Ros #97 – The Force is Strong…

Far, far away on a distant planet called Rosliston, 188 brave Jedis bearing arms and barcodes took to the start line watched over by President David Walters and the Millennium Falcon. They took flight on the Winter course, that still had an air of the planet Hoth, but bravely fought their way to the Kachirho bridge and crossed the cold lake.
#97 trooper#97 darth

Shane Sadler, a first timer, led the Jedi Knights and weaved their way down and passed Jabba the Hutt to make the brief intergalactic climb before heading back down the long passage.

At this point a softly spoken Yoda provides the encouragement of “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose”, which was certainly embraced by Joy Lacey and Daniel Buckley whom had completed 100 and 50 runs respectively.
#97 yoda

Onwards the Jedi’s drove forwards with future recruits sat aboard their speeders, and Ewoks in tow.

Circling back the Jedi’s made their last trip back through the forest of Endor, across the Kachirho bridge, and past Jabba for the final time.
#97 jabba

The force of many was to warmer times when they could return to the Tatooine (Summer) route but alas for now we would all venture back to Hoth.

With the Millennium Falcon back in sight the first three brave Jedi’s battled up the hill and finished Shane Sadler (19:21), Jack Shorten (20:08) and Joseph Goodwin (20:47). With a final leap and twirl our daring female Jedi’s finished with Maisie Trueman (24:47) bringing home Ruth Ford (27:10) and Jo Manton (27:48).

Every single Jedi battled the conditions but were always supported by the 32 Council Members in their hi-viz robes for the day that make it safe for us to train our bodies and minds.


Rosliston parkrun #96

It was a very chilly and damp morning and the rain decided to try and dampen spirits almost as soon as the hooter had sounded. The course was again changed to the Summer route as the bridge was more like an ice rink and was deemed unfit for purpose this week.

176 brave souls ran, jogged, walked and ultimately squelched around the course of which 16 were first timers, you sure chose a good week to start your adventure with Rosliston parkrun. If you survived the mud along with cardiac hill this week then once the course dries out it will be a piece of cake. I was marshalling near the car park and I am sure some of you were aiming for the rather large puddle in front of me trying to get me even more wet and muddy! Don’t worry I know who you are ;)
I don’t know how you all managed to stay upright especially on the corner where I was standing, but luckily no one decided to have a mud bath and fortunately I wasn’t needed to extract anyone from the sludgy mess. In spite of all the mud and water lying around 28 determined participants managed to gain a PB, so very well done to all of you. Also, this week there were representatives from 21 different clubs taking part.

A big “congratulations” goes to Kevin Stackhouse and Joseph Goodwin who both completed their 50th parkrun, very well done to both and only another 50 to go to reach the next milestone.

#97 Kevin #97 Joseph

This week first across the line was Gareth Watkins in a time of 17.40 who was just over a minute ahead of James Farmer in 18.46 with Tom Bradley hot on his heels in 18.48.
The first lady home was Ruth Ford with a time of 24.18 closely followed by Maisie Trueman in 24.20 and Lauren Ford in 24.56.

Don’t forget to wash your kit and hose down the trainers ready to do it all again next week. Oh, and some of the dogs taking part may need a bath before you allow them to sit on the sofa.

A huge “Thank you” must go out to all the volunteers for braving the elements allowing the parkrun to take place, I hope you have all warmed up and dried out and maybe had a hot toddy when you got home.

#97 Hawk

After the run this week a group took the food bank donations down to the YMCA in Burton-on-Trent, the YMCA were very thankful for all the goods that were delivered. Thank you to everyone who donated, your generosity will make a huge difference to someone in need.

Rosliston parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am at the Forestry Centre. Please remember to pay your £1 at the pay station to receive a parking ticket and place this , along with a spare barcode, on your dashboard to park until 10:30am. There is a new runners & tourist brief at 8.45 with the normal pre-run brief at the start at 8.55. After the run we meet in The Hub Café located near the finish area. Don't forget your barcodes!


Rosliston parkrun #95 – Merry New Year!

At 11.45 on New Year’s Day I set off with my 9 month old four legged friend for a walk around the forest at Rosliston. We took on the parkrun route that 431 people had just completed, of whom 107 were first timers and 38 recorded new Personal Bests. As Cherry is only little she can’t go fast. We hardly saw anyone as the rain came down, it had held off until this point, but it didn’t bother us as we walked along. We took in the sights, the puddles, the trainer prints that had been left behind but mostly we enjoyed the mud. I marvelled in the knowledge that almost 500 people had been involved in this extra event where I was stood and the only visible impact was the muddy trail in the grass to where the finish line had been.

I wanted to write the run report this week as I wanted to give thanks to those who are so dedicated to making parkrun happen at Rosliston. I hope you realise how appreciative we all are!

#95 Vols

I only did my first parkrun in July 2017, after having the privilege of qualifying as Swad Joggers newest jog leader and hearing that the plan was to take over all the volunteering roles during the latter part of Summer, I had to face what had held me back from trying parkrun before. I always knew about parkrun, printed my barcode years ago but always made the excuse I was out running longer distances of a weekend preparing for other events. Truthfully, however, really I hadn’t plucked up the courage to go along, I thought it might be a close knit, clicky affair – oh how wrong I was! I was hooked, competing against myself was something I hadn’t really thought about before however there was something more than that. The support and encouragement I felt was incredible!
A very good friend who I have known for years who I didn’t realise attended Rosliston every Saturday, showed me that so many get different things from parkrun and over the months from then until now I have been fortunate to see the community that exists here. A community that looks out for each other, supports those who need it but realises that everyone is of value.
A few weeks ago I saw this in action when an older gentleman saw someone struggling, grabbed a hand and encouraged them to keep going. He didn’t know this person but you could see the difference it made to them.
More recently my family have decided to come and join the fun. Two weeks ago my husband and other 2-year old spaniel have started running together at Rosliston and my eldest son Liam at 11 has stepped up from junior parkrun to run the larger distance. At his first run over Christmas, he was surrounded by people cheering him to be the best he could, this I knew would happen but he got to feel it for himself.
As for me, everyone has their favourite parkrun however Rosliston holds something very special. In December, after having my best year running and ignoring a niggling injury, I was ordered to rest. Devastated! I am a determined person though and knew exactly what to do. No way was I missing out, so I signed up to volunteering at Rosliston and the Swadlincote Junior parkrun every week. I can’t run but I can still support and encourage. You won’t have missed me marshalling over the last few weeks, the loudest at New Year and the daftest dancing Rudolf before Christmas, both quite embarrassing for Hayden my youngest who helped marshal as he isn’t keen to take on the 5km yet. We had a party in the forest, tunes playing, cheering, dancing and hopefully making all the participants smile.

It was great to see so many balloons flying around for milestone achievements this week Alan Deakin (100),

#95 Alan

Mandy Brassington-Harris, Joanne Ferriday, Sarah Baines, Karen Jackson and Tim Wade (50's)

#95 Mandy #95 Jo #95 Sarah #95 Karen #95 Tim

Dylan Moore, Harry Wideman and Alice Ferriday (10's)

Huge congratulations go to Philip Hamilton who received an OBE for services to education in the New year’s honours.

#95 Philip

I know how hard it is to get out and achieve what you did, the least I can do is encourage you on! Some of the folks said I was full of beans, I had had way too much coffee but my favourite was being labelled Little Ms Joy and being very festive spirited. The kisses (and sweat) Roger Cobb from Conkers stopped to give me were very appreciated, the chocs dished out and all the high 5’s were amazing. The 12 new parkrunners that came New Year’s Day perhaps thought me utterly bonkers but I am proud to help in the small way I have.
I am still not ready to run but even when I am I have decided to split my months equally between volunteering and running as they are both extremely rewarding. Without volunteers, parkrun couldn’t work so to you all Thank You! To those thinking about it – do it!

Rosliston parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am at the Forestry Centre. Please remember to pay your £1 at the pay station to receive a parking ticket and place this , along with a spare barcode, on your dashboard to park until 10:30am. There is a new runners & tourist brief at 8.45 with the normal pre-run brief at the start at 8.55. After the run we meet in The Hub Café located near the finish area. Don't forget your barcodes!


Farewell 2017! Ros#94

After a week of eating, drinking, and being merry it was with some relief that the folk of Ros Towers packed up the kit and headed over to the Forestry Centre for the final parkrun of 2017.

174 parkrunners also felt the need to blast way the festive sparkle, with 20 folk visiting Rosliston for the first time and of those 5 were taking part in their first parkrun. It was great to see you, and we hope you come back again. 7 of you managed to defy the excessive mince pie consumption to get a new personal best - well done (the only PB I have got this week is number of chocolates eaten in a single sitting! (Lots, in case you're wondering...)

One of those PBs was achieved by Sophie Towns who made it a double celebration by joining the junior 10 club - great work, Sophie! There were no other official club members but there are a few folks who will be hitting them in New Years Day _ I already have quite a list of shout outs for the run brief. An honourable mention goes to James Farmer who ran his 200th run, and while it isn't an official club its a nice round number and is a fab achievement - chasing 250 now James! To mark the day he joined his mum Jo in the cone race where there wasn't any sabotage at all, and Jo took the honours with a storming run!!

With some pretty heavy rain throughout the week we knew the trails would be a bit soggy and the puddles did not disappoint! I was marshalling and enjoyed seeing parkrunners trying to tiptoe around them [hint: go through the middle, its more slippery in the mud around the edges. Plus you can get some excellent splash onto your fellow parkrunners...!]

Now that we are done for 2017, and every other TV programme seems to be a review of the year then why not join them and take a look back at what we have got up to over the past 12 months:

January saw us hold our first ever NYD run with us being part 2 of the "double". For those who are wondering what I'm on about, NYD is the only day of the year where you can run at 2 different parkruns on the same day and both of them count towards your milestone tees etc. Our friends at Conkers kicked off the new year at 9am before a convoy of parkrunners headed over to us for a 10.30 start. Sadly the weather fairies didn't get the memo and horizontal, freezing rain was everyones' reward. Delightful...!

In March we celebrated our 1st birthday with cake, fancy dress balloons and awards for some of our lovely parkrun. Then the ladies of the Washlands Women Runners gave the core team the week off with a volunteer takeover. They all did a sterling job - the motivational signs around the course were a great hit!

As the weather started to warm up in April we were joined by the fastest lady to make it around our course to date. Elaine Sherwin, a Canicross runner flew around the trails assisted by her super-speedy dog Daphne. Having seen Elaine in action at Conkers I knew when I saw her on the front row that we were in for a quick one!

A team of regulars grabbed their shovels in May to fill in some of the potholes out on course to ensure a smoother run for everyone. Second breakfasts were consumed before they headed out to fill, stomp and smooth until early afternoon. Much fun was had by all!

The hot sunny days of June meant the shorts and vests were out in force, as well as hoards of tiny black filed that simply loved our yellow hi-viz vests! Karate chops, ninja moves...nothing would clear the pesky blighters. You could class them as protein, I suppose (yuk!)

Thunder Run weekend in July saw the massed ranks of the 24hr relay runners descend on the Centre for their now-annual pre-race warm up. The weather stayed kind and 384 runners and walkers joined us for a good-natured event with folk from all over the UK taking in our lovely course and café. [The weather wasn't so great from 5pm though - ask any Thunder Runner!] In July we also had our first volunteer takeover by a company rather than a local running club. The good folk of Molson Coors, a large local employer took the reins as part of their community initiative, and did a great job.

August was a busy month, with a takeover by the Swad Joggers filling the trails with a sea of orange, a barrowful of shiny new kit, and Team GB hockey player Kathryn Lane taking on the role of Tail Walker to quite literally get behind our parkrunners!

A buggy run face off in September between Dan Towns & Ian Johnson saw both dads face down on the grass at the end of the finish funnel! Their passengers Alice, Willow, & Reef looked remarkably fresh though!

In October parkrun became a teenager, celebrating it's 13th birthday on the 2nd. Hatton Darts took over the volunteer roster for the 2nd time and of course we had some Halloween trick or treats on the 28th [boo!]

Our new "winter" course was launched in November to give the swampy trail a break over the winter months. So no hill and swamp, but a rather picturesque bridge over the lake instead. Twice! We did, however revert back to the summer course when the bridge was too icy to cross!

And so the year has drawn to a close. Festive shenanigans in December, a cancellation due to ice that even the summer course couldn't overcome and a 250 run milestone cake courtesy of regular run reporter Mark Slade (cake skills via Sam Screaton!)

Well done for reading this far! Rosliston parkun wouldn't be what it is without our super bunch of runners, walkers, everything-inbetweeners, and volunteers. So thanks to you all, and also to Christine and the girls in the café who look after us each week, and finally to Deb and the Forestry Centre staff for being so suppotyive of our event.

Shall we do it all again next year? Oh go on then!



Christmassy ‘Band Aid-ed’ Run Report = Ros #93

It’s parkrun time, there’s no need to be afraid,
At parkrun time, we get to Ros – where PBs are made.
And in our world of 5K, we can spread a smile of joy,
Throw your feet around the course at parkrun time.

But say a prayer, pray for the barcode ones,
At parkrun time, it’s hard but you’re still having fun.
There’s a world outside your window, and it’s a world of sweat and cheers,
With the volunteers knowing you’re moving through the gears.
And the marshals bells that ring there, aren’t the clanging chimes of doom,
Well tonight all’s good at Ros, so well done you.

And there might be snow in Rosliston next parkrun time,
The greatest lift we’ll get this year is free.
Where no one ever slows,
Some wearing apricot clothes,
Yes we know it’s parkrun time for all.

(Here’s to you) Raise a glass for everyone
(Here’s to you) Underneath that Santa suit
Yes we know it’s parkrun time for all.

PS – HUGE congratulations to all who ran, walked or volunteered including:

Gareth Huw Watkins 18:58 - First male (for the 14th time)
Wendy Sharratt 20:39 - First female (for the 12th time)

Official run ‘milestoners’ John Finn (100) and Ralph Huthmacher (50), Lauren Ford, for completing her 200th parkrun, and Jason Wardle, for earning his 25th volunteer T-Shirt.

This event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Mark FARRAR • Paul MCKAY • Sarah HEATH • Kathryn LITTLE • Dale HEATH • Ruth FORD • Pete HURDMAN • Daniel FORD • Lauren FORD • Dina HURDMAN • Megan HURDMAN • Owen FORD • Sue WRIGHT • Adam HOLMES • Leigh HOLMES • Jason WARDLE • Andrew BENNETT • Clive OAKMAN • Phil DAWS • Reg JONES • David WALTERS • Julianne WALTERS • Sarah WALTERS • Micheal WALTERS • Deborah CRUMP • Freya MOORE • Lucy BENSTEAD • Bernadette OTWAY • Sandra BENNETT • Angela DAWS • Olivia HAYCOCK

Information on joining the volunteer rota can be found online or by asking any of the team.

We’ll be back to do it all again on Saturday 30th December (9:00am as usual), with an extra New Year’s Day event planned for 10:30am #DontForgetYourBarcode

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