Richmond parkrun 569 – 14th July 2018



Another lovely Saturday morning in Richmond Park where 423 people completed parkrun, with 61 of them attempting Richmond or parkrun for the very first time.

If you love statistics, then parkrun delivers plenty in spades.

I'm currently working towards my 250th run, as Saturday was my 208th.  There are over 3,000 runners within the parkrun family who have reached this goal and this is increasing at the rate of about 50 per week.  Currently there are now 22 parkrunners who have completed 500 runs and below are those from Richmond parkrun who are getting close to this amazing landmark.

Franz Wendle 482

Clive Lester 452 (all at Richmond)

Sean Egan 462

Any ideas on how we should celebrate our parkrunners reaching their 500th run?

Key milestones this week were:

Riel Carroll 100

Eric Bowker 100

Mark Ormiston 200

Frank Callum 150

Thanks again to the amazing volunteers this week.



Abu-Turab BHARWANA • Penny MERRETT • Kyoko MURAKAMI • Ally PICKARD • Sonia KOHOL • Andy CAIE • Jacqueline MILLETT • Camilla LANGLANDS • Lloyd Temple CAMP • Thalia BOWDEN STONE • Helen WILLIAMS • Katie LEE • Jain REID • Gareth Vaughan JONES • Martin COTTOM • Seren JONES • Melinda HALL • Ella BIGNALL • Laura HALL • Rene VON SOLMS • John GRAHAM • Kathy HENRY • Madison HENRY



Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond parkrun Results Page.



The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 14:58 on 17th September 2011 (event number 203).



The female record is held by Lucy HASELL who recorded a time of 17:11 on 17th September 2011 (event number 203).



The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 95.43% (21:54) on 27th September 2014 (event number 363).



Richmond parkrun started on 20th October 2007. Since then 19,806 participants have completed 148,851 parkruns covering a total distance of 744,255 km, including 23,313 new Personal Bests.



Gareth V Jones


Richmond parkrun 568 – 7th July 2018


It was very very hot, dry and sunny as global warming kicked in.  

409 runners completed the run.  42 were first timers and 35 tourists were running their first parkrun in Richmond Park. These numbers were higher than usual because of a group of 50+ excellent characters running to raise money for a Sri Lanka cancer charity.  38 runners recorded Personal Bests.

28 runners have run parkrun over 250 times led by Julie GARNER VW55-59 on her 487th outing.  This was her 43rd run in Richmond.  Most of her runs have been in Kingston. 

Important milestones were reached by Phil DAVIES VM60-64 run 250; Martin Evans VM60-64 run 100; Sarah McGoey VW35-39, Camilla LANGLANDS SW30-34, Andy DICKENS SM30-34 (in a new PB) and Dee SMALE VW55-59 all completed run 50.


Dee SMALE also had the best age weighted percentage of 82.61% finishing in 22:31.  Second was  Patricia AINLEY VW65-69 who finished in 25:25 and 82.12%.  Third best percentage of 81.96% was achieved by Isabelle FRANCO JW15-17 who completed the run in 18:40 and was also the first woman home.

Second woman was West 4 Harrier, Isobel REA VW40-44 in 19:43 and 78.61%.  Third was Ranelagh’s Adrienne BADDELEY VW35-39 in 19:53 and 75.19% 

First man home was Clapham Chaser, Martin RUTTER VM35-39 in a new PB of 17:06 in his 277th run giving an age weighted percentage of 77.58%.  Second, was first timer to Richmond, Leon FOSTER SM18-19 from Leeds City AC in 17:40 and an age weighted 74.25%.  Thomas ZIEGEL SM18-19 of St Mary’s College was third overall  in 17:46 and an age weighted 74.20%

…and a big thank you to our volunteers without whom this event could not take place: Susy BEAN, Ella BIGNALL, Andy CAIE, Lloyd Temple CAMP, Angela CATTO, Greig CATTO, Neil CHESTERTON, Tony CLARK, Juliette COOPER, Martin COTTOM, Lesley Helen FOOTE, Margie HARRISON, Neil ISAAC, Rebecca JONES, Gareth Vaughan JONES, Osian JONES, Hadi KHATAMIZADEH, Martin LANGLANDS, Euan LEES, Rosie LEYDEN, Serge LOURIE, Peter MCCLOSKEY, Penny MERRETT, Christopher READ, Jain REID, Franz WERNDLE, Richard WILSON, Elio ZENTILIN

Serge LOURIE VM70-74 on run 260 


Richmond parkrun 567 – 30th June 2018


Saturday 30thJune saw a continuation of the hot, sunny weather. We certainly have had a “Flaming June” and it looks set fair for the first half of July also. Richmond Park is beginning to look a little brown and tired, and the ground is rock hard. This week when walking across the park I saw a strange sight: numerous what looked like bare branches poking out of the long grass. Only when I got closer did I realize that I was approaching a whole herd of deer, lying down and perfectly camouflaged by the yellow-brown grass, leaving only the antlers of the males visible.



There were no deer to trouble this week’s parkrunners. Numbers were slightly down, and 380 people walked, jogged, or ran the course: the lowest number since freezing cold March. Representatives of 36 different clubs took part. We were joined by 33 first timers, of whom 15 were completely new to parkrun. Welcome to all, and we hope to see you back very soon. And then there were the parkrun tourists: Joe Spraggins has taken part in over 40 different runs and completed his 158th run as a first timer at Richmond. Steve Grout has taken part in over 70 different parkruns, and completed his 119th parkrun with his first run at Richmond, and Asa Moberg Grout has nearly as many credits as a visitor, in a total of 102 runs. Conversely, several Richmond Park regulars were running at Crane Park this week, and many familiar faces were missing.



This week’s Run Director, Andy Caie, had three important messages for this week’s participants.


  1. Run Director Mike Glazebrook is taking part in his first Iron Man in Austria on 1stJuly, to mark his 60thbirthday and raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK, which is an official parkrun partner. There is still time to sponsor him, even though he will have completed the event by the time you read this. Just go to and search for “Glazebrook”.
  2. A reminder that all under-11s must run within arm’s reach of a responsible adult at all times over the 5k course, to comply with the conditions of pakrrun’s insurance. “Responsible” is not defined other than as a person over the age of 18, but it is very important that this condition is adhered to. If an adult is having difficulty keeping up with a speedy youngster, Andy’s advice was simple: cut back on the alcohol, watch what you eat, and train more.
  3. Volunteers. No parkrun can happen without volunteers and it should not always be left to the same willing people. Every week a plea goes out for people to fill in empty slots on the volunteer rota. If you enjoy parkrun, why not set yourself a target of volunteering on completion of a set number of runs, so that you in your turn can contribute to other people’s enjoyment? Why not target the purple 25 volunteer T-shirt? None of the roles are hard, and in the current weather conditions it’s not unpleasant to stand in the sunshine for an hour or so. Or why not volunteer as a pacer: next week is the first of the month, so a perfect opportunity.



So a big hand for this week’s volunteers who made it happen for the rest of us: Claire ALTMANN • Penny MERRETT • Neil CHESTERTON • Ali BARNES • Serge LOURIE • Andy CAIE • Gordon BARNES • David PENNELL • Thalia BOWDEN STONE • Tim LANGTON • Jeremy DAY • Clare DAY • Juliette COOPER • Innes BARNES • Richard VAN DER LEEDEN • Ella BIGNALL • Jonathan D LEWIS • Rebecca JONES • Rene VON SOLMS • Johan VON SOLMS • Stefan VON SOLMS • Rohan VON SOLMS • Patricia AINLEY • Alex BARR



This week’s start was prompt, but we kicked up large clouds of dust from the dry baked earth and it was a relief to turn left onto the tarred path along Sawyer’s Hill. There was less congestion on this first part of the course due to the lower numbers this week, which made a pleasant change. A very light breeze gave little relief from the hot sun. Leading the way home was George Bailey (SM 30-34) coming in at 17.46 (age grade 73.17%) just one second off his PB. He was followed by Thomas Ziegel (SM 18-19) of St Mary’s University College AC in 18.07 (72.77%) and Jack Congdon (SM 20-24) in 18.12 (70.88%). First woman home was Stephanie Ainley (SW 25-29) of Thames Valley Harriers in 19.39 (75.32%) followed by Claire Altmann (SW 30-34) of Thames Hare and Hounds in 21.02 (70.52%) and Amelia Button (SW25-29) in 21.44 (68.10%).



There were 35 new PBs this week, spread through most age groups, including one JM10 (Milo Barnes), two JM 11-14 (Luca Walker and Joshua Luff), one JM 15-17 (Rohan von Solms) and one JW 15-17 (Rosie Thorogood). At the other end, Mark A Ingham (VM 50-54) achieved a new PB on his 106thrun, and Neil Bignall, also VM 50-54, on his 95th. Well done to all.



Highest age grade for men was achieved by Antony Constantinou (VM50-54) on 78.66% for his time of 19.22, followed by Edward Francis (VM45-49) on 76.61% with a time of 18.57 and John Sandhu (VM50-54) on 76.49% with a time 19.17. For women, the three highest were your report writer on 83.10% for a time of 25.09, Alex Barr (VW55-59) on 77.18% for a time of 23.09, and first female finisher Stephanie Ainley on 75.32%.



Milestone runs:


10: Emily-Rose Hill (JW10)

50: Yan Joynathsing (JM11-14), James McDermott (VM35-39)

250: Sean Mungovan (VM60-64)



And finally, not an official milestone, but Clive Lester (VM70-74) completed his 450thrun, having started taking part in December 2007, two months after Richmond parkrun was launched. Since the first run in October 2007, 19,668 participants have completed 148,019 Richmond parkruns with a total distance of 740,095K and 23,248 new PBs.



Happy running.



Patricia Ainley


Richmond parkrun 566 – 23rd June 2018






405 runners braved the early morning heat and high pollen count on Saturday 23 June.






The Park was looking gorgeous, still green and lush from the wet spring, but also sunny and clear. This clearly acted as inspiration.  We had 53 PBs and 44 first timers. We had visitors from as varied locations as Johannesburg and Wormwood Scrubs (although not from inside HMP I believe!). Clare Day ran her 200th run, and a number of others are close to milestones - Franz Werndle on an amazing 479, Phil Davies on 248, Tim Hurdle and John Hobson on 198, Ellie Luxmoore and Jai Patel on 98 and Yan Jaynathsingh on 49.





Our fastest male was Danny Russell in a brilliant 16:13, and fastest female, Sarah Palmer on 20:36. Samuel Calabria was our fastest under 10 on 26:01 and Osie Jones, our fastest under 15 on 21:37. The wonderful Pat Hewlett was, as ever, our fastest 80 year old. 19 runners were under 20.





As your reporter aims to get back to something like his fastest time, I have been reflecting on the nature of motivation. Here are a few tips from a middle aged idler:





- commit to run a marathon- I’ve just signed up to do London again for Carers UK.


- promise yourself croissant and coffee in Pembroke Lodge after - gorgeous views over outer London.


- new running gear - doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid.


- the faster you run the quicker you finish.


- think about how our political masters are ruining the country- the anger spurs you on.


- think about Harry Kane and his young stars - willing them to win gives you an extra 10 seconds.





Onwards and upwards!





Nick Baird



Richmond parkrun 565 – 16th June 2018

It was warm and sunny.  395 runners completed the run.  20 were first timers and 26 tourists were running their first parkrun in Richmond Park. 38 runners recorded new Personal Bests. 21 runners have run parkrun over 250 times led by Franz WERNDLE VM65-69 on his 478th outing.

Important milestones were reached by Nick BAIRD VM55-59 on his 200 and Fai CHAN VM50-54 gaining the coveted black running top after his 100th. 

The best age weighted percentage of 85.27% was achieved by Sheen Shuffler, Paulino MACIAS VM45-49, who came first overall in a PB of 16:45, beating his previous PB of 8 Oct 16 by 17 seconds.  The second best age weighted run was by Patricia AINLEY VW65-69 who finished in 25:25 and 82.23%.  Third best percentage of 80.28% was achieved by West 4’s Dan AFSHAR VM45-49, who also came in second overall in 17:40.

Thomas ZIEGEL SM18-19 of St Mary’s College was third overall  in 17:53 and an age weighted 73.72%

First woman home in 18:53 (78.38%) was Bristol and West’s Deborah Anne NICCOL; second was BeaRCat Running Club’s Sonia KOHOL VW45-49 in 22.35 (72.47%); in third place was Alex BARR VW55-59 in 23.02 (77.57%).


There were 13 females aged over 60 and 26 males of whom the most senior were Pat HEWLETT VW80-84 in her 350th outing and Martin CLARK VM80-84 in run 163.  There were 5 females under 17 and 25 males…so we cover a wide spread of ages.

Richmond parkrun started on 20th October 2007. Since then 19,591 participants have completed 147,234 parkruns covering a total distance of 736,170 km, (over 18 times round the world!).  There have been 23,161 new Personal Bests.

…and a big thank you to our volunteers without whom this event could not take place: Duncan Ian BROWN • Michael SIKORA • Serge LOURIE • Ally PICKARD • Helen LOWE • Judith CLARKSON • Gordon BARNES • David PENNELL • Peter MCCLOSKEY • Thalia BOWDEN STONE • Jackie BRADMAN • James HOLE • Deepa SHARMA • Malek SHARIF • Gareth Vaughan JONES • Evan JONES • Osian JONES • Seren JONES • Nell M V JONES • Manju PATWARI • Ella BIGNALL • Kate HOLMES • Natalie BERMAN • Angus WALKER

Serge LOURIE VM70-74 on run 258 (1290K) and now beyond Vienna (1230K) as the crow flies


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