Welcome to Rothwell Parkrun Number 32 – 21st April 2018 – The day With Sunshine and Miles of Smiles.

Welcome to Rothwell Parkrun Number 32 – 21st April 2018 – The day With Sunshine and Miles of Smiles.
With a few wonderful days of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70’s, setting up was a pleasure this morning and I extend my thanks to Richard Miller for his assistance – arriving early to help me out. Fresh dew covered the grass like a lightweight blanket and glistened in the morning sunshine. The sun was up early and we just knew that this was going to be a good day to run as the temperature started to rise with the sun.
Today’s Run Director was Kevin and with a team of incredible volunteers readied, set and prepared – everyone was dispatched to their various places around our course. On the stroke of 9am, with the run director brief finished and with a countdown, watches set – 119 runners set off into the morning sun and firm surrounding ground.
Straight off from the start, Jason Westmoreland of the Christian Runners - held the front place with some incredible running. He paced it perfectly and had loads in the tank to enable a sprint finish at the end. The conditions certainly proved good as he was only 9 seconds off his pb! However, if Jason was not going to get his pb, Simon Garside certainly was and ran brilliantly and followed 4 seconds behind for his own personal best. Simon ran at the Vale of York 10 mile last week and came home the fastest of the Rothwell Harriers in a lot cooler conditions. Nearest I got to him was the pre-race photo. Hey ho….Third back was Mark Lester with a 19:19 time. I should mention Junior 11-14 age group – Louie Parker – who came in 4th @ 19:38 and also a new pb! If any of you want to give me some tips as I will never run that quick, I would be eternally grateful. The first 5 home were all under 20 mins.
1st lady home was Shahana Miah, showing that her recent vacation to Southern Ireland had done her the power of good and raced to the finish line in 23:25. Denise McGeachy followed 30 seconds behind and a first-time visitor to Rothwell. Another first-time visitor Rebecca Gray was only a few seconds behind, followed by Emily Alice Casey.
The quality of the runners today is clear as 32 crossed the finish line in under 25 minutes – either that or we set up a very fast course for you??
Junior male 10 and under – we had Charlie Ogden who ran his 21st parkrun and Asa Adkin who ran his very first parkrun today. Well done to you both. Only 1 in the Junior 11-14 ran today which was Louie who came in 4th overall. Junior ladies 11-14 – Hannah Gilliard ran a 25:40 and achieved a new pb. Dorothy Doughty ran incredibly well and on her first visit to Rothwell as well.
Junior 15-17 – Joshua Gilliard came in 6th with a 20:01! What ever you lot are doing, can you teach me please? It must be something in the Gilliard household that they are doing right. Great running and well done to you all. Can I come stay and learn????
First timers – today we welcomed 4 brand new runners to parkrun. Craig Hardcastle. Asa Adkin. Victor Choules – he has said that he cannot attend next week due to getting married – so guess you are excused! Finally, Christine Morgan. Welcome to you all and do hope that you enjoyed it. You now have your very first pb’s – so see how you get on next week. Can you beat it??
Victor – you just have to turn up and say YES but not at parkrun.
Momentous figures – Shahana’s next run, she will celebrate her 50th parkrun and hopefully next week… bring cake for me! Kath Owen ran her 338th parkrun today at Rothwell and celebrated with a pb. What else?? Mark Lester ran 19:19. Kevin Connell Moore -who was only a second or so ahead of me at The Vale Of York 10 mile – 23:23. Denise McGeachy ran 24:00, Richard Burnell – 28:00. Caroline Grosvenor – 30:30, Dorothy Dougherty – 51:51.
Personal Bests - now 44 of you got a pb today which is incredible. I would normally name you all, however, with that many, I will be typing till midnight. If you got one today, then congratulations and I hope you celebrated with cake, sweets and a glass of something to ease the aches. I will raise a glass to you all this evening.
Clubs, we welcomed runners from the following clubs / organisations – Christian Runners, Chapel Allerton Runners, CSSC Sports and Leisure, Hyde Park Runners, Rodiallian Runners, Rothwell Harriers, Running the Distance, Selby Striders, St Theresa’s AC, Tadcaster Harriers, Team Derby Runner and Valley Striders AC. Remember though, the majority of runners do not belong to a club but if you do wish to take your running to the next lever, improve technique, then you will be more than welcome at one.
Volunteers – Today’s parkrun would never happen without the services of our incredible volunteers who help set up, time, marshal, scan, process results, direct, the list is endless. We do ask every week at the brief for new faces as the regulars would like to run sometimes and also, send e-mails out asking for assistance. Please consider helping us out and taking the stress from our volunteer co-ordinator and get the roster filled mid-week. We NEED you.
May I mention Caroline Davies who is one of our incredible Run Directors who celebrated her 25th volunteer day – today. Fingers crossed the purple T shirt comes soon and you can wear it with pride. Well done and you deserved the round of applause at the start All our volunteers gave up the opportunity to run today for you and thanks to:
Caroline DAVIES, Christine DAVIES, Daniel Drew EASTON, Luke EDESON, Andrew FIELD, Sarah FIELD, Jane GRANT, Caroline MCGRATH, Alex MCGRATH, James MCGRATH, Richard MILLER, Kevin MOSELEY, Donald Michael SHELTON, Lois Elizabeth SHELTON, Caroline SHELTON, Emma TABOR, Alan TABOR, John WALSH.
I took a load of photos of you all today and these are on our facebook page – I hope I caught you all and some of you were even smiling. Or that may have been relief at getting to the end!
I will close with some personal comments about today – the feedback about the way we hold and run this park is incredible. It is wonderful when runners come up and thank you, shake your hand, the volunteers get thanked so positively and gratefully. Runners congratulate each other, encourage, drive, push, support all the way from the start to the finish. We have a wonderful community spirit, with even the local police posing for photos with some of you and members of the public watching and asking questions. The same people seeing us being responsible and the only thing we leave behind are footprints in the wet grass and smiles and a welcoming atmosphere that lingers well into the day. We – me included and the majority of us – are honored to run behind such talented runners and who I would love 1% of your skill. I heard recently that only 5% of the UK population can run a mile without stopping. If this is you – then remember, you are in the same league as the likes of Mo Farah, Jo Pavey and todays first three home – Jason, Simon and Mark! It does not get any better than that.
I am RD again next week – so come early, please volunteer, let’s get set up and have a great run and bring water to stay hydrated. See you Saturday 28th for Rothwell parkrun number 33 and have a great and safe week – each and every one of you.

Rothwell parkrun #31 – 14th April 2018 Run report

Rothwell parkrun #31 – 14th April 2018

Twenty volunteers made this week’s Rothwell parkrun happen including a husband and wife dream team on the timers.  There were no funnel duckers, 4 unknown’s (no barcode, no time) and only one un-scannable barcode to have to write down which made it a very easy day for processing the results swiftly.

We had 60 participants who ran, jogged and/or walked the course, 20 first timers at Rothwell that we welcomed and hope they’ll be back again soon, 9 first time participants of parkrun that again we welcomed and hope they enjoyed their first ever parkrun with us.  There were 7 PB’s recorded too including Patricia Roe who is in the 70-74 age category!

We welcomed Michael Mansfield from Roundhay on his first trip to Rothwell parkrun who claimed this week’s highest number of parkrun’s completed out of all our participants with a total of 238 now.  Michael was also one of only 4 people on the day who have volunteered 25 times or more at parkrun and qualify for the purple volunteer t-shirt.

At the run brief, a lady named Heledd who was representing parkrun partner ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’ explained to all participants about the 100k for £100 campaign that is now live.  All the information can be found on the website www.runningdowndementia.org please sign-up to run 100km (not all in one go) and help raise £100 for this charity.  Please tell your friends about it too.

Heledd was also participating in her first ever parkrun, so nice of her to choose Rothwell and I know she enjoyed it, she told me so!  Hopefully we’ll see her back again soon.

First to finish this week was young James Mace from Rothwell Harriers & A.C. in a time of 19:37 followed by Jason Westmoreland in 20:18 and Mark Lester in 20:29.  Our first lady to finish was Dorota Zapal also from Rothwell Harriers & A.C. in 27:47.

With some warm and dry weather forecast midweek, we hope that the grassy areas of our course will dry out ready for Rothwell parkrun #32 next week, we’ll look forward to seeing you then.

Link to all the results from this week here: www.parkrun.org.uk/rothwell/results/latestresults/



Welcome to Rothwell Parkrun Number 29 – The Easter Muddy Eggs-travaganza!

How we can have dry sunny days from a Sunday through to Friday and then on a Saturday, on our one single parkrun day, the heavens open and stay open? Today was no exception and after a beautiful bank holiday, Good Friday, it just had to spoil itself. However, you may dampen the ground, the trees and the rain swells the stream, but you could not dampen the warmth in the heart of the Run Director and his team of volunteers today at Rothwell parkrun.

Today’s RD was Richard who was at the field at the crack of dawn and together with his wonderful wife, Helen, the course was swiftly set up and readied for the runners. A wonderful touch was special cards hidden on the course and if the runner found one, they were to return this to the RD and a special treat was given at the end. As per the words of the film, if you build it – they will come and that they did. Promise of chocolate may have had something to do with it.

With a crack team of volunteers dispatched to their stations and speech prepared, this was the egg-sellent excuse to get the run started. Richard took the prize for the amount of egg related words he could put in a paragraph. I could never write a speech like it and was admired by one and all. No bad yolks this week, only cracking one liners! The volunteers were applauded, muddy points highlighted and we were joined by the Easter Bunny who actually has its own bar code. Trust me, it was there and it ran - check the results if you do not believe me! You cannot make this stuff up!

On the stroke of 9, with the runners on their way as the rain came down hard, everyone headed off through the puddles and out onto the field. Today, you needed trail shoes for the grass / mud and road shoes for the tarmac. The puddles were huge and I am sure we found a cruise liner docked in one alongside the tennis courts. The mud depth was measured in inches with freezing water that found its way straight to the depth of your toes.

Again though, the cold vanished as the warmth and encouragement of the volunteers hit the spot at every point.
It takes a special sort of person to stand in the cold and wet, or in the heat of the morning and ensure that a run goes ahead. However, every volunteer is also a runner / supporter and without them, parkrun cannot happen. Free training, new skills, something you can add to your CV and giving something back is a massive part of running and it would be nice to welcome some new volunteers to the fold. Why not join them and be part of something even bigger than the run itself.

Despite heavy rain and muddy conditions, we had a total of 45 runners who braved the conditions. First through the finish post today was Justin Hayes, followed by Phillip Robinson. 3RD home was our first female Nicola Carter who runs for the Knaresborough Striders and a first-time visitor to Rothwell. These three led from the front and only 8 seconds separated them all. Incredible running considering the muddy conditions. I cannot run that fast in dry weather, so how do you do it in the wet?

Second female home was Shahana of the Rothwell Harriers who ran alongside Kevin and they chased each other the whole run. Shahana had the road shoes and was able to use that to her advantage on the tarmac areas, Kev had the trail ones and was better in the mud. However, both encouraged each other on. On the last lap, running alongside each other, they agreed to finish together as both had worked so hard and consequently, both passed the finish line at exactly the same time. Shahana is an inspirational runner and is normally our fastest lady.

Remember the Easter Bunny, well if you came in the top 16, you beat it as the rabbit came in 17th!

For the Juniors – 11-14 year old Alex Paylor, Olivia Howard and Alisia Sayles ran exceptionally well. We had two 10 and under juniors - Robyn Howard and Sarah Dennison. When most youngsters preferred to stay home, in bed, playing on phones and tablets and watching the tv, they got up and ran. Well done to you all.

Personal Bests. In what were awful conditions, just how did Jim Parkinson and Olivia Howard record new pb’s? Was it the promise of chocolate at the end that made you run faster? Whatever it was, well done.

First Timers… we welcomed 16 first time visitors to Rothwell, including runners from Knaresborough Striders- Nicola Carter, Edna Wood. We also welcomed Sarah Dennison from the Mini Mermaid Running Club. Ben Martin visited all the way from the Worcester Tri Club. Where-ever you normally run – welcome and we hope you enjoyed the run as much as we enjoyed having you and you took some of the mud away with you. Feel free not to send it back! We have more than enough ourselves here in our park. I wonder if it was the gift of the chocolate eggs at the end supplied by Richard and Helen which brought you here?

First time ever park runners…. Well you certainly picked one heck of a day to start your parkrun journey. Russel Croft, Michelle Ellis and Freya Ward all got up, dressed up and showed up and ran. Trust me, the weather does get better and the run, well, it gets easier, but well done on doing it and making a difference to yourselves and being part of something incredible.

Trish Drury started her journey with us last week and came kitted out better than anyone today to run again. It was very, very hard work and it would have been easier to stay in this morning and watch tv with a coffee, however, you did it and should be proud of yourself. Well done from us all.

No milestones this week. I think that the fact that we all got down there and actually got today going, was a milestone in itself.
Barcodes – we had a couple without this week. We don’t want to leave you off the results, therefore, don’t forget the golden rule – don’t forget your barcode!

Today would not have gone ahead without Richard and the team who had you under his wing the whole morning and through his expertise, we all had results before 10:30 after everyone had safely gone home. You either had a shower, bath or water cannon when you got home! We are grateful to him and all the volunteers for helping out and ensuring that this went ahead. Do not forget that we meet in the café afterwards for a post run coffee and butty in the warmth and to dry out or thaw out.

Next week, our Run Director will be Caroline who will be looking to the heavens and asking for a dry week and a beautiful sunny day. From your Run Director and his team of volunteers – we wish each and every one of you and your families a very Happy Easter and we will be back again next week to run off all the chocolate you will have eaten.

Have an egg-sellent week.


Rothwell parkrun #28 – the (slightly) less muddy one

After weeks of closure following some truly dreadful weather, we were finally confident enough to re-open Rothwell parkrun.  It’s a positive sign that the ground recovers quite quickly after a few weeks of dry, windy weather and we sincerely hope that we won’t have to consider another weather-related closure for some time (although we are trying to ignore next week’s forecast).

Nevertheless, we had a fantastic parkrun this morning, ably led by RD Kev, who has now got over the disappointment of having to cancel the Irish extravaganza last week.  Kev regularly gets down to the park to set up at a time when most of us are just crawling out of bed so he deserved the opportunity of opening the new season (as it were).

I have to hand it to all of the 16 volunteers today who put themselves forward at very short notice as soon as we realised we could run this weekend.  Great job everyone, it was another impeccable Rothwell parkrun.

Not to forget the runners of course,  49 turned out this morning including 4 for whom this was their very first parkrun!  What with all the mud (and yes, there still is a lot of mud), you might not think it was a day for PBs but, remarkably, 6 did (get PBs that is).  Although anyone who started out with clean trainers wouldn’t have the same at the end, it was a really good morning for a run and all those who stayed in bed missed a treat because even though it was muddy, it wasn’t THAT muddy!

Afterwards, we all enjoyed the comfort of the Pavilion Café as usual.  I personally can recommend the “Eggs Royale” for breakfast which was a great feast to set one up for the rest of the day.

So, if everything goes well we will be running again next week and whatever you do, run, jog, walk or volunteer, you are most welcome.

In the meantime, here is the weekly summary:

Rothwell parkrun
Event number 28
24th March 2018

This week 49 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 11 were first timers and 7 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Richard John MANN • Helen Alison MANN • Peter FARNELL • Denise RAMSDEN • Roger KIRBY • Olivia HOWARD • Robyn HOWARD • Stephen POOLE • Caroline DAVIES • Christine DAVIES • Alastair SAYLES • Caroline SHELTON • Kevin MOSELEY • Yvonne DEIGHTON • Jane GRANT • Sue HARRISON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rothwell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Gregan CLARKSON who recorded a time of 16:53 on 29th July 2017 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 19:46 on 2nd December 2017 (event number 17).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carol COWLEY who recorded 86.31% (24:35) on 7th October 2017 (event number 11).

Rothwell parkrun started on 29th July 2017. Since then 1,937 participants have completed 4,591 parkruns covering a total distance of 22,955 km, including 861 new Personal Bests.

Till next week,  Richard and Team Rothwell parkrun.


Rothwell parkrun 27, where it didn’t quite freeze

We were promised an overnight freeze of -3 and the parkrun volunteer team (ably led by RD Paul Howard) was prepared to set up the winter “B” course "to avoid frosty paths” and the famous Rothwell mud would be turned to iron!  As it turned out, however, it was a rather nice morning and the mud was, well, still muddy.   I would say it was still cold, especially for the volunteers but the “Day After Tomorrow” style super-freeze will have to wait until midweek (so wrap-up warm, brrrr).

We had a surprising 142 runners and walkers at Rothwell this morning which included an even more surprising 42 first timers!    This could have been because this week, we were host to the Leeds Race Series, which visits local parkruns as part of its schedule.   Of course, we all know that parkrun is a run not a race, right?, but all are welcome and we are delighted to be included in this year’s series!

Today we welcomed Lauren Stead and Rothwell Ladies Circle who chose Rothwell parkrun to complete their “Marathon of parkruns” raising money for PAUL for Brain Recovery.  The group has done a parkrun each week for 26 weeks and because on some occasions multiple members ran, that’s a total of 50 parkrun performances.  A great effort for a great cause; well done ladies and thanks for choosing Rothwell as your finale.

Milestones are very important in parkrun and we congratulate Andrew Shaw who clocked up 200 parkruns today, well on his way to the much sought-after 250 Milestone, well done Andrew!

Finally, a massive well done to our volunteers this morning.  We can’t run parkrun without volunteers and if you look at our future roster page, you will see there are quite a lot of roles to fill over the next few weeks.  If you can’t or don’t want to run, please consider lending a hand at parkrun because it’s very rewarding and you will be part of a great team.  You can get in touch either via Facebook or via the volunteer page of the website.

Have a great week, Richard and the parkrun volunteer team!

Rothwell parkrun
Event number 27
24th February 2018

This week 142 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Jason WESTMORELAND • Richard John MANN • Dave John WILLIAMSON • Daniel Drew EASTON • John WALSH • Paul Steven Clifford HOWARD • Karl BLACKBURN • Isla BUTLER • Lucy BLACKBURN • Olivia HOWARD • Karen HOWARD • Robyn HOWARD • Ann COLLIER • Caroline DAVIES • Christine DAVIES • Nicholas BROADLEY • Nathan HESELTINE • Ann WARD • Sharon ROBINSON • Kevin MOSELEY • Katie DENT • Kerry FLEMING • Helen WILSON • Callum WOLFE • Emma TABOR

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rothwell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Gregan CLARKSON who recorded a time of 16:53 on 29th July 2017 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 19:46 on 2nd December 2017 (event number 17).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carol COWLEY who recorded 86.31% (24:35) on 7th October 2017 (event number 11).

Rothwell parkrun started on 29th July 2017. Since then 1,926 participants have completed 4,542 parkruns covering a total distance of 22,710 km, including 854 new Personal Bests.

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