Christmas is coming! Ros #141

I have lived in Scotland for 18 years but I am a Burton girl. My local parkrun is Livingston, just outside Edinburgh. I was visiting family this weekend and was looking forward to joining you at Rosliston.

December is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. Despite the very unfestive wind and relentless rain, an amazing 152 hardy souls turned out to give it their best and ran, jogged or walked the course. 19 were first timers, and are welcomed into the parkrun family. We hope to see you all again very soon. 18 new personal bests were recorded, a brilliant achievement considering the copious amount of mud!

There were 2 milestone runners, Jennifer Parker and Sophie Towns, both who have completed 50 Park Runs. Massive congratulations to both of you.

The woman of the day was most definitely Run Director Sam Screaton who has volunteered an astounding 400 times. I think that you will agree that this shows an incredible commitment to the ongoing success of parkrun and ensuring that we can all continue to enjoy our runs. Saturday morning parkrun would not be possible without all of our incredible volunteers. There were 35 of these high viz heroes this week. A huge thank you to all of you! All of the volunteering roles are easy and it feels good to give something back. So if you're injured and can't run, or simply feel like a rest, please consider giving volunteering a go. parkrun simply couldn't happen without volunteers.

I really enjoyed my visit to Rosliston. You have a beautiful course. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. That is what I love the most about being a member of the parkrun family, everybody encouraging each other, no matter what their ability. My personal highlight was the party music at one of the marshal points. That really lifted my spirits as I was starting to flag. I look forward to seeing you all again on my next visit home!


“Bare ruin’d choirs where late the sweet birds sang”: Rosliston #140

Well apart from parkrun this weekend, I think my main job will be raking up the leaves in the garden, now the cotinus has finally succumbed to the inevitability of the Autumn drop. The blaze of colour was nice while it lasted. As the trees turn into skeletons and our course turns a bit soggier, we can tell winter is on the way. Last week it was one of those murky, late Autumn days where the light bleaches into the sky, thinks better of it and gradually fades away again.

But that's the beauty of parkrun, a bit of a camaraderie and joint endeavour in good spirits can brighten up the greyest morning.

Last week 196 of us ran, jogged and walked the course, despite the leaden skies. We had 33 first timers, who we hope to see again soon, and an impressive 26 new Personal Bests were recorded.

First male runner back on Saturday was James Farmer clocking one of his usual speedy times in 18:14, followed home by Matt Pleass in 18:51 and Mark Slade in 18:54. On the female side Lauren Ford led the way in a swift 22:51, then Kathryn Little in 24:30 and Helen Kirby in 24: 52.

Special congratulations this week to Kathryn Little who joined the 100 club and to Tracey Smith who completed her 50th run.

As always a big thank you to all the volunteers who came through to fill up the roster and made it possible for the rest of us.


The week of Thanksgiving -Rosliston #139

This week across America millions are on the move homewards to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. There are also races across the US known as the 'turkey trot' (14,000 turned out in Buffalo last year), family fun runs where dressing up is encouraged and prizes are often pies. Perhaps we should start our own 'turkey trot' on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, what do you think, turkey hats optional?
#139 turkey

Well last week it wasn't quite the glorious sunny Autumn morning that we have got used to over recent weeks, a bit murky, though the sun did make a welcome appearance later in the day.

An impressive 207 of us though ventured out and completed the course in our varied and glorious fashion, the tall and small, the young and the young at heart, the four-legged and the two.

25 first timers this week, welcome all and come again soon, and an impressive 35 pbs were recorded. First male runner on the day was Jamie Fletcher in 17:45 in a highly impressive first appearance, followed home by Jack Shorten in 18:24 and Joseph Goodwin in 19:12. First female finisher was Susan McCullock in a pb of 22:10, followed by Kaliyah Morant-Hudson also in a pb of 23:20 and Sandy Churchward completing a clean sweep of pbs for the top three placers in 24:21.

Special congratulations to Lily Marsden and Georgia Marsden who both became new members of the junior 10 milestone club
#139 t shirt

Many thanks as always to the volunteers for making it all possible and to David this week's run director:
Angela BATES • Angela DAWS • Bethan KWIATKOWSKI • Clive OAKMAN • Colin PLEASS • Daniel FORD • David WALTERS • Deborah CRUMP • Ella VENABLES • Eloise MOORE • Graham LAMB • Hayden WRIGHT • Helen HARRELL • Julianne WALTERS • Liam WRIGHT • Luke HOLMES • Mark FERRIDAY • Melanie RATCLIFFE • Micheal WALTERS • Molly SMITH • Owen FORD • Penny WALKER • Pete HURDMAN • Pippa BATES • Reg JONES • Ruth FORD • Sarah HEATH • Sarah WALTERS • Sue WRIGHT • Thomas ROBINSON • Trevor FEAR

Have a good time till next week!


Rosliston parkrun Report for Event 138 on 10/11/18

Despite the crisp start there was another good turnout for event number 138 with 180 members of the parkrun community making the Forestry Centre their home for the morning. As always the course held a fair degree of challenge to all ages and abilities, though it’s equally fair to say that there is always a warm welcome extended to all visitors. Whether a first timer or a Rosliston regular the teamwork and sense of camaraderie is evident, making for an uplifting experience for all – whatever the weather.
#138 crowd

The top 3 males on the day were: -
James Farmer 18:28, Thomas Bradley 19:23 and Mark Slade 19:35.

Whilst the 3 fastest female finishers were: -
Lauren Ford 22:58, Victoria McCrea 25:00 and Kathryn Little 25:41.

And the Age Grade Award went to Marie York with 74.36%!

Meanwhile, an impressive 13 Personal Bests were achieved – well done to you all. There were also 9 completing a Parkrun for the very first time – fantastic! We hope to see you all again very soon.
#138 start

Unfortunately 4 entrants either weren't registered or didn’t bring their barcodes, so next time remember … DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE.

Finally … a huge thank you to all the volunteers who made this (free) weekly event possible. Details of how to join in can be found by heading to the Rosliston parkrun website, clicking ‘volunteer’, then ‘getting involved’, this page tells you all you need to know OR details of where to find out.

Until next time.

*Photos courtesy of Bethan Kwiatkowski.


Rosliston #136 – It’s Definitely Autumn!

What a great way to start the Saturday morning! The weather was a bit colder this morning compared to last week.
Rosliston Parkrun 27/10/2018

But as the frost nipped at our toes we still managed to score a handful of PBs. Well done to Cheryl Robinson, Ian Farmer, Stephan Salt and Tony Downey on their 50th parkrun. An extra special congrats to Paul Mckay and Dave Benstead for hitting the 100 mark right in the face!
Rosliston Parkrun 27/10/2018Rosliston Parkrun 27/10/2018

From the 20 minute runners to the 60 minute runners, everyone gave their best shot. In first, was Gareth Huw Watkins from South Derbyshire Road Runners who had the incredible, winning pace of 19:04. Followed by, Freddie Penrose in second and James Farmer in third. The first lady back was Paige Barker from JW11-14 who came 7th at 20:55.

The course was a bit icy but still enjoyable, the leaves were falling off the trees every minute. The paths were slightly slippery but everyone came back in one piece!
Rosliston Parkrun 27/10/2018

-Holly Price

*photos courtesy of Lisa Edwards.

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