladies:


Elisa FERRUA (VW35-39) of Ranelagh Harriers, was first (69th overall) over the line in 22:53 - first time in 76 appearances.

Wiebke KORTUM (VW45-49) of Ranelagh Harriers, was second (71st overall) over the line in 22:56 - was first to finish once before.

Hazel MACLEAN (SW20-24) (Unattached) was third (72nd overall) over the line in 22:59.
Well done to our local club Ranelagh.

Congratulations on their landmarks to:

Neil Chesterton 300
Stephen Wilcock 100
Keith Rimmer 100
Nicola Grindle 100


Notable landmarks coming up:

Trevor Patterson achieved so far 249
Jacqueline Millett achieved so far 199
Jeremy Day achieved so far 198

The three highest age grades were recorded by:

Patricia AINLEY (VW65-69) – 80.09% for the time 25:42

Margie MARSHALL (VW60-64) – 79.37% for the time 24:48

Euan LEES (VM40-44) – 77.38% for the time 18:03 (second overall).

Interesting our fastest times ever recorded were on the same day,17th September 2011 (event number 203) - the female record was Lucy HASELL who recorded a time of 00:17:11 on and the male record was Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 00:14:58 .

As usual a big thank you to the 23 volunteers who made the event possible:



Christopher READ • Ally PICKARD • Simon KING • Jane YELLOLY • Tim CURRY • Martin LANGLANDS • Lesley Helen FOOTE • Suzanne WISE • Kate TURNBULL • David PENNELL • Peter BUTLER • Ronan MCGINN • Mike ROWELL • Malek SHARIF • Susanna BERRY • Felix ADAMS • Christopher COOPER • Evan JONES • Osian JONES • Maia LEWIS • Zanny LEWIS • Camille DE LAURENS CASTELET

Finally, it was great to see representatives of 26 different clubs taking part

I look forward to seeing you all soon. Happy running.

Ian Harrison


Richmond parkrun 509 – 3rd June 2017

Choose a path


If we only walk the same path then we will always end up at the same place. It’s easy not to. Just start in a different direction to the usual or explore a new path half way through. If you are coming to our favourite parkrun, start earlier or finish later (as many of us do and did this morning) and explore other parts and delights of the park, enjoying our little areas of paradise. Of course, it’s always a good idea to finish off where you left the car or back at your front door.


I was moved recently by a documentary about Hawaii, where it showed the explosion in tourism, by people seeking paradise, was a major cause of its deterioration and the plastic ingestion by albatrosses in the surrounding ocean, from many sources, decimating them. The majority of the population welcome visitors in the traditional Hawaiian way, the spirit of ohana. They never did it for the money, not even with Captain Cook. They lived in paradise, they wanted to share it. They couldn’t buy better! This is not unique to Hawaii. By running along a path anywhere, we will cause minimal wear and tear, often following animal trails, so they too must bear their fair share of the responsibility.


This brought me back to our parkruns, of which there are many and increasing worldwide. Are they going to have a negative environmental impact? The Richmond Park authorities were concerned that we would have a large impact on the small route we run, for an hour, once a week. Apart from a small amount of wear and tear on the 40m of grass approaching the finish line I like to think of it as minimal especially compared to the many other visitors that use the park.


Of course, if you look at the Richmond area on Google Earth, the park is the biggest individual green space. However, within a 3km band of the perimeter of the park there are no less than 9 different golf courses, the biggest actually in the park, with their combined area close to that of Richmond Park. The grooves of the fairways on the original landscape can be seen from 50km of altitude. The paths we and also many ‘other animals’ use; only 6km. Maybe the golfers feel they too are protecting the environment in their way. To all of us it is our little area of paradise.


I was fortunate to recently run the young Treviso parkrun in Northern Italy, two laps of narrow woodland paths; a delight. And, like all other parkruns, socially welcoming similar to the spirit of ohana, wanting to share their run route and their area. Again the impact to the environment at the end was trivial but the benefits to all that participated were great. We were parkrun tourists along with a couple who organise the Florida parkrun. Their holiday route included Italian parkruns. They told me parkruns were initially viewed with suspicion in US because it was totally free.


As we often see in our own visitors to Richmond parkrun, and today was no exception with visitors from as far away as Australia, South Africa, Ireland and quite a few from the UK. In fact at least 32 first time tourists in a field of 454 of us, so with those that come more than once, around 10% in total. All were very welcomed. We are truly an international family. So, if you are a regular and don’t recognise a face, go up to them and say hello! You may end up running with them in another part of the world.


This morning was beautiful in temperature and sunshine. The fallow deer at Sawyer’s Hill and, at the 3k point, the red deer stags with their maturing antlers, were there to show off to our visitors and those of us that love seeing them.


Being the first Saturday of the month the run started with the pacers strategically scattered in the starting funnel as instructed, holding up their time challenge for all to see, but there were so many runners packed between the tapes that I ended up at my usual starting point near the back. I’ll have to do the 45min pacer next time.


Near the front the speedy ones came in with Michael Waddington first on his first appearance, in a time of 17:09, and, one of today’s tourists. He was followed close behind, by Nick Marriage in 17:27 and Dan Afshar in 17:39.


In the ladies placing; Kate Brown, close to the lead males, gave them a run for their money coming in at 18:21 in 8th place with this week’s highest age grade of 80.65%. This was her 11th ladies’ first in 15 appearances. Keeping her close company were Sarah Winter in 19:55 and Vicki Brown in 20:05.


Incredibly, (and I’m quite a bit jealous) young James Lewis, JM10, from Winchester and District AC and therefore probably another parkrun tourist, achieved a 19:46 (a good year) PB, on his 10th and free tee shirt run, with an age grade of 79.85%. I hope he had a responsible adult running alongside him. Apart from young James, there were 76 other PBs this week. Well done all of you and I hope to bring my 6 year old granddaughter with me next week to pace me and help me improve my time. The third highest age grade, and equally praiseworthy, was Dan Afsar (already mentioned) with 79.7%.


Getting their 100 tee shirts this week were Karen Harbert, with a PB and daughter (way ahead of mum) Jessica Harbert, JW 15-17. Fergus James Henderson got his 50 tee shirt and a PB along with Ross Flynn.


As always, these parkruns cannot be done without the help of the many volunteers who give and share their time to help all of us. This week there were 29 of us. Great thanks to all. Their names are at the bottom of the results page.


Elio Zentilin


Richmond Park event 508 – 27th May 2017

The Heat's On!

Well, we’re not that good in the heat. We love the idea of a sunny Bank Holiday weekend and the park was looking its vibrant best, but when it comes to running few of us thrive in the temperatures of yesterday.


Run director Michael Glazebrook started the briefing with the familiar ‘Welcome to the…. Best…. parkrun… in… the…. world’ and then introduced us to parkrun visitors who by implication have come from inferior events. Still, they smiled and seemed grateful to be singled out. As a loyal Richmond parkrunner and having sampled roughly only 5 or 6 other events I have to agree with Mike, and given parkrun is about the taking part and not the competition I am loth to be drawn into the debate.


The Beast’ (otherwise known as Lily the svelte pug) was on hand to keep all under 11s with their responsible adult and we set off in the usual, vaguely, staggered start. Faster runners at the front working back to dogs and buggies at the back. It can take over 40 seconds to cross the start line and I have given up on thinking that I can ever get a personal best if I start where I usually start which is about half way back.


There is a pinch-point after the turn at Richmond Gate which I assume faster runners never encounter. Still, it’s sociable. At this point this week the heat hadn’t quite hit home. Jolliness was the predominant mood and the downhill towards Sheen roundabout was misleadingly bearable. My running friend and I were going ‘okay’ given we had given each other a pre-run excuse of having had busy weeks. It was the grassy slope which started to exert its usual cruel reminder of our frailty.


A 5.25 pace rapidly slowed but we were not alone and the arrival and flagging down of an ambulance suggested others may be in trouble. It may seem particularly puny to those parkrunners from Australia or South Africa but British faces turned puce, usual banter and chat rapidly petered out and feet shuffled. All I could suggest to my friend is that we accept that we could walk faster but at least try to keep our ‘form’. It’s at moments like this that you notice runners wearing earphones - their footfall seems to be heavier, their breathing more noisy - it’s fascinating that our running can be affected so profoundly by what we can hear and by sensing the vibration of those around us.


The casualty needing ambulance assistance turned out not to be a parkrunner but I think she was attended by a couple from our run. It looked as though she had been felled by the heat. It would have been very easy.


My friend and I finished in what he called a ‘pathetic time’ but given the timings were perhaps not quite as accurate as they usually are we are going to write this week off and blame someone else. We were, however, put to shame by the Wimbledon brothers: Steve with his newly bionic knee (don’t tell his surgeon) pulled Gary round in his best time this year. Gary’s recovery position on all fours just beyond the finishing tokens was greeted by The Beast who snuffled in his ear.


Despite the heat there were some heroic personal bests. Picking a few at random: Edward Newton (JM11-14) bettered his time of New Year’s Eve 2016 by a minute; Alex Barr (VW50 - 54) started running parkrun in February 2017 with a time of 26.25 and finished yesterday in a time of 23.36 (which is why I never come close to the top of my age group) and Christian Campain (SM30 - 34), who usually runs at Wimbledon or Lloyd Park, took around 30 seconds off his Richmond time of last week to come in at 22.38.


Event director Andy Caie has asked me to include these two invitations.
The first one is for this Friday 2nd June at 19.30 for all our wonderful Richmond parkrun volunteers to join for a social catch-up evening at The Lass O'Richmond Hill (just down from Richmond Gate) - NB dress code: anything but Lycra!

Volunteers 2Jun17The second is a gathering of octagenarians (and older!) at Bushy Park parkrun on Saturday 1st July at 09.00 for what may be covered by radio and television, RSVP: Bushy 1Jul17

Happy running, thank you to all runners and all volunteers and here are the official stats:

This week 404 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 47 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers: Andy CAIE  •  Camille DE LAURENS CASTELET  •  Charlie MULLEN  •  Ed PERRY  •  Elizabeth ORR  •  Emma POISSON  •  Evan JONES  •  Jacqueline MILLETT  •  James HOLE  •  Malek SHARIF  •  Martin LANGLANDS  •  Michael GLAZEBROOK  •  Pete BUTLER  •  Sally WOODWARD GENTLE  •  Sean MAHONY  •  Simon KING  •  Sonia KOHOL  •  Sue GRAY  •  Tim LANGTON  •  Wonderbrawn BROWN.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond parkrun Results Page.
Male placings:
Will RUSSELL (SM25-29) of Thames Turbo Triathlon, was first over the line in 17:14 - 7th time in 13 appearances.
Jordan MUNGOVAN (SM30-34) of Ranelagh Harriers, was second over the line in 17:52 - has been first to finish on 10 previous occasions.
Lloyd GRAYSTON (VM45-49) (Unattached) was third over the line in 18:14.
Female placings:
Ella FRYER (JW11-14) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was first (17th overall) over the line in 20:42 - second time in 50 appearances.
Adrienne GREEN (SW30-34) (Unattached) was second (20th overall) over the line in 20:51 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.
Ruth TATTERS (VW40-44) (Unattached) was third (32nd overall) over the line in 21:38.
The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Tom ARMSTRONG (JM11-14) – 78.24% for the time 18:32 (4th overall).
Lloyd GRAYSTON (VM45-49) – 77.79% for the time 18:14 (third overall).
Ella FRYER (JW11-14) – 77.13% for the time 20:42 (17th overall).
The female record is held by Lucy HASELL who recorded a time of 00:17:11 on 17th September 2011 (event number 203).
The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 00:14:58 on 17th September 2011 (event number 203).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 95.43% (21:54) on 27th September 2014 (event number 363).
Richmond parkrun started on 20th October 2007. Since then 16,685 participants have completed 123,846 parkruns covering a total distance of 619,230 km, including 20,295 new Personal Bests.

Sally Woodward Gentle


Richmond parkrun Event number 507 20th May 2017


‘...There's a party goin' on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. So bring your good times and your laughter too. We gonna celebrate your party with you…’

Kool & The Gang aren’t the only ones who know about ‘Celebration’ – we are always (k)cool here at Richmond Park and we definitely had it ‘going on’ this weekend, with parkrun feeling almost like a heralding of summer. A glorious break in the changeable, stormy cycle of rain and cloud of the past few days, gave us a good hour to start and finish the event in almost full sun without a drop of rain.  It wasn’t just the good weather that made event number 507 special, although it probably contributed to the massive turnout of 527 men, women and children (and a few enthusiastic dogs). This is a course record well worth celebrating, even if it did keep the timekeepers and funnel managers on their toes after the 24 minute mark, when people began crossing the finish line in clusters!

There were other reasons to celebrate too. Frank HAMS, who is 78 years young, was running his 150th parkrun. Frank only started parkrunning aged 75, which means he’s barely missed a week since.  Frank crossed the line in style too in a time of 28:17. Joining Frank for this special run were his son, daughter and both his grandsons. I hope they rounded off the morning with a fabulous, family breakfast.

Someone who had more than one reason to celebrate was Matilda HARRISON. Matilda was running her 50th parkrun, which is special enough on its own, but it was also her 9th birthday. Matilda finished with a time of 25:57, just 15 seconds off her PB of 25:42 with mum Pippa less than two seconds behind her.

Luis DOMINGUES (SM30-34) (Unattached) was first over the line in 17:38 - first time in 2 appearances. An unknown runner was second and Hugo GARLAND (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 17:57.

In the female placings, Stephanie AINLEY (SW25-29) of Thames Valley Harriers, was first (26th overall) over the line in 19:44 - 6th time in 9 appearances. Isobel REA (VW40-44) of West 4 Harriers, was second (31st overall) over the line in 19:58 - has been first to finish on 29 previous occasions. Claire BAGLIN (SW30-34) of Dulwich Runners AC, was third (33rd overall) over the line in 20:11 - was first to finish once before.

The three highest age grades were recorded by Peter BOWKER (VM55-59) – 79.36% for the time 19:52 (30th overall), Margie MARSHALL (VW60-64) – 79.26% for the time 24:50 (172nd overall) and Angela CATTO (VW55-59) – 78.88% for the time 22:39 (88th overall).

Of this week’s 527 runners, 62 were first-timers which were the usual collection of people attending their very first parkrun ever, and those more experienced parkrunners visiting Richmond for the first time. There are far too many to mention except for the regal-sounding Cat Boobonic Boris PERKATRUDE MXVIII (32:27) and her consort Lord FONTLEROY ARGYL PERKATRUDE III (32:31). In celebration of good-humoured silliness, I think they deserve some sort of award for the lavish parkrun pseudonyms with which they’ve regaled themselves.

This week 65 runners celebrated new PBs including Emma RUSHBY (30:11), Mark EARL (21:58),  Pamela KING (28:07), Lara SILVESTER (31:57), Toby PATERSON (27:51), Sam SHEPHARD (29:24), Toby PATERSON (27:51), Alison CLUBLEY (27:48), Angela DRAKE (32:01) and Jelena BOSKOVIC (24:56). Well done all of you.

Someone else for whom Saturday was a special day was Run Director Andy CAIE as it was his birthday. Apparently he was 29 again! Personally, I would love to be 29 again, and although Andy also seemed pleased with the attributed gift of youth, I’m not sure he was expecting the impromptu chorus (and volume) of over 500 people singing ‘Happy Birthday.’ ‘You lot should stick to running’ he said cheekily – his ears probably ringing!

As run Run Director, Andy was the ultimate volunteer, but the event could not have taken place at all without all the other people who generously gave up their own chance to run this week so others could. A big shout therefore goes out to this week’s team: Andy CAIE  •  Angela CATTO  •  Camille DE LAURENS CASTELET  •  Charlotte BEARCROFT  •  Chris CATTO  •  Felix ADAMS  •  Francesca CREASY  •  Gary WIMBLEDON  •  Gillian SANDY  •  Greig CATTO  •  Hadi KHATAMIZADEH  •  Lesley Helen FOOTE  •  Maia LEWIS  •  Maia RUSHBY  •  Monty KEOGH  •  Nicholas RAZEY  •  Nick CATTO  •  Wonderbrawn BROWN  •  Zanny LEWIS

Volunteering is essential if Richmond parkrun is to continue as a free, timed event. You only have to volunteer three times a year to keep things running (pun intended). If you haven’t volunteered before, please don’t feel shy about stepping forward, as all the tasks are fun and not at all difficult. It’s a great way to make friends and you will be fully trained and supported on the day, so you don’t need to worry about not knowing what to do or making a mistake. The rewards are that you contribute to the continuation of the event, everyone is very grateful, you get you name in lights (well, they are up there on the front page of the website) and you get to come along to the odd volunteers’ night out, the next one of which will be at the Lass O’ Richmond Hill from 19:30 on Friday 2nd June. The only condition of attendance is that lycra is banned, so we also get to see how good we look in regular clothes! As Kool says:

‘...It's time to come together. It's up to you, what's your pleasure?..’

See you all next week


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