Roundhay parkrun – event 409

The weather was kind to us today and it was a glorious day in the park. 389 people ran, jogged and walked with an impressive 84 personal best times recorded.

We had 20 first timers and 27 people visiting from other parkruns. We hope you enjoyed the hill of doom!


Leeds Fostering and Adoption services joined us to share information on fostering and adoption in the Leeds area. Thanks for the cake! It was delicious!


The girls from North East Leeds U15 football club came and ran parkrun as a warm up before heading over to their training session.


Thank you to the wonderful 25 volunteers that made today's even happen. You might have seen we have been scrambling around to get volunteers for the last few events. If you can, please come and volunteer every now and again. It's lots of fun I promise! If you are a little nervous or don't know what you need to do, don't worry, we will explain it all. There are a variety of roles and all come with a fabulous high vis vest. Come be a high vis hero for the morning!

Thanks for joining us today, see you next week!



Roundhay parkrun event 408

It was a cold and frosty morning at Roundhay today and we were once more on the winter course. With many local parkruns cancelled because of slippery surfaces we welcomed many visitors today, all enthusiastically embracing the challenging conditions. This included a contingent from Leeds Building Society joined us along with a few first timers (perhaps not as many as usual...) Congratulations to Innes Young on completing his 100th parkrun and to Ross Armstrong and Elise Neame for their 50th parkruns.

The photographer's fingers actually froze so there are no new pictures to show you this week. Instead I've dug out a couple of old photos from the winter course.


RP36 lr

Special thanks to the 20 or so volunteers, expertly led by Jan Rush, our RD, who braved the chilly conditions to give the rest of us an enjoyable run.

RP187 lr


Roundhay parkrun – event 406

With the slightly milder weather we had a big turnout, 431 parkrunners join us today. We had 29 people completing their first ever parkrun and 35 doing the Roundhay course for the very first time.

Sarah Coll, Tom Woodhead and Matthew Jones all completed their 50th parkrun.

Below Allan and Mia are getting ready to pace 28 mins. Sensibly keeping wrapped up warm before the start.


Today there was a lovely mini volunteer who did a fabulous job collecting tokens and Florence giving us all some warming up tips!


Sarah completed todays parkrun at 35 weeks pregnant! Last week she was parkrunning in Poland to complete her parkrun alphabet challenge! Wondering what that is?! The aim is to complete a parkrun starting with every letter of the alphabet (apart from X) Check out the chrome extension called running challenges for that and many more!


A huge well done to Lincoln and Avonelle who joined us today for their first ever parkrun. The good news is they will be back! 


See you all next week! Don't forget your barcode!


Roundhay parkrun – event 405 on the winter course

As temperatures dropped our main course was a little too icy but that didn't stop event 405 going ahead on the winter course! It's the first visit of the year and 222 enthusiastic parkrunners took part.

There were 35 first timers to Roundhay parkrun, 20 visitors and 15 people doing their first ever parkrun. Our first timers briefing was a busy one as Dermot explained the winter route


Today there were 20 fantastic volunteers, including Craig pacing with a double buggy!


We are lucky we have a winter course and it's likely as we go through the next few months we will probably be back on it at some point. A route inspection takes place at 8am on a Saturday and we will post any updates on our facebook and twitter pages. It's worth following and checking on those icy days.

Winter course

Thanks to Andy our Run Director today, he did a great job on his first time run directing.

Fingers crossed it's a little warmer next weekend!



Roundhay parkrun 404 – 12th January

Today was huge! We have a new attendance record, 501 joined us this morning at Roundhay. Huge thanks to our 31 volunteers who kept us all in order.

Lisa and Gayle were finishers 499 and 500, pictured here with Alyson making her debut as Run Director, John one of our fabulous Marshals and Hannah our Tail Walker.
500 finisher

Slightly warmer weather encouraged a big attendance with 76 first timers! Anita did a great job at first timers briefing. They all look like they are listening to me!


Today was pick a pace day. We had so many pacers I couldn't fit them all in the picture! We had 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31 and 32 minutes. There was an impressive 82 recorded PB's today! Great work!

As if that wasn't enough we also had Carol and Andy both celebrating their 400th run! They kindly provided bananas and flapjack at the finish. Well done to both of you! I'm sure there will be many more parkruns to come.

Carol and Adam

Hope you had a good parkrun wherever you were, we'll see you next week!


Roundhay parkrun – event 403 – 5th January 2019

Happy New Year parkrunners!

It was a cold start to the morning but that didn't stop a huge 447 people taking part in Roundhay event number 403. Today we had 61 people record personal bests and 90 first timers! It's great to see so many people joining us for parkrun, whether you ran or walked (or a bit of both) we hope you enjoyed it and will be back.

We had 28 volunteers today making it run smoothly. These are a few of them, the others are out on the course doing good things, tail walking, pacing or standing on corners in high-vis cheering people along. A massive thanks to volunteers, especially at this time of the year in the cold.

527854FB-42EA-4195-B9E9-F964CD204A6CThe park is always beautiful but even more so at this time of the year. 616C65F5-D215-4516-87E6-B7094DCB7EDB

We could tell at the run brief today was going to be busy. Our stopwatches count up to 500 runners so we were ready to break out the '500 emergency pack' was today the day! No it wasn't but we were ready!


We hope you enjoyed today and see you next week

#loveparkrun #dfyb


Event 239 14 November 2015


Do you ever wonder how people train to run in fancy dress? Two runners today abandoned their usual running garb and ran in fluffy onesies. This was to mark World Diabetes day, the connection being onesies – type one diabetes.  Well done to Claire Welling and her niece, Zara.  Claire pledged to donate her time in money. Next step will be the head masks, perhaps?

In spite of Storm Abigail and Abbey Dash on next day, we had a reasonable turnout today, with 194 runners, including 12 first timers.  The fallen leaves and rain do not make for the best running conditions on this course, so well done to those athletes who achieved a PB today: 29 in total.

Here are some of our younger runners who gave of their all:

Olivia Howard achieved a new time of 35:45 (just a little ahead of her sister)

Chloe Hainsworth knocked almost two minutes from her previous best with 31:03

Ellen Clement knocked over two minutes from last week’s time with 30:37


Congratulations to Janet Cliff and Paul Crossan who completed their 100th run today. You will soon be wearing your black T shirts with pride.

The official stats are


Men’s Placings

1              Huw LIPPIATT    18:43

2              Mick LOFTUS      19:06     VM45-49

3              Unknown

4              Dan MURRAY     19:38

Women’s Placings

1              Caroline POTE    21:56

2              Kate BELL             22:10

3              Aileen LOFTUS  23:16

Debbie Bland achieved the highest age grading with an impressive 78.73%.

Finally, huge thanks to the volunteers this week; they are the stars of the event. If you, too, would like to be a star why not have a look at the roster for the next few weeks and consider what you might like to do.  Thanks to J, our volunteer coordinator, who has produced details instructions on what is required of each role so there is no need to be afraid.


Happy running!


Event 238 7 November 2015

Event 238 7 November 2015

What has happened to the parkrun weather fairies? I bet that you woke up, like me, and groaned about the rain; not just a few spots but a real shower.  I must admit that I was severely tempted to stay in bed, BUT the lovely Chapel Allerton Runners were hosting the event so I knew that it would be worth going.

We are clearly hard core in Roundhay and 218 runners turned out to brave the conditions and crossed the finishing line, including 21 first time parkrunners. Some of the first timers were from the Chapel Allerton beginners group so very well done to them.

Soggy leaves meant that parts of the course were slippery and there were a few slips in slides. Sadly I was a DNF as I managed to fall going UPthat hill. Many thanks to the lovely parkrunners who stopped to assist me and check that I was OK.

Even though the conditions might not have been ideal 25 runners managed to achieve a personal best this morning. Here are a few of them:

Liz Wood came in at under 22 minutes with 21:50

Martin Mcelhone knocked 30 seconds from last previous best with 23:18

Sarah Kilgallen broke 27 minutes with 26:35

Matthew Ashton broke 27 minutes with 26:25


Men’s placings were:
1              Tom VENNING  18:04

2              Ciaran FORDE     19:19

3              Unknown

4              Dan MURRAY     19:42

Women’s placings

1              Hannah CORNE20:17

2              Liz WOOD            21:50

3              Nicola WALMSLEY            22:28

The highest age grading went to Graham Needham with 76.76%

Many thanks to the Chapel A volunteers this morning – it is not great standing around when it is cold and wet. I bet quite a few if you will be gearing up for the Abbey Dash on 15th, hence the full volunteer roster for next week. Good luck with the training!


Event 237 31 October 2015


I’m back after being away for two Saturdays, partly in Germany where there are no parkruns. Can you believe it? This was my first parkrun of October,( not because I was trying to dodge the campaign to donate to Alzheimer’s) so it felt great to be back and to meet the challenge of THAT hill. I had read a brief article that running to rap music improves athletic performance so I was armed with my favourite track by Eminem.

Even though it was the last weekend of the school half term holidays we had a great turn out with 214 runners including 17 first time runners and quite a few tourists. The first ten athletes crossed the line in under 20 minutes and 34 runners achieved a personal best. These included some of our Roundhay regulars:

Dave Keir- 26:26

Lehane Walker - 27:.41

Stephanie Root – 27:58

Lindsey Gibson - 29:24

Angela Dwyer- 30:10

Great effort from all of you!


Male Placings were:

1              Robin TUDDENHAM        18:17

2              Jonathan SMYTH              18:24

3              Huw LIPPIATT    18:51


Female Placings were:

1              Aileen LOFTUS  22:37

2              Janet LEWIS        23:26

3              Sarah Jane HOWARTH    23:54

The highest age grading was achieved by the first placed runner, Robin Tuddenham with 78.76%. The greatest number of runs was held by Joel Giddings with 264.

We had great support from our wonderful volunteers. Many thanks to you all.  Next Saturday we are looking forward to a takeover by Chapel Allerton Runner where there will be pacers galore.

Happy running!


Event 234 10 October 2015


The second Saturday of the month means pacer day at Roundhay parkrun and we had a number of pacers.  I guess it is quite an art coming in at bang on the expected time. We hoped that it helped you to achieve what you wanted.

The park looked fantastic this morning and we had perfect conditions for running: not too cold, wet or windy and, of course, such lovely company. Of course, you will have seen that from the photos and video by our star professional photographer, Billy Johnstone.

Some of us were resting and others taking it easy as there was a big Yorkshire event the following day. However, some of us gave of their best this morning, 40 PBs out of a total of 224 runners. Here are some highlights:

Tom Venning ran his 2nd PB of the month, coming in at 2nd place with a new time of 17:32

Paul Smith smashed the 20 minute time with 19:48

Martin Mcelhone ran comfortably under 24 minutes with a new time of 23:38

Melanie Shreeve knocked over 20 seconds from her previous best with 27:06

Emma Black, after a string of PBs in September added to her awards with 28:17

Jonathan MacNay broke 30 minutes with 28:32

Helen Downie ran her 50th run at Roundhay (she is already a member of the 50 club) with a PB of 28:40

This week we had three member of the 250 club, with the highest number of runs achieved by John Paton – 275.

The highest age grading went to our first placed runner, Shaun Dimelow, with 80.97%

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers this week with John Hussey making his debut as Run Director.

Are you all signed up to support Alzheimer’s Research UK with a pledge of money for your time?  Will that may us all try harder, I wonder?


Happy running.

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