Roundhay junior parkrun # 235 - 15/07/2018

PosparkrunnerTimeAge CatAge GradeGender PosClubNoteTotal Runs
1Rafferty MIRFIN07:59JM1072.36 %M1Valley Striders ACFirst Timer!4
2Griff LIPPIATT08:14JM11-1467.97 %M2Valley Striders ACPB stays at 00:08:0657
4Riley SLOBODIAN08:31JM11-1465.71 %M4Abbey Runners LeedsFirst Timer!1
5Freya HUNTER08:52JW1069.66 %F1Mini Mermaid Running Club UKPB stays at 00:08:429
6Marcus JOHNSTONE09:01JM1064.06 %M5Valley Striders ACNew PB!156Member of the parkrun v25 Club
7Annabel LIM09:08JW11-1465.96 %F2Valley Striders ACNew PB!63
8Hannah CLEAVIN09:09JW1069.44 %F3PB stays at 00:09:0730
9Alfie MENHAM09:25JM1066.13 %M6Abbey Runners LeedsPB stays at 00:09:1549
10Dominic RICHARDSON09:26JM11-1457.68 %M7#FriendsThatRunPB stays at 00:08:43105
11Freya CHEYNE09:39JW1065.84 %F4PB stays at 00:09:3815
12Lily BICKLE09:44JW1063.46 %F5PB stays at 00:09:3913
13Zack SHEVLIN09:50JM11-1452.80 %M8First Timer!1
14Liam ROWLEY09:52JM1060.66 %M9New PB!4
15Joseph Noah ARIEH09:55JM1060.36 %M10New PB!9
16Logan KEELER09:56JM1068.87 %M11New PB!15
17George HENDERSON09:57JM1068.76 %M12New PB!7
18Joseph OPPAL09:59JM11-1454.50 %M13PB stays at 00:09:5516
19Henry INGHAM10:04JM1061.86 %M14PB stays at 00:09:599
20Isaac SMEDLEY10:05JM1061.76 %M15New PB!17
22Jasper BICKLE10:35JM1061.51 %M17New PB!12
23Charlotte MENHAM10:36JW11-1456.84 %F6Abbey Runners LeedsPB stays at 00:10:1133
24Lily SADLER10:36JW1061.86 %F7Valley Striders ACNew PB!66
25Jem ROWAN10:40JM1061.03 %M18New PB!2
26Max DAVIS10:43JM1063.84 %M19New PB!7
28Ben TURFREY10:47JM11-1450.46 %M21PB stays at 00:10:409
29Evie CARRINGTON-HOBSON10:54JW11-1454.07 %F8Valley Striders ACNew PB!147Member of the parkrun v25 Club
31Zoe BUCHAN11:10JW1060.85 %F9PB stays at 00:10:1736
32Gabriel CLAASSEN11:13JM1051.50 %M23First Timer!10
33Billy JOHNSTONE11:25JM11-1445.48 %M24PB stays at 00:09:20141Member of the parkrun v25 Club
34Marco TEOLI11:29JM1050.30 %M25Valley Striders ACPB stays at 00:10:4367
35Louise CROWLEY11:29JW1059.17 %F10PB stays at 00:10:444
37Sarah DENNISON11:38JW1058.41 %F11Mini Mermaid Running Club UKNew PB!53
38Zachary FRENNEAUX11:41JM1051.23 %M27PB stays at 00:11:3229
40Dylan COEN11:43JM1055.56 %M29First Timer!1
41Finlay BANKS11:46JM1055.33 %M30New PB!4
42Lewis BUCHAN11:57JM1060.52 %M31New PB!30
43Sophia QUINN11:59JW1056.70 %F12PB stays at 00:11:2542
44Bertie BELL12:00JM1060.27 %M32Valley Striders ACNew PB!25
45Daisy CONAGHAN12:05JW1051.12 %F13Abbey Runners LeedsPB stays at 00:09:2611
46Iona MCGOUGH12:10JW1052.22 %F14PB stays at 00:11:1336
47Eliza SPENCER12:10JW1052.22 %F15PB stays at 00:11:55106
48Mia SOMERVILLE12:14JW1055.54 %F16PB stays at 00:11:3117
49Sebastian O'REGAN12:25JM1055.10 %M33PB stays at 00:12:1811
50Harry MOAKLER12:32JM1051.94 %M34PB stays at 00:11:2831
52Jack KILVINGTON12:40JM1054.01 %M36First Timer!5
53Ethan TAN12:42JM1056.95 %M37New PB!2
54Ella LIM12:44JW1049.90 %F17Valley Striders ACPB stays at 00:11:1963
55Gabriel HEPPELL12:49JM1053.38 %M38PB stays at 00:12:012
56Orla CHAPMAN12:53JW1052.74 %F18PB stays at 00:12:2524
58Ben WILLIAM -DUSTAN12:54JM11-1442.18 %M40Valley Striders ACPB stays at 00:10:2226
59Kaiden BALKWILL12:57JM1055.85 %M41Abbey Runners LeedsNew PB!93
60Lars HUNTER13:08JM1049.57 %M42PB stays at 00:10:519
61Emma FOSTER13:20JW1060.00 %F19PB stays at 00:13:1714
62Elodie PINN13:32JW1050.21 %F20PB stays at 00:11:5050
63Melissa WARD13:34JW1054.48 %F21New PB!7
64Seth LANGDON13:52JM1046.95 %M43PB stays at 00:12:2438
65Noah WHITTAKER14:03JM1048.69 %M44First Timer!2
67Cameron CARRINGTON-HOBSON14:15JM1040.54 %M46Valley Striders ACPB stays at 00:10:46144Member of the parkrun v25 Club
68Olivia KILVINGTON14:28JW1051.09 %F22First Timer!1
71Samuel BANOUB14:40JM1040.81 %M49New PB!5
73Jennie SAPIRO14:48JW1047.77 %F23New PB!5
74Ted BURBIDGE14:53JM1045.97 %M51PB stays at 00:14:534
75William BANOUB15:20JM1044.62 %M52PB stays at 00:13:475
76Abigail RODGERS15:30JW1045.61 %F24PB stays at 00:14:183
77Anvita BOLLAREDDY15:40JW1043.37 %F25PB stays at 00:14:144
78Chloe GREENWOOD15:48JW1043.00 %F26PB stays at 00:14:093
80Charlotte WOODHOUSE16:15JW1038.01 %F27PB stays at 00:14:0122
81Thomas SMEDLEY16:24JM1039.70 %M54New PB!3
82Amrit MATHARU16:27JW1041.30 %F28First Timer!1
83Alice LEDGER16:40JW1039.35 %F29First Timer!13
84Anas NAIKWADI16:49JM1035.59 %M55PB stays at 00:15:1710
85Frazer JAMIESON16:57JM1042.67 %M56First Timer!1
86Skye SOMERVILLE17:02JW1046.97 %F30First Timer!1
87William LANG17:14JM1041.97 %M57PB stays at 00:14:3111
88Rory CROWTHER17:24JM1045.50 %M58PB stays at 00:13:284
91Sukeeth VENKITEELA17:32JM1045.15 %M61New PB!2
92Cerys SAVILLE17:36JW1045.45 %F31PB stays at 00:16:217
93Zachary QUINN17:59JM1044.02 %M62PB stays at 00:15:009
94Aasiya NAIKWADI18:19JW11-1432.18 %F32PB stays at 00:16:4711
95Oliver INGHAM18:21JM1039.42 %M63PB stays at 00:16:172
96Alanna JAMIESON18:38JW1042.93 %F33First Timer!1
97Katherine CLARK18:42JW1042.78 %F34New PB!3
98Ivy DODD19:16JW1041.52 %F35PB stays at 00:17:266
99Ethan BANKS19:26JM1037.22 %M64PB stays at 00:16:482
101Thomas PERRY21:05JM1034.31 %M66PB stays at 00:16:0917
102Macy WALSH21:10JW1034.92 %F36PB stays at 00:18:356
103Alice EDGELL21:37JW1034.19 %F37PB stays at 00:19:172
104Grace LEDGER22:52JW1032.32 %F38First Timer!11
105Lauren MOGER22:59JW1034.81 %F39PB stays at 00:19:152

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:John BILLINGSBY, Carol Diane BULL, Adam BULL, Hilary CARRINGTON-HOBSON, Chloe CARRINGTON-HOBSON, Julie CARTER-SAVILLE, Margaret COOK, Hannah CORNE, Meryll CRIPPS, Kathryn DAVIS, Feargus HAGERTY, Ian HOBSON, William JACOBS, Vicki JOHNSTONE, Peter JOHNSTONE, Philip LIM, Carys LIPPIATT, Graham PAWLEY, Neil SEDGLEY, Richard SPENCER, Harry WALKER

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