Rothwell parkrun is cancelled on 20 January 2018: Course is severely waterlogged

CANCELLED! – Saturday 20th January 2018

Sadly, after course inspection midweek we have taken the decision to cancel this Saturday's parkrun (20th January 2018).  Same reasons as the previous two weeks, a waterlogged course.  We will continue to monitor the course next week and hope the weather turns in our favour very soon.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.


TWO CANCELLED Rothwell parkruns – 6th & 13th January 2018

Notice of TWO CANCELLED Rothwell parkruns – 6th & 13th January 2018

After careful review of the Rothwell parkrun course following recent snow and rainfall, it has been decided to cancel the next two weeks events.  This was an easy decision to make, although it is never our intention to cancel as I’m sure you have seen from the creation of our B course, but it was easy because of three main reasons….

  1. To ensure the safety of our runners
  2. To protect and preserve the parkrun course for future parkruns
  3. To protect and preserve the parkland for other users of the park

So, for the next two weeks, 6th and 13th January there will not be a Rothwell parkrun.  There are of course many other parkruns in the local area such as Cross Flatts, Temple Newsam, Pontefract, Wakefield Thornes, Woodhouse Moor and Nostell amongst others a little further afield.

We will reassess our course in a couple of weeks and post on our website and all social media outlets the latest news.

We do hope you all understand and will come back to join us when we’re back up and running.

Thank you.

The Core Team


Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud! (Run report #21)

Unless you have been staying completely indoors the last couple of days and not even looked out of the windows, you will have noticed that the weather has turned distinctly "seasonal".   For Rothwell Parkrun this can mean only one thing, yes, we have finally had to try out the "B" route.

For those who don't know, the "B" route consists of three and a half laps around the big field in the park, no paths just all grass and mud.  When it comes to mud (and muddy puddles) our runners today found out all about that and a huge well done to all those who took part.  Today I would call the going "character building" but some may have more flowery language.  Make no mistake though, anyone who thinks that over the coming weeks the course will become less muddy, think again; British winters don't work like that!

Conditions were no less challenging to our amazing team of volunteers ably led today by first time Run Director Caroline Davies (well done Caroline, great job particularly since it was the first on course "B").  If you think running over the grass and through the mud is bad, try standing around in it for an hour or so in temperatures which weren't that far above freezing!  Joining our team of volunteers this morning were three young men working towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards.  They are Daniel Easton (who has volunteered at parkrun 7 times) and newcomers Callum Wolfe and Nathan Heseltine.  Thank you for volunteering at Rothwell parkrun today and all the very best for your awards.

Karen Thompson achieved a fantastic milestone today by volunteering 25 times at parkrun.  This is a great achievement that all parkrunners ought to aspire to because remember, without volunteers there is no parkrun and the event is kept going by people like Karen who volunteer time after time.

Daniel Horsfall ran his 50th parkrun milestone at Rothwell today, so Daniel is now eligible to wear a much sought-after "50" t-shirt.  Well done Daniel.

In other news is was Stephen Wong's 40th birthday today (happy birthday Stephen).  Stephen is important to our parkrun community in that he was a stalwart fundraiser for our core team member Kirsty Shepherd who has had an amazing and inspiring journey recovering from Lyme disease.

First across the line today was our Event Director Jason Westmorland in a time of 20:21 who has been aching to get a first since the event started and now he has finally done it so way to go Jason!  (Jason was very lucky today because Terry Forrest turned up 5 minutes late, yet still finished in a time of 22:36).

First lady was Clare Evans in a time of 26:07.  Well done Clare!

The top age-grade today was also Jason Westmorland who scored 71.91% so a second well done to Jason.

This week 140 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 57 were first timers and 2 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Jason WESTMORELAND • Richard John MANN • Daniel Drew EASTON • Caroline DAVIES • Christine DAVIES • Nicholas BROADLEY • Karen THOMPSON • Nathan HESELTINE • Joanna CLARKE • Kirsty SHEPHERD • Janet DOBBS • Jade JOHNSON • Emma SHAW • Caroline SHELTON • Julie BIRCH • Callum WOLFE • Emma TABOR

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rothwell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Gregan CLARKSON who recorded a time of 16:53 on 29th July 2017 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 19:46 on 2nd December 2017 (event number 17).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carol COWLEY who recorded 86.31% (24:35) on 7th October 2017 (event number 11).

Rothwell parkrun started on 29th July 2017. Since then 1,673 participants have completed 3,889 parkruns covering a total distance of 19,445 km, including 797 new Personal Bests.

Finally, remember that on Monday our New Years day parkrun starts at 10:30 in Rothwell.

Richard and team Rothwell parkrun.


New Years Day Plans

  • We are expecting a large number of runners from all the local parkruns. A good number are starting at 9am...
  • BUT we are starting at 10.30am, so it is possible to do one at 9am and then come to us for your 2nd parkrun, this is the only day you can do two.
  • Please , please, please try and PARK ON LOCAL STREETS or other local car parks, try not to park in the car park as there are only 80 spaces.
  • If the weather is bad the Plan B course will take place which is totally on grass...
  • The park cafe is OPEN ...yipppie...See you on NYD.
  • DFYB

Rothwell Christmas eve, eve parkun no 20 – The One Where EVERYONE got on the good list for Christmas

Welcome to the Rothwell parkrun Christmas Eve Eve – Number 20.

In order to make the best possible Christmas cake to celebrate this time of the year, you need certain ingredients before it is mixed, baked, matured and then iced.  This takes time, practice, help and some where for it all to be enjoyed.   When we organise our weekly parkruns, the ingredients take time to bring together, with volunteers, location, planning and then we throw in some runners and trust that it comes out right.  Like that Christmas cake, today, it came right.

Our Run Director today was Kevin who greeted all the runners who had ventured from near and afar to come run/ walk with us.  Nice touch was that everyone was asked to turn to the person next to them before heading off and shake hands and wish each other a merry Christmas before they headed off.  A gesture that was well received by all and showed the strength of the parkrun community that we are.

Instead of tomorrow night’s predicted sound of hooves on the roof, we were treated to the noise of excited runner’s feet on the tarmac and then out into the park.   However, with the inclusion of optional fancy dress, we had reindeer, we had a massive present, we had Christmas puddings, a Christmas tree, we had snow men / ladies, too many elves to count and a load of runners dressed in santa hats.  I bet your washing machines were busy this afternoon!

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Colin Jordan who was running his 150th parkrun.  To make it even more special is the fact that Colin chose Rothwell to not just run here to mark this, but it was also his 50th tourist parkrun.  He was welcomed by a warm round of applause and Colin brought cakes for the end which was equally well received.  Pleasure to have you with us Colin.

We also welcomed a number of brand new runners to parkrun.  Congratulations to you all on finishing and we look forward to seeing you again and hope this is the start of a lifelong love of running and fitness.  Welcome to:  Dominic Graham, Felix Kumiampofo, Francine Holmes-Brown, Andy Cooper, Kirsty Breaks and Christine Manfield.  You all have got your first PB today and therefore, entitled to an extra celebration this Christmas.  Tell them I said if anyone asks!!

It was incredible to hear a beautiful singing at the lap tree as we welcomed the ladies from the LS26 Choir who came to sing for you.  You could hear their Christmas carols and songs from the finish line and I walked over just to listen whilst photographing runners.  Great to see so many of you clapping and thanking them as well which was much appreciated.  Thank you so much for making a grey morning so much brighter with your wonderful voices.

Furthest travelled was Paul Brittenden from Winchester.  Paul is from this area – so was home I believe for the holidays.

I like round figures and therefore, some more runners with easy to remember completed parkrun numbers today.  Colin Jordan – 150.  Neil Ibbotson – 130.  Nathaniel Pickering -30- and a new pb. Stewart Neal and Emma Rawson – 20.  Stewart got a new pb.  Gemma Shaw and Andy McGregor – 10 each.  Finally, how about the young lady who started the run today – Olivia Howard ran her 80th and is in the JW11-14 age group.  A figure that will take me at least another couple of years to get to.

The 100-200 club – Total of 17 runners and the highest placer was Joe Worthington -113 runs      -who came in 4th.  First ever visit as well to Rothwell.   Interesting that Andrew Bennet also is on 113.  Getting close to the 200 and not looking a day over 21 was Violet Gill – 197- only three more to go!!

The 200 + club had two runners – Paul Howard – 213 and the highest number today was Alan Bracken at 243. The total of these runners alone is 2815 parkruns or 14075km ran!

Total runners today – 121 completed 605 km.  Total of all parkruns by everyone from today – 5182 or 25910 km.    10 recorded new pb’s.

First male home – Adam Kirk with a new pb @ 19:15. 2nd Paul Brittenden from Winchester, 3rd was Dominic Graham.  Incredible was the fact as stated before that this was Dominic’s first parkrun.  Whatever you have on your feet Dominic – I want some.

First lady home – Alisha Laidler – came in 6th overall and seemed to just fly.  Jo Hesletine raced in 2nd lady and 3rd was Jo Bissell.

10 years old and under – Charlie Ogden, Robyn Howard, Owen Fielding, Alex McGrogarty, Alisia Sayles, Donald Shelton.

11-14 years old – Daniel Gilliard, Finlay McGlinchey, Lauren McGrogarty, Olivia Howard.

Two dogs ran today – but did not have bar codes, so their owners took the credit instead! I felt that a bit woof on the dogs but they all deserved an extra biscuit this afternoon and I bet they slept for a few hours.

Going to show that you do not need to be a youngster to run well, we had today 35 runners aged over 50 years old.  Of interest is that 2 runners are in the 60-64 age bracket and its great to see everyone doing so well and getting out and keeping fit.  Making a difference to their lives, bodies and minds and being surrounded by so many like minded people.  Parkrun is for all ages and everyone is welcome.

Every parkrun needs two tail walkers and their role should be recognised.  It does not matter how slow anyone is – these people walk and will talk with you and will be there all the way with a kind ear and encouragement.  Your tail walkers today were Christine and Paul Manfield.  I have no idea who won the honour of having the tail, but no doubt you looked great!

Each and every parkrun needs the services of the volunteers every week and without these, no parkrun would go ahead.  Today, it was great to have so many including another of our run directors -Kirsty who is looking so well and has come so far after her battle with illness.  Christine and Yvonne on the tokens made sure you all got the correct order. Roger and Richard on the bar code scanning.  Another RD – Caroline who gave the first time briefing and of course, our marshals who are there for your safety.  Jane, Sharon, Sarah, Andrew, Julie and Daniel.  Daniel is an incredible youngster who turns up week in and out and helps out.  Thank you to you all.  Please make sure you thank everyone when you pass them and if you could spare a week once in a while to help us out, we would be grateful.  We cannot run the event without you.  No volunteers = no parkrun.  Make it your new year resolution to help out once every few weeks and give something back.

Even though we are not running the event this Christmas day – there are runs going on and some of us will be attending.  Your Run Director on 30TH will be Caroline who will be looking after you all and the last run before the new years day event.   Please give her your full support and if you can fill any of the volunteer slots available – as shown below, let her know.   Kirsty will be welcoming you all new years day and it promises to be just as great as every other run we put on for you.  Your help and support is much appreciated.

As I close this off, on behalf of the Event Directors – Jason and Paul, all my fellow Run Directors and every single volunteer, we would like to extend our best wishes to each and every single one of you for a very merry, safe and enjoyable Christmas.  Thank you for making Rothwell parkrun such a great place to be and please look after yourselves and each other.

Merry Christmas.


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