Pre-marathon day run #60

The sun continued to shine today when 445 people ran, jogged, and walked our lovely Aquadrome course.We continue to get first timers (40 this week) and 98 recorded new Personal Bests.

The first female came through in 21:45 by Becca Hext, followed by Jo Evans with 22:12 and Francesca Lennon with 22:22.

The first male over the line was Rowan Daley with a time of 17:24, followed closely by Michael Ferris with 17:40. Third male over the line was Oliver Howells with 17:59. Incredible finish times this week from the boys.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Philip YORK • Alison SMITH • Jackie HALL • Malcolm HALL • Janice BOYCE GARDINER • Kristin CAVENDER • Carolyn FLETCHER • John NORRIS • Robert KENISON • Bernie CONWAY • Rob WITHALL • Maria WAITE • Rosie CHATER • Mark OCKENDON • Philip HAY • Sue CARVELLL • Sofie MARCHANT • Sylvia MOSS • Alexandra KENISON • Jen CHANNER • Heather KENISON • Jackie ARIGHO • Georgina GARNER • Samuel NIGHTINGILL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rickmansworth parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 18:02 on 11th March 2017 (event number 2).
The male record is held by Thomas BEEDELL who recorded a time of 15:57 on 4th November 2017 (event number 35).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sharon KASSEMZADEH who recorded 90.48% (22:04) on 30th September 2017 (event number 30).

Rickmansworth parkrun started on 4th March 2017. Since then 4,413 participants have completed 18,761 parkruns covering a total distance of 93,805 km, including 4,839 new Personal Bests.


#59 – The one with the sun

Last week, the rain finally stopped.
This week the sun came out!

Yes, I know this is supposed to be a run report, but usually ends up a weather forecast. And who’s interested in what the weather WAS, rather than what it is now* or will be**?

*Grey and misty again, as I type this.

** It’s got to be Spring now, hasn’t it?

This week 375 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 54 first timers came to Ricky parkrun for the first time – 23 totally new to parkrun (welcome to the family!), and 31 tourists (thank you for visiting!). 86 of you recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

Congratulations go to those who joined our milestone clubs:

  •   Martin James Allen joined the 50 Club
  •   Visitors Andy Cook and Martin Webb also joined the 50 Club.
  •   Karmen Pardoe joined the 100 Club
  •   Philip Hay, photographer in chief to Ricky parkrun, joined the V25 Club.

And I celebrated my 10th anniversary of parkrun. Back in 2008 there were fewer than 10 parkruns in the whole of the UK, and cradle of parkrun, Bushy Park, was getting similar numbers to our current average attendance at Ricky parkrun. It’s been fantastic seeing parkrun grow, and to be a part of the volunteer force at Bushy, South Oxhey and now Ricky.

Rickmansworth Parkrun 14/4/18

Phil Oddy

This parkrunday, Phil Oddy of Dacorum & Tring AC was first over the line (and I do hope I've got the right photo there - I mainly remember a blur of yellow heading over the finish line).

Ali Young of Chiltern Harriers AC was first woman.

Rickmansworth Parkrun 14/4/18

Ali Young (left)

We were also joined by Councillor Richard Roberts. Richard is doing all the Hertfordshire parkruns as part of Herts CC’s Year of Physical Activity. You can find out more about YOPA by visiting @HertsYOPA18 on Facebook or Twitter.

Rickmansworth Parkrun 14/4/18

Richard Roberts - YOPA!

The event was made possible by 21 fantastic volunteers – a radiance of hi-viz***:

Marjory BLUER • Rosie MOUNTAIN • John NORRIS • Joanna EVANS • Carly DUNN • Bernie CONWAY • Katrina EVERETT • Rob WITHALL • Maria WAITE • Isabel MONTESDEOCA • Anna Sophia ROY • Mark OCKENDON • Philip HAY • Nicola ANSTISS • Rachel CAIRN • Cameron FRASER • Judith ALDRIDGE • Sophie HALDEN • Jen CHANNER • Georgina GARNER • Samuel NIGHTINGILL

Thank you all – you made it all flow and look easy!

*** © Mark Ockendon

Finally, if you’re interested in pushing yourself a little harder, Kevin & Dermott were handing out leaflets advertising the Hatch End Triathlon -  - a beginner-friendly event in aid of St Luke’s Hospice in Harrow.

See you all again for more of the same next week,




#58 – Going For Gold

This week we saw an improvement in the weather which, let’s be honest, hasn’t exactly been brilliant these past few weeks. That, combined with our now 100% paved course makes it optimum for raking in the PBs. You have even fewer excuses now! I have been tasked with writing the run report for Saturday’s parkrun after assuming the head honcho role of run director (sort of). I hope you all noticed how well I stood around while I left Andy to do the actual work during the pre-run briefing.


Anyway, this was my 44th time volunteering at Ricky, loosely approximating to 1 hour every week for an entire year, which I set out to complete for my Duke of Edinburgh gold award. Big thanks to the core team, regular runners and volunteers (and those who were my taxi service every Saturday morning!) for making all this possible and such a fun and valuable experience.


Now for the results… This week 364 people from as far as New Zealand ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 54 were first timers and 73 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.


First across the finish line was first timer Brian Glynn with a time of 16:57 – a comfortable 1-minute lead. First lady was Mairead O’Rourke with a time of 18:52.


As always, the event was made possible by 22 volunteers: Andy NICE • Jackie HALL • Malcolm HALL • Andy HEAD • Peter GUDGE • Jackie HARRIS • Helen SMITHSON • Rob WITHALL • Helen FEAR • Mark OCKENDON • Philip HAY • Richard ALLIBONE • Finlay PEARCE • Jessica ANSTISS • Nicola ANSTISS • Cameron FRASER • Judith ALDRIDGE • Paul MARCHANT • Damien HAMPTON • Juliet GUERRI • Jen CHANNER • Samuel NIGHTINGILL


The current state of the roster for the next few weeks looks a bit better than it was this time last week but is still far from completion – do drop us an email if you want to help out! Let’s try not to wait until Friday to get it filled in.


Looking forward to seeing how Ricky parkrun continues to grow over the coming years and hoping it remains as enjoyable as it is today.

Finlay Pearce (RD)


#57 – Easter Weekend Washout

It was a very wet and muddy parkrun this week.  We were still on the 2 lap course and there was no way we could have the Finish Funnel in our normal place.  It was already boggy.  We decided to position the Finish Funnel on the other side of the café.  This did mean that there was a sharp finish around the corner but it just would not have worked on the other side as there is not enough space.  We’ve had quite a few comments from runners saying they thought it worked well.  Due to the new finish position I had to relocate the Start until almost at the Sailing Club!  This means a long walk at the beginning – some were leisurely taking their time so we gave them a countdown!  We like to start on time at Ricky.  We often do not know until the morning if we have to relocate the Start so please ensure you turn up with at least 10 minutes to spare so that you can listen to the pre-run briefing and have time to get to the start.

Junior Runners

As is mentioned every week in the pre-run briefing runners aged under 11 and supposed to be within an arms width of their “responsible adult” at all times.  This is the official parkrun rule:

Please note that all under 11s must be within arm's reach of a parent, guardian or other designated adult of the parents' choice at our 5k events. This is an insurance requirement and local event teams have the authority to remove the results of juniors who persistently flout this non-negotiable rule.

If they wish to run  without their adult we do have Junior parkruns that they can do.  The nearest is at Leavesden Park on the other side of Watford.  Junior parkruns are on a Sunday morning.  I checked the results and the runner I was advised of did appear to be with his father.  This has been mentioned more than once to us.  If you are a junior runner or your son and/or daughter is please do ensure that they run with a responsible adult.  It doesn’t have to be the parent it can be someone else nominated by you.  We haven’t had to do this yet but an unaccompanied junior runner can have their results removed.  This is a parkrun rule and we ask everyone to respect this.  It is for everyone’s safety.

DoE Volunteers

We have a number of regular DoE volunteers.  As part of their volunteering we do our best to ensure each volunteer tries all the roles.  We have the capacity to take on 1 or 2 more in May.  If you have a son or daughter who wishes to do parkrun volunteering as part of their award please ask them to email with DoE Volunteering in the subject line of their email.  We prefer the volunteers to take responsibility for this themselves.  We will expect them to turn up promptly at 08:30 each week they are volunteering unless asked to come at a different time (they come earlier if they are helping with setup).  parkrun volunteering is not for everyone.  For the DoE volunteers they will be doing at least 12 separate weeks of volunteering in all weathers.  We like our marshals to should out encouragement to the participants.  It is certainly not an easy option but nevertheless it is very enjoyable.  We send out information packs with all the necessary information and set you up your full roster at the beginning so you know exactly what you are doing.  Of course we know that plans do change so there is flexibility but communication is very important.  If you cannot make a date for any reason we ask you to give us as much notice as possible.

And Now for the Results!

This week 366 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 57 were first timers and 38 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

Our first Male Finisher was Will BOWRAN a JM with a time of 17:22. It was his first time at Rickmansworth and runs with St Albans AC.
Our first Female Finisher was Ali YOUNG from Chiltern Harriers with a time of 19:13

Hi-Vis Heroes

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Mairead O'ROURKE • Lesley KEDDY • Jackie HALL • Malcolm HALL • Sarah OCKENDON • Joanna EVANS • Peter GUDGE • Jackie HARRIS • Bernie CONWAY • Wendy HARRINGTON • Juliette NOLA • Mark OCKENDON • Matt SANDFORD • Finlay PEARCE • Cameron FRASER • Lorna SMITH • Daniel WHITTAKER • Jen CHANNER • Samuel NIGHTINGILL

Don't forget if you wish to volunteer please send an email to: with the date you wish to volunteer on your name and barcode number.

That's all for now - thanks for reading.

Lesley Keddy - RD


Event Number 56 – 24th March 2018

The weather was a little kinder to us this week for our last parkrun of this winter.
We were still using our 3-lap alternative course whilst the work on the pathways from Tesco’s Corner down towards the wooden bridge is completed. Hopefully we will be back on our normal course over the next few weeks and you will all be achieving new PBs thanks to the smoother path surface on this last section.

We were missing 5 finish tokens this week and are running low on spares. Therefore, if you have taken home a Finish Token from one of your previous runs please return it to us on your next visit to Rickmansworth parkrun so we can reunite it with the rest of our finish tokens.

Well done to everyone who took part in Saturday’s run. This week 340 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs and visitors from as far away as Manchester took part.

The first 3 men to complete the run this week were: Oliver Howells with a time of 18:21, Matt Hamilton at 18:31 and Geordie Klein at 18:38.

The first 3 female finishers were: Sasha Birkin with a time of 21:47, Joanna Evans at 22.29 and our core team member, Alison Smith, with a new PB of 22.35.

A huge THANK YOU, as always, goes out to our amazing volunteers.
This week’s volunteer team were:
Jackie HALL • Malcolm HALL • Sarah OCKENDON • Sue LACEY • Bernie CONWAY • Steve BOLD • Helen SMITHSON • Rob WITHALL • Juliette NOLA • Maria WAITE • Alan SENDALL • Anne O CONNOR • Alex CUTMORE • Mark OCKENDON • Philip HAY • Finlay PEARCE • Sarah HALLAM • Cameron FRASER • Georgina GARNER • Samuel NIGHTINGILL

If you would like to volunteer and help make our parkrun happen please take a look at the future volunteer roster page on our website to find out what roles are available and email us on:   Remember to include your barcode number and to let us know which role you would like to do.

Rickmansworth parkrun started on 4th March 2017. Since then 4,208 participants have completed 17,211 parkruns covering a total distance of 86,055 km, including 4,544 new Personal Bests.
The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 18:02 on 11th March 2017 (event number 2).
The male record is held by Thomas BEEDELL who recorded a time of 15:57 on 4th November 2017 (event number 35).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sharon KASSEMZADEH who recorded 90.48% (22:04) on 30th September 2017 (event number 30).

Have a good week and see you next parkrunday!

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