Rothwell parkrun #56 13th October 2018

Rothwell parkrun #56 – 13th October 2018.

Welcome to Rothwell parkrun number 56. When three of us set up the park this morning at 7:30am, the weather was terrible. The heavens had opened in the night, soaked everywhere and brought branches as well as copious amounts of leaves down from the trees with strong winds. However, with grateful thanks to both Steve Poole and Victor Choules, we had the run set up and ready in record time. We moved the branches, Victor kindly raked all the leaves from the café down to the lap tree to ensure no accidents happened. With Steve carrying bottles of water and setting up – we were afforded the luxury of being ready early. Thank you so much gents. We even enjoyed the Heron fly past near the finish line.

With the weather forecast looking so dismal, we were wondering just how many of you would venture out. Conscious as well that a large number are running tomorrow at the marathon and 10 mile event. However, we created it, you arrived and delighted to see that 175 walkers and runners came and took part. We were blessed to have a couple more extra helpers to look out for you on the hill at the car park and by the tennis court, to which I am grateful. Everyone got around safe and well which is what matters.

We had a visitor from Durham today and also an RD from Milton Keynes who we welcomed. Also some brand new to parkrun and the number from Slimming World group continues to grow. I should mention here just how exercise, parkrun and eating right does you good and by looking at Victor running around the field you would never believe that he has now lost a total of 17 stone! An incredible achievement and an inspiration to everyone. Shows what you can do if you put your mind to it.

On the stroke of 9, the rain and wind abated and off you went. By the end of the first lap, our own Rothwell parkrun Event Director – Jason Westmoreland was really going through the gears and shifting well. Closely followed by Tom Dart – and Peggy – the Terrier in hot pursuit. James Mace and Paul Brown hot on their heels. The final position changed only on the last lap when Tom caught Jason and Peggy got in by a nose for her first barkrun win! Ok Tom was first, but give the dog credit – she only has little legs! Tom, Jason, James and Paul.

Our first lady home today was Emily Pagett with a brand new pb. She was always smiling when went past or that may have been relief when she was near the end and thinking of the wine? Shirley Griffiths was next with Nina Wilkinson following up from Wallsend Harriers and 1st time visitor to our park. 4th back was Liz Reddington and all were well under 25 mins. Well done to everyone.

8 of you ran/ walked and battled the breeze and wet ground for the first time. James Darton, Anthony Leyland, Kirsty Leyland, Edward Collins, Samantha Gee, Gary Dawson, Angela Chew, Jamillah Hannan. Welcome to parkrun and we loved having you. Hope you enjoyed.
The weather clearly did not put you off as 28 runners grabbed a new personal best. If you got a pb today, you deserve a huge treat this afternoon. Put your feet up, some rubbish on the tv, open a cold drink and relax. If you are a youngster, get mum and dad to get you fizzy drinks and smarties and they can watch you bouncing off the wall for a few hours! Whether or not you got a pb, what matters you got up and showed up, you joined us and whether it is wine / beer or coffee, ice cream or pizza, clothes, new hoover, toaster, do treat yourselves today for making the effort and making a difference to your life and joining us.

We could not have done without our incredible volunteers and I extend my personal thanks to every single one of you. Richard John MANN • Louise THOMPSON • Roger KIRBY • Samuel GREGORY • Karen HOWARD • Caroline DAVIES • Christine DAVIES • Nicholas BROADLEY • Ann WARD • Kevin MOSELEY • Martha LANGLEY- SMITH • Jamie STRACHAN • Jane GRANT • Carl BURWELL • Trish WILSON • Diane BURWELL • Chris BYWATER • Steve POOLE • Emma TABOR • Alan TABOR • Freya PULLEN • Victor CHOULES. Because of you all, we had a safe and controlled event and we are grateful. Nice to see a couple of new faces as well helping out. Freya kindly lending a coat to the marshal on the hill at the car park to stay dry.

Thanks to Rothwell Morrisons for the wonderful and well received donation of all the bottles of water at the finish line. So welcomed and we do appreciate their ongoing and wonderful support.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rothwell parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Jason CHERRIMAN who recorded a time of 16:44 on 12th May 2018.
The female record is held by Scout ADKIN who recorded a time of 19:38 on 28th July 2018.
The Age Grade course record is held by Carol COWLEY who recorded 86.31% (24:35) on 7th October 2017.
Rothwell parkrun started on 29th July 2017. Since then 2,918 participants have completed 8,981 parkruns covering a total distance of 44,905 km, including 2,043 new Personal Bests.

I was asked today, what it is I enjoy so much about being RD at Rothwell? In as few words as possible – it is a simple answer – “It is because of you”. It is you the runners and volunteers that make it what it is. Our wonderful park, its atmosphere, the wildlife, the walkers, the smiles, the laughs, the sweets and cakes, the friends, regulars, the banter, themes, other park users and everything about this. Our Saturday mornings would be so much less without the parkrun here. Being an RD is absolutely everything – <despite all the work we have to do to organise this every week> - and more and seeing you all pushing yourselves and moreso, supporting each other to get over that finish line. That is what makes our runs and roles so incredible and has brought a community closer together, whilst bringing running to hundreds of you every week.

So, what do you like about our Rothwell parkrun? What has it brought you, what have you gained? what have you lost? weight? Share your thoughts with us as we love to read them.

Next week, we welcome our newest Run Director Christine to the fold. Please volunteer early and get the spaces filled ahead of the run and remove some of the worries we have. That helps everyone. Give her all your support and more please. She will be incredible. Christine kindly did the results today and processed them so everyone had these before 11am.

If any of you are running tomorrow, have a great and safe one. A lot are heading to Scarborough next weekend for the 10k, so if there, do say hi. Remember the roadworks at Malton and road closures and do not be late.

Thanks to all of you for making our parkrun what it is. It is all about you. Have a great and safe week and we look forward to doing it all again next week.

Kev  :-)


Rothwell parkrun # 55 – 6th Oct 2018

Welcome to Rothwell Parkrun #55 - 6th October 2018
The heavens were certainly smiling on us today as at 7:30am, when I arrived to set up the run, it was pouring down. However, with time marching on, the rain moved south, the clouds got higher and the birds came out. The rain stopped and with it, you park runners arrived on mass.
Your Run Director today was ably assisted by 16 wonderful volunteers, who were readied and dispatched to various points around the course for a 9am start. For a change, we had young Catherine Tabor who is 3.5 years old and had been given the special role and rehearsed all week and who then sent you on your way. So sweet to see her involved in her hi viz top and with a ready, steady go, off you all went. Thank you to everyone who clapped her as you passed the start line – she had a massive smile as you headed off.
Congratulations go to Olivia Howard who celebrated her 100th parkrun and who will also do her 150th junior parkrun tomorrow! 250 days running and she is only 12 years old. Also celebrating his 50th run was Richard Miller who drove over from Sherburn In Elmet to run with us and experience the new joys of running on the new path. Another high achiever is Michael Ibbotson who sneaked in his 150th and failed to mention it. Well done to you all. Also one of our volunteers – Michelle who got married last Saturday and was here to support you. She was under the lap tree.
We welcomed 10 brand new runners to parkrun today :- David Holdsworth, Mike Popplewell, Philip Wilson, Virginia Beane, Cheyenne Tebbut, Petrina Miller, Patrick Miller, Kristen Jones, Zoe Lavender, Stuart Mattock. Congratulations on your first ever parkrun and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you and completing our run in the cool conditions. We also welcomed a visitor from Inverness and Grimsby. We removed passport inspections for these two!
The cooler and autumnal weather clearly brought out the best in you as out of 189 runners, 55 of you got a pb. To each and every one of you – congratulations. Pleasure to see you doing so well and pushing yourselves to greatness. You all deserve a treat this afternoon.
To those who did not get a pb, what is important is that you woke up, dressed up, showed up and ran and that is what matters. You made a difference to your health, surrounded by everyone who cares. Fellow runners and marshals alike who are there for your safety. There were two lines to cross today, the start and the finish and you did so well in completing and getting over both. It is a run / walk, not a race and just proud of you all for doing it.
Thanks to all those of you who are quicker runners who encourage the slower ones on. This is what it is all about and creates such a great atmosphere – helping each other and motivating. A kind word costs nothing, but to participants, it means so much. I had a few lovely comments from other runners how you helped push them on.
Our thanks also goes to our incredible volunteers. I was panicking this week as the roster was extremely thin and we needed hi viz heros. Thankfully, you all stepped up and stepped in and in some instances, did not run -to ensure that the event went ahead. Can you give a week back next week and have a break and come help us out please? One day every few months would be so appreciated. Please drop us a line and remove the stress for us Run Directors who have so much to do every week. My thanks also to Caroline Shelton for processing the results so swiftly for me – to ensure that you all had your times before 10:30 am – that is service! Kirsty BREAKS, Melvyn BURTON, Caroline DAVIES, Janet DUNN, Iain DUNN, Jane GRANT, Mat KELLY, Jo LANGLEY, Martha LANGLEY- SMITH, Vicki MILLER, Kevin MOSELEY, Michelle RITSON, Stephen SALE, Caroline SHELTON, Jamie STRACHAN, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR
First three home today were : Ben Butler – he was flying, Daryl Hibberd and Paul Brittenden. Our first ladies home today were Ruth Draisey, Emily Pagett and Rowena Skelhorn.
Altogether, 189 ran, walked and hopefully enjoyed the event today. Total amount of runs from everyone is 8314. Full list of results can be found here:
Don’t forget the café after the run and join us for a coffee and some breakfast. It is a welcome retreat after a cold run and somewhere to sit, relax, defrost, warm up and enjoy the atmosphere.
As it gets colder and darker nights, please ensure you are wearing hi viz tops / reflective clothing. See and be seen out there. Make sure you are warming up before heading off for your run and prevent injury and look after yourselves and each other.
I am back next week and if we can just make it a little warmer, that would be appreciated. We look forward to welcoming you all and please help us out with filling the volunteer roles. Contact us through facebook or through the Rothwell parkrun page.
Have a great week.

New Paths

We have new paths now on the grass, so no need to get muddy shoes.This will be a fantastic help when the weather gets bad later on in the year. Please come on down and give them a try out. A massive thanks to the local council who have made this possible. 



Rothwell Parkrun #53

After the rain and wind over the past couple of days, it was nice to see the weather had held out and given us the perfect running conditions.

Along with Matthew and Susan, we began setting up the course, a little bit easier now we have the path and with the course officially re-measured, we set the finish line in its new location, slightly back a little.

With Temple Newsam Parkrun being cancelled today, we expected a big turnout of tourists to Rothwell and we weren’t disappointed with 219 Parkrunners running, jogging or walking our freshly laid path. We had a pacer running for 36 minutes and she did a great job crossing the line at 35:21, hopefully she helped push some of you along. 46 of you were first timers and a massive 75 ran a personal best. We knew you’d all had a good morning when the tailwalker crossed the finish line at bang on 50 minutes....well done everyone!

We mustn’t forget our amazing volunteers of course, without who’s support the event wouldn’t be possible:

Susan POWELL • Jason WESTMORELAND • Lee MUNCASTER • Paul Steven Clifford HOWARD • Tom GREGORY • Caroline DAVIES • Christine DAVIES • Nicholas BROADLEY • Christine MANFIELD • Christopher PARKER-HAIM • Matthew James PARKER-HAIM • Janet MUJTABA • Emma TABOR • Alan TABOR • Adam WRIGHT • Janet WRIGHT

We have a number of tops that have been left over the past couple of weeks. If any of these are yours please let us know.

Next week’s Run Director is Jason and we have those lovely people at Rothwell Harriers & A.C. taking over all our volunteering roles so if you’re interested in finding out more about the club pop down and say hello.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rothwell Parkrun Results Page.



Rothwell parkrun number 43 – 7/7/2018

Rothwell parkrun no 43 – 7/7/2018 – The day we went red and white for England.

Welcome to parkrun no 43, a day where once again, the heat was relentless, the course was rock hard underfoot, but 150 of you walkers and runners, got up, dressed up and showed up and made a great start to your weekend.

Once again, your RD this week was Kevin or Kev to you all and despite saying that last week with the water was a one off, the heat this week meant that we just had to bring it back. Up at 5:30 and filling bottles, the large water container and packing the car, it was already warm out there.

The park at 7:15 was glorious bathed in sunshine, but the heat was rising and setting up the course with Dave Williamson – made things quick, efficient and the run looked good.

With plenty of first timers to speak with as well as visitors / tourists to the park, the briefing was underway at 8:50 and we headed off to the start area where the usual information was given to you all. However, your RD stressed, the heat would pay a huge part in the run and therefore, take your time, take it slow, the water was back, to get hydrated and look out for each other when you passed them or were passed. Your health is more important than a pb and the idea of this run is to enjoy it.

Given the heat, it was great to have extra volunteers this week to watch everyone and should there be an issue, the rd and others were only moments away to assist. Thank you to all those who stood out there in the sun and under the trees – I try and get you all in the shade- and made sure everyone was safe. Thought that Sarah Kirby looked radiant under the lap tree and with her hat on and encouraging everyone. The two hot spots surely are the car park where Alistair was and the far end with Sharon. Hope you have both cooled down somewhat and thanks for standing out there.

I also want to welcome first time volunteer Adam Wright who was taught what to do and look out for by one of our fastest runners – James Mace. If he passed you any tips – please let me know. Outstanding job by you all and extra thanks to Caroline Grosvenorwho was in a new spot that we do not use for marshal normally, however, by being on the course – we knew we had another set of eyes looking out for your health and safety in the heat. I am grateful Caroline.

To the run, flying around the course this week and home first was Andrew Harris in a time of 18:19 and a new pb! Andrew is from the Nidd Valley Road Runners. 3 seconds behind and pushed him all the way was James Wallis and then another Nidd Valley – Martin Lofthouse came in 3rd. Just to make sure that the Nidd lot took another place, Benjamin Baird finished the pack with 4th. Well run and well done to you all. Are Nidd Valley runners lost as they keep visiting. Pleasure to have you here.

For the ladies, C T came back first – not sure what C T stands for – however, she ran like the wind – well would have had we had, any with a 23:30 time and a new pb. Outstanding running CT. Wendy Parker came home second with Emily Crompton bringing in 3rd.

The weather clearly suited some runners as the first 25, all came in beneath 25 mins.

Fastest junior males JM11-14 today were Mark Grosvenor, followed by Callum Wolfe. Ollie Hancock JM10 ran in at 26:51. Well done to you all in very hot conditions.

Fastest junior females JW11-14 -Julia Grosvenor – what are the Grosvenor family feeding these kids? Followed by Indianna Leese and Emily Barstow. You all deserve ice cream!

Results shown at the following link:

Other stats: 56 females, 74 males and we had 20 unknown – did you forget your barcode????

First time ever parkrun runners – 6 of you ventured bravely into the oven of a park and we welcomed James McManus, Geoff Hunter, Liam Bowers, Sam Nightingale, Peter Ingham and Ricky Bailey. Congratulations on your first ever parkrun and hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you. You have just got your first pb and therefore, you deserve a treat to reward yourselves.

PB’s… please tell me how 12 of you managed to get a pb in this heat? Congratulations to the following: Andrew Harris, James Wallis, Ed Greenhough, Peter Loxham, David Miller, Mark Thompson, Ollie Hancock, Ryan Tsang, Josh Isenring, Callum Hesletine, Matthew Sykes, Victor Choules.

Visiting Clubs – Nidd Valley Road Runners, Bingley Harriers, Bramley Breezers, Garden City Runners, Leeds City AC, UK parkrun Tourists and of course, our own Rothwell Harriers.

Total runs of all today’s runners – 3082 = 15410km.

Highest total of runs – Dave John Williamson = 467, Wayne King Farlow = 315 and Thomas Gatehouse = 280. That is a lot of Saturdays to give up! Well done everyone.

Thank you to everyone who wore red / white to celebrate the football later today. You rd did have a red top on – however, his bagel this morning oozed butter and it spilt down the front. He was not gonna wear that for love nor money and therefore, went for a different colour.

Our volunteers today who looked after you so well were and we owe a debt of gratitude: Hannah GILLIARD, Lucy GILLIARD, Joshua GILLIARD, Jane GRANT, Caroline GROSVENOR, Roger KIRBY, Sarah KIRBY, James MACE, Kevin MOSELEY, Matthew James PARKER-HAIM, Sharon ROBINSON, Alastair SAYLES, Caroline SHELTON, Julie STEPHENSON, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR, Dave John WILLIAMSON, Adam WRIGHT.

Did anyone notice the new signs today? 15 new ones found themselves on the course this morning and I hope made you smile. I know the feedback has been very positive and if they make you stop / think and laugh a little, it was worth the time and effort putting them together.

Water – hope this went down well and made things easier for you all.

Don’t forget we have a run / walk group every week for those wanting to ease themselves into running. An excellent opportunity to gradually build up the fitness and tone up. Caroline Shelton looks after this and you are more than welcome.

Please note we are NOT RUNNING NEXT WEEK – 14TH July. The event is cancelled as there is an event on in the park. Time for some tourism and there are plenty to go to local.

Next event is 21st July and Caroline will be looking after you. We do need volunteers for this please and we want your help. No experience needed, just a willing set of hands to clap and encourage others and we will give you all the training. Please get in touch and give us a hand cause without you, we cannot hold this event. The future roster is: or email us at or contact us through our facebook page:

I hope you enjoyed this morning as much as we enjoyed having you and putting it on. Fingers crossed that the football is as almost as good as our parkrun today and the results is just as positive.

Have a great couple of weeks and we look forward to seeing you again on the 21st. Get those miles in, stay hydrated and look after yourselves and each other.

Best wishes,


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