We are a rapidly growing parkrun in terms of participants and we have outgrown the car park that forms part of the course and is our main meeting point.  Therefore we are requesting that all participants of Rothwell parkrun do not use the car park any longer.  Instead, please use the town car parks just 5 minutes walk away, alternatively there is plenty of on street parking in the locality but please do not cause any obstruction for the local residents.

We have all worked hard and had great success with forming positive relationships with the local community and the café on site and we are continuing to do so by requesting all participants of parkrun to not park in the main car park.

Your support in this issue is very welcome.

Thank you.


Rothwell parkrun #69 – 5th January 2019

Welcome to Rothwell parkrun and our first Saturday of 2019.

That was a cold one this morning wasn’t it? Setting up the course, that strong wind of last weekend had left us with only the slightest of breezes, however, there was a cold bite in the air and even though there was no frost, you had to wrap up warm before arriving.

Firstly, I need to ask a small favour please with regards to the car park. We have in effect – become a victim of our own success and in creating an incredible parkrun every week, have a large amount of runners / walkers coming to visit and be part of this wonderful event. We are very fortunate to have forged an incredible and close relationship with the local community and cafe and one which we must nurture and cherish. With the amount of people driving, we are taking up a lot of parking spaces and this has a knock-on effect on the general public – with whom we share the park and visit at the same time as we run. In essence – with us all in, they have no-where to park. One of our Event Directors – Paul – this morning mentioned this at the briefing – if we can all look to possibly park elsewhere – this would be appreciated.
Maybe car share to reduce the number of vehicles and which in turn has a positive effect on the environment.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of quiet streets where parking is available, but please do not block driveways etc. There is the car park at WM Morrisons – 5 mins walk away and gives you the perfect excuse to have a warm up run! If you do arrive early though and choose the parking at the park, please go down to the bottom of the hill and work upwards, not top down. We need to look to avoid the first two rows of spaces where possible as these need to be for the local residents and users. Thank you. Moving on…..

The heron seems to have moved on or it was too cold this morning for it to come out, but it did not stop an early and silent fly over of one of two red kites that have moved into the area. This is wonderful to see and witness as you are running and as they ride the early thermals.

Christopher was your Run Director today and after the briefing, runners headed off into the park on the stroke of nine and the start of the first two and half laps, watched keenly by all the marshals who are there for your safety.

A total of 343 runners came through the finish line today and of which, 28 of you forgot your barcode! We really do want to see your name in lights and with personal best scores alongside these, but 28 of you are not called “unknown.” The first rule of parkrun – DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!

We welcomed 81 of you as first-time visitors and a massive 32 made their first steps into parkrun and donned your brand new, sparkling clean and immaculate running shoes! Armed with a new year resolution to get fitter, we applaud every single one of you starting your journey today and the great thing is, that you all got a personal best. Too many to mention – but you all deserve a treat this weekend and do keep it up. This will change your life for the better. We hope you enjoyed being with us as much as we did having you run/walk with us.

Not sure what you all have been doing over the Christmas holiday, but a staggering 54 who have run 2 or more parkrun’s – got pb’s! Was it that cold out there that you wanted to get home quicker, or to the café for the hot drink and sandwich offer for £3? Congratulations to you all.

Well, we all celebrated something by being fortunatel enough to be able to come and run this morning and I did see someone running on their birthday. I firmly believe “Run now – eat cake later!” applies in this instance. If it was you – Happy Birthday.
Sam Westerman and Elouise Payne both ran their 50th parkrun and will soon get the link to apply for your red t-shirt. Three runners have completed over 300 parkruns and a further seven are in the 200 club. If Rebecca Bailey runs with us next week - she will be the one wearing the number 50 bib.

First home…
Paul Lyon of the Kirkstall Harriers went through the line, followed by Bradley Walker of the Ackworth Road Runners not far behind. Jason Lane and Eddie Knight came through next, with Rob Wells, Andy Bryan, James Mace, Ian Tolan, Ian Sheppard and Adam Parton all under 20 minutes.

For the ladies, Sarah Graham of the Morpeth Harriers ran an incredible 21 minutes dead to be the first lady home. Ruth Draisey followed her, with Debbie Hill, Nicola Marr and Dawn Parton completing the top 5.

Other facts:
We had 4 Michelle’s, 4 Rebecca’s, 4 x Andrew’s, 5 Claire / Clare’s, 5 x David’s, 9 Mark’s , 10 Sarah’s today. Of course, not forgetting all those 28 x unknown.

Representatives of 22 different clubs.

Today would not have been possible without volunteers and we would like to extend our thanks to the following: Mark GREGORY • Richard John MANN • Iain M DUNN • Samuel GREGORY • Tom GREGORY • Alan COLLIER • Caroline DAVIES • Nicholas BROADLEY • Karen HORTON • Matthew HORTON • Rowena SKELHORN • Janet DUNN • Christopher PARKER-HAIM • Matthew James PARKER-HAIM • Julie BIRCH • Steve POOLE • Victor CHOULES • Amanda HALLIDAY • Linda JENKINSON • Adam WRIGHT.

Without these people, today would not have gone ahead. Why not become a hi viz hero and give one Saturday back every now and then. Look on our page to see how you can help. Full training will be given and we will be there to support you all the way. Let us know as soon as you can please and so we can get the slots filled ahead of the weekend. It takes an immense amount of stress and worry off the Run Directors who start preparing seven days ahead. A lot of you are running the Temple Newsam Ten on Sunday 13th, so why not rest on the 12th and help us and get your volunteer credit.

Today’s results can be found at:

The female record is held by Myra JONES who recorded a time of 19:34 on 3rd November 2018 (event number 59).

The male record is held by Ben BUTLER who recorded a time of 16:36 on 1st December 2018 (event number 63).

The Age Grade course record is held by Carol COWLEY who recorded 86.31% (24:35) on 7th October 2017 (event number 11).

Rothwell parkrun started on 29th July 2017. Since then 3,449 of you have completed 12,130 parkruns covering a total distance of 60,650 km, including 2,714 new Personal Bests. A total of 293 individuals have volunteered 1,450 times.

Finally, Congratulations to you all on making a brilliant start to the 2019 and we look forward to welcoming you back next Saturday. Remember the car parking please and look out for the Midweek Motivation on this page on Wednesday morning. We hope you enjoyed today and let’s do it all again on the 12th.



Christmas parkrun Number 66 – 22nd December 18

Setting up this morning’s Christmas parkrun in the park, Victor was joined by three new helpers in the form of Tom and Sam, who are both doing their Duke of Edinburgh award and with dad, Mark ably assisting. With this extra help, they had the whole run set up just after 8:10am and had the time to enjoy a pre-run coffee and hot chocolate in the café to relax.

They decorated the finish area and had placed stars on the branches of the trees, tinsel on the poles, bunting, anything they could to make it even more special – they did it for you.

Today’s emphasis was on fancy dress and the volunteers certainly did you proud. They looked incredible with stunning costumes and with usual efficiency, adorned with hi viz jackets, dispatched to their various points, ready for the start at 9am.

by 8:45am, it was clear that the it was not just the volunteers who were looking brilliant as the car park swelled with masses of elves, Mr and Mrs Santa Claus’, a lady as a carrot, a gift, huge cracker. Add to this snowmen, a gorilla, numerous superb and somewhat embarrassing T shirts and jumpers, dogs adorned with tinsel, a dinosaur, Santa hats, reindeer antlers, other things on runners heads that mystified us, waist coats, long and short dresses, the scene was one of pure Christmas and a photographers dream. A kaleidoscope of colour in every way. Caroline had her camera in hand and her superb photos are on our Facebook page.

We welcomed two runners from Cape Town – South Africa, one from Australia, some from other more local parkrun’s and too many to count who all dressed in red / white and claimed to be from the North Pole! There is some doubt to the authenticity of the latter claims, however, no evidence was provided to show otherwise and therefore, as it is Christmas – we choose to believe each and every-one of you. It is the season of goodwill after all.

Amelia Miah celebrated her 9th birthday today and received a huge round of applause and chose to be with us on this special day. She kindly provided the sweets- at the end of the funnel- to you all to enjoy. Martha, who is also doing her D of E, together with Tom and Sam and Amelia counted you all down and off you went. It must have looked quite a sight to motorists as they went past the park at the bottom by the rugby posts.

I am not going to go into detail about who came in first this week, the results speak for themselves, however, it was some exceptional running by the first home. Despite being weighed down by costumes, getting gradually heavier in the drizzle, some of you even managed to get a personal best as well. Terrific achievement. You all certainly burned off your pre- holiday calories and did so well. We even had someone who chose to do their first parkrun today! What a day you chose. I loved the buggy adorned with Christmas lights being pushed around. It was hard enough running – try pushing a buggy with young Sam on board!

With the volunteers warmly cheering you on, we were blessed to have the beautiful voices of a choir at the lap tree which runners were heard joining in and warmly clapping as they passed. We were truly honoured to have the choir again which really brought the Christmas spirit back into the park. The choir gave up their time to be part of this for us and we are grateful to every one of the ladies who sang so beautifully.

Santa Claus was seen at the café and waving and greeting the excited children as they went running past – with a promise to visit them again on Christmas Eve. He was still there as we finished running and a lot were enthusiastically having breakfast with him when we retired to process the results. If he keeps eating so many mince pies, he will need to be joining us in the new year for a few laps!

Christmas is a time for giving and we are so grateful to all our volunteers today who gave up their time in the cold and wet, to enable us to put this on and keep you safe. Without volunteers setting up, marshalling, timing, tokens, scanning, closing-down and processing results, there would be no event. Not easy sometimes to smile in the inclement weather, but that they do and wish every single one of you the best and are there to support you the whole journey.

The parkrun today was special in every way and I believe that after the smiles, hand-shakes, hugs and as you headed off, the voices shouting “Merry Christmas”, you have all gone onto the nice list for 2018. We hope you enjoyed today as much as we did creating and running it for you. We make It possible - you are the ones who make it special and then make the long-lasting wonderful memories and we try our best to capture in the photos.

We are not running on Christmas day, however, we will be back next Saturday 29th December and look forward to welcoming you to the park and then again, on the 1st January 2019. If you do want to do a parkrun on Christmas day, there are some in the area and details can be found on the internet.

On behalf of our Event Directors, Run Directors, volunteers and us all at Rothwell parkrun, we would like to wish and every single one of you a Happy and safe Christmas and extend our thanks to you for being part of our parkrun family.

Merry Christmas to all – and to all – Good night.


Rothwell parkrun # 63. 1st December 2018 Welcome to Rothwell parkrun no 63, the one where the RD lost her voice and we had a new course record set!!

Rothwell parkrun # 63. 1st December 2018

Welcome to Rothwell parkrun no 63, the one where the RD lost her voice and we had a new course record set!!

Setting up in the rain this morning at the finish line, Victor and I were treated to a flyby of the heron less than 50 feet away heading upstream as we put the last touches to the finish area. We were also approached by a dog walker who expressed her pleasure at seeing us all every Saturday and grateful for the path that so many enjoy daily and how polite everyone is. With the cones laid out at the car park, turn tree, tennis courts etc, we were well ahead of schedule and able to settle down and enjoy a most welcome pre-run coffee. For those that do not know, we get down around 7:30am to set up – so it is an early start for us and can take up to an hour alone, so help is appreciated.

Our RD today was our now very pregnant Caroline who looks forward to welcoming her little bundle of joy with hubby – Nick - in about 6 weeks. Waddling around in the wet, she made sure all the volunteers were suitably ready, then dispatched off to the various points around the course. Unfortunately, as they headed off, Caroline sadly has a throat infection and so did her voice. To some – silence is golden, however, when you are the RD, you have to give a briefing and this was swiftly delegated to another of our RD’s.

You do not need a degree to realise that the course was wet and having set up, we advised of any slippery areas and welcomed new runners to Rothwell. Runners were reminded of the fancy dress run on the 22nd December and we are all excited about this. Last year was great and this year, lets make it even better with even more of you. I am fully aware of Kevin the carrot and the advert and was reminded of his existance at the briefing with the thought of fancy dress. No, I will not be having anything to do with him/it and going all orange for the event. Given Christmas is on its way, we were advised that I had seen a sign in Tesco saying Turkey £29.99. This seems a bargain given that Thomas Cook have the same thing on sale for over £500! You can thank us later for this important information.

We welcomed a runner who was visiting from Jersey who kinda beat everyone for travelling the furthest. We also had Karen Head celebrating her birthday and Moira Ibbotson running her 100th parkrun. Both donned suitable vests to show this off.

On the stroke of 9, we were counted down by the time keepers and sent off into the wet and just typical, it started raining even heavier. Great for the grass, not great when you need window wipers on your glasses. It was clear that this was going to be a fast one as I turned at the rugby posts, the first runners were heading up to the turn tree. The pace was set and it looked and truly felt as though there may be a change in the air.

16:36 minutes since we were counted down, Ben Butler of the Wakefield District Harriers and AC raced through the finish line and in doing so, set a new course record. In the bad weather, he made it look effortless. Simon Midwood of Valley Striders came in second followed by Craig Davidson of the Wakefield District Harriers and AC for third. James Mace seems to have found his love of running again on his 25th parkrun, followed by our own Event Director – Jason Westmoreland for 5th. Ben, Craig, James and Jason all recorded new personal best times. Jason on his 222nd run.

Our ladies were incredibly quick today with Ruth Draisey 4 seconds short of her pb @ 20:59. So close and yet..... Angela Dales - Sweatshop Running Community, passed me in the first 500 yards and never looked back to come in second at 22:02. Katie Best was third lady in, followed by Claire Telford – Dewsbury Road Runners –recorded a new pb and who was chased down by Isla Butler.

Today, we welcomed 4 brand new participants to parkrun. I would like to extend our warmest wishes to: Chris Brown, Thomas Giles, Kate Ellison and Devon Wilson. We hope you enjoyed our parkrun as much as we enjoyed having you. You picked a wet day to start your journey!

So, what was it with you today as 49 recorded new pb’s and I congratulate you all. Was it the idea of getting out of the rain quicker? The idea of a hot drink and a sandwich at the park café for £3? Or maybe the thought of being taken Christmas shopping and enjoying the atmosphere and early mince pies? There are way too many of you to mention, however, I hope you all treated yourselves to something tasty for the weekend and congratulations to each and every one. Even if you did not get that pb, treat yourselves anyway as you got up and made a difference this Saturday morning to yourselves.

We had some 10year old and under runners today, who ran incredibly well. Well done to you all for coming out on this wet morning, staying with your adult runners and great to see you beating them all to the finish line. Jayden Head, Cody Murray, Owen Fielding, Devon Wilson and Maya Mistry. 8 runners who are in the 11-14 category – Alexander Fraser, Oliver Schofield, Luke Barstow, Jacob Lane, Niamh Coyle, Eloise Osborn, Olivia Howard and Emily Barstow all ran so well.

We all have to start running at some stage and three participants completed their Couch to 5k with the Rothwell Harriers today and got around our wet course. Congratulations go to: Eloise Osborn, Tracey Osborn and Ann Francis. You all did so well considering the wet weather and our thanks go to Christine, Brian, Carole, Paul, Terry and Rowena for all their training, advice and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you getting fitter and faster. Just enjoy the journey and run with us.

We would like to extend our grateful thanks to all our volunteers who stood out in the rain a lot longer than most of us who ran. As we head up to Christmas and the season of giving, please think about volunteering and helping out to fill the gaps in the roster. Without volunteers – we cannot run or hold the event. In basic terms – NO VOLUNTEERS – there is NO parkrun! We will be delighted to welcome you on board. Please thank the following: Carmel HARRISON • Jo LANGLEY • Lee MUNCASTER • George HALL • Caroline DAVIES • Christine DAVIES • Nicholas BROADLEY • Jacqueline RICHARDSON • Christine MANFIELD • Laurie FURLONG • Caroline SHELTON • Martha LANGLEY- SMITH • Jamie STRACHAN • Julie BIRCH • Victor CHOULES • Amanda HALLIDAY

Next week, Caroline promises that her voice will be back – so providing bump does not make an early and unexpected appearance, she will be looking after you again. Do not forget that 3 weeks today, it will be our fancy dress parkrun on 22nd and that means everyone dressing up and I repeat – I am not dressing up as that bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep carrot! Only 24 sleeps to go…


Welcome to Rothwell parkrun number 58. The 27th October 2018. The day the skeletons at Rothwell parkrun went trick or treating alone as they had no body to go with….

Welcome to Rothwell parkrun number 58. The 27th October 2018. The day the skeletons at Rothwell parkrun went trick or treating alone as they had no body to go with….
Don’t worry – it gets worse! Be afraid .. be very afraid.
Setting up a course in the dark at 7:30 am is something we love to do and seeing the wildlife that accompanies the early starts is amazing. Once again, we were joined by the heron flying gracefully down the field. The squirrels racing through the carpets of many golden shades of leaves as they fell and then we having to clear them to make a track to run through which warmed us up. Then the rain fell, but with mother nature showing off so well, how can you not take a moment to appreciate it.
Due to it being our Halloween event, our RD today – Jason – not the one from Texas Chainsaw Massacre – was determined to make it a spook – tecular one and runners were invited to dress up for the occasion. I would imagine to a visitor walking around the park, it must have looked like a scene from the walking dead! We had the lot, from skeletons, devil, a cat, the grim reaper, ghost, zombies, witches, Jason from Chainsaw Massacre – marshalling at the far end, a spider on one young lady’s head – my partner has a meltdown when we get a tiny one in the house – how did you keep it there? , ghouls – you name it – we had the lot. Indeed - I thought I saw the ghost of Marilyn Monroe running with some demons out there by the tennis courts when I set up and Marilyn was singing away. Going to prove “Demons are a ghost’s best friend!” Oh come on… you don’t have to write this!
Setting off in a reverse direction made us really think about setting up the course and how it changed things. However, with marshals all in the right places, things went really, really well. As I went past the lap tree in the dark, I swear I saw the ghost of Gloria Gaynor looking at me – well first I was afraid……. I was petrified!! Sing it – you know you want to and you know you just did in your head. Now you are singing it even more

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