Event 230 12 September 2015

You will have seen the brilliant photos of Saturday’s parkrun which display all the agony and ecstasy of the event.

Why the bumps? It was Alex Watson-Ushers’ due date, but that was not going to stop her from completing her parkrun in an amazing time of 34:20.  I am sure that there would have been many helpers on hand if the baby had chosen to appear this morning, but it was a no show for Baby Watson- Usher.

We were blessed with lots of volunteers so many thanks to them. It can be a bit grim if it is raining and you are not running; but, if you are running, the rain can be quite welcome.

Down to the stats, then. We had 250 runners, 14 first time parkrunners, and 39 athletes achieved a personal best. Runners crossed continents to be here.

A couple of Valley Striders juniors crossed the line in under 21 minutes. Well done to George Sutcliffe (20:50) and Alvie O’ Brien (20:53). Not too far behind was Zygi Walker with another PB (24:27).

A big shout out to all those who managed to run the course in under 30 minutes for the first time: Jen Wickham, Lauren Cobb, Hannah Frickers and Naveen Kuthumu.

Men’s placings were:

1              Ciaran FORDE     17:22

2              Christopher RUSSELL      17:26

3              Jeremy LADYMAN           18:41


Women’s placings were:

1              Sarah GRAHAM20:43

2              Kathryn FISK      20:50 (PB)

3              Samantha HARRIS            21:23

Christopher Jones had the highest age grading (76.87) and the highest number of runs.

Now, thanks to our lovely sponsors, Sweatshop, I am going to look at shoes…….