Ros #125 – Friends & Family!

Hello, my name is Will and this week Rosliston had their 125th parkrun which was my 59th parkrun, 32nd at Rosliston. All of my family do the parkrun every Saturday unless we have other plans. For the past 5 years, I have played football on a Saturday and have not been able to run in the football season and my sister used to do gymnastics on a Saturday morning. But now my sister doesn't do that any more and I play football on a Sunday now, so we can do the parkrun every Saturday.

What I like about parkrun is going to other areas and running in a new place. When we went on holiday recently, we did Lowestoft parkrun which was next to the beach and when we went to Cornwall, we did one of the hilliest parkruns in the UK at Lanhydrock where we saw the Ford family also touristing.

My mum loves running the parkrun just for fun but my dad is competitive and likes to beat his PB as well as me! He did beat his PB on Saturday and was one of 37 of you who recorded a personal best.

Well done to all the new first timers, 40 of you, and congratulations to Tony Wardle and Charlie Deakin-Jones who completed their 100th parkrun. I like running with Charlie on a Sunday morning at the Swadlincote junior parkrun where I scan barcodes after doing the run. Andy Jones and David Corfield completed their 50th runs, Edward Hough and Milli Patel did their 10th parkruns. Congratulations to you all and thanks for the cake. There was also cake provided by Dave Wright to celebrate his 40th birthday.
charlie & will


The weather was perfect for running after the recent heatwave and 195 of you took advantage of this, assisted by 31 volunteers.

First over the line was Alex Coleston-Shields in 18.08, followed by Thomas Bradley in 18.24 and then Oliver Meek in 18.59. First lady was Sienna Teague in 22.50, followed by Kathryn Little at 23.31 and Lauren Ford at 24.03. Well done to you all.

Rosliston parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am at the Forestry Centre. Please remember to bring your barcode and £1 for parking. There is a new runners & tourist brief at 8.45am with the normal brief at the start at 8.55.


Ros #124 – Acts Of Collective Awesomeness

Well another Saturday morning and another parkrun in the warm sun. It really is the summer that keeps on giving.

Last week when I was on tail walking duty (an enjoyable gig, do give it a go if you haven't already), I was struck by just how awesomely quick our lead runners are, as they whizzed past us as we approached the 1km mark and they were on their way back to the finish! I mean I knew things were fast and furious up there, as I usually watch them disappear after the first few turns every week, but really ...

Kudos to them, but the beauty of parkrun is that everyone is awesome in their own way, pursuing their own goals, whether it be a new pb, working towards the next milestone number, or just happy to be out in the fresh air taking some exercise on a Saturday morning among some friendly faces and the scenic surroundings of the Forestry Centre. parkruns are truly acts of collective awesomeness in which we can all share.

171 of us exercised our collective awesomeness last Saturday. 31 new and very welcome first timers and an impressive 36 new pbs.

First home, and really flying this week, was James Farmer collecting a new pb of 17:48, following him home were Thomas Bradley in 18:46 and Karl Wideman in 18:55. On the female side, first back was Bethany Darke in a swift 22:37 and a new pb, followed by Lauren Ford in 24:46 and Melissa Armston in 26:12 on her first visit to Rosliston.
james pb

Congratulations to Michael Walters who completed his 100th parkrun (and I see Dad got a personal best to join in the celebrations) and to Claire Philp who ran her 50th parkrun and registered a pb to boot!
mikey 100

Thanks to Ruth, this week's RD, and to all the volunteers who make it all possible.



Ros #123 – Buggy-tastic

After being threatened with showers it was a surprisingly dry if a little bit blowy of a parkrun. The cooler temperatures definitely felt a little bit nicer than the last few weeks. 158 runners and walkers made their way around the forest and they were supported by 33 volunteers including a super hero - mighty mouse!

I thought I would write this run report from the perspective of a buggy runner at parkrun! I have been running with a buggy on and off for 4.5 years now, since my eldest was 6 months old. You may recognise Fred from the picture below (which was taken in winter - I don’t make him wear a wooly hat and gloves at the moment) who is my youngest and is currently 2.5 years old and over 2 stone! We’ve made Rosliston our home since Christmas and it is a fab parkrun for a little one (mainly due to the play area and all the wonderful things to see on the way round).

#123 Sophie

You will see an array of different buggy runners at Rosliston some with doubles (muchos kudos goes to these people) and all running/walking different times. There is nothing better than getting out in the fresh air with a little one and showing them lots of people (and dogs - we love a dog) enjoying the countryside.

So there is no getting away from the fact running with a buggy is hard work! I remember some lovely ladies once commenting that I wasn’t just running but also feeding and entertaining all the way round! They hit the nail on the head. Our current favourite activity when the going gets tough is to count to 10 whilst running then count to 10 and walk. I guess its a good way to teach Fred to count! But I wouldn’t be without my little coach - when we get near the end he has got quite good at shouting ‘go mummy’ (mainly because he knows the play area will be there when we finish!).

I didn’t realise until I started buggy running how important your arms are in running! When you can’t use them it makes a huge difference. Its also a good idea to remember to pump up your tyres!

This run report wouldn’t be worth writing without a shout out to the many runners who have helped me push Fred up the two hills! I am always so grateful to anyone wanting to help out - especially when there is a hill involved! My next tactic is to make friends with some faster runners who want to head back out to help me along the last couple of K (hint hint).

See you on Saturday

Sophie and Fred (along with Bob the buggy)


There were a few runners who completed a milestone, Chris Fletcher ran for the 100th time (after volunteering as the first timers briefer), Stephanie Clarke completed her 50th, Amy Ransome and Sophie Wilkinson ran for the 10th time to earn their white 10 shirts. Congratulations to you all, keep an eye on your profile pages for access to order your shirts.

Thank you to all our volunteers this week, excellent job as always.

Rosliston parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am at the Forestry Centre. Please remember to bring your barcode and £1 for parking. There is a new runners & tourist brief at 8.45 with the normal pre-run brief at the start at 8.55.


Ros #122 – Thunder Run Invasion

Rosliston is a stomach-churning, head-turning event that will have thrill-seekers on their knees (in some cases). You'll ideally face forwards as you're raised into the sky, gaining massive height in a figure of eight before your return towards the finish. But that's not all - you'll also cover a full 5 kilometres, sending you into the heart of the woodlands and back.
Adrenalin junkies won't want to miss this one - in a unique twist; runners' legs swing freely, giving the sensation of freedom and flight in this jaw-dropping thrill ride. This white-knuckle experience is like nothing you've experienced before. If you think you can handle the power of the trail, test yourself to your limits at Rosliston.
The Summer Sensation Season continued for another week as we had (as always) lots of exciting features on offer for the perfect Saturday morning out for all ages and abilities, with parking still ONLY a pound for up to two hours of parkrun magic.

#122 Hawk

There’s something for everyone including the stimulating Start line incline, hair-raising Hairpin bend and breath-taking Bluebell woods. Other astonishing attractions include the crazy Two-way zigzags, confounding Cardiac hill and spine-tingling Sprint finish.


A ‘very warm’ welcome was extended to all first timers and visitors, especially Thunder Runners from further afield. We hope to see you all again sometime.

Meanwhile the top 3 males on the day were: Jack Shorten, Joseph Goodwin and Tom Bristowe. Whilst the 3 fastest female finishers were: Claire Fitzpatrick, Paige Barker (on her very first Parkrun) and Katie Dennis.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kim Heyes, Grace Sinclair and Philip Walters – the latest 50 Club members and Jai Patel and Tommy Smith - who both joined the 10 club. There was also an unofficial 150 milestone for Jo Yarnall and 200 milestones for third place Tom and Craig Cutler.

And more congratulations to the 49 who achieved a Rosliston PB – well done to you all.

The Hi-Viz heroes for this event were:
Andrew BENNETT • Angela BATES • Babs WOODWARD • Daniel FORD • David WALTERS • Dina HURDMAN • Harry WOODWARD • Hayden WRIGHT • Hugh KIRKE • Jason WARDLE • Julianne WALTERS • Kate HUDSON • Kate PAGE • Kathryn LITTLE • Lauren FORD • Linda KIRKE • Lindsay O'CONNOR • Louise BAKIN • Malcolm MARSHALL • Matt DORAN • Megan HURDMAN • Micheal WALTERS • Owen FORD • Pete HURDMAN • Polly POULTON • Rob LEADBEATER • Rob MARSHALL • Ruth FORD • Ryan GRAINGER • Sandra BENNETT • Sarah SMITH • Sarah WALTERS • Shannon HURDMAN • Shawnie LOVATT • Sian HAMILTON • Stuart BATES • Stuart MEER • Stuart WALTON • Sue WRIGHT • Thomas ROBINSON

#122 Tail

Rosliston parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am at the Forestry Centre. Please remember to bring your barcode and £1 for parking. There is a new runners & tourist brief at 8.45 with the normal pre-run brief at the start at 8.55.


Ros #121 – And The Heat Was Still On!

Well it rained the night before! Our parched gardens and fields drank it down greedily and then resigned themselves to yet another day of remorseless sun.

The football fever of a World Cup is over now and for once England fans have had a bit of something to smile about – under-promised and over delivered as they say. And did we just have a Wimbledon with no rain at all! What happened to those days of Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg battling it out over three days between the rain showers.

#121 Tail
The fine weather deserved a thumbs up from the tail walkers

Out on the course as the sun started to beat down it makes you realise just how much lovely dappled shade we have on our course and it was very welcome.

198 runners made it round this week under the blue skies – well done everyone! 37 joined us for the first time, we hope you enjoyed your visit and come again. 26 pbs were recorded in the testing conditions – impressive.

The first male runner back was Jack Shorten of Burton AC in 18:32, followed by Alex Young in 18:50 and Joseph Goodwin in an even 19:00. The first female finisher was Fleur Pickering on her first run at Rosliston in 23:21, second was Rachel Thorpe in 24:43 and third was Jayne Adams in 26:38.

Also welcome back Reg Jones, who returned to running the course after a spell away recuperating from injury during which time he has been a stalwart on the volunteer roster. Good to have you back Reg (even if you did nip me by 12 seconds!)

Well done to Sue Wright for doing an excellent job on her first time as Run Director.

#121 Sue

Congratulations as well to Hayden Wright and Kate Hudson who earned their purple shirts for volunteering for the 25th time.

#121 Hayden
#121 Kate

Thanks to all the volunteers and marshals for turning out in the hot sun to make it possible for us all, it is appreciated.

#121 Vols

Have a good week till next week

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