Rothwell parkrun number 43 – 7/7/2018

Rothwell parkrun no 43 – 7/7/2018 – The day we went red and white for England.

Welcome to parkrun no 43, a day where once again, the heat was relentless, the course was rock hard underfoot, but 150 of you walkers and runners, got up, dressed up and showed up and made a great start to your weekend.

Once again, your RD this week was Kevin or Kev to you all and despite saying that last week with the water was a one off, the heat this week meant that we just had to bring it back. Up at 5:30 and filling bottles, the large water container and packing the car, it was already warm out there.

The park at 7:15 was glorious bathed in sunshine, but the heat was rising and setting up the course with Dave Williamson – made things quick, efficient and the run looked good.

With plenty of first timers to speak with as well as visitors / tourists to the park, the briefing was underway at 8:50 and we headed off to the start area where the usual information was given to you all. However, your RD stressed, the heat would pay a huge part in the run and therefore, take your time, take it slow, the water was back, to get hydrated and look out for each other when you passed them or were passed. Your health is more important than a pb and the idea of this run is to enjoy it.

Given the heat, it was great to have extra volunteers this week to watch everyone and should there be an issue, the rd and others were only moments away to assist. Thank you to all those who stood out there in the sun and under the trees – I try and get you all in the shade- and made sure everyone was safe. Thought that Sarah Kirby looked radiant under the lap tree and with her hat on and encouraging everyone. The two hot spots surely are the car park where Alistair was and the far end with Sharon. Hope you have both cooled down somewhat and thanks for standing out there.

I also want to welcome first time volunteer Adam Wright who was taught what to do and look out for by one of our fastest runners – James Mace. If he passed you any tips – please let me know. Outstanding job by you all and extra thanks to Caroline Grosvenorwho was in a new spot that we do not use for marshal normally, however, by being on the course – we knew we had another set of eyes looking out for your health and safety in the heat. I am grateful Caroline.

To the run, flying around the course this week and home first was Andrew Harris in a time of 18:19 and a new pb! Andrew is from the Nidd Valley Road Runners. 3 seconds behind and pushed him all the way was James Wallis and then another Nidd Valley – Martin Lofthouse came in 3rd. Just to make sure that the Nidd lot took another place, Benjamin Baird finished the pack with 4th. Well run and well done to you all. Are Nidd Valley runners lost as they keep visiting. Pleasure to have you here.

For the ladies, C T came back first – not sure what C T stands for – however, she ran like the wind – well would have had we had, any with a 23:30 time and a new pb. Outstanding running CT. Wendy Parker came home second with Emily Crompton bringing in 3rd.

The weather clearly suited some runners as the first 25, all came in beneath 25 mins.

Fastest junior males JM11-14 today were Mark Grosvenor, followed by Callum Wolfe. Ollie Hancock JM10 ran in at 26:51. Well done to you all in very hot conditions.

Fastest junior females JW11-14 -Julia Grosvenor – what are the Grosvenor family feeding these kids? Followed by Indianna Leese and Emily Barstow. You all deserve ice cream!

Results shown at the following link:

Other stats: 56 females, 74 males and we had 20 unknown – did you forget your barcode????

First time ever parkrun runners – 6 of you ventured bravely into the oven of a park and we welcomed James McManus, Geoff Hunter, Liam Bowers, Sam Nightingale, Peter Ingham and Ricky Bailey. Congratulations on your first ever parkrun and hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you. You have just got your first pb and therefore, you deserve a treat to reward yourselves.

PB’s… please tell me how 12 of you managed to get a pb in this heat? Congratulations to the following: Andrew Harris, James Wallis, Ed Greenhough, Peter Loxham, David Miller, Mark Thompson, Ollie Hancock, Ryan Tsang, Josh Isenring, Callum Hesletine, Matthew Sykes, Victor Choules.

Visiting Clubs – Nidd Valley Road Runners, Bingley Harriers, Bramley Breezers, Garden City Runners, Leeds City AC, UK parkrun Tourists and of course, our own Rothwell Harriers.

Total runs of all today’s runners – 3082 = 15410km.

Highest total of runs – Dave John Williamson = 467, Wayne King Farlow = 315 and Thomas Gatehouse = 280. That is a lot of Saturdays to give up! Well done everyone.

Thank you to everyone who wore red / white to celebrate the football later today. You rd did have a red top on – however, his bagel this morning oozed butter and it spilt down the front. He was not gonna wear that for love nor money and therefore, went for a different colour.

Our volunteers today who looked after you so well were and we owe a debt of gratitude: Hannah GILLIARD, Lucy GILLIARD, Joshua GILLIARD, Jane GRANT, Caroline GROSVENOR, Roger KIRBY, Sarah KIRBY, James MACE, Kevin MOSELEY, Matthew James PARKER-HAIM, Sharon ROBINSON, Alastair SAYLES, Caroline SHELTON, Julie STEPHENSON, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR, Dave John WILLIAMSON, Adam WRIGHT.

Did anyone notice the new signs today? 15 new ones found themselves on the course this morning and I hope made you smile. I know the feedback has been very positive and if they make you stop / think and laugh a little, it was worth the time and effort putting them together.

Water – hope this went down well and made things easier for you all.

Don’t forget we have a run / walk group every week for those wanting to ease themselves into running. An excellent opportunity to gradually build up the fitness and tone up. Caroline Shelton looks after this and you are more than welcome.

Please note we are NOT RUNNING NEXT WEEK – 14TH July. The event is cancelled as there is an event on in the park. Time for some tourism and there are plenty to go to local.

Next event is 21st July and Caroline will be looking after you. We do need volunteers for this please and we want your help. No experience needed, just a willing set of hands to clap and encourage others and we will give you all the training. Please get in touch and give us a hand cause without you, we cannot hold this event. The future roster is: or email us at or contact us through our facebook page:

I hope you enjoyed this morning as much as we enjoyed having you and putting it on. Fingers crossed that the football is as almost as good as our parkrun today and the results is just as positive.

Have a great couple of weeks and we look forward to seeing you again on the 21st. Get those miles in, stay hydrated and look after yourselves and each other.

Best wishes,



Welcome to Rothwell parkrun Report No 41 – 23rd June 2018.

Welcome to Rothwell parkrun Report No 41 – 23rd June 2018.
In order to get this right, our Run Director today was Caroline and she put an early order in for the following:
• One beautiful park to run in.
• Decent weather.
• One Run Director.
• A sprinkling of willing, able and friendly volunteers.
• A large amount of runners and the new walk / run group to attend.
• Separate volunteers and send to various places on the course.
• Set up the course with volunteers.
• Make sure timers and scanners are all prepared and ready.
• Brief everyone and thank for coming to Rothwell.
• Send runners / walk / run group away on the stroke of 9am.
One perfectly organised, well run, friendly and great Rothwell parkrun with a load of personal bests, even more smiles, a supportive community and everyone making a significant difference to their health. The only thing that was self-raising in this recipe was the heart rate for a short period, the atmosphere, the sun and the corners of mouths which constantly smiled.
Caroline as the head chef got it spot on again and 188 of you set off on the stroke of 9am and into the sunshine. As the usual person that sets up the course was away as a tourist today, Alan and Emma – accompanied by their beautiful daughter Catherine, assisted in setting up the course. She is growing so quickly and will soon be having her own barcode!
Less than 18 minutes later, just as the scanners and timers were thinking about another coffee from the café and butty for £3, our first runner was through the finish and relaxing. So here comes the facts and figures……
Men – First home was Lewis Penna-Kincella at 17:24 with an age grade of 74.14%. He went that quick and created such a breeze, that reports of two squirrels being blown out of a tree came in. Terry Midgley of The Valley Striders was around 50 seconds behind at 18:12 with both these runners recording new personal best times. Third home was our own Rothwell Harriers member – Paul Brown – who recently became a grandad – in a time of 19:12. Clearly his grandchild is having a positive effect on him as he seems to be getting quicker or it may be the case that he cannot wait to get back to go see the little one after the parkrun, these days.
The first four places went to all 20 year old and over runners. Louie Parker then comes in with a time of 19:44 and to rub it in, he falls in the Junior Male 11-14 category. With Daniel Drew-Easton flying in after him in 6th with 20:35 – he is also a junior in the 15-17 category. You are out there, giving it everything, out of breath, legs screaming, head yelling NO MORE- when ….. yet another junior – Charlie Parker – Junior Male 10 – YES I SAID 10 as in years old!!! Races past you for a new personal best at 21:53 and in 14th. The positive side is that this is incredible for local athletics. The negative side is that as they get older, they will get faster and biting at our heels every week and passing us all. What have we got to do to get past them????
For the ladies, our first home today was Julie Masterman of the Goole Valley Striders at 21:47 and in 12th place. Not far behind and less than 10 seconds, Angela Dales raced in from the Sweatshop Running Community at 21:58. The finish must have been interesting as 5 seconds behind was Anna Stocks of the Hyde Park Harriers at 22:03.
The junior ladies did incredible with Lucy Walker the fastest, followed closely by Ellen Sayles – both in the 15-17 age group. Ellen chalked up a new personal best and congratulations go to her on this. Julia Cosgrove – 11-14 age group came in third for the ladies. Again, with running of this calibre, things are looking really good for the sport – just not for us older ones.
Full set of results can be found at the link below:
36 Personal best times recorded today. We welcomed 8 brand new to parkrun – Ryan Loxham, Jack Dove, Louie Hulme, Kim Sanderson, Lisa Owens, Alfie Nork, Lynne Walker and Logan Cooper. Congratulations on starting on your parkrun journey and finishing your first 5km run with us. It does not matter to us where you finished as it does not take courage to finish, it took courage to get over the start line and we applaud you for doing this. Hope you come back next week and enjoyed it as much as we did having you.
The Walk and Run group run by Caroline is going from strength to strength and continues to attract new participants. The beauty of this is for people who are just starting their journey into parkrun and not yet quite ready to make the full transition into running the full course. By walking and then having a minute every now and then with a light jog helps raise the heart rate, increases fitness and gets everything moving gradually. It is an ideal time for families to come out together, spend valuable and quality time and into the fresh air. At this park, your core team – which spends many hours every week working behind the scenes to make sure you can enjoy this event – knows the importance of family. If you only want to walk, then even better, you can bring your family, friends, relatives, gently get out and exercise – then bring them along. Bring the dog but please keep on a short lead, just don’t forget your bar code and then enjoy a coffee and butty in the café afterwards. Family and friends are priceless and time spent together is never wasted.
As a point of safety, if you are walking the route or a slower runner, please be mindful of those who are a bit quicker may come past you on the run. Do keep to the left and keep a look out. We do not want any accidents – specially around the skate park and tennis courts where it is a bit tight for space. We love the fact that this is a safe parkrun and proud of this, it would be great if we can keep it that way please.
Volunteers – without these superheroes – who do not wear capes or underwear on the outside of their clothes – unless that sort of thing floats your boat and what you do on a weekend is your own thing


Rothwell parkrun 39 – The Day We Did Not Need A Prescription To Feel This Good….

Rothwell parkrun 39 – The Day We Did Not Need A Prescription To Feel This Good….
Having spent the last couple of weeks away running in a couple of different countries, it was great to return this morning to set up as it always feels like one is returning home and my Saturday am wake up call, has a purpose again. It was a lot cooler than running in Africa, so setting up in the early fresh air was heavenly – even if was less than 4 hours since I had landed! With a course set up, our Run Director today was Jason, ably assisted by Chelsea, who arrived armed with pacer bibs and laid these out ready for the pending arrival of the pacer runners for today’s event.
In the movie, Field of Dreams, the words are spoken –" If you build it they will come" and instead of materialising out of the corn, the volunteers and pacers showed up on mass in cars and foot through the trees. Jason had everything arranged with normal military precision and the coloured bibs were worn, volunteers were dispatched to various points of the course and off everyone went to the start.
Here Jason reminded everyone of how this the 70th birthday of the NHS and it would be safe to say that every single one of us has been affected in some way by this incredible service that we are fortunate enough to have here in the UK. We give thanks for everything the people do that work for them and most of us came in to the world one way or the other, through the NHS, so to everyone, this run was for you. I noted that Dr Frank N Furter was not present though!
With pacers in place, timers ready to time, scanners ready to scan, runners ready to run and me just about out of anything else to word like the above, off we went with the blessing of Jason and not a word of "ooooooo matron!"
With the addition of pacers – if you wanted to get a pb, pick the one nearest to the time you wanted to beat, stay with or beat them and job done. Or pick the one you liked the look of best and follow them but not too closely as you do not want the services of the NHS for the wrong reasons!!! The inclusion of pacers really gives an added enjoyment and the one thing you can guarantee is that there will be an abundance of personal bests recorded!
Ordinarily, I would give a mention to anyone getting a pb, cause normally there is about a dozen however, a whopping and incredible 82 of you did just that! Consider yourself congratulated and add your name and tag yourself here:
I got a pb today ……………………………………….
That covers everyone!
If you did not - then how about:
I was incredible today .........................................................
When you have a dedicated parkrun core team who do their absolute best to run this event every- week, supported by even more incredible volunteers, you build a fantastic atmosphere, which in turn helps us grow.
16 runners- first ever timers- brand new to parkrun came to Rothwell today and we extend our warmest wishes to each and every single one of you. Your name appears in lights as below:
Ava Austin, Gemma Durant, Micela Frank, Alison Brown, Freya Green, Jamie Corbett, Carter Tomkinson, Penny Corbett, Oliver Dobson, Sam Gee, Sue Macgregor, Andrew Durant, Peter Mulroy, Kriss Gordon, Matthew Royce and Paul Hough. Congratulations on 1- your first ever parkrun, 2- getting a pb and 3- making me write a lot more names than usual.
Special mention again to Oliver, Carter, Penny, Freya and Ava who are all juniors.
Other special mentions, if Karen Thomson comes back next week – she will hit the big Five – Oh. I mean 50 parkruns, not age as she is not a day over 21! Chris Jones of the Hyde Park Harriers ran his 458th parkrun- which equates to 8.8 years of parkruns without a weekend off. Mind blowing stuff.
1st home today was Daryl Hibberd with a time of 17:34. He was just coming to the finish as I went past it on my final lap! Matthew Hallam was only 8 seconds behind, followed 5 seconds later by Chris Green.
For the ladies, Rowena Skelhorn was first home with a 23:24 with an 11-14 junior 4 seconds behind her – Isla Rickerby and Shahana Miah bringing up no 3. There was only 7 seconds between them.
We had 22 juniors under 17 today running, of which Joshua Gillard was home fastest, followed by Torin Rickerby and Ben Green and Adam Miah – who beat his mum- but we are not saying anything about that!!! It is great for athletics that these youngsters are doing so well, however, it gives you two thoughts when they go past you -1) They are so much younger and fitter and what joy! 2) I am about to get beaten by someone under 10 and this is so unfair!!!!
Further special mentions – Ken Thomas ran his 120th parkrun and chose Rothwell for this to be his 65th tourist event. Great to have you with us Ken.
We should recognise today all our pacers – I know this is an NHS thing, but these were not pacemakers which are totally different. I know that they were a good looking bunch and set more than a few pulses racing and raised your blood pressure, but these runners gave up their own runs today to help us all out and contributed hugely to the 82 pb times to be recorded. Also, the volunteers who week in, week out do not run, so you may safely be guided around the course. Without these people, today would not have been possible. To the below, we extend our thanks.
Lewis BUTTERFIELD, Joanna CLARKE, Kevin CONNELL-MOORE, Caroline DAVIES, Christine DAVIES, Warren DENNISON, Kerry FLEMING, Louise FRYER, Simon GARSIDE, Hannah GILLIARD, Nathan HESELTINE, Paul HOUGH, Paul Steven Clifford HOWARD, Chris IBBOTSON, Jade JOHNSON, Mat KELLY, John LAVERICK, Richard LEE, James MACE, Richard John MANN, Helen Alison MANN, Kevin MOSELEY, Lee MUNCASTER, Alison REED, Sharon ROBINSON, Ellen SAYLES, Kathleen SAYLES, Ailsa SAYLES, Will SHAW, Caroline SHELTON, Tom SPENCER, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR, Heather THOMAS, Karen THOMPSON, Chelsea WESTMORELAND, Jason WESTMORELAND, Callum WOLFE, Peter James YATES.
Few more facts and figures – add all the runs up today by everyone = 9994 or just short of 50 000km! 200 ran, 200 finished. 100 per cent effort put in by everyone and reading your comments on facebook, it looks as though every single person enjoyed it today. Your positive messages are welcomed so much and it gives us all a great feeling knowing we are doing the right thing week in and out for you. Maybe we should do this pacing thing again a couple of times a year? What are your thoughts? Your feedback is extremely important.
Today again, went to prove that you do not need a prescription to feel so good about running, your health and the benefits of parkrun. You all did incredible and if we could mention everyone – believe me, we would.
We do recognise the importance of family and family time at Rothwell and excited to say that we have something very exciting planned very shortly as we look to introduce a walk group that means that you do not have to run. Same rules, barcode etc, but it means that you can even pop children in prams, buggies, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters – no, I am joking…. but have a good brisk walk around the park as a family and set yourselves up for the weekend. Gets youngsters and parents / relatives / friends/ guardians out in the fresh air and moving. We will be announcing such on facebook very, very soon, so watch this space.
Caroline has the helm for the next two weeks, so will be setting you all off on the stroke of 9am and please do give her your support and lets get the volunteer slots filled early please. It takes a huge strain off us all as Run Directors.
As always, have a safe, healthy week and get some miles in those legs and let’s get out there next week and do it all again. Be good to yourselves and each other.



Rothwell Parkrun Number 33 – When it got a lot cooler than last week!

Rothwell parkrun Number 33
Welcome to our report for the 33rd Rothwell parkrun – 28th April 2018.
With the warmth of last Saturday now vanished and nothing but a memory, today we were reminded that winter was not far gone and with it, returned the cold weather. With rain the night before having fallen, the ground was firm in places, the grass was a tad muddy in a couple more, but every cloud has a silver lining and the grass had been cut. According to the weather forecast, rain was due again and on the stroke of 9am, so getting set up early was imperative.
With humans chasing dogs, dogs chasing squirrels, squirrels chasing each other in the blossom billed cherry trees, it was beautiful scene, setting up the course. I am indebted this week to Kerry Fleming who arrived early and help set this up with me. Always great to have some company and even better with her organisational skills – we were ready a lot earlier than normal. Even had time for a coffee!
We welcomed a number of new runners to Rothwell today, so was great to see the same Kerry giving the first timers briefing for her first time as well. She then went on to tail walk the course – so gets credit for volunteering and scanned for tail walker. Feedback was excellent – so well done.
It was also great to welcome Matt Kelly back from having a couple weeks break due to knee surgery. I am sure he should have been resting, however, rode on his bike to the run, then scanned everyone at the end. He picked the hottest days of the year to be off last week recovering and was laid out sunbathing on the trampoline. That is the way to do recovery.
The briefing today held a sadder than normal feeling as we paid our respects with a short period of silence to Matt Campbell who sadly, did not complete the final 3.7 miles of the London Marathon. It was incredibly moving when 84 runners and all volunteers fell silent for a few moments to pay our respects and I thank you all for observing this. Unfortunately, we were unable to extend the parkrun to add on the extra distance for Matt, however, runners were invited to run the course, then go run an extra half lap in Matt’s memory. Well done to you all that did this.
We try and add something to our briefings to liven them up and make them memorable and interesting and I also believe that having our younger volunteers getting involved is a great thing. Therefore, I was delighted to welcome young Matthew Johnson alongside me and who sent you all away into the cool morning air. Excellent job Matthew – you are hired! With the threat of photographs, everyone was asked to at least look like they were enjoying themselves and the photos came out great. I think some actually were happy which I can only do with four coffees before 9am.
With the run well and truly on its way, runners running, dogs barking and volunteers clapping, you knew it was going to be a great day.
First home today was Mark Lester, followed by an unknown. Looks as though you forgot your barcode! However, excellent running by Richard Wilkinson brought in our first three. Richard was only five seconds in front of Joshua Gilliard who I have mentioned before – but Richard got a PB – so congratulations to you all.
Our first lady home this week was Rachel Bentley from Valley Striders AC who we welcomed to her first Rothwell run. Shahana – Rothwell Harriers– celebrating her 50th parkrun, came in second, followed by Emma Longfellow from St Theresa’s AC bringing in third and Samantha Harris from the Valley Striders a few seconds behind.
The junior runners all had a great morning, of which Joshua Gilliard in the 15-17 age group came in at 20:21. Evan Gill – Ackworth Road Runners – Junior male 10 -26:23. Oliver Hardcastle had wings under his feet – Junior male 10 – 28:52 on his very first ever parkrun. Robyn Howard – Junior ladies, 29:57 and a new pb which duly cost her dad a few ££ as a reward for running so well. Ben Thorpe – Junior Male 10 – 35:02 and Olivia Howard – Junior women 11-14, 35:52. You all ran so well in wet conditions underfoot. Olivia makes it look so easy and doing very well despite having a sprained wrist.
We welcomed some first time ever runners to parkrun today and all of them had their barcodes. Robert Gemmel, Chris Gemmel, Oliver Hardcastle, James Ellison, Ben Thorpe and Lianne Phillips. You also got your personal best times today by the fact that this was your first. Now come out next week and if we can fix the weather, go beat them times. Welcome to parkrun and thank you for making Rothwell your first ever. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did having you.
Was it the threat of rain, the encouragement of the volunteers or what – however, 15 of you got a pb today. Well done to: Richard Wilkinson, Anna Milburn, Amy Walker, Patricia Kneadin-Brown, Marina Owen, Craig Hardcastle, Steven Noble, Robyn Howard, Katrin Ullrich, Jane Beaumont, Michelle Parker, Michelle Green, Trish Drury, Freda Taylor. Excellent running in the cool conditions.
Momentous milestones- well despite Shahana staying quiet, we knew it was her 50th parkrun today – so she gets a special mention. Congratulations and well done on reaching the big five – oh.
Visitors- we had a visitor from Pontefract and a couple from Barnsley. Due to the relaxed rules for today only, our RD did not ask to see either sets of passports and were welcomed to the run. Bet the Pontefract runner had to get up incredibly early to get here – all 8 miles of it!
We had two dogs running today – both never broke a sweat by the looks, but were incredibly well behaved. Their owners looked a bit woof, but the dogs were fine.
Volunteers- well, what can I say? When the call goes out, the volunteers step up week in and week out. Without these people, there is no parkrun, so please – give up one Saturday every now and then if you are a runner and come help us out. The majority of volunteers are runners and would love to have a run – therefore, by you putting something back into our parkrun, it would be appreciated and gives them a chance.
We were blessed today by some younger volunteers who looked great in their hi viz tops. Not all hero’s wear capes – but you have to admit that beautiful little 3 year old redhead- Catherine Tabor – at the turn tree with mum Emma looked great. Donald Shelton- Tokens with mum – who was bribed with a bacon sandwich did an excellent job keeping Caroline in check and Matthew Johnson – marshalling and sending you all on your way -were great. We also have two volunteers doing their Duke of Edinburgh award – Callum and Nathan who are regulars and help out. With our other hi viz hero’s, I cannot extend enough thanks to you all. Chris – enjoy your vacation and see you soon.
Chris BYWATER, Katie DENT, Sarah FIELD, Kerry FLEMING, Nathan HESELTINE, Karen HOWARD, Paul Steven Clifford HOWARD, Simon HULME, Matthew JOHNSON, Sarah JOHNSON, Mat KELLY, James MACE, Kevin MOSELEY, Alastair SAYLES, Caroline SHELTON, Donald Michael SHELTON, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR, Callum WOLFE
With photos now on our Facebook page, we had lots and lots of smiles as runners ran through the falling blossom. It looked like confetti at times and made for some stunning photographs. Feel free to tag yourselves, copy and share on your own facebook page.
For the next couple of weeks, Caroline will be at the helm as your RD and I ask that you please give her as much support as you do me. I am back in training with the Rothwell Harriers for the Edinburgh half marathon – so will be running some of the Saturdays with you.
Oh, a yellow hi viz, long sleeved running top was left on the chair at the end. If it is yours, can you please let us know. I do not reckon we will get much on e-bay, so please do claim it.
Thank you to you all for coming today, it was a pleasure being here and we look forward to welcoming you all again next week. Can someone though, please make it a little warmer?
Have a great week and keep putting those miles in – you are doing great.
Best wishes, Kev – RD today.

Welcome to Rothwell Parkrun Number 32 – 21st April 2018 – The day With Sunshine and Miles of Smiles.

Welcome to Rothwell Parkrun Number 32 – 21st April 2018 – The day With Sunshine and Miles of Smiles.
With a few wonderful days of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70’s, setting up was a pleasure this morning and I extend my thanks to Richard Miller for his assistance – arriving early to help me out. Fresh dew covered the grass like a lightweight blanket and glistened in the morning sunshine. The sun was up early and we just knew that this was going to be a good day to run as the temperature started to rise with the sun.
Today’s Run Director was Kevin and with a team of incredible volunteers readied, set and prepared – everyone was dispatched to their various places around our course. On the stroke of 9am, with the run director brief finished and with a countdown, watches set – 119 runners set off into the morning sun and firm surrounding ground.
Straight off from the start, Jason Westmoreland of the Christian Runners - held the front place with some incredible running. He paced it perfectly and had loads in the tank to enable a sprint finish at the end. The conditions certainly proved good as he was only 9 seconds off his pb! However, if Jason was not going to get his pb, Simon Garside certainly was and ran brilliantly and followed 4 seconds behind for his own personal best. Simon ran at the Vale of York 10 mile last week and came home the fastest of the Rothwell Harriers in a lot cooler conditions. Nearest I got to him was the pre-race photo. Hey ho….Third back was Mark Lester with a 19:19 time. I should mention Junior 11-14 age group – Louie Parker – who came in 4th @ 19:38 and also a new pb! If any of you want to give me some tips as I will never run that quick, I would be eternally grateful. The first 5 home were all under 20 mins.
1st lady home was Shahana Miah, showing that her recent vacation to Southern Ireland had done her the power of good and raced to the finish line in 23:25. Denise McGeachy followed 30 seconds behind and a first-time visitor to Rothwell. Another first-time visitor Rebecca Gray was only a few seconds behind, followed by Emily Alice Casey.
The quality of the runners today is clear as 32 crossed the finish line in under 25 minutes – either that or we set up a very fast course for you??
Junior male 10 and under – we had Charlie Ogden who ran his 21st parkrun and Asa Adkin who ran his very first parkrun today. Well done to you both. Only 1 in the Junior 11-14 ran today which was Louie who came in 4th overall. Junior ladies 11-14 – Hannah Gilliard ran a 25:40 and achieved a new pb. Dorothy Doughty ran incredibly well and on her first visit to Rothwell as well.
Junior 15-17 – Joshua Gilliard came in 6th with a 20:01! What ever you lot are doing, can you teach me please? It must be something in the Gilliard household that they are doing right. Great running and well done to you all. Can I come stay and learn????
First timers – today we welcomed 4 brand new runners to parkrun. Craig Hardcastle. Asa Adkin. Victor Choules – he has said that he cannot attend next week due to getting married – so guess you are excused! Finally, Christine Morgan. Welcome to you all and do hope that you enjoyed it. You now have your very first pb’s – so see how you get on next week. Can you beat it??
Victor – you just have to turn up and say YES but not at parkrun.
Momentous figures – Shahana’s next run, she will celebrate her 50th parkrun and hopefully next week… bring cake for me! Kath Owen ran her 338th parkrun today at Rothwell and celebrated with a pb. What else?? Mark Lester ran 19:19. Kevin Connell Moore -who was only a second or so ahead of me at The Vale Of York 10 mile – 23:23. Denise McGeachy ran 24:00, Richard Burnell – 28:00. Caroline Grosvenor – 30:30, Dorothy Dougherty – 51:51.
Personal Bests - now 44 of you got a pb today which is incredible. I would normally name you all, however, with that many, I will be typing till midnight. If you got one today, then congratulations and I hope you celebrated with cake, sweets and a glass of something to ease the aches. I will raise a glass to you all this evening.
Clubs, we welcomed runners from the following clubs / organisations – Christian Runners, Chapel Allerton Runners, CSSC Sports and Leisure, Hyde Park Runners, Rodiallian Runners, Rothwell Harriers, Running the Distance, Selby Striders, St Theresa’s AC, Tadcaster Harriers, Team Derby Runner and Valley Striders AC. Remember though, the majority of runners do not belong to a club but if you do wish to take your running to the next lever, improve technique, then you will be more than welcome at one.
Volunteers – Today’s parkrun would never happen without the services of our incredible volunteers who help set up, time, marshal, scan, process results, direct, the list is endless. We do ask every week at the brief for new faces as the regulars would like to run sometimes and also, send e-mails out asking for assistance. Please consider helping us out and taking the stress from our volunteer co-ordinator and get the roster filled mid-week. We NEED you.
May I mention Caroline Davies who is one of our incredible Run Directors who celebrated her 25th volunteer day – today. Fingers crossed the purple T shirt comes soon and you can wear it with pride. Well done and you deserved the round of applause at the start All our volunteers gave up the opportunity to run today for you and thanks to:
Caroline DAVIES, Christine DAVIES, Daniel Drew EASTON, Luke EDESON, Andrew FIELD, Sarah FIELD, Jane GRANT, Caroline MCGRATH, Alex MCGRATH, James MCGRATH, Richard MILLER, Kevin MOSELEY, Donald Michael SHELTON, Lois Elizabeth SHELTON, Caroline SHELTON, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR, John WALSH.
I took a load of photos of you all today and these are on our facebook page – I hope I caught you all and some of you were even smiling. Or that may have been relief at getting to the end!
I will close with some personal comments about today – the feedback about the way we hold and run this park is incredible. It is wonderful when runners come up and thank you, shake your hand, the volunteers get thanked so positively and gratefully. Runners congratulate each other, encourage, drive, push, support all the way from the start to the finish. We have a wonderful community spirit, with even the local police posing for photos with some of you and members of the public watching and asking questions. The same people seeing us being responsible and the only thing we leave behind are footprints in the wet grass and smiles and a welcoming atmosphere that lingers well into the day. We – me included and the majority of us – are honored to run behind such talented runners and who I would love 1% of your skill. I heard recently that only 5% of the UK population can run a mile without stopping. If this is you – then remember, you are in the same league as the likes of Mo Farah, Jo Pavey and todays first three home – Jason, Simon and Mark! It does not get any better than that.
I am RD again next week – so come early, please volunteer, let’s get set up and have a great run and bring water to stay hydrated. See you Saturday 28th for Rothwell parkrun number 33 and have a great and safe week – each and every one of you.
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