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Rother Valley parkrun # 57 - 19/07/2014

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   AgeAge Gender  Tot
1Trevor NEVILLE18:21VM35-3973.84 %M1Sheffield Running ClubPB stays at 00:18:1732
2Stephanie BURNS18:29SW20-2480.07 %F1Rotherham Harriers & ACPB stays at 00:17:4327
3Howard DARWIN18:41VM45-4977.70 %M2Rotherham Harriers & ACFirst Timer!28
4Steve MARSHALL18:55VM40-4472.69 %M3Maltby RCPB stays at 00:18:196
5Terry EASTWOOD19:09VM55-5980.94 %M4Rotherham Harriers & ACPB stays at 00:19:0392
6Joseph HUTCHESSON19:58JM15-1768.61 %M5Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield ACPB stays at 00:18:1527
7Martyn WHYMAN20:16VM35-3965.46 %M6Maltby RCNew PB!6
9Paul BIRD20:42VM40-4465.94 %M8PB stays at 00:19:2421
10Ged LIGHTFOOT20:59SM25-2961.48 %M9PB stays at 00:19:3356
11Philippa JAMES21:12VW50-5479.09 %F2Rotherham Harriers & ACNew PB!36
12Liam WILSON21:17SM20-2460.61 %M10First Timer!8
13Andrew BATTERSBY21:25VM35-3961.56 %M11First Timer!1
14Joe AUSTIN21:26SM25-2960.19 %M12PB stays at 00:20:493
15Lee WEATHERALL21:29VM45-4966.49 %M13Kimberworth Striders RCPB stays at 00:20:3043
16Ian CLARKE21:44VM45-4967.33 %M14First Timer!53
17Matthew PAGDIN22:05JM11-1467.32 %M15New PB!4
18Andrew CHARLES22:12VM35-3960.59 %M16New PB!33
19Carl MULLOOLY22:23SM30-3458.30 %M17PB stays at 00:19:4649
20David LYON22:34VM55-5968.69 %M18PB stays at 00:22:1057
21Samuel OLIVER22:50JM15-1760.95 %M19PB stays at 00:20:4129
22Oliver HACKER23:10SM25-2955.76 %M20PB stays at 00:21:5645
23John WALLER23:15VM45-4961.94 %M21Handsworth Roadhogs RCPB stays at 00:22:3635
24Paul COOPER23:16VM50-5463.40 %M22PB stays at 00:22:4043
25Alistair TAIT23:39VM40-4457.72 %M23New PB!3
26Robert WHITEHURST23:41VM35-3955.67 %M24New PB!18
27Carl HILL23:51VM55-5966.11 %M25PB stays at 00:22:36161
28Finley COBURN24:01JM1065.72 %M26New PB!5
29Timothy FELLOWS24:05VM50-5462.21 %M27North Derbyshire RCPB stays at 00:22:4836
30Glenn COBURN24:15VM45-4959.86 %M28First Timer!1
31Jonathan PAGDIN24:25VM55-5962.94 %M29PB stays at 00:24:2448
32Paul BERESFORD24:26VM40-4457.57 %M30New PB!32
33Owen G HINCHCLIFFE24:31VM35-3953.77 %M31PB stays at 00:22:4650
34Jen BURKE24:33SW30-3460.29 %F3PB stays at 00:23:3348
35Jacqueline MEMMOTT24:46VW35-3960.77 %F4New PB!10
36Michael Peter ANYON24:56VM50-5459.16 %M32PB stays at 00:23:1191
37Nicola WALLER25:16VW45-4963.46 %F5Handsworth Roadhogs RCPB stays at 00:22:0826
38John OLIVER25:50VM45-4955.74 %M33PB stays at 00:23:2131
39James Frederick TRACEY25:55VM65-6966.56 %M34PB stays at 00:24:5844
40Finlay TAIT25:59JM1062.92 %M35New PB!3
41David LEVICK26:00VM45-4955.38 %M36PB stays at 00:23:5623
42Colin JORDAN26:02VM35-3952.05 %M37New PB!25
43Brad WILD26:03SM25-2949.52 %M38PB stays at 00:21:0811
44Neil TAYLOR26:05VM40-4453.93 %M39PB stays at 00:22:1111
45Louise SIDDALL26:06VW40-4460.28 %F6Kimberworth Striders RCPB stays at 00:24:4517
46Helen WOODBURN26:08SW25-2956.63 %F7Kimberworth Striders RCPB stays at 00:23:5036
47Joanna KRAMER26:13VW40-4459.57 %F8Kimberworth Striders RCPB stays at 00:25:2020
48Jade RABJOHN26:16SW25-2956.35 %F9PB stays at 00:25:266
49Holly PAGE26:18SW25-2956.27 %F10PB stays at 00:26:102
50Jasper TURNER26:31JM11-1457.70 %M40PB stays at 00:26:266
51Deborah TURNER26:40VW40-4458.56 %F11PB stays at 00:26:327
52Ray KING26:41VM50-5455.28 %M41PB stays at 00:23:4934
53Keira EALES SMITH26:42JW1067.85 %F12PB stays at 00:26:102
54Andy WILSON26:48VM50-5455.04 %M42PB stays at 00:25:4021
55John Herbert Frederick SMITH26:49VM60-6460.35 %M43PB stays at 00:26:0427
56Ian JENNINGS26:52VM65-6963.59 %M44PB stays at 00:26:3015
57Summer LUDLAM27:05JW1064.80 %F13First Timer!1
59Jamie SMITH27:09JM11-1456.35 %M46PB stays at 00:26:387
60Paul SMITH27:10VM45-4953.01 %M47PB stays at 00:21:0910
61Stephanie COBURN27:14VW40-4456.49 %F14New PB!5
62Trevor BROWN27:17VM70-7466.28 %M48New PB!2
63Andrew PEMBROKE27:32SM30-3447.09 %M49PB stays at 00:26:4321
65Lucy HOOK27:39VW35-3954.97 %F15PB stays at 00:26:5122
66Gemma GRAHAM27:42VW35-3954.15 %F16First Timer!1
67Bev KENYON27:43VW45-4959.77 %F17First Timer!1
68Carol HUGHES27:53VW50-5460.85 %F18Jog Derbyshire DynamosNew PB!2
69Tracy CLOW28:15VW40-4454.87 %F19New PB!7
70Lewis DEFFLEY28:27JM11-1452.26 %M51PB stays at 00:24:332
71Alex TAIT28:39JM11-1451.89 %M52New PB!3
72Rebecca WHYMAN28:48SW30-3451.39 %F20New PB!5
73John ERSKINE29:00VM50-5451.67 %M53PB stays at 00:28:045
74Laura ELLIS29:12SW30-3450.74 %F21PB stays at 00:27:4143
75Angela MILLNS29:29VW40-4452.97 %F22Handsworth Roadhogs RCPB stays at 00:28:2438
76Kay TOWERS29:43VW45-4955.75 %F23PB stays at 00:28:049
77Kerry WISEMAN29:55VW40-4451.42 %F24Handsworth Roadhogs RCPB stays at 00:29:4616
78Heather BRADLEY-SMITH29:58VW50-5455.95 %F25Killamarsh Kestrels RCPB stays at 00:28:2619
79Alison FOSTER30:02VW55-5960.27 %F26PB stays at 00:29:0615
80Keith BAILEY30:03VM60-6453.85 %M54PB stays at 00:27:528
81Janet D'ROZA30:25VW50-5455.12 %F27Handsworth Roadhogs RCNew PB!7
82Karen GOODLAD30:28VW45-4952.13 %F28PB stays at 00:29:366
83Barbara JENNINGS30:52VW60-6464.69 %F29PB stays at 00:30:033
84Riszard Antoni WILCZYNSKI31:00VM55-5950.86 %M55PB stays at 00:30:1531
85Fiona Ann FELLOWS31:55VW50-5453.84 %F30PB stays at 00:30:5137
86Lisa TAIT32:48VW45-4948.88 %F31New PB!2
87Sarah FICKLING32:59VW40-4446.64 %F32First Timer!1
88Lydia ROSHEEN33:08VW50-5451.86 %F33Handsworth Roadhogs RCNew PB!2
89Joseph KENNEY33:24JM11-1445.81 %M56New PB!2
91Jacky FAIRFAX33:59VW55-5954.73 %F34PB stays at 00:33:3516
92Leanne MAIDEN34:16SW30-3443.19 %F35PB stays at 00:31:168
93Christopher KENNEY35:01VM40-4438.98 %M58New PB!2
94Serena SMITH35:09VW40-4444.10 %F36New PB!5
95Elaine BATTY35:24VW50-5448.54 %F37PB stays at 00:33:434
96Angela WALL37:07SW30-3439.96 %F38PB stays at 00:35:0216
97Rebecca KENNEY37:17VW40-4441.26 %F39New PB!2
98Lucy KENNEY38:53JW15-1739.35 %F40First Timer!1
99Tori ROSHEEN39:51JW11-1439.44 %F41New PB!2
100Benjamin MAHONEY40:00SM25-2932.25 %M59Sheffield Running ClubPB stays at 00:18:4114

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Keith BRINE, Helen CALLENDER, Alfred FISHBURN, Pete FLYNN, Matthew Ford KITCHEN, Benjamin MAHONEY, John James MILLINS, Shane SCOTT, Andy WIDDISON, Georgina WILLIAMS, Graham WORSFOLD

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